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German Bird vocab

HERE you can find my amphibians list.

NOTES: Verbs with (!) are strong/irregular, (s) means seperatable. This list doesn’t contain bird names but if you want to I can make a list of those if there isn’t one already. Some words may be scientific.

der Vogel (Vögel) – bird
der Ornithologe/Ornithologin (Ornithologen/Ornithologinnen) – ornithologist
die Ornithologie / die Vogelkunde – ornithology, study of birds

das Wirbeltier (-tiere) – vertebrate (lit. vertebra animal)
die Feder (Federn) – feather
das Gefieder/Federkleid – feathering, coat (of feathers)
der Schnabel (Schnäbel) – beak
der Flügel (Flügel) – wing
die Kralle (Krallen) – claw
hohle Knochen (sing. der Knochen) – hollow bones
die Kloake (Kloaken) – cloaca
die Bürzeldrüse – uropygial gland (a fat producing gland)
die Drüse (Drüsen) – gland
das Ei (Eier) – egg
das/der (Ei)dotter – egg yolk
das Eiweiß – white of egg, protein

die Brutzeit – breeding season
die Balz – courtship display
das Balzverhalten – behaviour of courtship display (dancing, singing, etc.)
die Mauser – moulting (change of feathers, fur, etc.)

der Singvogel (Singvögel) – songbird
der Laufvogel (Laufvögel) – flightless bird (lit. running bird)
der Zugvogel (Zugvögel) – migratory bird
der Vogelzug – bird migration
der heimische Vogel – local/regional bird
das Nest (Nester) – nest
das Küken (Küken) – chick
der Nesthocker – altricial animal (lit. nest croucher)
der Nestflüchter – precocial animal (lit. nest escaper)
der Flug (Flüge) – flight
der Sturzflug – nosedive

ein Ei legen – to lay an egg
flügge (sein, werden) – to fledge (to develop wing feathers so the bird can finally fly)
aus dem Nest fallen – to fall down from the nest
fliegen (!) – to fly
etwas im Flug fangen (!) – to catch sth. on the fly, in flight
mit den Flügeln schlagen (!) – to flap one’s wings
flattern – to flap
landen – to land
abstürzen (s) - to fall (down, from the sky)
(aus)brüten (s) – to breed, (to breed until the egg hatches)
(aus dem Ei) schlüpfen – to hatch (from an egg)
singen (!) – to sing
krähen – to crow
zwitschern – to tweet, to chirp

flugunfähig – flightless, unable to fly (lit. flight-unable)

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Where can I learn more about feminism? What are some good links?

What a fantastic message to receive! Is this in response to my tweet haha?

Check out videos on YouTube by Kat Blaque, Cesca Leigh, Meghan Hughes, Hannah Witton, Lex Croucher, those are some good people I can think of off the top of my head 👌☺️

When I met Lana

So I started listening to Lana in 2011 when she had blue jeans, video games, and born to die out as well as some unreleased stuff, before the btd album came out. I saw her in concert at irving plaza in june 2012 but I didn’t meet her until 2013 and it was under some wild circumstances and i thought I’d share the story bc she was so nice! I went to boarding school in new Hampshire but I dropped out when I was 18 because I was having problems with my mom and she decided to stop paying my tuition and I didn’t want to go to public school. So I decided to move to LA (didn’t really think the logistics through but then again I was only 18) and the headmaster of my boarding school, Barclay, who is like a father to me, used to live in LA so he flew out there before me to meet me at the airport and make sure I was situated fir the first week. Like I said I didn’t thoroughly plan this out, but I couldn’t live with my mother and I had always planned on moving to California. I was living in a hotel and the plan was to go to community college and my mom was going to pay rent for an apartment until I got a job. Anyway, I had always talked endlessly about wanting to go to the chateau marmont so for my first dinner in LA he surprised me with a meal at the restaurant in the hotel. It was like February 2 or 3 2013. We got seated pretty close to the entrance of the patio in a really small table. I immediately noticed ashley benson across the room loudly taking selfies with some friends (despite the fact that when barclay attempted to take a picture of me we were told the restaurant had a no picture policy) and a few minutes later Patti Smith walked by!!! I was way too intimidated to speak to her. And then of all people, fucking Lana Del Rey walked past us with a posse of people (including her then boyfriend Barrie) and sat at a table all the way at the opposite end of the patio. The bathroom was behind me, so I told Barclay if she got up to use the bathroom I would have to get up and go in there before her because it would be blatantly creepy to follow her in. Unfortunately she never used the bathroom but when her posse got up and left she trailed a few feet behind them and I had no self control, so I obviously blurted out that I was a huge fan and saw her concert last year. She was so sweet, she croucher down and kissed my cheek and asked if I enjoyed the show. Because at the time I was convinced Lana and I had so much in common I had told Barclay about how Lana also went to boarding school at kent. So Barclay mentioned to Lana that when he himself was in boarding school he used to play against kent in soccer. Get this- lana pulled a chair from the empty table across from us and sat down. Not gonna lie she probably thought Barclay was my sugar daddy though that couldn’t be farther from the truth, and she spoke more to him than to me, but still it was amazing. Barclay mentioned that he was 31 years sober and Lana said something a little cliche but along the lines of “life has so many beautiful things to offer that you will miss out on if you’re getting fucked up” and then we told he I just moved to LA and she said I would love it and she’d have to show me around, which sadly she never did lmao. Her posse came back and she apologized for having to leave but damn it was the greatest ten minutes of my life. I then went to the bathroom to cry and call my best friend, but i heard heels approching so i hung up and went to leave the bathroom. As soon as i opened the door i nearly bumped right into ashley benson so i apologized and the bitch literally scoffed at me. Anyway I thought meeting Lana on my first night in LA was an omen of good things to come, and in a sense my life did sort of turn into a lana del rey song but not nearly as glamorous. I ended up being homeless off and on for years and eventually ended up doing some sex work and having some really shitty times but ultimately they made me who I am today and I’m happy with myself and my life. Anyway sooo excited for Lust for Life. Thanks for reading lmao.

Get Some Lana!

If you missed it, VidCon just uploaded the Women on YouTube panel from this year’s con!

You know what we haven’t talked about? The fact that Liv Chenka is from Kaldor. You know, home to these guys, with their hats, makeup, and sparkles.


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