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Fic: Private Eyes (Malec; Teen and Up Audiences)

Nope, I’m still not buying that those two kiss like two grandpas. This was supposed to be 500 words, but obviously I have a lot of feelings about the matter.


Tucked between two larger buildings the bar is easy to miss, but not so much that it’s an excuse for Alec to walk by it. He huffs in annoyance and turns at the end of the street, hurrying back until he reaches his destination. 

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If you missed it, VidCon just uploaded the Women on YouTube panel from this year’s con!

Sunday Summer In The City Schedule


Anti Bullying with Lindsay Atkin, Helen Anderson, Charlie McDonnell, Bethan Leadley, Alex Holmes & Beckie0
Baking/Cooking on YouTube with Tom Burns, Jamie Jo, Barry Lewis, Rapha Blueberry, Doug A & Sorted Food
Filmmaking Q&A with PJ Liguori, Chris Kendall, Mitchell Davis, Sophie Newton, Louis Grant and Jamie Swarbrick


How To Start Your Gaming Channel with Liam Dryden, Eman Kellam, Kwebbelkop, Josh Temple, TycerX, Yasmin Uddin & AmyLee33
BookTube with Sanne Vliegenthart, Bookish Thoughts, Candice O’Reilley & Christine Riccio
Mental Health with Leena Normington, Beckie0, Luke Cutforth, Catrific, Melanie Murphy & Thomas Ridgewell
Coming Out on YouTube with Alex Brinnand, Lewis Parker, Jimmy Hill, Doug A & Savannah Brown


YoungTubers with Lewis Parker, LookingForLewys, Hedy Clark, Emily Jade & Toby Randall
Online Safety with Chriss Foxx, Savannah Brown, Eman Kellam, Gary C, Melanie Murphey & Jana Damanhouri
Let’s Talk About Sex with BPAS, Laci Green, Hannah Witton, Bethan Leadley, Thomas Ridgewell & more!


Vines with Damian Collier, Huw Samuel, Daz Black & Aaron Crascall
Education on YouTube with Tom Scott, Michael Stevens, Jake Roper & Hannah Witton
Women on YouTube with Lex Croucher, Laci Green, Jana Damanhouri, Strawburry17, Dodie Clark, Cherry Wallis & Theodora Lee
The Best of YouTube’s Short Films with Bertie Gilbert, Sammy Paul & Tim H


Working Behind The Camera with Lucy Moon, Matt Amys, Ciaran, Emily Diana Ruth, Louis Grant & Jamie Swarbrick
Gaming Channels with Wot Fannar, Paris Gachette (FifaMonstah), NettyPlays, Kwebblekop, Oliver ‘Ov’ Ryan & George Benson
YouTubeHonestyHour! with Teoh Lander Boyce, Emma Blackery, Hazel Hayes, Daniel J Layton, Meghan Tonjes & JaackMaate


Inspired By Japan with Adam Spence, Kelsey Ellison, BeckiiCruel, Noodlerella & Abigailm28
Smaller YouTubers with Ali Jardine, Jon Aitkin, Ant Lightfoot, Francesca Georgioi (FranJustFran), Sam-E Lockock (pimbolammy) & Audience Participation!
Short Films on YouTube with Sammy Paul, Hazel Hayes, Tim H, Emily Diana Ruth, Benjamin Cook, Jack Howard, Dean Dobbs & PJ Liguori.

Are plants intelligent? New book says yes

Plants are intelligent. Plants deserve rights. Plants are like the Internet – or more accurately the Internet is like plants. To most of us these statements may sound, at best, insupportable or, at worst, crazy. But a new book, Brilliant Green: the Surprising History and Science of Plant Intelligence, by plant neurobiologist (yes, plant neurobiologist), Stefano Mancuso and journalist, Alessandra Viola, makes a compelling and fascinating case not only for plant sentience and smarts, but also plant rights.

For centuries Western philosophy and science largely viewed animals as unthinking automatons, simple slaves to instinct. But research in recent decades has shattered that view. We now know that not only are chimpanzees, dolphins and elephants thinking, feeling and personality-driven beings, but many others are as well. Octopuses can use tools, whales sing, bees can count, crows demonstrate complex reasoning, paper wasps can recognise faces and fish can differentiate types of music. All these examples have one thing in common: they are animals with brains. But plants don’t have a brain. How can they solve problems, act intelligently or respond to stimuli without a brain?

Beech Tree, on the North Downs near Dorking, Surrey, UK. Photograph: Derek Croucher


This year at VidCon there was an awesome #WomenOnYouTube workshop for creators, featuring Emily Graslie, Hayley G Hoover, Akilah Hughes, Savannah Brown, Lex Croucher, and Rosianna Halse Rojas. Attendees split into smaller groups, each with one of those group leaders, and had an open discussion about current issues affecting female creators.

Here is some footage of the opening and closing panel dialogue and Emily Graslie’s discussion group.


Love lexcanroar’s latest video: How to Love Yourself. YOU SHOULD LET YOU LOVE YOU!