will cross

Happy underversary, Jakei!!

I really love your series, your comics, your art… I know that this isn’t good, because I still have to improve, but I wanted to do something for this day, for you. I hope you like it.

Underverse is my favorite serie because it helped me when I was bad and there was nothing that could encourage me. Thank you for creating Underverse. You’re a incredible person <3.

(I’m sorry for my English. It’s not my first language and it’s so late in my country right now.)

Response: Awwww <3 This drawing is so adorable! Good moments at the studio, this made me smile so much. Thank you a lot!

I basically had to sell my soul to Nightmare Sans to get this done on time, but I did it!

I’d seriously like to thank Jakei for putting so much time, care, and effort into making Underverse the best it can be. I can honestly say that Underverse is probably my favorite Undertale fan project out there and it’s all thanks to the efforts of its creator! Kudos to you!

Response: CROSS WHAT DID YOU DO TO THE POOR NUMBER!!!! Hahaha ok being serious thank you so much, I do really appreciate your words. This kind of support makes feel better. I love your style!


kael and cricket both practice and study their magic together! even tho kael is just a witch and cricket is a demon, they still help each other improve a lot! 

theyre not super close,like not the kind of friends that go out of their way to hang out or talk to each other, but they have cried in front of each other, so more of that relationship?