will continue to type in all caps

Imagine Chris trying to win you back from Jensen Ackles

“Chris, go home you’re drunk,” You called from the balcony as you scanned the streets to make sure no paparazzi were around.

“I’m not finished…you come home with me….everything’s better when you’re there….” Chris slurred as he stumbled to stand up straight.

“That isn’t my home anymore, we talked about this,” you could feel tears in your eyes as you watched the once love of your life plead for you to come back.

“No, I didn’t agree to this… I know you miss me, he’s not goood enough, and the sex…baby I know the sex is better with me,” Chris looked up at you a large grin spread across his face.

“Really? You know this because you had sex with Jensen?” You couldn’t help but laugh at his lame attempt to keep you talking….which was idly working.

“Well I’ve had sex with you….and we’re sooooo good together, there’s no way he’s better, plus he’s not really my type, ” Chris’s blue eyes twinkled at you.

“No, apparently brunette ex girlfriends are, Chris I’m calling Scott, you need to sleep it off, and for the record, Jensen and I are not dating,” you grabbed your phone to text via brother to come get him before he made a bigger fool of himself.

“Nothing happened, I swear to god…please can I just come upstairs,” Chris whined.“maybe show you how much better I am…”

“Chris, I’m not having sex with you, you’re ridiculous, we broke up…and who I sleep with is my business, you lost the right when you went out with Minka,” you snapped at the actor as you typed a quick text to Scott to come get his brother.

“Y/n, I swear on my family nothing happened….I love you, please…"Chris pleaded.

You look down at your phone and Scott had apparently been on his brothers side, "Y/nickname, he might be drunk but he’s telling the truth,”

“Which part? About the cheating or be better in bed then my co star?” You snapped while Chris continued to shoot you the puppy dog face.

“I’m team cap, so let’s just say I agree with all of the above, just let him tell you his side, he misses you…come on I know you miss him Stacey texted me and outed you so don’t play hard to get.” Scott teased her hoping she would give his brother another chance.

“He can sleep in the couch, but that doesn’t mean I buy this whole act,” you signed as you waved chris upstairs hearing him scream “yes” as he ran to the door to get buzzed in.
“One mention of minka and you can pick up what’s left of him in the street, Scott.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Scott laughed.

“Bbbaaabbytt, you sure you don’t want to see who’s better?” Chris called as he stumbled up the stairs.

“Let’s get you some coffee then talk.”


“You know what I really hate?”

Sam leaned in, struggling to understand you over the bar music and your slurred speech. “What did you say?”

You yelled, “You know what I really hate?”

Sam rolled his eyes. “What, Y/N?”

It took you a moment to remember what you asked. “Bar food. Look at this.” You motioned towards the bowl of peanuts in front of you, surrounded by several empty beer bottles. “It’s so unsanitary. Did you know that a study showed that bar peanuts tested positive for twenty-seven different types of pee on it?”

Sam’s nose wrinkled as he stared down at the peanuts. As he pushed them away, you continued, “All these people are so gross.” You yelled at the bartender, “Gross!” You received a glare in reply.

Sam pulled out his wallet and laid a twenty on the counter. “All right, Y/N. I think it’s time to cap you off. Let’s go find Dean.”

You stood and stumbled away from your stool. “All of these people are nasty, Sam. They don’t wash their hands.” You wandered up to a couple sitting a few seats away from you. “You don’t wash your hands!”

Sam snatched you away as the guy stood up menacingly. You called out again, “You’re filthy!”

He took a step forward, but Sam warded out his hand. “We’re going, we’re going. Sorry.”

You mumbled, “Why did we come here, Sam?”

He half-carried you over to the pool table where Dean was playing. “I’m beginning to wonder the same thing myself.”


Sorry for the delay, but first up is Austin! (These will have a little repetition from my first character intros, but will be more detailed)

Age: 17 (going on 18)

Weapon: Luna Blaster Neo

Rank: A

Random fact:

Tells different stories when asked about his tentacles. Since it happens often, he’s gotten pretty creative with what he says, but he’s never actually told the true reason.


Former cool kid, Austin is easy-going, charming, and a fun guy to be around. An only child, he was raised by his father, but never knew his mother since she disappeared when he was very young. Throughout his life, his tentacles never grew in quite right, causing him to stand out from other inklings (for better or worse). As a result, he tends to attract all types of attention, so he generally covers them with his cap.

(A bit lengthy, so continued under the the cut!)

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Regalia University part 6

Yoongi x reader

This au is based off a similar “school” concept from my previous fic, Telecom.

Genre: Strong language, love, angst, music, school life,

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Regalia is the school for dreamers and achievers. It is a school for widely talented people and you have always wanted to go there. The place that most idols, authors, and painters come from; was the university that you wanted to go too… And the university you were accepted to.

The exciting news sent chills through your spine as you thought of your exciting new future to come from it… But boy were you wrong…

It all started with your dorm neighbor…

Min Yoongi.

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Googler - The Internship (Stuart Twombly)

Anonymous said:

A Stuart imagine where you are already working at Google when they intern there , you being the same age , and you two just hit it off immediately , ‘cause you are both sarcastic and kinda rude and he gets jealous of someone and he kisses you thanks


You looked around the crowd of interns finding their way to their first meeting. It was a fun sight, indeed, seeing their adorable little hats and concentrated faces. They almost looked like toddlers trying to color between the lines. It was an odd bunch of interns this year, you would know since you had been in the council to elect them. Yes, it was called a council and yes, google did call it elect. 

 You pushed your way through the crowd of people, which wasn’t an easy task, but somehow you managed to finally pull up beside Lyle, giving him a smile as you let out a relieved sigh. 

 The interns took their seats and got their instructions. They all looked to pay attention, all but one.

 A dark haired boy, with black framed glasses kept staring at you through out the whole meeting. Your eyes had met at least 10 times during the meeting, but you tried to ignore it. The interns were dismissed, being informed to check their mails for the next location for the meeting, so the guy with the glasses looked down on the phone, typing quickly. 

 «Are you going to be in charge of any teams?» Lyle asked beside you, catching your attention. 

 «No, not this year. You know, some of us actually have work to do.» You winked at him before walking on your way.

Stuart hadn’t been able to think about, nor concentrate about anything but you the whole day. Of course he had paid some sort of attention to what was said, and of course the rules. 

 So when the question came «Dating a fellow googler?» and he was to raise his template, he reluctantly raised the red one. Of course there were two dumbasses behind him who actually thought it was allowed, and he secretly wished they could have been right.

 Which they weren’t.


You were working eagerly on some project when there was a knock on your door, you being you, you didn’t bother to look up from your screen to see who came into your office. 

 «What do you want?» You asked, without second thought, continuing to type on your computer. 

«A cheery greeting to you too.» Came a voice you couldn’t recognize. You looked up from your computer, shocked to see one of the interns standing there, his hands in his pocket. The intern cap replaced with a dark red beanie. You sat up straighter, looking over at the guy. 

 «What can I do for an intern?» You asked, trying to ignore the fact that he made your heart beat slightly faster. 

 «Actually, I just wanted to say hi, first of all. Saw you at the meeting today, and I just needed to say hi.» The boy didn’t even stutter once, which was weird considering what he was saying. 

 «Ah, yes, you’re the one who was staring at me.» You say just as bluntly back, seeing a slight blush creep up on his cheeks. You chuckled lightly, before continuing. «What’s your name?» 

 «Stuart, Twombly.» 

 «It’s nice meeting you, Stuart. I’m Y/N Y/L/N. So what could I help you with Stuart?» You folded your hands on the desk in front of you, looking over at him.  

«Well, I need someone to watch a marvel marathon with. You seem like the perfect choice. Am I right?» He smirked at you, still standing there with his hands in his pockets. 

 «Marvel, uhu… I could use a marathon of one of those.» You said, smirking back at him.

 «It’s a deal then.»


You had stayed the night at Stuarts apartment, after you had finished watching the iron man and avengers movies at two in the morning. Falling asleep beside him on the couch.

 Now in difference from in the movies where people did that exact same thing, you both woke up by your alarm clock on your phone. It was now time for an intern meeting again, the interns wearing their hats again, now you must say that Stuart had looked much better in his beanie than in the hat. They all found their team, Stuart ending up in one weird mix, not by choice of course. 

 Lyle was the one in charge of them, which made it much easier for you to go say hi to Stuart from time to time. 

 «Hello there, Lyle.» You greeted as you walked into the team’s working area. 

«Hi Y/N.» Lyle greeted back, looking up from what he was doing. You noticed Stuart did as well, winking at you from his seat by the glass wall where he was writing something. 

«How’s it going?» You asked, actually quite polite for once. Lyle looked at you with a skeptical look. 

«Good..» You looked over at the wall, where the interns had eagerly written down their calculations. Specifically at one, you didn’t care who’s it was, but anyway you just had to comment. 

 «That one’s completely wrong.» You pointed at it, seeing the asian guy who had written it look up at it.

 «Oh.. I..» He stuttered, looking very unsure of himself. 

 «Well, thank you for that, Y/n.» Lyle spoke from beside you, trying to turn your attention away from the awkward teenager. 

 «So, you busy tonight?» Lyle asked. He had tried asking you out on a date for a long time now, but you simply didn’t want to, so you had declined each time. 

«No-« You were cut off by Stuart who walked up to you grabbing your upper arm. 

 «Yeah, she’s busy tonight.» He said, before dragging you out of the team’s working area and in the direction of your office. You didn’t say anything as he dragged you along, because quite frankly, it was fun seeing him like this. Shoulders tensed, teeth gritted and a frown on his face. He let go of you as soon as you both stepped into the office, turning to look at you, standing very close to you. 

 «What’s this about Stuart?» You asked teasingly, knowing the look he had on his face. 

 He didn’t answer you, instead he just stepped closer to you, making you step back, until your back hit your desk. 

He looked you once in the eyes, before pulling you closer to him by the waist, his lips crashing with yours. It didn’t take long before you kissed him back, your hands finding their way around his neck. 

When you finally pulled apart, both breathing heavily, forehead resting together. And for the first time since you met him, none of you had any witty remark to make.

I love Tom Hiddleston. I love Taylor Swift. Now listen up.

I’m an 18 year old woman with her own opinion that y’all are being incredibly petty and selfish. 

I’ve tried to stay out of this because I can’t handle the stupidity, but I’ve finally had enough. Here are some things you need to consider the next time you’re about to throw a hissy fit over Tom and Taylor.


1. First of all, both of these individuals are adults who can do whatever the hell they want. 


I know, shocking right? 

Originally posted by emreozcan


2. You do not have the right to condemn Taylor for being a “slut” or a “man hunter”. She is a woman with all the same rights as you. Y’all can’t call yourselves feminists who believe in abortion and Marvel’s need to hire more superhero women and then turn around and do this. It’s hypocritical and wrong. And if you had her talent (and if you want to bitch about her not having talent, check out her Grammys), you would say you could date whoever she wants too.

Originally posted by logotv


3. Taylor is a lovely person. I had the great honor and privilege to briefly meet her during her “Red” tour in 2012. I was 14 at the time, and completely in love with her. She made me feel special and loved, and treated me like a little sister. She genuinely loves fans, and does things like surprise them, write inspiring messages to them, write a song about a 4 year old little boy named Ronan who died of cancer, and stand up for women everywhere. Not to mention she isn’t afraid to get out there and be herself.

Sound familiar?

Originally posted by ramen-randler


4. You do not have the right to condemn Tom for his “recent behavior”. He has an amazing career so far because of his talent and his hard work. Admire that. And about that photo shoot, you do realize that he didn’t go out and shoot that series right after he started dating Taylor, right? It was during The Night Manager press series. The article was probably typed much closer to release though. The car in NYC? Who the hell cares? Taylor was probably just being nice, and maybe the car happened to be in NYC, maybe not. Does it matter? Also, who the hell cares if he went to a Selena Gomez concert? Selena, like Taylor, is a lovely person and performer, and Tom is probably trying to get to know Taylor’s friends, just like any good boyfriend. They’re having fun. LET THEM HAVE FUN WITHOUT BEING PETTY AND RIDICULOUS. 

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs


5. Be happy for them. Relationships in the spotlight are hard enough. Having their own fans turn against them is the last thing they need. 

Originally posted by vuruncaherseycalisir


6. Be considerate. Does nobody remember the fact that Anton Yelchin just passed, that Tom was close to him, and that maybe he’s having a difficult enough time with coping with the loss of his friend without his fans- and the media- being bullshit toward him?

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs


7. 2016 sucks enough without you guys making it worse. We need to be concentrating on LGBT rights and defense, gun laws, gender gap, shipping Trump to Siberia, and other actually important issues. 

Originally posted by bornthisday1995


8. Do critique the headlines. Objectifying Tom and slut-shaming Taylor is ridiculous. The media is insane. So make a difference. Say something about it. Defend Tom, Taylor, or both. If you’re a fan, act like it instead of a toddler throwing a hissy fit. 

Originally posted by gameraboy


9. Be supportive. Taylor just had the biggest tour in like, ever. Tom is about to go to Australia to film Loki. SHOULDN’T WE BE EXCITED ABOUT THAT? 

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs


10. If you’re not going to be supportive, or at least silently fuming, or at least respectfully stating your opinion, then shut up. 

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs


11. I’m not saying you should love this. It’s like some people love Clintasha and some people like Bruce and Natasha (okay, maybe not, but pretend they do). Some people like Stucky, some people like Cap and Stark. It’s okay if Tom and Taylor aren’t your OTP or the ship you will go down with. However, it is not okay to start overly condemning, accusing, and hyperventilating over something that should not be hyperventilated over. 

Originally posted by thingamabook


12. If you’re a real fan of Taylor’s, you will continue to support her. 

Originally posted by lov-eswift


13. If you’re a real fan of Tom’s, you will continue to support him. 

Originally posted by staralbums


Sierra out. 

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Islands off Troas, Tenedos AR Tetradrachm. After 189 BC. Janiform head of a laureate male & diademed female / Labrys (bipennis, double axe); monogram & grape bunch to left, caps of the Dioskouroi to right; all within laurel wreath. De Callataÿ, Tenédo 80-100. BMC29

Hellenistic coinage simultaneously shows great homogeneity and great diversity. Alexander’s coinage spread far and wide in this period, and the successor kings largely continued his types. However, an alternative set of types, found with this laurel wreath reverse, circulated concurrently.

The wreath types originated in Athens, with their “new style” Hellenistic tetradrachms, but spread across the northern Aegean to a number of cities like Magnesia on the Maeander, Herakleia at Latmos, and Tenedos, as with this coin.

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Tronnor, connor livestreaming and troye come in without knowing they are live

“Just let me go get my charger…” Connor checked the chat on his livestream once more, having been live for a little while before he realised that he was running out of battery fast. 

Connor jumped up and ran off to get the cable from his bedroom, getting a little snack to eat while he was running the show. He quickly got back to his laptop once he’d grabbed the cable, plugging it in and continuing to talk to the audience he’d built, thanking people who donated. He continued to talk and answer questions that were coming through, looking up as he heard the front door open and footsteps behind him. He didn’t get a chance to say anything about being on the livestream before Troye spoke. 

“Hey baby what’re you doing?” He had both of his hands filled with grocery bags, having come back from the store. The older male looked at the screen, pale as a sheet and eyes wide as he saw the chat erupt in people typing Troye/Tronnor in all caps. 

“Uhh, surprise I guess?” Connor chuckled and looked at Troye again then the computer. The Australian followed his line of sight and turned bright red when he realised what he’d done. 

“Shit. I mean, there’s no going back now…” He said, his face bright red as he sat down beside his boyfriend. He saw all the comments telling them to kiss and pulled the other boy’s face to his own, pressing their lips together. 

“Donate to prizeo.com/connor!” He grinned and got up again to put their groceries away. 

Short and sweet? I wrote this while watching Connor’s livestream just then oops! But also please please donate if you can! xx

Send me a ship and a situation/idea/word and I’ll write a few quick paragraphs for you?

Internet Support Group 5 - danisnotonfire (transcription)

Disclaimer: this is an audio transcription designed to be used as an aid when watching Dan and Phil’s videos for those who have hearing issues. It is fan-made and I don’t claim to own any of the content of these videos. There may be a few minor mistakes; if you notice one, feel free to let me know! 

You can request any videos you want transcribing here

Key for all my transcriptions:

[words in square brackets] = actions taken on screen/other notes from transcriber

(/./) = very short pause

(.) = short pause

(2), (3), etc = pauses graded by length (not by seconds, but relative to other pauses taken in the video)

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Kindergarten Conference - an Olicity Secret Santa Gift

A/N: I wrote this for Noha as her Olicity Secret Santa gift. I hope you enjoy it, Noha, and I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

From: Christy

Kindergarten Conference

In the past 20 years of her career as a kindergarten teacher, there wasn’t much that Mrs. Cindy Brown had had not seen. She had witnessed children crying as their parents dropped them off. She had heard many children telling tall tales that couldn’t possibly be true while their peers listened eagerly and even repeated the stories later on. She had seen children try to eat play-doh, markers, and even occasional dabs of Elmer’s glue.

But in all her years of teaching, she had never seen a child do what Tommy Queen had done that day.

The boy, well known already for being the son of billionaire Oliver Queen and technology mogul Felicity Smoak-Queen, was quickly making a name for himself around the school among both the students and the faculty.

In the first couple weeks of school, little Tommy with his light hair and blue eyes hadn’t seemed much different from all the other rambunctious 5 year olds in his class. He was easily entertained, was well-liked by the other students, and was surprisingly smart for the son of a four-time college drop out. He said his mother helped him with his school work at home, so Mrs. Brown assumed that Mrs. Queen had also passed her technology skills on to her son. He had even fixed a problem with her computer in class all on his own.

Mrs. Brown had even once overheard Tommy muttering something in a language that sounded like Russian. She doubted Felicity Queen had taught him that.

However, as the school year had gone on, Mrs. Brown had started to notice an alarming trend in the way the child interacted with a few of the other children. The issue had only grown since she had first noticed it about a month ago, and with Tommy’s behavior today, Mrs. Brown felt like she had no choice but to invite his parents in for a conference.

When Mr. and Mrs. Queen arrived, they entered the brightly colored classroom talking amongst themselves. Mr. Queen’s hand rested on the small of his wife’s back, and he watched her talk with her hands as if he were staring at the sun. Mrs. Brown greeted them with a warm smile and ushered them over to her desk where she had set two chairs for them on the opposite side. Mr. Queen took his wife’s jacket for her and placed it across the back of her chair while she sat down.

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To one of the greatest:

I’ll be brutally honest: I didn’t really pay much attention to the midfielders of our national team when I first started watching them (which was undoubtedly at least 4-5 years ago). I was young, naive, and bent on obsessing over the team as a whole, but specifically the goalscorers and the goalkeeping because 1: who doesn’t love a good goal and 2: who doesn’t love a good save? I failed to realize our important the middle was.

It isn’t all bad though. Maybe that’s the fun part in being a midfielder. You don’t always get the credit and the glory, but inevitably you are always the one to help pull the strings and make things happen. You are supposed to boss the field and hit those perfect through balls every defender dreads to deal with.

Lauren Cheney, now formerly known as Lauren Holiday, is the USWNT’s glue. She did all of the dirty work, took a lot of the hits and impact from the brute strength of other teams, she was our star set piece taker, and she is a quiet and humble storm. She’s not always in the limelight, but quite frankly, she doesn’t need to be because she is built of hard work, ambition, a positive attitude, and strong faith.

When she is, however, it is a sight to see. A magician of sorts. You’ve just got to open your eyes not only to look, but to see the tricks before you miss it.

Cheney works her magic constantly during games. You see her easily bodying up the defenders racing up to try and snake the ball away from her, you see her pirouetting out of harm’s way to make a simple pass back to the defense, you see her eyes and you know they are full of intensity and the hunger to always win. You see her pulling strings, and occasionally, you see her scoring wonder goals.

I have always brushed off the word “bittersweet” when describing situations because it is such an oddity; how can something be both good and bad at once? Well, it is with an overwhelming feeling of being bittersweet as I write this today. I am both so so so ecstatic and excited for one of the greatest players the USA has ever had to end on a high and finally relax and live her life with her family, I am. I’m sure we all are. It’s the least she deserves at this point. However, it brings tears to my eyes to know that I will never see “Cheney” or “Holiday” on the back of another #12 jersey on the national team again. Regardless, however, Lauren is happy, and that is ultimately all that matters in the end anyways.

Thank you Lauren Cheney. I’m sure it has been a long wave of emotions for you these past ten years. Yes, TEN years. Amazingly, she made her debut and had her first cap at such a young age, and she has only continued to grow and inspire as time went on. She has seen the lowest of lows and now the highest of highs. We can only ever speak highly of her. She is a Olympic Gold Medalist and a World Cup Champion. How many people in this world can hold themselves to that type of accomplishment? That sort of caliber? Lauren is absolute class. She holds her head high all the time. Not to mention, she is happily married to Jrue Holiday, and to say they are a cute couple would undoubtedly be an understatement. Her faith and ability to confide and find strength in God is also moving to witness. You don’t doubt that she has the willigness to believe. You just know–she believed in her team from the moment she had this opportunity to represent her country even at such a young age and will continue to over the years as she sits happily on the couch maybe with her husband and her baby, watching the USWNT divide and conquer some more.

Coming from my personal experience, Lauren Cheney, you have taught me what it means to be human. It means feeling all of the emotions but still choosing to be happy. It’s choosing to be better than you were yesterday. It’s working hard in silence and letting the success of your actions be your noise. It’s remaining humble even after all of the spotlight. It’s learning not to hold onto the failures nor letting them define who I am as a person. It is believing in myself and finding and surrounding myself with other people who believe the same thing. It is choosing to live and to be happy because I can.

I wish the “15ers” if you will, would be able to stay together forever. Obviously life doesn’t work that way, and I’ll probably end up getting teary-eyed as all of these other players retire of the years. I knew I wanted to write this one first though, despite the fact that there are a few other ones I will touch on soon.

I hope I can make it to a Houston Dash vs FC Kansas City game to officially meet the superstar before she officially retires from soccer for good. That’s all I want really at this point. To hug a champion and to have a photo with her would be a dream come true. I hope life treats you well from here on out. You have heavily impacted women’s soccer and soccer in general. There are young girls and teens like me who idolize you and think the world of you.

To the best #12…To the player who will always be #12 to me,

Thank you Lauren Holiday.

re: literally everything being on hiatus

You know the best way to survive these hiatuses? 

Keep making stuff. Keep discussing theories and creating AUs. Keep cosplaying and knitting Bill plushies and creating gemsonas and drawing fancomics and try to keep fandom drama to a minimum, as hard as that may be because we’re all human and screaming while on fire is our natural state of being. A fandom persists through both short and even lengthy hiatuses and extends the life of a series by doing what it does and continuing to love the show - which has gotta be great for the creator(s) knowing that their work has staying power. 

So yeah, everything is on hiatus, and that sucks. So let’s keep drawing, writing, crafting, bonding through typing in all caps at each other and wait instead of freaking out. Gravity, Steven, Gumball and Star will be back eventually, and even if it takes awhile remember that there are fandoms out there that are still alive and buzzing with no new content for years. Keep hope alive, mes amis. :3

Sooo I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and I saw a few of my lovely friends do something like this and decided that I should do one too, to just show my love for the wonderful people I’ve met. And I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!! OH oh also we celerate 2 days o f Christmas here in the Netherlands so you cant say that im too late  Also pls don’t mind the ugly art i’s actually the first thing i post and i didn’t want this to be just a text post

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Is there another way?!

My daytime job is teacher. It is great seeing kids learn new things, but I must say I am quite often surprised at the common things they do not already understand. It is a reminder to me to stay humble and that we were all young and foolish once (some of us still are).

I remember one day I was having my students type and essay. This once student named Lennie was taking an exceptionally long time to type his very simple story. Finally, once everyone was done, I walked up behind Lennie and watched him type. He was a pretty slow typer but he had a very strange quirk. When he finished one sentence he put a period and then begin another.

Caps Lock


Caps Lock


He would do this every time he needed a capital letter, whether it was for a proper noun or a new sentence. 

Caps Lock


Caps Lock


Finally I tapped him on the back, “Lennie, you know there is an easier way right?” I showed him that all he had to do was hold down “shift” when he wanted a capital letter, then he could continue typing. He was blown away. He finished within the next 15 minutes.

Doesn’t it always make sense to do things the easiest way? Why would you bother wasting your time with something that could be done quicker and simpler. This applies to religion too. We think we can make ourselves clean of sin by doing good deeds, going to church, donating money, and whatever else make us feel good about ourselves. And while these are all good things to do, they do not make us clean.

John 14:6 - Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Why would God allow His son to be tortured and hung on the cross if there was an easier way? The truth is that Jesus is not one of the ways to heaven, but he is the only way. Refusing to following his commands or have faith in Him is saying that we think we know better. But the truth is there is no better way. In my example with Lennie, his way was slower, but not incorrect. He was going in the right direction, just at a slower pace. But with religion, when we try to save ourselves with works and deeds, money and public show of face, we are not going in the right direction, in fact, we are going to completely wrong way. Jesus is the only way to salvation. He is the way we get to heaven, because he paid our entrance fee.