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“You know what I really hate?”

Sam leaned in, struggling to understand you over the bar music and your slurred speech. “What did you say?”

You yelled, “You know what I really hate?”

Sam rolled his eyes. “What, Y/N?”

It took you a moment to remember what you asked. “Bar food. Look at this.” You motioned towards the bowl of peanuts in front of you, surrounded by several empty beer bottles. “It’s so unsanitary. Did you know that a study showed that bar peanuts tested positive for twenty-seven different types of pee on it?”

Sam’s nose wrinkled as he stared down at the peanuts. As he pushed them away, you continued, “All these people are so gross.” You yelled at the bartender, “Gross!” You received a glare in reply.

Sam pulled out his wallet and laid a twenty on the counter. “All right, Y/N. I think it’s time to cap you off. Let’s go find Dean.”

You stood and stumbled away from your stool. “All of these people are nasty, Sam. They don’t wash their hands.” You wandered up to a couple sitting a few seats away from you. “You don’t wash your hands!”

Sam snatched you away as the guy stood up menacingly. You called out again, “You’re filthy!”

He took a step forward, but Sam warded out his hand. “We’re going, we’re going. Sorry.”

You mumbled, “Why did we come here, Sam?”

He half-carried you over to the pool table where Dean was playing. “I’m beginning to wonder the same thing myself.”


Sorry for the delay, but first up is Austin! (These will have a little repetition from my first character intros, but will be more detailed)

Age: 17 (going on 18)

Weapon: Luna Blaster Neo

Rank: A

Random fact:

Tells different stories when asked about his tentacles. Since it happens often, he’s gotten pretty creative with what he says, but he’s never actually told the true reason.


Former cool kid, Austin is easy-going, charming, and a fun guy to be around. An only child, he was raised by his father, but never knew his mother since she disappeared when he was very young. Throughout his life, his tentacles never grew in quite right, causing him to stand out from other inklings (for better or worse). As a result, he tends to attract all types of attention, so he generally covers them with his cap.

(A bit lengthy, so continued under the the cut!)

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Islands off Troas, Tenedos AR Tetradrachm. After 189 BC. Janiform head of a laureate male & diademed female / Labrys (bipennis, double axe); monogram & grape bunch to left, caps of the Dioskouroi to right; all within laurel wreath. De Callataÿ, Tenédo 80-100. BMC29

Hellenistic coinage simultaneously shows great homogeneity and great diversity. Alexander’s coinage spread far and wide in this period, and the successor kings largely continued his types. However, an alternative set of types, found with this laurel wreath reverse, circulated concurrently.

The wreath types originated in Athens, with their “new style” Hellenistic tetradrachms, but spread across the northern Aegean to a number of cities like Magnesia on the Maeander, Herakleia at Latmos, and Tenedos, as with this coin.

re: literally everything being on hiatus

You know the best way to survive these hiatuses? 

Keep making stuff. Keep discussing theories and creating AUs. Keep cosplaying and knitting Bill plushies and creating gemsonas and drawing fancomics and try to keep fandom drama to a minimum, as hard as that may be because we’re all human and screaming while on fire is our natural state of being. A fandom persists through both short and even lengthy hiatuses and extends the life of a series by doing what it does and continuing to love the show - which has gotta be great for the creator(s) knowing that their work has staying power. 

So yeah, everything is on hiatus, and that sucks. So let’s keep drawing, writing, crafting, bonding through typing in all caps at each other and wait instead of freaking out. Gravity, Steven, Gumball and Star will be back eventually, and even if it takes awhile remember that there are fandoms out there that are still alive and buzzing with no new content for years. Keep hope alive, mes amis. :3