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Alright so I got an idea it's kinda long but bear with me pls I promise it has a point I'm just awkward and don't know how words work ANYWAYS Lance is hella good at singing like insanely so and planned to pursue a career in music because he never thought he could get into the Garrison because that shit costs a lot of money and he's a self sacrificing family guy so he's not gonna put them through paying for him but low and behold he takes the test to get in anyways and ends up getting a full-

-(musical Lance 2) scholarship there and that was his dream no matter how much he loves music and so he goes and everything plays out as normal Langst goes because this boy is always humming and when he’s not doing that he’s tapping on something and the others can have quite a short fuse at times and though it’s usually unintentional they end up saying some pretty mean stuff but that doesn’t really stop Lance aside from toning it down when the others are in the room SO one day blue boy is - 

-(musical Lance 3) roaming around the castle because there’s still so much to be explored within it and eventually comes across this room filled with musical instruments from all over some of which he can’t even tell what they’re supposed to be but god this is everything he ever could’ve asked for so he starts going there in every bit of his spare time that isn’t dedicated to training and whatever responsibilities he has around the castle and the team starts to notice and they’re like shit did-

-(musical Lance 4) did we go too far with that whole humming thing it’s too quiet around here now and one day Lance hits what he thinks is a recording button but instead his voice is now being broadcasted throughout the entire castle and the team is like ??? We have radio signals all the way out here ??? And Coran is like no of course not it’s probably coming from the music room and then freezes and turns to an already frozen Allura because how is anybody playing one of those instruments ?? Let-

-(Musical Lance 5??) alone singing that good ?? And so the team is like ?? Well ?? Where is it and so Allura and Coran start leading them there and they hear Lance fuck up on what he still thinks is a recording and cursing to himself in Spanish then it cuts out and they’re like holy shit 2.0 Batman !! And they eventually get to the room and Lance doesn’t even notice them because he’s too caught up in trying to make this song perfect and eventually he notices them all and is like u guys aren’t-

-(musical Lance 6) aren’t gonna tell me to stop this too are u ? And yeah then they all have a moment and learn a bunch about lances past and stuff and yeah I’m horrible with endings and writing in general so ta-da ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is amazing, oh my god, I have nothing to add it’s perfect

Sometimes I sit and wish I could freeze time right where I am. That way I’ll never lose all of the lovely things that are around me. But time keeps going and things keep getting lost. But I’m still living because something new and beautiful is going to come around eventually and that right there is something to stick around for.
—  Unknown

@sabrina-spell-man is open for all your questions now, the blog will develop as her character is explored throughout the blog.

expect to see her open up to her followers, show off her poetry and writing, talk about her friends (or lack of), pictures of her cat (damn I need to find pictures of black cats).

she definitely will not be one-dimensional, she’s multi-faceted and complex and definitely has a few unexplainable secrets!

this also kind of a method-blogging exercise for when I eventually come to write her in my fics, I want to know this girl inside out whether she’s in next season or not and obviously if she is in the next season you can pretty much guarantee she won’t be anything like this with my luck!

enjoy speaking to her!

UPCOMING FICS (Because why not)

Moments and Memories, Chapter Eight A special friend (who I won’t mention until the story is actually written) helped me expand my ideas for this one, so I’m pretty excited.

Frank Adler Fic- Replaceable Not necessarily looking forward to turning this one into a real fic, but it IS coming eventually. With sad Mary, soothing Frank, and a crushed reader. Sorry…

Adding my tag list just in case, if you want onto a list JUST for Moments and Memories versus my everything list, please tell me.

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A: As time goes on and she gets older, she starts using the name “Rachel Roth” more often, and eventually comes to realize that she thinks of that as her real name and “Raven” as only her codename.

B: She never misses family game night at Alice’s house. Middle of a Titans meeting? Doesn’t matter, they’re playing Mousetrap tonight and she has to break Jack’s winning streak.

C: She’s the second to last of the New Teen Titans to die, survived by Kori. She looks right into her oldest friend’s eyes before she passes, and asks Kori if she thinks they’ll get to see Dick, Donna, Wally, Gar, Vic, Joey and all the others when they go. She dies before she hears Kori’s answer.

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Are you mostly on devianart more than tumblr?

i’m everywhere

nah but seriously, i dont stay anywhere. i just go there, come here, eventually

i dont know if i stay more there or here tbh- i think both. if tumblr is open, da is open too 

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Who do you think mtl for teasing in public? What do you think they would do?

I think gd & top for sure.

Because top is so low key I think he’d do it in a meeting or at a big dinner where everyone is around. I think he’d slip his hand up underneath your dress or skirt. And just finger fuck till you came but, you’re not allowed to make a noise.

Gd the type to send a text from across the room and be extra flirty and sexual. And eventually he comes and sits next to you and place his hand on ur thigh and fingers slowly dance up ur dress 😉

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Hi! I LOVE your art! You are one of the amazing artists who have inspired me to start drawing and I would really appreciate it if you could give me some advice on how to improve since I'm a beginner and not that great with sketching...

With questions like this I never know how to answer because the question is so big. It might help to watch some youtube videos on anatomy or sketching because you can see what’s happening as they explain, which is really useful. The most important thing is still practice, and I know the answer is annoying, but it’s just true. Try to just draw what you like, get enthusiastic about drawing, and then the skills will come eventually with practice.

when will ppl realise that “enemies to lovers” is when two ppl on two separate sides of an issue eventually come together through a common understanding IT IS NOT a man with no respect for a woman relentlessly wearing her down after multiple rejections until she eventually caves in as a result of an unhealthy sexist social norm that was drilled into her head her whole life

homestuck fandom, a brief history
  • 2009: homestuck launches, riding on the wave of problem sleuths success. pretty big for a webcomic but still very niche overall. fandom is basically nonexistent outside of the mspa forums. mostly straight men and programming nerds
  • 2010: hivebent happens. hetalia fans, tired of being in a big, widely-disliked fandom and drawn to the promised land of a fandom with a large cast and its own shipping system, migrate to homestuck en masse. the fandom gets its first major boost in popularity, more than doubling practically overnight. new fans are mostly young women
  • 2011: fandom steadily expands over the course of the year. ben nye literally sells out of grey body paint prior to comic-con. vriscourse comes to a head and people continue to argue about her death for months after. cascade drops in october, enough to crash multiple flash and download sites, and act 6 begins in november. by the end of the year its near impossible to use tumblr without being exposed to homestuck somehow.
  • 2012: homestuck fandom peaks. this is the last year that homestuck is published regularly (the only hiatus lasts for about a month, before the dancestor intermission). homestuck is everywhere on your tumblr dash, on reddit, on 4chan. hussie has a tumblr and post and tweets regularly. in september the homestuck kickstarter begins, meets its $700k goal in less than 2 days, and finishes in october with nearly $2.5 million. this draws the attention of a few mainstream publications - pbs, wired, cnn, huffpo, etc. dante basco becomes a homestuck fan.
  • 2013: homestuck fandom begins to shrink. first, in april, when the comic goes on a month-long hiatus. around this time, several other fandoms gain popularity - attack on titan starts airing in japan, off and dangan ronpa have just received english translations, welcome to night vale is finishing up its first season - thanks to homestuck fans looking for something to tide them over during the hiatus. when it comes off hiatus, homestuck resumes updating (much more often than most webcomics, but not nearly at the multiple-pages-per-day speed it had maintained prior). in october, hussie announces hes putting the comic on indefinite hiatus to work on the game, and that it will return with one final massive update containing the rest of act 6 and the entirety of act 7. namco high is published in late december to a resounding “meh”.
  • 2014: homestuck remains on hiatus for nearly the entire year. the website only updates to announce new merch. paradox space launches in an attempt to revive the fandom, which has some success, but not nearly enough to compensate for the loss of interest over the hiatus. behind the scenes, whatpumpkin is wrapped up in legal drama with the odd gentlemen over stolen money and failure to adhere to a development schedule, finally severing their contract at some point over the summer. (hussie vaguely refers to “innumerable unspecified problems” in an mspa blog post, but due to a nda the full story doesnt become public knowledge until summer 2015.) hussie still tweets (but not regularly), but he nukes his tumblr. homestuck does eventually come off hiatus in october, hussie announces that the “one giant update” plan has been cancelled and serial updates resume. [s] game over stirs up the fandom
  • 2015: updates continue regularly through january, at which point another hiatus begins that lasts until 413. on the same day that homestuck resumes, paradox space goes on an indefinite hiatus which continues to this day (”cancellation” would probably be a better word). a6a6i5 begins and, accordingly, the vriscourse comes back with a vengeance (although the fandom is now much smaller). davekat is canonized and surges to become the most popular ship in the fandom practically overnight. homestuck continues updating for a few months, with page after page of huge blocks of ponderous dialogue, reaching an emotional climax at the end of the summer with [s] terezi: remem8er. homestuck goes back on indefinite hiatus. early this year, steven universe finishes its first season, and near the end of it, undertale is released, both popular with ex-homestucks. at some point this year, hussie clears his twitter account.
  • 2016: in february, hussie announces that homestuck is Ending, Seriously, For Real This Time. updates resume in late march. homestucks remaining fandom gets worked up, estranged fans rush to catch up, and ex-fans wax nostalgic. [s] collide drops to resounding applause and approval. opinions on homestuck are overwhelmingly positive up until act 7 drops and homestuck officially ends. the ending is almost universally considered a disappointment and the fandom works through the five stages of grief. there is a brief stirring of excitement when volume 10 is published in june, but it doesnt last long. fandom is lukewarm and disparate at best all the way up til october. hiveswap finally gets a trailer at the beginning of the month, and weeks later the credits drop. in spite of homestuck being “over” a canon jewish lesbian wedding is enough to interest a small number of new fans and revive the old ones. snapd8s keep interest high through the end of the year
  • 2017: hiveswaps “for real this time” release date comes and goes with nothing but an announcement of another delay. snapd8s grind to a halt. nothing happens on 413 but some flaccid attempts at pr by whatpumpkin and promises of development updates we have yet to receive. its mid-may. no gods, no masters, no hiveswap. we are all gay and were eating each other alive over vriska and dirk