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Names in the House of Finarfin

First of all, if you haven’t read this post about elvish naming customs, you’ll probably want to, since the rest of this won’t make too much sense otherwise. Also, I’ve got the Feanorian version of this post here, and Findolfin’s version here. 

Second of all, which house Gil-Galad belongs to really depends on which version you prefer, since theres some question to his parentage.  For more information on all of that check out this post. I personally consider him part of the House of Finarfin which is why he is part of this post.



  • Father-name: Findarato (“Golden-Haired Champrion”), sindarized to “Finrod”.
  • Mother-name: Also Ingoldo (“the Noldo”).  Noldo is the singularized form of Noldor.
  • After-name/Epesse: Felagund (“Hewer of Caves”), given to him by the dwarves. Also Nom (“Wisdom”), given to him by Beor and his people.  


  • Father-name: Angarato (“Iron Champion”), sindaraized to “Angrod”.
  • Mother-name: unknown
  • After-name/Epesse: Angamaite (“Iron-handed”).


  • Father-name: Ambarato (“Champion of Doom”).
  • Mother-name: Aikanaro (“Fell Fire”), sindaraized to “Aegnor”.


  • Father-name: Artanis (“Noble Woman”).
  • Mother-name: Nerwen (“Man-Maiden”)
  • After-name/Epesse: Alatariel (“Maiden Crowned with Radiant Garland”), given to her by Celeborn, and sindarized to “Galadriel”.


  • Father-name/Mother-name: It’s sort of unclear because Tolkien’s notes of Orodreth are a mess, but we know that his Quenya name was either “Artanaro”, “Artaresto” or “Artaher”.  I’m not sure on the meaning of any of these names, but “arta” means “noble”, so theres that.



  • Father-name/Mother-name: unknown, since she was born in Middle Earth it is possible that she didn’t follow the traditional Noldorin naming customs.
  • After-name/Epesse: Faelivrin (“Gleam of the Sun on the Pools of Ivrin”), given to her by Gwindor.