will caldwell


The Get Down S01E09 (Part 2 - Episode 3) - One by One, Into the Dark

We’re gonna show everybody that there’s this invisible little army, and we’re hungry and scared, but we’re on our way. And even though no one loves our little army, one day the world will see the messages we leave them, and they’ll know we tried to help them to find the right song.

Can we talk about the recurring use of water as coping mechanisms/way to block out the negatives/cover up dark things in eyewitness. Literally everything had to do with water; Lukas throwing the gun in the quarry, Gabe and Helen forgetting the world in the canoe, Bella hiding by the shore before she got taken home, Philip being afraid to swim/go canoeing, Sita’s suicide from the bridge, Kane hiding the evidence in reservoir, Philip using the tap water to calm himself down, where Lukas was shot/Philip had to save him, where Kane went when he kidnapped the boys/went to die, even the title sequence is over the water. This show used the extended metaphor of water washing away the sins of the past. It’s pretty extraordinary how much they’ve worked it into it the story.


The Get Down S01E06 - Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice

The young people aren’t the problem. We’re the solution.