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Cannot believe that Tate choreographed Bella's YAGP solo! Which other dances have been choreographed by dancers themselves??

tate also helped her mom with Alexis Adair - Fragile and one of sami mcgowans solos

logan hernandez did lizzy garcia - holding on, and lizzy zaritsky - breathe

lots of self choreographed ones 

chloe east - vol de l’aime

audrey caldwell - new world coming

gavin morales - another one bites the dust

bostyn brown - kusinagai 

vivían ruiz - enigme

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Joe is definitely in (or very close to) a courtship with all the pics that have surfaced these past months with that Caldwell girl (it's either Lauren of Kendra). Josiah in one episode last season of Counting On flat out said he was interested in someone. One or both of them are definitely in or close to courtship status.

I can’t wait to see what hey announce then :) Finally a Duggar boy courtship :)


Mississippi transgender woman Mesha Caldwell is first reported trans killing of 2017

  • Mississippi resident Mesha Caldwell, a black transgender woman, was found dead Wednesday night outside of Canton, Mississippi.
  • Initial media reports misgendered Caldwell as male, according to a family friend. Mary Young, a friend of Caldwell’s mother said she was “hurt” by the misgendering.
  • Young said Caldwell was a beautician and hairstylist. “She always, always dressed like a girl,” Young said. “And as she grew up, she became beautiful just like a lady.”
  • She added, “I really don’t know why somebody would want to kill her.”
  • According to news reports, police are investigating the death as a homicide. Read more

preferred ending to eyewitness: lukas and philip beat ryan up while helen and gabe watch and r in love. sita wins an award for “longest amount of time breath was held under water” (two whole eps can u believe it guys) sitas baby grows up to be president #sitababy2020. kamilah dates a guy/girl who is not a pedophile. tony is promoted to chief police officer of world. rose gets a cute bf who doesnt cheat on her. bo fucks off somewhere idrc and philip gets a dog. all is well in the world. the end.

Ways to say I love you (Philkas Edition)
  • Ily: I love you
  • Ilysm: I love you so much
  • Imya: i mean, you're amazing
  • Ifyft: I fixed your flat tire
  • Bykily: because you know I like you
  • Ityhtrtb: I'll teach you how to ride the bike
  • Bilyi: because I like you, idiot
  • Yltpr?: you like taking pictures right?
  • Lpohtwidih: liking Philip out here the way I do, it's hard
  • Twgtya: they were gonna take you away
  • Ybnlt: you better not leave tivoli
  • Dysh?: does your stomach hurt?
  • Ificw: it's fine, I can walk
  • Ilteenty: I lie to everyone else, not to you
  • Idwag: I don’t want a girlfriend
  • Imuap: I made us a playlist
  • Uo?my!: u okay? Miss you!
  • Irh: I'm right here
  • Pwu: please wake up
  • Wp?: where's Philip?
  • Iwatywgwu: I was afraid that you weren't gonna wake up
  • Ihdltbarowy: I've had dreams like that before about riding off with you
  • Arbc: all right, be careful
  • Iwwcjhhf: I wish we could just hang here forever
  • Rlingwy: right, like I'm not going with you
  • Omgyai: oh my god you're an idiot
  • Mbigyl: maybe, but it got you laughing

hey everyone!

I wanted to do this to show USA network how much Eyewitness means to us! I’ll be sending this to their facebook page so could everyone who feels that Eyewitness needs a second season or feels that Eyewitness has personally touched them reblog this, like this or reply to this post?