will bryant


Alex O'Loughlin co-starred with Romola Garai in The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant. A wonderful story about love and courage. Alex brilliantly played Will Bryant. It’s a beautiful film based on a true story. He was gorgeous and he stole the picture every time he was on the screen. If you’ve never seen it, go rent the video or better yet buy it. Amazon sells it. You’ll want to watch it over and over again. You’ll cry but isn’t that what a good love story is all about?  


Our extremely rad friend Will Bryant is bringing his art to Land Gallery in Portland for a solo exhibition. “Stuff I’ve Seen” is strongly influenced by the things of his childhood: Michael Jordan, pogs, Boy Scouts and basketball, as well as patterns and shapes from his ever-transmorphing body of work. Stay tuned on his website, and go to Land on N. Mississippi Ave. if you’re in Portland Thursday for the opening party.

wasn’t going to like friend brag but since he already posted this photo, i just want to publicly embarrass myself by saying that i finally got to meet will bryant in person and he is very cool and nice and good, not to mention a slew of other creatives between the ADC young guns party and the AI-AP parties on thursday and i felt very lucky to be surrounded by inspiration and nice people and an open bar and little shrimps on toothpicks.