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I find it baffling how evidently Bill Potts is not dead and yet the fandom is acting as though she is.

On Moffat’s Who, Gender, and Bill Potts

I’ve been upset about The Episode That Shall Not Be Named for a few days. I’ve been processing it, and I’ve finally got to a point where I could write it down. So, here goes. *deep breath* I’m going to talk about Doctor Who’s playfulness with gender, and then I’m going to talk about Bill Potts.

First of all, let me preface this by saying: I think it’s great that Doctor Who has been celebrating the spectrum of genders. Female, male, non-binary. I don’t want to diminish that, the attention on non-binary genders. I’m happy that my friends who are non-binary are getting a shout out and some representation.

However, there are a few things that cause me to doubt the sincerity, the intent behind it. In my opinion, It’s being used to distract from something else.

I don’t trust Moffat at all. If you are a Moffat fan, let me humbly request that you either scroll on and go your merry way to read something else, or you can respectfully read and consider what I have to say, but I’m not interested in hearing your defense of Moffat. To me, he’s indefensible. I would request that you kindly keep your arguments to yourself. Please do not come on to my very anti Moffat post with a Moffat defense. It’s tagged “anti Moffat” for a reason. (I said in my blog description that you can blacklist “anti moffat” and you won’t see any sort of post like that from me. I’ve tried to tag the best I can on my blog because I know some people don’t want to see it, but I still have the right to post it, and my opinion not wrong just because you disagree with it.)

Here’s the deal with the Master and the Doctor. Any slash tension between them beyond friendship has been subtext for a long time. And nowhere was it more slashy than with Simm and Tennant. There was something seductive about their tumultuous on-screen partnership (thanks in part to the actors themselves). I don’t ship it, but I can totally see why people do. (I don’t ship it mainly because the Doctor/Master relationship is historically unhealthy. If you ship them, I respect your right to do so. You do you, honeys, and I’ll keep my NOTP in a corner to myself, and let us all get along.)

Then Ten regenerates into Eleven, and Eleven regenerates into Twelve. And now we have a Missy. The Time Lord known as the Master has changed genders.

WOW. HOW NOVELTY. SUCH CLEVER. Pat Moffat on the back, mates, for pulling a huge bait-and-switch.

Suddenly, there’s an all but admittance of feelings from Missy to the Doctor. Didn’t they kiss in one of their first on-screen scenes together? Isn’t that why she turned all the dead people around the world into Cybermen? So the Doctor would have an army? She wanted to show she cared for him, if I remember right, give it to him as a gift. (Which was weird to me to begin with anyway.)

(putting the rest under a read more because this gets long)

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Bill’s was left in a tragic position last time we saw her, as a newly converted Cyberman. This doesn’t quite mean we’ve quite seen the last of Pearl Mackie though. There’s a clever (if familiar) method Moffat uses to allow a way for Mackie to give a more human performance to her horrible predicament. Bill’s ultimate fate will very likely prove to be divisive though. It’s hard to say much without giving it all away, but all we’ll say is, it’s everything you’d expect from Moffat. Read into that what you will. Some will love it, the rest not so much.
—  From DWTV’s advance review of The Doctor Falls (I can’t provide a link, it will go up on Thursday or Friday).  I think we can maybe stop worrying about Bill too much now.