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nO but like imagine one day the cheer squad is like bullying Trini so Kim swallows her fear of birds and asks a bunch of crows to follow and caw at them. Or like Trini making a snarky comment that Kim really is a princess cause a bunch of song birds just land on her shoulder and I lmaooooooo No but like Trini just starts talking to a cat she finds one day and the rangers all just see Trini meowing back at a random cat in public lmaoooooo

Omg okay but poor Trini is the only one who really has any embarrassing interactions with the cats

-Jason just feeds the chickens and tell him to leave him alone during the school day until he comes back

-Billy and Zack go to the zoo if they want to talk to the animals that like them

-Kimberly and the birds have an agreement not to do anything too extreme (the ducklings grow on her and her parents are wondering why they come home to a dozen of duckling chirping and just chilling in their kitchen)

-the cats see to love to make fun of Trini. Trini didn’t mind cats before, but she’s always preferred dogs. When they start talking, Trini starts to realize that she really dislikes the stray cats. She doesn’t mind visiting the zoo with the boys to talk to the lions and tigers.

-but the stray cats? Whenever she’s out with the rangers they always tease her about obvious that it is that she likes Kimberly and just as they’re about to walk into Krispy Kreme, one of them makes some comment and she just whips around and meows at them even though if she tried hard enough, they could talk in her head

-the four of them just stare at Trini as she stares at this old cat that looks like it’s smiling and Zack finds it hilarious that Trini looks like she’s ready to fight a cat

-Kimberly and Billy ask her what her and the cat were talking about and she just grumbles and gets flustered as she walks in

-Jason just rolls his eyes and buys Trini a donut to make her less grumpy

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Janna sometimes walks into Marco's room late at night when he's sleeping and climbs into bed with him. She pulls his arm onto her and nuzzles up to him and sleeps. Then in the morning she wakes up before him, washes her teeth and leaves after grabbing some food. Marco is never the wiser. Though his parents and Star wonder why they often see Janna leaving his room early in the morning.



So, are you ready, you think? To start dating? No, definitely not. My grief group said that I wouldn’t be ready until I can get through the whole story of Michael’s death without tearing up.

I often find myself wondering if Jake is okay :/
(ALSO, @richardgoranski Because i legitimately just saw you would love to be tagged in BMC art in general, so here ya go buddy) 

Sometimes, when a man and a woman love each other very much, they connect – emotionally, physically, spiritually, and intellectually – and decide as a couple that gay people really gross them out. Many of these parents claim that they were born with a natural disgust for people in the LGBTQ community, but it’s important that you understand that their bigotry is a choice. One fueled by ignorance and hate. Their views are not your fault.

Many kids in your school may have bigoted parents, themselves, and are struggling to cope with their own feelings about it. It is important that you respect and support them, as they are in the most impressionable stage of their lives. Their parents may be living a disgusting, inhuman lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean their kids are. They may be confused about their own views on the subject, asking themselves, “Do I hate gay people, too? Is bigotry an inherited trait? If I decide there’s nothing wrong with being gay or transgender, will my parents understand? If I discover that I’m gay, myself, will they still love and accept me?”

Going a step further, there are likely many kids in your school who are openly, flamboyantly bigoted, themselves. It is imperative that you stay away from these people. Their hatred is not contagious like a disease, but if you surround yourself with enough of these people for a long enough time, you could be influenced into sharing their views. No child of mine is going to indulge in that immoral, sinful behavior. Not under my roof.

How To Explain The ‘Gays In Movies’ Controversy To Your Kids

You know that class where you have to take care of a sack of flour for a week and pretend it’s a baby? Well Jason had to take one of those classes back when he was a kid, and he took it wayyyy too seriously. 

Bruce was borderline terrified of how seriously Jason handled this assignment. He bought baby clothes, fed it during mealtimes, (only flour-free food of course, so as not to promote flour cannibalism), and made Bruce buy him an actual crib for his flour baby. That whole week Jason’s only priority was that sack of flour, or Felicia, as he named her. It got even worse when “Uncle Dick” came over. He and Jason insisted they take Felicia on a trip to the park for a “family outing”. Poor Bruce was stuck there for a half hour, sitting bored on a bench as he watched his two grown sons pushing a sack of flour on the baby swing. Ironically, Jason was actually a model single father despite having a dad who was a criminal and an adoptive father who was an emotionally-stunted vigilante. Alfred even made a point of telling Bruce that Jason was a better dad than he ever was, which was both true and uncalled for.  

Bruce tried drawing the line at bringing his flour baby on patrol, but Jason insisted that he couldn’t just leave his helpless daughter alone, and Alfred couldn’t possibly know how to care for a baby, (despite the fact that Alfred pretty much raised Bruce and the other batkids but okay). After an hour of arguing Bruce finally gave in, and that’s how the next day every newspaper in Gotham had Robin on the front page with a picture of him with a baby carrier strapped to his chest. From the right distance, Felicia looked like an actual baby, which prompted a ton of gossip. Rumors spread about the Boy Wonder being a teenage parent, with speculation that Batgirl was probably the mother. Bruce was so done by then, meanwhile Jason didn’t care, too preoccupied with playing peekaboo with his flour baby.  

(He got an A+ on the assignment, by the way 😉)