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The Perfect Blind Date - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 10,822

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Multiple Orgasm, Public Kissing, Unprotected Sex, Morning Sex, Shirtless Dylan at the beach, Dylan on a motorcycle, slight shade coming from me towards my ex

Notes: So, @ninja-stiles an I were talking on day and we were sharing these motorcycle pictures of Dylan and Chris and we’re like “OMG WE SHOULD WRITE ABOUT THIS!” So, I wrote the Dylan side while she did the Chris side. The two fics are linked in plot but different in character and execution. So make sure to give hers a read as well! Also, this is slightly AU. Dylan is not famous here. Let him be a normal guy for a day y’all.

(As a note, her internet was being shitty today so I will post a link here as soon as she gets hers up! But still read hers once it is up because it is so good)

It’s hard to want to date when so many bad things have happened to you. One wrong turn in a relationship, and everything comes crashing down. Once that happens, why would you want to get back out there? You worry that the same thing will happen again, or that you won’t find the great guy you wish will sweep you off your feet the way you always imagine it.

Well, welcome to my life, honey.

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Silly Bat’ - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Just a short silly fic BECAUSE WHY NOT RIGHT ?! I like to imagine that when Bruce doesn’t have the stress of taking care of Wayne Inc or of his nightly activities on his back, he’s just a very funny and kinda weird man…So I wrote something about it, hope you’ll like it

Awesome fan art of this story here : clickclickclick by @demigodslytherin.

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


There were times, when it was just you and Bruce, where you genuinely wondered if your husband wasn’t completely crazy. 

Not in a bad way. Not in a “Joker” or “Harley Quinn” way. Nooooo. In a “that man is completely silly, and I’m really starting to question his sanity…is he on drugs ? Drunk ? I don’t know, but it’s funny” way. Yes. Exactly in that way. 

Often, when it was just the two of you, behind closed door, he would…loosen up. And not just a bit. He would loosen up completely and go on full “goofball mode”. 

You couldn’t count the number of times he started a pillow fight, a war with water guns (though since Alfred yelled at you two as if you were children making a mess, you switched from water guns to nerf guns), a tickle fight or a stupid and ridiculous fashion show etc etc. 

You still remembered how your abs hurt after the fit of laughter you had when he came out of the bathroom wearing an awful bright green tuxedo vest a random fashion house send him, without an undershirt, flexing all of the muscle of his chest and all, some sweatpants on of which he tucked the lower part in cowboy boots Clark gave him, and a lampshade as a hat…Where was he even finding those ideas ?

Yes. When it was just you and him, he was a different person. That no one else but you, not even his children, not even Alfred, or any of his close friends would ever see. A Bruce completely carefree, and also slightly insane…but hilarious. 

Every time you ended up having the Manor to yourself (which was very rarely, with five children and a butler who almost never took days off), it would even be better, your playground being bigger. 

One of your favorite “Silly Bat” time was when you played hide and seek (yes, grown ass adults could totally play hide and seek) and you went to hide in a tree in the garden…And got found by Clark. 

The embarrassment on Bruce’s face when he was trying to explain what you two were doing was priceless…In the end, he said that you were playing a “sexual version of hide and seek”, because it was easier to explain than to tell his friend that he was actually playing the actual game, like a damn child, with his beautiful wife…

Clark was impressed. After all, he found you in a tree, so he wondered how you two were going to make lo…Your laughter stopped his trail of thoughts. Your superfriend misinterpreted your laugh, thinking you were mocking him because he was blushing, and that was good (for Bruce). It settled the end of the story. 

Soon enough, Superman was laughing too, and it took everything in Bruce to not even crack a smile, to keep his stoic stance, and slightly bored facial expression, so that he wouldn’t get discovered. Ooh you loved that man. 

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Body Party | M

Originally posted by softeyoongi

Summary: You figure that during her birthday was a good time to fulfill one of her wishes

Warnings: Sexual toy (strap-on) involved during intercourse & dirty talk (?).

A/N: I was listening to this song whilst writing this which explains the title.

You took another sip of your drink, the amber colored liquid burning deliciously as it slid down your throat and warmed your chest. You were never one for large parties, but once Jisoo and Lisa planted the seed into your girlfriend’s brain about a party to celebrate Blackpink’s six months anniversary and her birthday, you knew there was no getting out of it.

Not that you could deny Rosé much of anything, anyway.

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So according to Karmy during the public rehearsal tonight, Jimin is showing his abs (?!) and was wearing a top tank, Jungkook has his hair dyed in black and straightened out? They’re re-creating their debut? I’m so excited to see this tomorrow omg. I wish we had some pictures from tonight! Namjoon said this was a turning point and I think he’s right! It’s BTS V2! they grew up so well, they worked so hard and it’s finally paying off. I’m so happy for them. I just hope they get some rest from time to time and stop their diet already, but who I am to say that anyway, right? As long as they’re fine with themselves, I only can be happy for them.

WINNER’s Seunghoon as your Boyfriend
  • Having a relationship with Hoon would be the greatest thing ever~
  • Because Hoon is a mature kind of guy but also he’s very silly
  • Seunghoon is a gentleman and he wouldn’t do anything that you didn’t like~
  • He would put your hands around his torso because he likes your hugs very much!
  • Has legs for days, so expect him to pull you in and letting you sit on his lap 
  • Will most likely sit on your lap as well~
  • When you’re cuddling he’ll intertwine his legs with yours or wrap you around it.
  • Loves to tickle the heck out of you, even when he gets a punch or two from you, he loves it when he sees you laughing!
  • Discretely throws in a pun every now and then and you don’t know if you should laugh because it’s funny or laugh because it’s ridiculous and he needs to catch your fists.
  • The type of guy to peel fruits for you to eat. Like you wouldn’t even ask him to peel an orange, but he’s already peeling one for you and he would even feed you some! (TvT)
  • Loves physical activities, so yes, going on hikes or going to the gym and even biking, he’ll make you do all of that.
  • But walking around the city is alright as well, especially when you guys stop by the park to play in the playground.
  • Couple Sweats <– he’ll make it into a thing
  • Seunghoon would help you out with your wardrobe and would even let you borrow his clothes because fashion 
  • He loves it whenever you’re around to see him practice and make up choreography because he gets to show off his cool side to you
  • He would even ask you for your opinion and comment if there was anything lacking or if he should improve something.
  • Is a very caring person!
  • He’d check up on you 3 times a day whenever he’s busy with work. He would call you in the morning, in the afternoon and lastly at night.
  • If he couldn’t reach you or if his schedule was hectic, he would write a long ass message about his day and he hopes that you are fine and well.
  • In some point, he’ll guide your hand just to feel his abs~ bless you 
  • Not the jealous type, instead, he would even joke about it
  • But if he was really jealous he would be passive-aggressive and would just pass it off as a “comment”
  • When he’s excited or really happy, he kisses you alot on your lips and forehead out of habit.
  • Is lowkey checking you out whenever you guys go to the gym 
  • Is highkey checking you out when you’re at home, wearing his shirt
  • Which leads to a lot of passionate kissing and lifting you up~
  • Which leads to sexy time everywhere in the house
  • He loves to put an arm around you whenever the two of you go out
  • His singing voice is so nice, so sometimes you get to hear it in the morning whenever he sings in the shower!
  • Is an early riser, you’d wake up with breakfast on the table~
  • Since he’s more mature, he’d be a bit timid about his woes, but he’ll try to voice out his problems to be open to you.
  • Gets really snuggly and sometimes quiet when he’s sad, so you have to give him cuddles and long warm hugs
  • The type to talk about your future together~
  • The type to randomly surprise you with presents like
  • “I think you should look for another top on your closet, it goes well with your jeans..”
  • And then you see a shopping bag in there.
  • Also the type to take you to new and interesting places to eat
  • Loves to carry you on his back or shoulders~
  • Seunghoon would be very happy with you, you’ll be the source of comfort and happiness for him, especially when he’s tired. He would make your relationship as fair and equal as possible.
Abraham Portman Headcanons

- King of sass
- Loves babies, hates toddlers
- Is all over the moon for baby butts
- Was a a heartthrob for all little girls back when he wasn’t sent to Miss Peregrine’s
- Ripped af
- Owns multiple vintage sweaters that say #1 grandpa (which Jacob wears now lol)
- Loves it when Horace roasts everyone
- Besties with Miss P tbh
- Sharpshooter
- Tells everyone that ambrosia is deftly dangerous but got high with it back in the days
- Is a god in surfing
- Actually pitied hollowgasts at some point
- Despite being a badass soldier
- Is a huge fan of Marvel comics
- Born to be an amazing grandpa
- Has shitty handwriting that Jacob finds amusing
- Cried in Finding Nemo (and Finding Dory)
- Fluent in sarcasm
- Life of the party

anonymous asked:

I binged GoT, I'm no expert but I've been watching a lot of shows and Jon and Sansa scenes are weird considering they are just "siblings" or half-siblings (if you prefer). Or this is a red herring or idk why they chose to film that way... That said, I'm Jonsa too (thought I was crazy for ship them bf I found the fandom). I have some questions. What do you think ab Jon's reaction when Sansa touched his hand in 6.04? What's the meaning of S7 Sansa's necklace, she used a similar one in S5 right?

About Sansa’s S4/S5 necklace, Game of Thrones’ Costume Designer Michele Clapton said:  “The necklace was based on the idea that Arya had Needle. At the end of the necklace there’s a point, a spike, which is like Sansa’s smaller version of Needle. It’s a jewelry idea of Needle. She’s finally taking them on.“ Now she is wearing a similar one, yes.

Now that’s sounds like a joke, right? “She’s finally taking them on.” Yeah right… I HATE D&D for what they did to Sansa in season 5. Sansa saying:“I am Sansa Stark of Winterfell. This is my home. And you can’t frighten me.” And immediately after that… UGH. She was repeatedly abused and raped in her own home, HER OWN HOME. That was beyond cruel and totally unnecessary. 

I just hope that this time the necklace really means that “She’s finally taking them on.”

About Jon’s reaction when Sansa touched his hand in 6.04, I think at that moment he realized that he has to fight, he didn’t want to but he has to. It’s different now that he knows Ramsay has Rickon. He has at least to try; no more go south and get warm. Winter is coming and he has to fight for his family and their home, he has at least to try.

All that episode was about sisters encouraging their broken/lost brothers, like Margaery and Loras & Yara and Theon. Jon was just resurrected and tired of fighting, Loras imprisoned and broken and Theon deep deep broken. But their sisters just weren’t there for that, they wont let them give up, they are there saying them to fight, to try… Because, what if they prevail?

Just like the scene between Jon and Davos:  

 Jon: I did what I thought was right and they murdered me for it. Now I’m back, why?

Davos: I don’t know, maybe we will never know. What does it matter? You go on. You fight for as long as you can. You clean up as much of this shit you can

Jon: I don’t know how to do that. I thought I did but… I failed.

Davos: Good. Now go and fail again.    

But Jon just wanted to go south and get warm. Even after his first conversation to Sansa about retaking Winterfell from the Boltons. It was Ramsay’s letter and the threats to hurting and killing Rickon and Sansa; and Sansa insisting at fighting and trying that made him realized he shouldn’t give up, he has to act, to stand up for their family.    

All of that remind me of this passage about Ned:

“At the dawn of Robert’s Rebellion. The Mad King had sent to the Eyrie for Stark’s head, but Jon Arryn sent him back defiance. Gulltown stayed loyal to the throne, though. To get home and call his banners, Stark had to cross the mountains to the Fingers and find a fisherman to carry him across the Bite. A storm caught them on the way. The fisherman drowned, but his daughter got Stark to the Sisters before the boat went down. They say he left her with a bag of silver and a bastard in her belly. Jon Snow, she named him, after Arryn.”

Be that as it may. My father sat where I sit now when Lord Eddard came to Sisterton. Our maester urged us to send Stark’s head to Aerys, to prove our loyalty. It would have meant a rich reward. The Mad King was open-handed with them as pleased him. By then we knew that Jon Arryn had taken Gulltown, though. Robert was the first man to gain the wall, and slew Marq Grafton with his own hand. ‘This Baratheon is fearless,’ I said. ‘He fights the way a king should fight.’ Our maester chuckled at me and told us that Prince Rhaegar was certain to defeat this rebel. That was when Stark said, ‘In this world only winter is certain. We may lose our heads, it’s true … but what if we prevail?’ My father sent him on his way with his head still on his shoulders. ‘If you lose,’ he told Lord Eddard, ‘you were never here.’ “

“No more than I was,” said Davos Seaworth.   

—A Dance with Dragons - Davos I

At the end of the season winter has arrived. Margaery and Loras lost their heads. Yara and Theon make an alliance by renouncing their way of life (sacking and raping)… 

…And Jon and Sansa prevailed. Ned prevailed once more. The Starks prevailed. Because when the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.     


 I will split it into Exo K and Exo M, because Exo M shall never die.



~ Korean member/Part of the maknae line/Nicknamed “Nini” by fans/ Real name is Kim Jongin

He is known as one of the best dancers in KPOP, and the dancing machine in Exo. His stage presence is amazing so I don’t fail to understand why. As well as dancing he also sings and raps a bit in their songs too. He has two sides to him, there is Kai, the incredible sexy performer you see on stage, and Jongin, the cute shy one in person. He likes to make up riddles, stick by D.O’s side and his laugh is the best thing I have ever heard!


~ Korean member/Maknae (youngest) of the group/Members called him Sehunnie/ Full name is Oh Sehun

He is one of the main dancers of the group, and also helps out with the rapping. He absolutely loves bubble tea (but currently cannot drink it due to his braces), and is extremely sweet and sassy to his members. He even prays for them before he goes to sleep. Apparently he also cries when he gets scolded by his members. He is known for constantly dying his hair different colours, saying his catchphrases “Yehet” and “Ohorat” and is mainly shipped with Luhan, and Tao.


~ Korean member/Leader of Exo K (and now all of Exo)/Called the mother of the group/Real name is Kim Junmyeon

He is one of the vocalists in the group and trained for the longest out of all the members. He is not the best dancer in the group but when it comes to doing embarrassing things, and crying without tears he’s your guy. When it comes to his members, he has a heart of gold always doing what he can for them (like swiping his card). He is often shipped with Kris (the father of the group), and he looks brilliant with blonde hair!


~ Korean member/ Full name is Park Chanyeol

He is known as the Happy virus of the group, because he always has a smile on his face, and another title he goes by is “The reaction king”, because his reactions are madness! He is the main rapper of the group when it comes to the Korean versions of their songs (but now he is the main rapper for the Chinese versions too). Although he is not the best dancer in the group, he can compose songs, play guitar, piano and drums, and he can also sing. He is also part of the beagle line (the members that talk the most in the group). Usually he is found laughing and hanging around with Baekhyun, or standing beside D.O trying to annoy him.


~ Korean member/Nicknames include “Bacon” by fans/ Full name is Byun Baekhyun

He is one of the main vocalists in the group, and definitely the funniest. He is a member of the beagle line too, and loves to joke around. He is one of the mood makers of the group, and constantly has a smile on his face. Often he acts quite silly, and is known for his catchphrase “Kkaebsong” which he used frequently throughout Exo showtime. He can play the piano, and he thinks the best part of his body are his hands (to which everyone agrees bc wow). A little while ago he starred in a musical called “Singin in the rain”. Before Exo debuted he had only trained with SM for four months. He likes to imitate people (especially Tao) and annoy D.O. However he is also supportive and his hip thrusts in Overdose are lethal (literally he said he hurt his back once).


~ Korean member/Nicknamed include “Squishy” and “Satansoo”/ Real name is D.O Kyung Soo

He is another main vocalist of Exo,and is quite short. He is nicknamed “Squishy”  because he is damn cute. Besides performing with Exo, he also acts, and has been in a film called “Cart” and a few drama’s, the most recent one being called “I remember you”. He can beat box pretty well, and he loves to eat steak. Even though he can’t speak fluent English, his pronunciation is fantastic. He doesn’t like to talk too much doing interviews, as he gets a bit camera shy when he is put on the spot, and gets lost for words. He is known for beating up Chanyeol and Baekhyun when they annoy him (hence his other nickname, “Satansoo”), having a major soft spot for Kai, and having the voice of an angel.



~ Korean member/Nicknamed the “Chencing machine”/ His real name is Kim Jongdae

He is one of the main vocalists, and has the capacity to hit extremely high and low notes. He is nicknamed the Chencing machine, due to his interesting dancing abilities. Even though he is not the best dancer in the group, even Kai said he has improved the most. Chen is the third member of the beagle line and can be a bit of a troll, and likes to hang around with Baekhyun. He is also always there on stage for the members when they are crying, and gives great hugs. His cheekbones are majorly high, and he looks amazing wearing eyeliner and a leather jacket (cmb mv). Like Baekhyun he has also starred in a musical.

TAO (Ex member)

~ Chinese member/Part of the maknae line/ His real name is Huang Zitao

He was one of the main rappers for the Chinese version of their songs, and he has a distinct voice so you always tell that it’s him. He can also sing, and looks amazing doing the Mirotic choreography. He suits every hair colour under the sun, and looks awesome when he is wearing all of his rings. Since he was young he has been practicing Wushu, and is known as the “AB style kungfu panda”. He can be quite silly, and tends to mess up his Wushu a lot when asked to present it to everyone on television shows like “Weekly idol”. He would hang around with Sehun a lot, and would ask the members to shower with him. He is deathly scared of ghosts and bugs, and knows sign language. Even though he is not in Exo anymore, he recently released two mini albums in China, which did extremely well, and at some point will be starring in a film with Jackie Chan.


~ Chinese member/Real name is Zhang Yixing

He is the main dancer of Exo M, and is great at body popping. He can also sing, and has taken over some rapping parts in their recent songs. He composes his own music, and can play the guitar and piano, as well as doing some basic beat boxing. He has a six pack that he is not afraid to show the world whilst he is on stage, and just like Kai, on stage he is sexy and off it he is extremely adorable. He has a tendency to make people laugh without meaning too, and is known for being a bit slow. However people think he is completely innocent, but I beg to differ, although he does follow a bunny account on Instagram.

KRIS (Ex member)

~ Chinese member/ Birth name is Li Jiaheng but his name was later changed to Wu Yifan

He was the leader of, as well as one of the main rappers in Exo M, and can speak four languages. He was known as the father of the group. Although he was born in China he lived in Canada for a while, therefore he speaks English fluently. The other languages he speaks are Mandarin, Korean and Cantonese. He tried to play himself off as a cool guy, however this reputation was completely tarnished as soon as Exo showtime started. In reality he trips over nothing, and screams in haunted houses. He is the tallest member of the group, and he thinks that he is really handsome. One of his jokes is that he says he can draw but he really can’t, and likes to call himself “Wu Fan Gogh”. He would often be found hanging around with Tao. Although he is no longer with Exo he now acts, and his next film to come out is called “Mr Six” (which looks really cool btw).

LUHAN (Ex member)

~ Chinese member/ Nicknamed “Deer”/ Real name is Lu Han

He was one of the main vocalists of Exo M, as well as one of the main dancers. He can hold a note for 26 seconds, and can solve a Rubik cube in 50 seconds. He likes to wear a lot of snap backs, and he has quite a feminine face, but if you tell him this he will deny it and tell you that he is all man! Personally he thinks his eyes are sparkly, and likes to say the word “Yo” repeatedly. He is nicknamed a “Deer”, and was often found with either Xiumin or Sehun. Even though he is no longer an Exo member, he acts and he recently released his first solo album (which sold 350,000 presales in one hour alone).


~Korean member/Nicknamed Baozi/Real name is Kim Minseok

He is the oldest member of the group and is both a vocalist and a dancer. He can hit the highest note in the group, and he is another one that can switch from sexy to adorable. Even though he is the oldest he does the best aegyo. Just like Lay he has a killer six pack that he has no problem showing off on stage. He is a quiet member who doesn’t really talk in interviews unless asked something. He loves to keep things tidy, and has a bedroom all to himself. He thinks the rest of the members are very loud, and if he had to choose a trait from another member to have for himself, it would be Kris’s language ability. He is also a good dancer, and could be found around Luhan.

*None of these GIFS are mine, credit to the owners*


P.S, yes this is a repost because the GIFS on the previous one stopped working :)


oh hell yes

How long did this take me to do from start to finish? a month? it’s not even shaded??? WHO CARES, I FINALLY DREW SOMETHING OF SUBSTANCE!! GOD it feels so good to draw with my tablet again!! aaAAAA— *has way too much fucking energy*

ANYWAY who likes Oddworld??? Anyone? Okay I’ll go first then mE I DO

I like it so much I made a shameless self insert! This is Sylrie, a native Mudokon who lives in the snowy mountains of Mudos and is training to become a shaman. She hopes that by doing so she can help a whole lot of people a lot more easily (because she’s a total cinnamon roll who just wants to help everyone be happy), but even after countless days and nights of spiritual training, nothing has come to fruition yet… Although I do have this idea that sometimes she sees those floating hint lights, both in her dreams and while she’s awake, but they only tell her really stupid shit like “oh hey look a flower” XDD

She’s also really frickin’ blind. I mean like, not totally blind but her eyesight is still ridiculously poor, which explains why her eyes are much lighter than most of her fellow Muds. She and a lot of the other natives believe that her light eyes are what allow her to see the lights, and very well may be the key to unlocking her abilities as a shaman, so to protect them (and maybe miraculously fix them lol) she wears a mask and almost never takes it off. Because of that, she considers it a huge act of trust to show anybody her eyes, so if you get to see them you’re pretty frickin’ special >u>

And of course because I’m Abe-loving and semi-canon-ignoring GARBAGE Sylrie and Abe meet at some point and grow close… I have an idea for the whole thing written down but this post is probably long enough as is so I’ll spare y'all my trash, ahaha~ But I promise it’s full of fluff!!! Would you expect anything less from me? XD

Anywhom, hope you like her~

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They Don't Know You

[title]: they don’t know you

[pairing]: shawn mendes x reader

[requested]: yes – @thugshawn

“So, you are new in town, and you go to camp to ‘make new friends’, but people are not that friendly there, and the only one who treat you well is Shawn, and a friendship start to grow between you and him, and soon a big love too”

[summary]: requested prompt ↑

[warnings]: swearing

[author’s note]: even though it’s only been like 5 days since i last posted, i feel like i haven’t posted in so long!

Originally posted by thugshawn

AS soon as your white converse hit the pavement, your mind starts to clutter with negative thoughts and scenarios.

You slam the car door behind you, muttering a quick “bye” to your mom.

You weren’t happy about moving, obviously. It was a new place, way different from your old town. You never liked the idea being the new girl, the homeschooled freak. But your parents wanted a change, to try to make a difference in your life instead of the same thing everyday. They were putting you in high school, a public high school. Pine Ridge may be a very nice, cozy school but you weren’t used to any of this.

To make matters worse, your parents decided to sign you up (without your consent) for a camp to ‘make new friends’. The only problem with this was the fact that you didn’t want to go to this dumb camp. It was late June, and school had already let out in Toronto. You had lived here for only about a week, and so far, no new friends have decided to make themselves presentable to you. Six weeks of summer camp. Six. Six weeks of complete torture, considering you assumed most of these teens already knew each other. Six weeks of sitting alone at lunch so you don’t have to converse to any of the other kids. Six weeks of tossing and turning while you try to sleep, thinking you’d rather be at home right now watching “The Office”.

You were new here, in Pickering, freaky, right? Being the new girl? Your dad got a job promotion up here a few months ago, and made you and your family move to Pickering, all the way from Illinois. Of course, you had no friends, and you were pretty shy. How cliché, right?

You adjust the strap to your duffel bag on your shoulder, running a hand through your hair.

Chatter fills the air. Non-stop chatter from gossiping teenage girls; just your favorite.

The field you stand on is filled with mostly females, but a lot of boys too.

You fix your top, looking around for the registration place.

Your eyes skim the field, no sign of anywhere you could go. You sigh, now looking for someone to ask for directions.

“Excuse me?” You ask a nearby girl, blowing bubbles out of her pink bubble gum. She turns to you slowly, an annoyed look on her face. She’s surrounded with a bunch of pretty girls, all wearing very little clothing. “Hi, uh, can you tell me where registration is, please?” You ask as nicely as possible.

Her bubble pops as she rolls her eyes. “I don’t know. Get lost, loser.” She sneers.

You raise an eyebrow. “You might wanna consider putting on more clothes. A white van could come and pick you up anytime, you never know.” You shrug.

You turn on your heel, rolling your eyes. You hated snobby rich girls, so stuck up and annoying. You didn’t care how stereotypical it was.

“She looks like a prude.” You hear a girl say behind you.

Well, you look like a slut.

“Shawn!” You hear behind you, making you turn. The snobby girl and her little posse all wear overenthusiastic smiles on their faces, twirling their hair and pulling up their shorts, making them shorter than they already are.

“Hi, Kelsey.” The boy says, looking anywhere but at ‘Kelsey’.

Your eyes travel to a tall boy, standing next to the group. He wears a small smile, running his hand through his hair. A black tight short sleeved shirt clung to his arms, chest and abs.

The snobby girl twirls her hair, resting her hand on the boy’s bicep. Huge bicep, by the by.

“I missed you over the school year, Shawn.” She pouts, fluttering her eyelashes.

“Yup.” The boy nods slightly, biting his lip.

By now, you’re practically drooling over the boy, he was hot.

The group of girls laugh obnoxiously, making you cringe.

You continue to inspect the boy until you notice the group of girls snickering and whispering to each other, some pointing at you.

They were talking about you.

Kelsey gets up onto her tippy toes, whispering something into the boy’s ear, making him scoff. The boy brushes Kelsey’s hand off of his bicep. Your eyebrows furrow as he says something to her, making her eyes widen and her jaw drop. Your eyes then widen as he begins to walk towards you.

Kelsey scoffs, whipping her hair over her shoulder before turning to talk to her friend.

“Hi, I’m Shawn.” The handsome boy smiles, making your knees weak.

“Hey—Hi, um, I’m Y/N.” You smile nervously, trying to find the right words.

“It’s nice to meet you.” He grins.

You smile again, your eyes wandering over to the group again. The girls continue to chew their gum like cows, twirling strands of their hair between their fingertips, but this time, a different guy towers over the girls.

Kelsey giggles at something the guy says, jutting out her hips and dropping something behind her so she can deliberately bend down to pick it up and stick her ass in the guy’s face. You cringe again.

“What’s up with her? No offense, but she seems even more stuck up than my cousin, and she hates everyone!“

Shawn chuckles, shaking his ahead. “She’s just… a bitch.”

You laugh, turning to look at the girls.

“And she hates everyone.”

“What are you looking at, klutz?” A girl shouts at you, making everyone’s eyes widen at your stare.

“Nothing much.” You mutter, shrugging.

You hear a small masculine snicker, making a small smirk pull at your lips.

“Shut the fuck up.” Kelsey yells.

“Why don’t you make me?” You challenge, stepping towards her. Shawn grabs your arm, gripping it tightly.

Kelsey snarls, as you lunge at each other. As you’re about to pounce on each other, Shawn wraps his arms around your waist, restraining you, while Kelsey on the other hand, lands on the shoulder of the muscular guy she was talking to before. He wraps his arms around her body, carrying you away from you.

“She’s such a bitch!” Kelsey yells, glaring at you.

You roll your eyes as Shawn places you down on your feet.

Shawn turns you to look at him as he places both large hands on your shoulders. “Don’t worry about them, Y/N. They don’t know you, beautiful.” He smiles.

“Thank you, Shawn.” You smile, staring at your feet as a light blush creep onto your cheeks.

A small strand of hair falls in front of you, as Shawn uses his fingers to push the hair behind your ear again.

You smile to yourself before Shawn lifts your chin up with his index and middle fingers.

He grins, chuckling before placing a small kiss on your lips.

“Why don’t we get you registered, huh?” He smirks as you pout, wanting more.

“I hate you.” You mutter, trailing behind him.

“Don’t pull a Kelsey!”


kind of a bad ending sorry

hope you liked it felipe! :)

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— november 4th, 2016

They're Looking At You
Request by anon:Could you please do a scenario where you and your boyfriend Zico go on a date to the beach for the first time? Thank you!This is longer than I expected, I guess I got carried away lol-Admin Kitty

You threw your clothes on, and then sat down in front of your makeup desk. Should you put on makeup? Eventually, you realized you were being stupid - it would just wash off when you were in the water. You had chosen the bikini you hadn’t wore yet for today, and you had put it on underneath your shirt and shorts. You dressed simply, in pastel colours and no jewelry. You had painted your toenails and fingernails, you wanted to look good for him. You knew it was sort of stupid. I mean, it wasn’t particularly a special occasion and he always told you you looked beautiful even when you were sick. But, you wanted to look good for him, you really did. You tended not to be outside for too long together, because it was difficult with fans and everything but today, we would be out in the open. This was the first time you’d been to the beach together. You wanted to look like the sort of girl that deserved to be with a flawless idol like himself. You wanted to do him proud, not have him be embarrassed to be seen with you.  You had just finished braiding your hair when there was a knock on the door. “Jagiiiiiii, open up~!” You heard your boyfriends voice shout out, but you could hear the grin in his voice. You ran to the door, taking a deep breath before opening it. Your boyfriend was wearing a wife beater that hugged his abs and showed off his muscles, while his shorts hung low on his waist. He held a towel in his hand and a rucksack on his back. “You ready?” He grinned his beautiful grin. You nodded, stepping out. He began laughing, “Jagi, you might want to put some shoes on."  He pointed down at your feet and you blushed, "Oops…” You wandered back into the house, and slipped on your favorite purple flip flops, picking up your duffell bag and towel up as you went. When you turned back around, Jiho pulled you into a tight hug and then leaned down to brush his lips across yours. “You ok?” He smiled. You grinned, “Yeah, I’m good. Why?"  He sniggered, "It’s just that, well, ____, you just tried to leave your apartment without shoes. Or a towel. Or your bag.” You laughed a little, “No. I’m good, I’m good."  He took his hands from your waist and intertwined his fingers with yours, "Good, let’s go.”   In the car, you tried to keep your breathing steady. Because, to tell you the truth, you were a little nervous. He’d never really seen you in your bikini before and you wondered what he would think. You cursed yourself for not picking a different one or atleast checking out in the mirror how it looked before you put the rest of your clothes on. You tried to match your heartbeat to the slow, relaxing beat of the music that played through the radio station in his car. It was an old acoustic track that reminded you of being on holiday. You looked over at your boyfriend and smiled at what you saw, taking in everything. He’d be off on tour soon and you wouldn’t see him properly like this for a couple of months atleast. You surveyed his big, manly hands on the steering wheel, strong and steady. Your eyes ran up his forearm and to his muscles, which moved only ever so slightly, but it did make you feel a little hot and bothered. Then finally, saving the best until last, you looked to his face. His eyebrows were furrowed and his features screamed concentration. His lips were pressed together in concentration and his eyes stared forward. He must have seen you out of the corner of his eye, because he looked over and set his eyes on you. “What are you looking at, pabo?” He smiled, playfully. You tried not to smile too much, “You look good, that’s all.” His smile widened, but he tried not to look too smug from the compliment, “I’m going to have to take you to the beach more often.” The edges of your lips turned up in a smile, “Maybe.”   When you got out of the car, he ran around to your side, and held the door open for you. “Oppa, what’s gotten into you…You’re being such a gentleman!” You teased, getting out. He poked your ribs, “Yah! I’m good to you, aren’t I?” You laughed, wrapping your arms around his neck in the car park, “I’m kidding, Jiho. You’re the best boyfriend ever.” He grinned, pulling you across the road to the beach, “I know.” He winked, making you laugh.   Getting onto the beach, your boyfriend took a quilt from his rucksack and lay it down on the beach while you started taking sandwiches out of the bag.  “No, no! Don’t open them yet!” He yelled. You looked up, shielding your eyes from the sun with your hand, and looked at him, “Why? I’m starving!” You pouted. He turned his head sideways and raised his eyebrows at your aegyo, “Don’t use your cuteness on me, that’s not fair. C'mon let’s go in the sea first!” You pouted more, “But…the sandwiches look so good, and-” “Aw, c'mon you know you want to go swim first!” You grinned at you. How could you resist that grin, You tried to keep your smile from erupting onto your face. He pulled his shirt over his head slowly, revealing his lean abs and chest to your eyes. He threw the shirt to the ground, winking at you. “Or you atleast want to check out your perfect man’s abs some more.” He teased you, raising his eyebrows. You laughed, “Fine."  You stood up and shyly pulled your shirt over your head, and took the shorts off. When you had finished, you looked at him. He had his mouth open and his eyebrows raised as he stared at you. "What?” You giggled. What had gotten into him. “N-Nothing.” He said, not moving his eyes. He grabbed your hand and you ran to the ocean with him. He kept pulling you in by the hand until the sea was at your waists. And then, with a devilish look in his eye and a grin on his face, he plunged you under the water. He ducked too and pulled you back up with him, laughing heartily. “Oppa!” You laughed, coughing and spluttering, which only made him laugh more. “Okay, now we can go eat.” He smiled, widely through fits of laughter. “I thought you wanted to swim!” He shook his head, still sniggering, “Nah. I just wanted to plunge you, jagi. You should have seen your face!” You swatted at him lightly but he ducked and just put his arm around your shoulders and guided you back to your quilt on the beach. You sat down and began to eat. He lay down next to you and then pulled you so you were lying next to him as you both ate sandwiches together. Although you enjoyed it, you couldn’t help feeling you were being watched. Of course, by you, you meant him. You knew that people would watch him - he was famous, after all. Everyone knew who he was. And there was fans everywhere. But you couldn’t help feeling a little self conscious with everyone looking at him with his girlfriend. It felt weird and unsettling. When you had done, he jumped up excitedly, “_____! Lets go swimming!” You shook your head, giggling, “I’m not falling for that again!” “No! I’m serious! No dunking!"  "Promise?” You looked at him. He tried to keep a straight face, “Cross my heart.” He pulled you up, but suddenly you felt the gaze on you again, even harder. You tried not to look around, biting your lip. His arms wound around your waist and his face contorted in concern, “What’s wrong, jagiya?” You shook your head, “Uh…nothing.” You said, distracted. “I know when your lying.” He smiled a little, tapping your nose cutely. “It’s just…people…are watching.” You said quietly. He raised his eyebrow, “_____, it’s a beach. People are going to look at you.” You shook your head, “No. You don’t understand. They’re looking at you.” He kissed the crown of your head and began laughing into your hair. “Yah! Don’t laugh at me!” “Jagi…they’re not looking at me.” He said, laughing lightly. You looked up at him, confused. “They’re looking at you.” He pressed his forehead against you. You began to panic, “What? Why?” He tried to contain his laughter, “_____, do you really think I actually have this many male fans?” “Jiho, I know you think your explaining yourself but you’re really not.” “Oh come on!” He laughed again, “Loads of guys? Staring at a girl? On a beach? In a bikini?” You stared on at him in confusion, still. “Pabo, they’re checking you out.” He grinned kissing your forehead. “W-Whaaa…” Your eyes widened. Boys were…looking at you. You didn’t consider yourself terrible looking but you definitely didn’t see yourself as hot enough to be gawped at. You blushed. “Doesn’t it bother you that guys are…” You blushed again, “Gawping at me?” He laughed and pressed his forehead to yours, “No. It just means my girl’s beautiful and hot enough to be gawped at.” You giggled, “You think I look…hot?” He smiled, “Of course, stupid.” He said, poking your cheek, playfully. Then, his tone changed, “Hey, shall we make them all jealous?” He grinned. “Wha-” Before you could think, he dipped you right there, in the middle of the beach with all the people watching, and pressed his lips to yours passionately. When he freed your lips, he stood you back up and grinned. “I cannot believe you just did thatttt~” You laughed a little. But you’d be lying if you said you hadn’t enjoyed it. And even though Jiho kept swearing he wasn’t jealous, later on when you walked past them and off the beach to get drinks, you couldn’t help but notice he pulled you a little closer and held onto your hip a little tighter.


Rating: PG-13 to NC-17

Kim Jonghyun is one to handle all his business affairs seriously, he’s a man of focus, zeal—that’s how he makes his money. There’s no time for chit-chat, no time for pondering whether or not a contract should be signed. Come in ready, be ready, that’s the motto he lives by. “We have a few new employees with us.” One of Jonghyun’s higher-ups announces. “Names? Do you have a profile on them?”

“Yes sir, of course, sir.” Jonghyun leans forward, resting his elbows on the wooden desk, awaiting the man to list off each employers name. “Well, uhm, we have—“

“Start again.” Jonghyun waves his hand back and forth. “I placed you where you are because of your quick wit, now sharpen that tongue of yours and start again.” The man blinks his eyes rapidly and starts again. “We have Sulli, Song Ji-eun, Young Bae and a Kim Kibum.” Jonghyun nods, leaning back in his chair and nodding.  Four new employers wouldn’t be much trouble, of course they’d complain about the type of work they were getting themselves into, but if they wanted the job they’d get over it and if they didn’t well Jonghyun didn’t care what happened to them afterwards. “Is there anything else I should know of?” He asks and the man nods. “You have a meeting two days from now.”

“A meeting?”

“Yes…they called in hopes of making a deal with you.” A grin quirks Jonghyun’s lips. “A deal, huh.” He echoes amusedly, before shooing the man away in basking in the silence of his office. It was a dark, windowless room, black curtains drawn to block out the sun and the furniture was either black or a blood red color. Jonghyun couldn’t stand those vibrant hues and rainbow color palettes renovators brought to him. He runs a hair through his ashen hair before rising to his feet. His clothes were always a solid dark color. Ranging from deep brown, navy blue and faded black. He went out and shopped for his own clothes, he had a specific style. Classy, elegant yet sexy. He adjusts the velvet cuffs of his suit jacket—he was an expensive man. He begins to walk around the room, his hands clasped behind his back. There were murals hanging from the walls of his office adding a bit of an artistic flare to his business. He owns a banking company of sorts, management one would say. He gets people jobs, he handles big business marketing and contacting overseas. People come to him when they want to spread their market globally. He was considered perfect, The Dark Lord of the business world. It always humored him to hear such a name spread around the firm. Yes…simplly a dark lord. There’s a light rasping at his door, breaking him away from his thoughts and causing him to look towards the door suspiciously. He checks his watch. His next meeting wasn’t until an hour from now…who could be coming in so early. The rasping appears again, this time more persistent, Jonghyun groans, making his way over to the door and opening it dejectedly. “I’m sorry, but my next meeting isn’t unti—“

“Sorry for the intrusion, I just wanted to ask you a few questions before I officially started working here.” The voice belonged to a young man in a beige pink suit, his brown hair slicked up stylishly—he was well dressed for his first day—Jonghyun grins—he knows what he’s doing. “Well, I only talk to those who have scheduled a meeting; mind telling me your name?”

“It’s Kibum, Kim Kibum.” The man says unfazed, his slanted eyes never moving away from Jonghyun’s. “Kim Kibum…” Jonghyun pauses to act like he was actually thinking about it. “Mm, I don’t think I have your name written down.”

“Well you should write it down now because I need to talk to you about a few things.” Jonghyun raises a brow, taken aback by the mans’ forward way of speaking. Once he’s regained his composure, he laughs. “My, my, you’re quite blunt for a first time employee.” Kibum shrugs, his broad shoulders straining against the fabric of his suit. “I get that a lot.” Jonghyun ‘humphs’ his arms crossing over his chest. “Kibum right?”


“Come back later and I’ll talk to you then.”

“Here right?”

“Yes and we’ll have a nice long conversation.” Kibum’s gaze lingers on Jonghyun’s eyes before he bows his head mumbling an apology and walking away. Jonghyun leans against the door frame, his head tilting as he scoped out Kibum’s shapely behind. “Hmm,” He taps his chin. “He’s interesting.” And a pink tongue flickers out to lick along his lips and then his sharp teeth.


As Kibum rounds the corner he releases a deep breath, a hand coming out to rest against the wall so he could hold himself up. “Fuck, he’s much more attractive in person.” He finally exhales, his feline eyes blinking rapidly as the recent memory of Jonghyun’s voice raced back and forth in his mind. Sharp jawline that was softened by his disproportionate nose and full lips, big, deep eyes that seemed to see into Kibum’s soul…the longer he stared at him, the more Kibum felt like he was getting sucked into a warmhole. He stands up straight, fixing his suit jacket and clearing his throat before slinking his way back to the waiting room, in which he had come. Kibum was a twenty-four year rookie model, he was called in for simple magazine gigs or store posters to lure in customers. Photographers always said he was “pleasing to look at.” Kibum took it as a compliment, it was better than being called “average” by his old high-school friends. “Look at me now!” He wanted to scream at them, but not yet, not until he was business partners with the boss—he’d get there soon enough. He plops into one of the comfortable red chairs, his legs spreading as he relaxed. “I’m so tired…” The other night he was up going over what questions he would ask and what he would wear. He always chose his first day outfits with care; whether it was the first day of school or the first day at his new job. Kibum did a lot of odd jobs when he was younger; fixing fences, being a taxi driver, mowing lawns, watching kids (he was really good at that)—at some point he had gained some muscle, his abs tightened up and his biceps rounded over and bulged. He wasn’t as muscular as he was back then, but he kept his body toned. “Are you new?” came a husky yet gentle voice. Kibum looks to his right, his gaze landing on a young male with blonde hair and clear skin. “Yes.”

“I’m Taemin,” He thrusts his slender hand out, Kibum takes it with a smile. “Kibum.”

“Nice to meet you.” Kibum noticed that Taemins teeth were unusually white and long, before he could get a better look they disappeared in his mouth. “This must be your first day, I’ve never seen you around.” Kibum nods. “Yeah, this is my first day,” he runs a hand through his brown hair. “I don’t feel that nervous, but then I met with the boss….” He trails off and Taemin nods. “Aaah, yeah, Mr. Kim can do that.”

“Does everyone call him that? Mr. Kim?”

“Yeah…” And then Taemin leans over to whisper in Kibum’s ear. “Unless he takes a special interest in you.” Kibum blinks, his grip on his briefcase tightening. He always bought the local newspaper and Jonghyun’s face would always be splayed across the front page. He was a twenty-five year old billionaire, hah, how do you figure. Kibum took a liking to his face and the half grin, half smile he always showed during interviews. It was like he was talking through the camera and to Kibum, but there was always a dark mystery surrounding him…atleast that’s what Kibum thought whenever he saw him. He shifts in his seat and glances at his phone to check the time. Only eight minutes passed since his encounter with Jonghyun.

A few hours later…

The toilets flushes and Kibum yanks up the zipper on his pants before pushing the stall door open and moving towards the sink to wash his hands. As the waters running, he looks up at his reflection, tilting his head left and right to check for any pimples; there were none, his skin was still clear minus the occasional bump or two. He pumps the foamy soap into the palm of his hand before spreading it up to his wrists and then along his fingers. Another toilet flushes behind him and a stall creaks open, a well-dressed figure emerging. Kibum turns the faucet off, shaking the water from his hand and then turning to dry his hands with the brown paper towels, but he stops short when the figure comes to a halt in front of him. Kibum blinks, his gaze locked on the males lower region, his eyes focusing in on his crotch area. “I’m in your way aren’t I?” A velvety-smooth voice questions and Kibum looks up slowly, his gaze finally meeting the mans’ gaze who turned out to be—Jonghyun. “Y-yes, you are.”

“You must want me to move.” Jonghyun continues on, his hands in his pockets, Kibum could smell his cologne—a fresh coconut scent. “Yes, I’m trying to get to the paper towels.”

“Oh?” Jonghyun steps closer, his scent growing stronger. “Then get them.” Kibum didn’t know if that was a threat, a taunt or a command. Does he want me to go around him or should I push him out of the way? Kibum opts for the first option and begins to walk around Jonghyun, but is stopped when his wrist is clutched. “Lets go to my office, don’t you have a few questions?”—his grip was inhumane, Kibum thought his wrist was breaking.

“Yes, but my hands—“

“They’ll dry on the way there.” Jonghyun raises Kibum’s wrist to his nose to show this, but it looked like he was smelling Kibum’s skin. Kibum yanks his hand away before ripping a few paper towels and drying his hands. Jonghyun watches as he goes with a chuckle, before following after him, his dark eyes tracing up and down Kibum’s backside and he growls ever so softly, his eyes flickering red. Once inside the office, the door clicks shut and Kibum’s turned off by the complete darkness and isolation of the room. “It’s so…dark here.” He comments, Jonghyun walks around him to go sit behind his desk. “I guess to others it is, but I like it like this.” Kibum takes a seat across from him, his eyes dancing around the room. Jonghyun watches him, his hands folded together and a faint grin tugging at his lips. Kibum’s jawline was equally as sharp as his, if not sharper—to be quite honest—all his features were sharp and well defined, but Jonghyun liked his lips the most or maybe it was his neck. Pale skin balanced by his pink lips; Jonghyun swallows that yearning tickling the back of his mind and then tingling against the roof of his mouth. He hadn’t taken someone in ages, his body was just aching for it. Jonghyun takes a secretive glance around, his ears straining for any voices. It didn’t seem like anyone was in the office, but he wouldn’t take any chances. “I only have a few questions, Mr. Kim.” Jonghyun ‘s eyes slide over to meet Kibum’s and he smiles merrily. “Mr. Kim” He sighs. “That’s quite formal, please, call me Jonghyun.” His eyes crinkle up as he smiles and Kibum nods hesitantly, his long legs crossing together. “Well, I was wondering what type of work you have in store for me, how far can I make it up the ladder in this business?”

“You’re asking what type of position you can acquire.”

“Yes, a higher one than I am in now.” Jonghyun nods, leaning back and spreading his legs as a show of authority, he unbuttons his suit jacket and whips it back to reveal his dark blue shirt—a simple gesture to show off the relaxed mood—relax, he was telling Kibum. “Well, there’s two options,” Kibum leans forward, his brown eyes blinking eagerly. “You can work hard just like everyone else; running errands, setting up meetings, taking calls or…” Jonghyun stops dramatically, taking pleasure in the way Kibum’s eyes squinted and his pink lips thinned out. “Or you can sleep with me and have whatever position you desire in no time.” Jonghyun says it coolly as though he were pitching another business idea. Kibum blinks—it takes a moment for the words to actually catch up with him and once they do his eyes zero in on Jonghyun with scorn. “What?”

“Sleep with me, have sex, fuck, if you want to get vulgar.” Jonghyun smirks. “What’ll it be?” Kibum leans back, his eyes widening. “None of the above, so I’ll ask you again, what can I do to get to such a position and in a short amount of time?” Jonghyun is slightly thrown off by Kibum’s composure after such a suggestion, but leans forward, his elbows resting on the desk. “Kibum,”

“Yes?” He still managed to keep a tone of mutual respect. “All you have to do is work for it—everyone who wants it,” Jonghyun’s brown eyes glimmer. “Works for it.” Kibum nods. “Can you show me that you’ll work for what you want?”

“Yes, of course, that’s what I applied for.” Jonghyun rises to his feet. “Excellent.” Kibum took note of the way the fabric of his shirt strained against the muscle of his pectorals. Jonghyun glances at his golden Rolex and heaves a sigh. “I’m sorry to have to cut this short on you, but I have to go take care of some business.” Kibum jumps up, shaking his head. “No, no, it’s quite alright,” He bows. “Thank you for your time.” Jonghyun smiles—attractive, well-dressed, blunt and respectful—jackpot. “Not a problem at all, I hope to see your face more often, Kibum.” Kibum lifts his head with a cheery smile, Jonghyun noticed the dimples in his cheeks. “Yes, me too.” He bows his head once more before walking out of the office with a bubbly gait that matched the pink of his suit. Jonghyun stares after him, his smile from before still plastered onto his lips before it fades away into a frown. “Damn,” He crumples into his seat, rubbing his nose and licking his teeth. “I was this close to nabbing him.” Jonghyun spoke to the shadow lurking in the dark. “Why didn’t you?” That same gentle yet husky voice from before questions. “Too many people and I didn’t want to scare him.”

“Isn’t scaring your prey how you get off?” Jonghyun scoffs. “Thanks for putting my sadism out there, Taemin.” The shadow—Taemin—emerges from the dark with a playful grin. “You’re always welcome, Mr. Kim.” Jonghyun rolls his eyes, rubbing his chest trying to cease the need that was quelling up inside of him. “I want him.” He declares.

“You just met him.”

“But his blood, you must have smelt it.”

“I could feel it when we shook hands.” Taemin recalls their brief greeting from a few hours before. “It was heavenly.” He says ironically causing Jonghyun to chuckle. “Don’t let anyone else get to him.”

“Okay and you just make sure you don’t get caught making one of your “deals.” Taemin warns and Jonghyun throws him a wink. “I’ve never gotten caught.” And as he smiled his sharp fangs peeked from beneath his lips and his eyes gleamed red.

A/N YAAAAAy!! So I finally got around to writing the first part ^^ I’ll be getting to the second part soon~

Let’s just pretend the imaginary Sunday brunch was real for a second.

Imagine Carol and Michonne picking out outfits to wear together and they both walk down the stairs at the same time, heads held high ‘cause they know how good they look. And then both Daryl and Rick simultaneously look up from whatever they’re doing and see Michonne and Carol all dressed up.

It’s the first time Daryl has ever seen Carol in a dress and he gawks at her like an idiot, in awe.

Imagine Carl and Enid trying to get Judy to let them comb her hair out but she keeps running away from them and they end up chasing her around the house as she giggles wildly.

Imagine Glenn and Maggie trying to teach their son how to pronounce “brunch” because he keeps saying “bunch” instead.

Imagine Maggie, Carol, and Sasha brainstorming names for Sasha’s baby.

Imagine Carl telling Judy stories about what her mom was like.

Imagine Carol and Daryl being in their “honeymoon phase” at this point, always staring, touching, and kissing each other and then Carol wearing her pretty blue dress just amplifies that.

Imagine Glenn giving his son, Judy, Enid, and Carl piggyback rides.

Imagine Tara and Rosita taking turns snapping their fingers in front of Daryl’s face because he just keeps staring at Carol.

Imagine Eugene telling Abe that he’ll make a great father.

Imagine Judy siting on her Uncle Aaron’s lap and letting her Uncle Eric braid her hair. (Shh, shhh let’s just pretend he was in it.)

Imagine Baby Rhee playing with some cups at the table.

Imagine Father Gabriel bringing Sasha some soup because he knows it’s the only thing she can keep down during her pregnancy.

Imagine Tara and Rosita daring Eugene to try some of the cayenne pepper cheese that Morgan made.

Imagine Carl and Maggie using the Polaroid camera that the whole community shares to take pictures of everyone at the brunch. (Including Eugene’s reaction to trying the cayenne pepper cheese.)

Imagine Daryl trying to play footsie with Carol under the table but then Carl glares at him and says, “that’s my leg, man”.

Imagine Father Gabriel making a toast to everyone.

Imagine Baby Rhee playing with Maggie’s hair.

Imagine Carl and Enid helping Judy and Baby Rhee “subtly” place dandelions in Eugene’s hair and Eugene pretending not to notice.

Imagine Carol and Glenn playing peek-a-boo with Baby Rhee.

Imagine everyone cleaning the table up after brunch while Daryl holds Baby Rhee, getting the kid to laugh by making funny faces.

Imagine Carol offering to put Baby Rhee to bed that night since Glenn and Maggie are exhausted. She tries reading him multiple bedtime stories which seem to only wake him up more. Then Judy walks in and sits on Carol’s lap and after one more story, both Carol and Judy fall asleep while Baby Rhee watches them from his crib.

Shoutout to the ARMYs who are there for our boys.

Shoutout to the ARMYs who don’t bash every idol that interacts with our boys.

Shoutout to the ARMYs who don’t start shit just because.

Shoutout to the ARMYs who don’t comment on random videos online like “OMG BTS BROUGHT ME HERE!!!1!1” or “HAHAHA JIMIN CAN MAKE THIS AND FINALLY GET JAMS”

Shoutout to the ARMYs who support the boys no matter what.

Shoutout to the ARMYs who don’t defend BTS for EVERY SINGLE thing because maybe the boys were a little wrong.

Shoutout to the ARMYs who do defend BTS at the right times… RESPECTFULLY.

Shoutout to the ARMYs who are respectful to other idols when they are performing. You don’t need to wear BTS merch to a B.A.P concert…

Shoutout to the ARMYs who apologize when they do something wrong

Shoutout to the ARMYs who realize that the members of BTS are people, not just music makers and abs and blonde hair

Shoutout to the ARMYs who would never think of hurting the boys and this fandom by being little shits

Shoutout to the ARMYs who genuinely know that our boys aren’t perfect and WILL make mistakes at some point

Because those are the ARMYs that should get recognized…. Not the ones who bash other groups or wear BTS merch to another concert or accused other groups of copying…. Just because BTS is getting more famous now doesn’t mean our fandom should become one of the bad fandoms like it is becoming. We are all good people inside, so why not reflect that with how we support our bias groups? If you start a small flame with one hateful comment, it’s going to grow into a forest fire and destroy this fandom in the eyes of others. We used to be one of the better fandoms… What happened?

Please just be mindful of other groups, they work just as hard as BTS and deserve their own love from their fans, why ruin that for them? How do you feel when BTS is being bashed? Why do that to someone else? Thank you.

anonymous asked:

What do you think about Caryl in season 7?!?! Any ideas to how they will come together again?! Thanks!!!

Anon, my lovely anon. I am going to assume you are my wee pal who sends me anons regularly asking for some Caryl feels. I am so sorry I have let them all go by unanswered. A combination of real life blechness, mixed with my current feelings about TWD (largely ragey) have meant I just haven’t been in a place to give forth. But you know what? I’m gonna be like Carol and i’m gonna TRY! :D

Let’s say right off that the filming spoilers are so far, not exactly thrilling. However, I am going to take a certain tack which may seem utterly foolish in the face of what we know of this show, and I’m going to try LOGIC!

So, let’s look at this logically:

1) Although by and large it felt and looked like TPTB were trying to make us forget Daryl and Carol even had a friendship, let alone a potential romance, last season - there are still aspects that make me suspect that was NOT their intent.

Firstly we have the Cherokee Rose in ep6 (i was annoyed by s6 so much I haven’t memorized all the ep titles) that was put by there by Gimple himself. HE made sure it happened (when it had bugger all to do with the episode), and Norman made sure we were aware it was a Daryl & Carol thing and to look out for it. You would NOT do that if you wanted people to forget Daryl and Carol’s connection. It has NO other purpose other than a reminder of the Caryl Connection. Were it something that the SFX crew just threw in for fun, then it could be written off. But it was GIMPLE’S instruction, so he was making a point.

Then, of course, we have Same Boat. TPTB, and specially Angela Kang - the writer of the episode (I still can’t get over that she wrote this practically flawless episode)  - could have had anyone be the one to comfort Carol when she and Maggie were found. It could have been Rick - after all she had had much more contact with him this season, Rick felt responsible for them getting into that situation, and he was leading the rescue. It wouldn’t have been out of place for Rick to hug Carol, he’s done it before.

Yet, it was Daryl they chose - when Daryl and Carol hadn’t interacted for an entire season - to be the one to take her aside, comfort her and care about her well-being. And on top of this, parallel it with Glenn going to Maggie and taking care of her.

So, no matter what else happened in s6, it seems to me Gimple wanted to make sure we remembered Daryl and Carol’s connection - even when it wasn’t being played out on screen.

2) The parallels. Let us praise the parallels. Melissa herself mentioned them in her LA Times interview. At the end of s6, we are left with 2 people who feel that the only way to deal with their problems is alone, away from everyone else, and both feel they have no one to turn to (or rather they CAN’T turn to anyone) with their issues. Both were shot. Both are struggling with guilt. Both feel they have let others down.

The writers have written them both down and down until they are both at their lowest point, even before Negan strikes (when no doubt everyone in Team Family will be at their lowest point). There must be a correlation there.

The next part deals with FILMING SPOILERS so don’t read on if you don’t want to know…

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C3HK 2016 Kiramune Special Stage - Kakihara Tetsuya and Okamoto Nobuhiko in Hong Kong! (a report in bullet points)

This year is the first year I’ve gone to C3HK! I thought I’d write a bit about it to share and also for posterity (or just for myself so I won’t forget). For those of you who don’t know, it’s a convention that’s held in Hong Kong and apparently the three C’s stand for characters x culture x contents - I neeeever would’ve guessed (I thought it was comics x cosplay x something else, lol). This year, they had a REALLY IMPRESSIVE GUEST LIST I HAVE NO IDEA HOW OR HOW LUCKY I WAS TO GO THIS YEAR (so much better than HK’s other major convention ACG). Out of all the talks today (Feb 20), this was the one I was most interested in, although I did stick around for a bit of the one after it - four seiyuu from THE IDOLM@STER (Asakura Azumi, Hara Yumi, Igarashi Hiromi, Matsuzaki Rei) were also there. I didn’t stick around for too long though, since there were like 10x as many fans and they were INTENSE.

I’ll be calling them Kakki and Nobu since I don’t want to type their full names. I’ve actually forgotten some of the details since photos/videos/recordings weren’t allowed, and I was too self-conscious to take notes, although I swear I will tomorrow (let people judge all they want; I like to play journalist sometimes) because now I kind of regret it. That’s why some of the things below might seem kind of random/not be in the right order - they’re just taken from the scattershot notes I made after leaving the convention. Since this is a Hong Kong event, everything was in either Cantonese or Japanese - the MC did the translating into Cantonese, and I picked up on a few of the things they said in Japanese as well.

Oh, and also tbh I’m not really that well-versed in all things Kiramune (TO MY ETERNAL SHAME), so a lot of the references they made to previous events and such aren’t necessarily accurate in this report.

OKAY I’LL ACTUALLY GET TO THE POINT NOW. (Warning: there’s a lot of excessive and obnoxious giddiness/caps. Apologies if this makes you want to slap me several dozen times~)

(Edit: Mobile Suit Gundam Special Stage and Daiya Special Stage are up~)

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So bethgreenewarriorprincess found out that TWD’s official Twitter just posted Abraham’s walker poster (X). It’s another Beth-walker you guys! This brings the total number of characters up to 4!!! (Morgan, Sasha, Aaron X) This walker is everywhere! It even appeared for an AMC prize giveaway promotion (X). As Christy pointed out, Abraham is facing it. (Also it looks like he’s in a cell of sorts - the wall appears to be concrete). Abraham and Sasha appeared to be on a mission in the promo clip for the premiere (X), and she was the who scratched him while fighting walkers in 5x10. He was drinking in that episode and also appeared to be having mental/emotion problems in Alexandria. Besides Eugene, he is the heart of the DC mission, and Beth found the DC spoon. They must be connected. Also, Christy’s meta on the Grady clocks (X) points out easter eggs for volume 10 of the comics. In the comics, Maggie attempts suicide and is believed to be dead, and Abe wants to put her down. Glenn tries to protect Maggie and Rick won’t let Abe. Maggie is then revealed alive. Christy theorized that this was reinvented for what happened to Beth: She was beginning to wake up and while they were arguing over what to do, the herd came, forcing them to leave her behind. Abe is a soldier, very mission-oriented, and was willing to sacrifice his own group members to get Eugene to DC. He probably would support leaving Beth in the car to save the whole group. But that also wouldn’t erase any guilt - he knew Maggie and Glenn, especially Glenn, fairly well and had to see that grief all over again.

Edited (9/25/15) to add:

I was on TWD’s Twitter looking for another walking dead poster when I saw Abraham’s Alexandria season 6 poster (X):

Interestingly enough it shows him outside the walls, and his latest poster has the caption, “The battle comes to the gates.” It reminds me of how Beth is currently outside the walls, as weapon13whitefang talked about in this meta (X). And look what’s directly behind Abraham. A green car. Then, the walker closest to him is blonde, as kjs12345 pointed on GE.

I removed the shadows in the picture, and it’s definitely blonde and appears to be wearing a sweater/cardigan of some kind. Abe was involved in what happened to Beth’s body. She’s his most recent demon.

We never got an R.I.P. for Beth because she hasn’t rested in peace since Daryl carried her out to Maggie. Our wolf has been fucking everywhere and come season 6 she’ll finally, finally, be on our screens again.


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