will be the first to get shot during hunting season

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I think it's only fair that Pidge gets a shot at fighting Lotor, too, since Allura was the first one among the Paladins to land a hit on Lotor during "The Hunted" episode. Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to see Lotor fight Shiro and Keith, but COME ON, PEOPLE. Let's mixed things up a little and have Pidge face him, too! They have the same level of intelligence, according to their stats, right? And Pidge's fighting style is very adaptable, too. It'll make one hell of an epic fight.


LOL but seriously anyone else notice Pidge never seems to be in a lot of danger? Peaceful Canoe ride feat Handsome Guy, Handsome Guy + Lions shielding her from Dangerous Box Falling From Sky, Conveniently away while Bat Alien invades (taking out all his robots and killing his one toadie, Saving Everyone), Floating nicely with Great Guy while everyone else gets tortured by Haunted Castle, Hacking Away From Computer Room with Great Guy and Funny Guy, Thrown into Space Junkyard and at the mercy of Fuzzies (Saving Everyone), Dragged Along for a Fun Ride by Nice Galra Number 1, Shot Down From Sky BUT Immediately Healed by Nice Aliens (Saves Team), Buys A Game and gets a Cow,  Away from Nice Galra Assassins, Cable Breaks Off in Space BUT Handsome Guy Catches Her and she Leads The Mission, Not Attacked By Lotor, Not Attacked by Lotor Part 2 and Chilling With Great Guy, Away from Aim of Fire By Not Handsome Guy (Unmasks him and stops the fight), and Shielded by Entire Team While Hacking. 

Lotor would make a great addition to her arc because honestly I’m tired of her convenient luck an I wanna see drama.  

Master List!

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Author’s note. Wow. I did not realize I had this many! Let me know if this has any kinks or anything and I’ll fix it.  

Hell on Earth series. 

Dean x Reader - riff on The End episode

Welcome to hell on earth

Blast from the past

Uncontrollable Reaction

Seeing Double

Times are changing

MatchMaker series. 

Dean x Supernatural!Reader- Imagine meeting Dean on a match making app.


Wish you were here.

Late Night confessions.

I solemnly swear.

Start Over series.

Dean x Reader- Your life gets turned upside down when the supernatural crashes into it.

Prologue. Light me fire.

Cold As Ice.

One step at a time.

My New World Order.

In Good Time.

Waking to smoke and clearing the air.

Focal Point series. 

Dean x Supernatural!Reader- Crowley gets you to leave Dean and then you get amnesia when you start looking into why.

Focal Point

Whisper in the Dark.

Ghosts inside my head.

Visions of his face.

The person you want me to be.


Nightmares and memories.


More than words.

Bad Moon Arising.

Finding home

Don’t You Worry Child Series.

Supernatural!Reader x (eventual) Dean/ Supernatural!Reader x Bobby (Father-ish) - Bobby takes you in after a demon kills your parents

Heaven has a plan for you.

We were so young.

Across a blue lake.

I thought I’d never lose her.

A girl of a different kind.

I still hear the songs.

Don’t you worry.

I still remember how it all changed.

Now the memory’s on the wall

In a happy home

Upon a hill

 I hear the sounds

There was a time

No place like hell Series

Dean x Reader   - Imagine meeting Dean in hell

No place like hell

I’m Sorry

If I should Die before I wake

Who is in control?


Couldn’t be helped-Songfic: Can’t help falling in love, Ingrid Michaelson


Imagine Dean coming to save you only to find you don’t need saving.

Imagine Dean catching you singing while working out.

Imagine knowing you could call the boys at anytime, day or night.

Imagine Dean “just dealing” with your love of current music.

Imagine Dean finding out you have a stalker.

Imagine Dean took your shot on a hunt and your anger got the best of you. 

Imagine Dean and Sam finding out they might have a daughter.

Imagine working a case at a carnival and getting more than you bargained for.

Imagine Dean going to ridiculous lengths to make you laugh.

Imagine the guys walking in on you and Charlie playing some Halloween games.

Imagine you were a secret Dean kept from Sam during the first three seasons but before his time was up, he let Sam in.

Imagine falling in love with Dean only to wake up one morning to find out it was all just a dream.

Imagine bumping into the last two people you never thought you’d see again, your long lost brothers.

Imagine being the reaper who has to take Dean in the end.


Anger Management.

Dean took your shot Imagine-

Part Two- What a difference a few hours make.

Part Three- Something evil lurks within!

Halloween Games

Imagine the guys walking in on you and Charlie playing some Halloween games.

Part Two-   Halloween Games.

Part Three- Halloween Games 2

Part Four-  Halloween Games 3

Christmas Series Halloween Games spin off?

First taste of winter  

Christmas Nazi

Silent Night


Couldn’t be helped-Songfic: Can’t help falling in love, Ingrid Michaelson 


Demon Slayer. Sam x Reader- insecure about weight.

Terminal. Dean x Terminally ill Reader.

Awesomeness all around. Dean x Reader- Dean spills his feelings in a bar.

Never Happen  Dean x reader - in a relationship nervous to tell bobby, Sam

One Winter Night Dean x reader, Dean POV, stuck in a house gotta keep warm

Everyday is a struggle Dean x Anxiety!reader - Dean takes you to a party

One Week Writer’s Challenge 

You can’t run from the past

I am thankful

The good, the bad, and the cautionary

What’s so bad about that?

Netflix and chill