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 Mishi Mizuchi

Thank you so much to @amberharrisart for this completely stunning and far beyond my wildest imaginings, painting of my character. I gave you a few pictures and a little blurb about her, and you have brought her to life. Completely amazed and awestruck. For my first commission ever, you made it so easy and enjoyable! With this result, I’ll be throwing more money at you!! Thank you so much!! Truly amazing. 


Okay so tonight when I went to NXT, I decided to go all out on my Hype Bros gear because Zack was finally gonna be at a show I’m at. So I asked them on Twitter if they were gonna be there before I put everything on just in case & Mojo tweeted me and said “you know it!! See you soon?” So I replied with a pic of my outfit (first pic).
They came out for a triple threat tag team match and they didn’t see me at all before or during the match bc I was being blocked by one of the teams standing in their corner. Finally they won the match & they’re celebrating in the ring & I was worried they wouldn’t see me & just leave bc Zack was selling a knee injury. Right when I lost hope, Mojo scanned the crowd & saw me. He turned Zack to face me & they both pointed at me (second pic).
So Mojo comes over to me & goes “you want a sweaty hug?!” So of course I was like “yeah!” (Third pic).
Then he noticed my mom taking pics & was like “you want a picture?!” so Zack came over & we took this lovely pic😍 (fourth).
Then Zack high-fives me & Mojo decides to take my mom’s phone & (tried) to take selfies but they were blurry bc he was jumping around😂 (last three pics).
Then he was like “how about a video?!” So he took a video with me & handed me the phone back and I burst into tears😭
After all that, Zack saw the pic of my outfit on Twitter and said “perfection” and then when I started tweeting most of the pics, he said he was gonna steal the pic of the 3 of us but he ended up just reposting it on Instagram🙈
It took almost 5 years to meet my favorite, but it was sure as hell worth the wait. Don’t Los whole guys, you’ll meet your fav one day☺️

Does anyone ever daydream about a fandom but you warp the characters so far from canon that they’re basically your own and you have so many aus you barely remember what happened in the canon material anymore and anytime you are talking with anyone about that fandom and say you love x character and they say “oh my gosh, me too!”, but you’re painfully and uncomfortably aware that you don’t love the same character because you have your own version that no one else will ever see or get

So, Tumblr thought it would be cool to eat my birthday post to my lovely friend and dark counterpart @optomisticgirl….which is actually super NOT cool. Anyway, I’m posting this a little late, but here it is! Happy day of birth, my Aries partner-in-crime! You are a lady, a scholar, and a wonderful human being.

A little classic literature and verbose Killian smut :) M-rated for certain.

“Well, that’s a long face if I’ve ever seen one,” Granny announced, leaning over the counter to snatch the empty hot chocolate mug. “What’s got you down, Sheriff?”

Lifting her frustrated eyes from the leatherbound book she’d borrowed from the library at Belle’s insistence, Emma attempted a casual smile before addressing the inquiry of the woman who owned the place. It was a rather half assed try, but what was the point in pretending all was well when it certainly was not? They’d been chasing their tails for days over how to put a stop to the Evil Queen’s most recent reign of terror, galavanting through a handful of untold stories until they landed on an author who was dreadfully familiar and the answer to all their problems - according to an odd inkling Henry had while thumbing through a newly discovered version of the storybook. If she’d known sending him with Killian to the author’s abandoned mansion in search of an alternate text would amount to her reading not one but four Shakespeare books - well, she definitely would have thought twice about needing more information.

The whole idea was starting to feel like ‘much ado about nothing’ - pun very much intended.

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As a sex worker, it's getting a little annoying how other sex workers seem to distance themselves from people who are in fact forced into the sex trade. It's actually really gross how other SWers will be like "Forced? Who, me?! NO" rather than acknowledging the fact that it's far more nuanced and complex than that. Idk, for someone who's been trafficked/forced it feels like an insult as in "I'm not one of THOSE people!"

yeah, there’s a huge lack of nuance in the convo that is really frustrating and stems from respectability politics, white supremacy, a poor grasp of history and economics, and idk just being stupid.

like I’m reading jacq’s book and it’s frequently funny as her cartoons often are but again she makes the white feminist sex worker mistake of drawing a thick line between “empowered” western workers" and those poor lil trafficked people and it’s so completely BEYOND not like that. it’s so MUCH more complicated than that!

idk i have a ton of posts about this but i guess i’ll say it again fast:

you can BE a willing sex worker and be trafficked also (women who go to work and don’t realise that their papers and money will be taken and the work will be removed from their control)
you can have a loved one who you think loves you and it turns into an abusive relationship where they’re coercing and exploiting you
you can want to do one kind of sex work and be forced into another
you can not want to do sex work at all and find out you were tricked

and there’s more, there are as many kinds of sexual labour exploitation as there are labour exploitation and maybe it’s the word “trafficking” that gets people confused but like, i would consider the situation I was in to be one of mild debt bondage. i could have walked away from my job but as long as i WANTED to work at the only club in town to offer a good ROI, the whole club plan was to keep ripping us off and exploiting us and taking our money in every way they could devise, including taking advantage of addicts to take even more of their money.

and when I worked for the russian club owner, he sent young girls to LA to be “porn stars” only they were raped and not paid and not given tickets back. so like elle who talks about how great portland strippers have it and trafficking happens to poor brown women and children–no. the industry is set up to exploit people and it’s not a coincidence that it’s populated mostly by marginalised people with generally low access to education who are afraid of asserting their rights: we are easy to take advantage of!

idk if this is what you were looking for or not, sorry. but you’re right, it’s nonsense and it’s damaging short sighted western saviour nonsense.


nothing about this is sign is the same,
they are not violent,
but they are wrathful and protective,
you have gained a loyal guardian when you love them.


hard-headed but not hard-hearted,
they’ll kiss your wounds,
give you compromises when they love you,
they are the pillow for you to rest on.


they are graceful when they love,
trying to hide themselves away,
when they love you,
they will give you every bit of them.


a nurturer at heart,
they keep you wrapped in soft silks and warm blankets,
this is someone who will take care of you,
no matter what you do.  


In love they are aggressive,
they are reserved,
a walking contradiction,
who loves loving you.


picky picky picky,
it doesn’t matter once they settle on you,
they will devote themselves,
you would be a worthy god for their religion to be built upon.


they are quick to isolate themselves,
they will go out of their way to make sure,
that you never have to do that,
they are oh-so loyal to you.


so often confused as callous,
they do not know how to express emotion,
but they will hold you tight at night,
and fend off your monsters for you.


they are rapid and animalistic,
protective and loving,
their growls are signs of love,
rough but never hurtful.


they will work hard to make you feel secure,
make you feel loved,
this sign is emotional,
they want to preserve you and raise you up.


they have so much to give,
their potential to love completely is beyond belief,
they are the water-bearer,
but they are just as prepared to bear your weight as well.


this sign will lose themselves in you,
but let you do the same,
they can be a shelter for you,
and hide you from the world.

—  the signs in love; l.m.
Come What May

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Isak is a smart, objective boy. He can identify and name different cloud clusters. He knows how to solve quadratic equations, even though they’re not supposed to learn it until next year. And he knows that Even loves him. But. Still. He can’t help that little thought, that insecurity from niggling in the back of his mind. That face that he’s seen before. Seeing again. The previous man of my life. And now he’s back. Sana knows him, and he’s wondering what that means. For them. For him.

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Hi can you do a reaction where seventeen find out that you're hearing impaired and they are really supportive and nice about it? (I'm hearing impaired almost to the point where I need hearing aids and it's kinda embarrassing when people find out😕) ps. I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO SO MUCH💕💕

I’m so sorry to hear that people make it embarrassing for you! One of our close school friends is hearing impaired and needs hearing aids too, so we see a little of that in how some people treat him. Of course the boys would be amazing about it! We’re happy to write it for you!


  • the idea that anyone would treat you with anything other than respect baffles him and he makes sure to ask you plenty of calm and sincere questions so he can understand your situation completely (when/how did your condition begin, how severe is it, what can he do to help?) as well as telling you it would never affect his opinion of you
  • ready to fight anyone who makes it weird from then on! you gotta hold him back a bit


  • eyes widen as he worries that he’s been speaking too fast and jumbled this whole time, which makes him speak even faster and more jumbled, so you have to tell him it’s okay
  • definitely reaches up, brushes some hair back, so he can see your hearing aids, and then kisses the spot below your ear and says “thank you hearing aids for helping my sweetheart.” the dork! 


  • probably a little shy because he’s worried about saying the wrong thing and doesn’t have much experience about it, but he shines with sincerity
  • makes sure he hasn’t been speaking too soft for you because he knows his voice is quiet and tells you that he adores you so much and would do anything to make things easier for you


  • very interested and willing to listen to what you explain to him about it, and if he catches even the slightest hint of insecurity he says in a very obviously passionate voice that he loves you and you deserve to be comfortable
  • probably likes to make a little joke like “at least you can see my beautiful face and you aren’t missing out on that!” once he knows you’re comfortable with it


  • this kid is like “OH !!! It’s…. helpful for you when I speak up? I was always worried i was being annoying by being too loud all the time? We really are a perfect match, babe!”
  • gets surprisingly serious whenever the issue comes up around others and will hold tight to your hand and stop anyone from making you feel bad whenever he can


  • listens in quiet seriousness as you spill your insecurity and can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t be nice about it: “but you deserve their respect? you shouldn’t have to feel bad because of it!”
  • reads everything he can find online to better understand your condition and how it might affect your life


  • very respectful and very understanding!!! he also speaks nice and clear and steady already so he’ll do pretty well talking to you
  • gets very sweet about sharing music with you from that point on. like develops the perfect environment and volume balance and everything for you to be able to hear the intricacies of a music


  • he’s so innocent he maybe wouldn’t understand 100% what you mean when you tell him, but he’s so willing to learn! so tell him all about it and he’ll absorb every detail and do his best from then on to make your life easier!
  • has the best exaggerated hand gestures when he wants to talk across the room, like you get really good at silent communication  


  • so offended that anyone made you feel embarrassed about it and firmly lets you know that he ADORES you. would shout it from the rooftops if necessary!
  • probably says something really cheesy like “i knew you couldn’t be physically perfect in every way. it was getting a little unnerving.” 


  • big eyes and sweet face as he listens to you spill your insecurity and he tells you in a very firm way that it doesn’t matter to him at all and he’ll do anything he can to make it easier
  • this fashionable guy is very interesting in hearing aids! wants to decorate them! wants them to match his earrings! makes it a cool fashion statement that has you laughing fondly


  • blushes a little, worrying he’s been talking too fast and made things hard, and asks a lot of questions to make sure he makes things easy for you in the future
  • starts bragging about how great you are even more loudly when you’re all hanging out with the boys, and you realize he’s been doing it THIS WHOLE TIME… how embarrassing!!! but also very sweet


  • “it’s just one of the many things that makes you unique and i love every part of you already, so of course i love this! don’t listen to what anyone else says. they all have their own insecurities anyway!”
  •  probably doesn’t think about it much at all beyond that because he accepts it so completely 


  • “oooh,” he says, clearly taking this moment very seriously “Y/N, I love you, please never be embarrassed to tell me such important things”
  • would love to help you out whenever he can! carrying extra hearing aid batteries in a container in his pocket so you don’t lose them! speaking up for you in shops etc when you need it! educating people on hearing impairment!!!  

If anyone is looking for gross blogs to add to their block-list, can I recommend this one?

Don’t send them asks telling them they’re gross, it’ll just make them feel important, just block them and move on with your day. Blogs like this one get their jollies from reblogging our posts and adding nasty comments and they love getting attention, so if everyone blocks them and then completely ignores them beyond that, it cuts off their entire source of fun.

Don’t forget to report them for harassment first - they’re using a personal picture of a group of Larries as their header.


help help help

I am, my car is broken. It won’t start. So we jumped it, and it won’t start. And we towed it, and it started magically. Wow! Amazing! It’s a Miracle! Gave it more juice, drove it all over, turning it on and off, and when I get ready to go to work

it won’t start

my boss is like 346809358093 pissed and I am like I’m so sorry this is completely beyond my control

and I’m towing it -again- and whatever just replace the whole inside, just make it go please, i don’t even care

but i’d like to not lose my job if at all possible thank you so help, if you can pray for me, please

My flower-child, finally complete with her custom flower crown. I am so beyond pleased with this. It took me all day, but so completely worth it. I will probably periodically reblog this because I love her and this turned out exceptionally well.

English Ivy:  A testimony to the long-lasting connections and bonds we form that last over the years. Ivy is incredibly durable and has the ability to bind together those who might otherwise remain apart. Determination, change, and patience.

Blackberry Bramble: Protection against malevolent spirits, food of the faeries, curative properties.

Queen Anne’s Lace: Sanctuary, dream catching, and spiritual clarity.


you stayed up waitin’, anticipatin’, and pacin’
but I was, chasing paper
caught up in the game

So Tuesday I attempted to start couch to 5k. If you’re unfamiliar with it, you do a 5-minute walk warm up, then jog/run for 1 minute, walk for 1.5 minutes and you repeat that 8 times until your 5 minute cool down. On Tuesday, I was only able to run 3 times and then I quit the app and just essentially power walked walked the rest of my half hour (still a great work out, though!)

Yesterday I decided to attempt it again, and much to my own surprise I did the complete half hour, running all 8 times. I’m so beyond proud of myself!