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Daddy trying to leave :'{{
  • Daddy: Okay Princess, I gotta go now. Come give me a hug and kiss before I go.
  • Little: Okay Daddy.
  • *Walks over and wraps her arms round him to receive kisses and hugs*
  • Daddy: Okay, I love you and i'll see ya soon. Okay?
  • Little: Okay daddy *nods*
  • Daddy: *Tries to move back to get his backpack* You're gunna need to let me go.
  • Little: *still holding onto him* Okay daddy...
  • Daddy: *attempts to move again* ...princess..?
  • Little: I'm just gunna miss you is all.
  • Daddy: *Looks at her and cuddles tightly* I know and i'll miss you too. *Gives her loads of kisses*
You should be here

A/N: Inspired by the song “You Should be Here” by Cole Swindell. This is a feels smack. In this story Dean took Amara down with the spirit bomb they made, leaving Sam to raise Dean’s young daughter.

Listen to it here (play the song if you really wanna bawl while reading this)

Sam x Niece!Reader   Dean x Daughter!Reader

Sam felt his strong facade begin to crumble as he watched Dean say his goodbyes to you. At only four years old you didn’t fully understand what was going on but you got the jist of it, your dad was going away and wouldn’t be coming back.

Which was breaking your heart.

Tears were pouring down your face as you clung to Dean begging him not to leave you. Sam looked at Dean and could tell Dean was about to lose it as he held onto you tighter. His face was buried in your hair, breathing in your scent, memorizing you because who knew where his soul would go after he destroyed Amara.

Glancing up at his brother, Dean realized it was time for him to leave. “Go with your uncle Y/N. Sammy’s gonna take care of you.” Dean said while trying to get free of your grip.

“No Daddy.” You cried, digging your hands into his shirt, “Please don’t leave me.”

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4 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as blood, drugs and guns.

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Got7 Reactions to you going down on them for the first time


Mark may be quiet, but he’s kinky as fuck. He loves it when you give him a blow job. He loves 69, so it’s a give and take. He’s into deepthroating and goes crazy on you sucking his balls. He would softly moan your name while stroking your back. After he released he kisses you softly and ask for another round.


He’s very dominant and I think as soon as he realises what you attempt to do, he would pull your hair together and forcefully thrust into your mouth. He would put you down to the bed and just face fuck you, since he loves seeing you in a submissive position. His thrust would be so hard, that you start gagging and tears run down your face. As he releases inside your mouth he would be all soft again, rubbing the taers off of your face and apologize “Babe, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t control myself when you look at me with those eyes and your lips around my cock.”


He likes it but is more into going down on you. He would let you do your thing, no forcing, no hard thrusting, no gagging. He is more on the soft side, but still kinda cocky. He’ll say naughty things to you but also praise you the whole time “My Babygirl sucks my dick so good. You’re working so hard just for me.”. He just loves everything you do to him.


He will be very dominant, just like JB. But he would command you all the time and tell you what to do and what not to do. “Suck it harder.”…”Go all the way down.”…”Suck my balls” When you let go for a few seconds to have a little break and catch some breath you hear him “I didn’t tell you to stop. Take him back into your mouth until I tell you to stop.”


I feel like he would by kinda shy first and giggling most of the time. But as you moved your head up and down and started sucking hard on his dick he’d be laying back in his chair and closing his eyes. He’d be a moaning mess, stroking your hair and be thankful for having you.


He will be so into it and thrust into mouth harshly. Maybe even a little to hard. But he just loves being all in your mouth and seeing your lips aroung his length. His hips will work hard and fast, but he will always make sure, you like what he does. Prepare yourself for some gagging.

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Just like Youngjae he would be shy at first. When you grab his package and got down on your knees to unbelt his skinny jeans, he will tell you “You don’t have to do this, Babe”. As his jeans were down, you couldn’t help but stare at his bulge. He may told you, that you don’t have to do this but just by looking at his dick popping out of his underwear you could tell that he wanted nothing more. And so do you. As you put his dick into your mouth he threw his head back but then looked down at you and gave you the most seductive look you’ve ever seen and moan “Thanks, Jagi. I’ll pay you back”” as he tuck your hair out of your face behind your ear.

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I don’t own any of the gifs used.

Fine Amnesty

Check, Please! 14 Days of Love, Day 1: FOOIINNE  (Read on AO3)


“Oh my, Jack, you should have seen it,” Bitty said. “I swear they were counting down to the very second.” He held his phone against his ear with his shoulder and took the pie crust from the fridge where it had been chilling. “As soon as it hit midnight, Chowder and Caitlin were all over each other, kissing like nobody’s business. I haven’t seen such a display since, goodness, last Winter Screw. Only with less alcohol involved.”

Bitty laughed. “Yes, Lardo had the score cards all ready to go. Perfect 10s from everyone but Holster, but I think that was because,” Bitty stopped, looked around, then whispered, “Ransom and March were cuddling and being cute on the couch right next to him.

“Hmm, what else? Oh! Nursey and Dex were holding hands all day. Dex’s face was all pink and he was glaring something fierce, but that boy would not let go of Nursey’s hand for love nor money. Nursey was just as pleased as punch. He forgot all about being ‘chill’ for almost a whole hour.”

Holster walked into the kitchen carrying a cellophane-wrapped basket. “Special delivery,” he sang. “From your sugar daddy, Bitty.”

“You hush, Holster. Sweetheart, you didn’t have to send me anything. You know I’m coming up this weekend.” Bitty unwrapped the basket and began to take out the contents. “Apples… is this a fruit basket? Butter, flour… Jack Zimmerman, did you send me a pie baking basket?”

Holster groaned. “Here we go.”

Bitty looked Holster dead in the eye and said into his phone, “Jack honey, you are the sweetest, most thoughtful, loveliest boyfriend I could hope for. I wish you were here with me right now so I could give you a big ol’ kiss. Thank you so much.”

Holster shook his head and turned to leave.

Bitty raised his voice. “And I wish your butt was here, too, so I could give it a big ol’ squeeze.”

“Enjoy this while you can,” Holster said from the hallway. “The Valentine’s Day fine amnesty ends in a few hours, and tomorrow it’s double fines for all PDA and pet names so we can snap up all that sweet discount chocolate. Tell Jack to send his wallet; we both know you won’t be able to knock it off with the pet names and I need to stock up on Reese’s peanut butter hearts.”

“Oh, ha ha. We aren’t that bad,” Bitty called after him. “And you hush too, Mr. Zimmermann.” He sighed. “I really do wish you were here. I sure am looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

“Well, you know if it was up to me, we’d talk for hours, but if you have to go… Anyway, I was in the middle of baking a pie before I got all distracted, so I’ll let you go. See you soon, honey. Love you, good bye.”

Bitty hung up his phone and got back to work on his pie. He was just pulling it out of the oven when there a knock on the front door. Someone answered it and there was a round of enthusiastic greetings – obviously somebody they knew. He didn’t think anything more of it until someone stepped through the kitchen door.

“Hey, Bits.”

Bitty spun around. “Jack? What on earth?”

Jack walked over to him and took him in his arms. “It’s Valentine’s Day. I wanted to see you.”

Bitty pulled him down into a deep kiss. “I’m so happy to see you sweetheart, but you didn’t have to come all this way. I mean, with your schedule… And you sent me that adorable basket…”

“I didn’t want to miss fine amnesty,” Jack said and Bitty had to kiss him again.

sadistic-tuba-junker  asked:

Hey I got an art question for you. How did you learn to draw so many different animals. What did you do to learn the anatomy because I find it difficult. If you don't mind could you do a quick tutorial or just an explanation would be cool too

The only advice I can give is to look at lots of animals, and pictures of animals, and anatomical references. Drawing is 90% looking. If I make big stupid mistakes (like I do often), its because I wasn’t looking hard enough. 

As for the Patented Nicolaswildes Method:

-When you caricature an animal, accentuate the details that make it special. If your species has little eyes on the sides of its head and a big forehead, it doesn’t help to draw it with big eyes and a little forehead. That just makes it look less like what it’s supposed to be.

-On the topic of differentiating between species that might look similar on a first glance: look for the tiny differences and exaggerate them, HARD. Foxes and wolves might look similar to each other as canids, but fox maws are seen as pointier and wolves as smoother- for a reason. Fox nose is upturned following the bump. Wolf nose rounds downwards following the bump. When you exaggerate the pointiness of a fox nose, ears and muzzle, then he won’t look like a small wolf.

-When I say look at animals, I mean REALLY LOOK. You’ll start seeing the shapes and lines that will go into creating the caricature of that animal. Soon you’re seeing even bigger, simpler shapes and gesture lines- all that good design stuff. LOOK LOOK LOOK.

-Don’t push too much for a perfect replica- while anatomy is important, it’s also important that everything looks harmonious together. If you need to simplify or cut shapes to get the personality you want, that’s okay. As long as you get the basic shapes in, a more simplified design can work.

Break-Up Novella.



The first part to this novella received such incredible feedback and a generous amount of notes; I am honestly so thrilled that people enjoyed the first section of it. I really am. You guys are absolutely amazing and I love you. I know I suck when it comes to writing angsty, fight/argument scenes so I’m really glad you all enjoyed it and took time to read it. 

This chapter - and probably part 4, as well - is a filler section. Not as lengthy, not as long, not as detailed. I think I underestimated some things in this series and probably could have squeezed it into three sections… Haha.

Enjoy! x

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Against The Ropes

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Boxing au)

Warnings: Fights, injuries, blood, violence, anger, mentions of past abuse, swearing, angst 

Word Count: 2983 (Sorry not sorry)

Summary: You go on your fifth date with Bucky and it isn’t at all what you’re expecting. 

A/N: I have a real thing for boxing au’s at the moment and I loved this idea so so much. I couldn’t wait to show you guys and I really hope you love it. As always, feedback is welcome! 

Ps. I honestly have nothing against Sam ! I love him, I do but for the purpose of this fic he is an asshole…

This wasn’t what you’d been imagining for your Fifth date.

If it was any other guy you’d probably be out at a restaurant, making small talk across the table while you tried to gauge whether or not you actually liked this guy and whether or not you might be going home with him. The both of you would probably do a little nervous flirting, glancing up at each other while you think the other isn’t paying attention; you’d ask him questions about what it was he did for a living, whether or not he enjoyed it, blah blah blah. You’d done the dating routine a couple of times now and knew what to expect from it.

But Bucky Barnes was as different from every other man you’d gone on a date with as an apple was from an orange. He’d kept you guessing on every date you’d gone on so far; you never knew what he was planning or where he was going to take you. But if someone had of told you that for your Fifth date you’d be on the sidelines of a boxing ring, watching him and another shirtless, sweaty man dance around each other while dodging punches you probably would have laughed in their face.

The crowd around you gasps and you feel your stomach lurch, mentally feeling the punch Bucky just took to his right cheek. There’s blood splattered across his face, oozing from a cut above his eyebrow and you can’t help but think he looks like a mess. He’s still on his feet though, determined to keep this fight going, apparently even if it lands him in a hospital bed.
“You don’t need to worry,” Bucky’s friend Steve speaks up from next to you, noticing the concerned expression on your face. “I’ve seen him win in worse conditions than these.”

You try to smile back at him, grateful for him trying to ease your mind but you know he can probably see right through it. Your mind is completely focused on the fact that Bucky is receiving just as many punches as he’s dealing out. At this point you aren’t even worried if he wins or loses, you’re just hoping your next date doesn’t happen in the ICU.
“Is it almost over?” You ask Steve. You’d never seen a boxing match until tonight and you’re not too sure what the ins and outs of the rule book were.
“Yeah, there’s only one more round after this one, if neither of them go down that is,” Steve answers just as the crowd simultaneously gasps. 

You glance quickly back towards the ring as Steve shouts out, having missed what happened but gathering it was good for Bucky as his opponent sways on his feet, blood dripping from his nose. The man, you’re sure Steve said his name was Wilson shakes his head, wiping away the blood with the back of his arm before charging back to the center of the ring. Before his punch can swing home however the bell goes off and the referee is suddenly between both men, pushing them towards their respective corners. You release the breath you’re holding as Bucky sits down on the stool, opening his mouth so one of his crew members can take out his mouth guard.

This is the closest you’ve been to him all night and you wish you were allowed up there to see him, to talk to him for a minute. Each break between rounds feels like a short tease, only making you want to be next to him more, looking after him. He’d been through quite the beating in the last half an hour and you can see the exhaustion clearly in his eyes.

It doesn’t seem like long but soon another bell chimes and the mouth guard is being pushed back into his mouth, his coach clapping him on the back as he stands up, moving back into the center of the ring. The anxiety swells in your chest and you look away, back towards Steve.
“How long has he been doing this?”
“Boxing or fighting?” Steve snorts.
“Is there a difference?” You ask, almost scared of the answer.
“Bucky’s been boxing for a little over three years now,” He explains. “But he, uh, he got into a lot of fights before that.”
“You mean he was in street fights?”
Steve sighs. “Look, his childhood wasn’t the best you know, his step dad wasn’t the nicest guy. Buck took it, he didn’t want the same thing to happen to his Mum or sister, but the whole thing kinda messed him up for ages.”

You look back towards Bucky, tracing your eyes over his face. It’s mostly clean from the blood but you can see the dark bruises already blooming over his face. It hurts your heart to imagine a younger version of him enduring the same kind of pain.
“Maybe, just uh, don’t tell him I mentioned it,” Steve says, drawing your attention back to him. “It isn’t something Buck talks about at all and I don’t really think it’s something he wants the girl he likes to hear.”

You nod, knowing that if you had that happen to you, you probably wouldn’t want to talk about it either. 

The crowd is much louder now that the end of the match is in sight, aggressively calling out each of their names, encouraging their favourite boxer to win the match. You’re watching with bated breath as they circle each other a few times, every passing moment setting you further on edge. You just want this whole thing to be over with. Despite Steve’s promises of how tough Bucky is you aren’t sure how many more times the man can get hit without collapsing. You’d like to think that he was everything Steve said he was but the truth of the matter was, he’s still human and there is only so much the body can take.

Bucky dodges a sudden punch swing, retaliating straight away with his own fists, driving the other man back against the ropes.You bite your lip anxiously as Steve cheers from next to you with the rest of the crowd. It looks like he’s finally found his groove and might just win this thing; but his opponent doesn’t go down without a fight. As Bucky swings out another punch Wilson makes his move, blocking Bucky’s hit and attacking with his own, his fist landing straight into Bucky’s ribs. Bucky drops to his knees, one gloved hand holding himself up while the other covers his newly found injury, his breathing now slightly more labored.
“Come on,” You murmur under your breath, wringing your hands together in front of you as Bucky pushes himself up slowly.

Before he can push himself off the ground though Wilson strikes with a malicious punch to the jaw. Bucky hits the mat with a thump and doesn’t try to get up again. Your eyes widen with fear as everyone in the room starts booing and cursing towards the ring, sounding genuinely offended. Bucky is still lying there and it worries you more than you’d like to admit to yourself, the fear crawling into the center of your chest and settling there like ice. His team have surrounded him along with the referee, all of them trying to get him to respond.

“Cheap shot,” Steve mutters angrily. “I hope they disqualify him for that one.”  
You look to him, hoping that he might explain to you what just happened but he’s far too caught up in his own rage to be of any information to you.

The next minute feels like an eternity to you, but a sigh of relief falls from your lips as you finally see movement from Bucky. He lays there for another few seconds before two men grab hold of his upper arms, hauling him back to his feet and keeping a strong grip on him as he falters. Another man joins the ring to help get Bucky down the stairs, all of them holding up his weight as his head lolled from side to side.

Once his disappeared you look back at the ring and see the referee talking with Sam, a few other officials joining in on the conversation. You can’t hear what they’re saying from here but Wilson looks pissed as hell, his arms crossed over his chest defiantly.
“Can we go see him?” You ask, wanting to make sure Bucky was alright.
“Yeah, hold on a minute,” Steve replies, focusing on what’s going on in the ring. 

Finally the announcement is made that Wilson was disqualified. You still aren’t sure what exactly he did wrong but frankly you could care less as long as Bucky was okay.
“Good,” Steve growls his distaste as Wilson storms off, glaring him down until he disappears the same way Bucky went not long ago. “Alright, let’s go.”  

Nobody is still in their seats so you have to jog to keep up with Steve’s fast pace, keeping your eyes on the back of his head as he weaves around people. The noise lowers the further towards the locker rooms you get and you’re happy you can actually hear yourself think clearly again. Steve takes a left around a corner and you follow suit, almost crashing into his back when he stops in front of a guarded door. The man nods at Steve, opening the door to let him pass but stops you as you go to follow.
“Who are you?”

Before you can even think of reasoning with him, Steve peeks his head back through the door, speaking up on your behalf.
“She’s good man,” He says. “She’s Buck’s girlfriend.”
“Go on in then.”

You blush hotly as you step through the door, knowing that what Steve said isn’t entirely true but loving the way it sounds anyway. Butterflies erupt in your stomach at just the thought of being his girlfriend.

Bucky’s crew come into view as you walk into the room, Steve giving them a passing greeting as he starts making his way into the second section of the room, the place the actual lockers are located.
“He wants to be alone,” One of them warn and you feel your throat thicken nervously. He’d have every right to be pissed off after what just happened and you hope you aren’t intruding by being here and that he wants to see you as much as you want to see him.
“Yeah, yeah,” Steve waves them away.
As you follow you see Bucky sitting on one of the benches, his shoulders slumped as he presses an ice pack against the side of his face. His hands have been relieved of the boxing gloves but they’re still taped, his tattered knuckles showing through. You look him over, noting the way his body still glistens with sweat, the hair he’d secured in a bun for the fight now sticking to his neck and forehead. He looks like a proper mess, but a handsome one at that.

“You look like shit,” Is the first thing Steve says. Bucky looks up and smirks.
“You should see the other guy.”
“He wasn’t happy you know.”
“That’s his own fuckin fault,” Bucky spits, wincing as he moves the ice pack.  You step towards him as he directs his attention to you. 

“Hey beautiful.”
“How are you feeling?” You ask with a sympathetic smile.
“I’ve been worse,” He replies with a grin. “Trust me.”
“Not by much,” Steve interjects with a shake of his head. “One of these days you aren’t going to walk away from it so easily.”
“Aw Stevie, don’t tell me you’d miss me.”
“You’re a prick,” He jokes while standing up,clapping a hand on Bucky’s shoulder before stepping back towards the door. “I’ll give you guys a minute.”

As soon as he’s out the door you turn back to Bucky, sighing softly. You close the distance between you, gently taking control of the ice pack against his face.
“You shouldn’t have to see me like this,” He says finally, brushing his fingertips over your hips.
“A little late for that now isn’t it?” You joke.
“Hmm,” He hums his reply, scooting closer towards you, cuddling himself against your body and accepting your affection like a sleepy toddler. You know that despite his joking nature he is hurting a whole lot more than he wants to show you.

Your free hand travels up into his hair, twisting the strands around your fingers as he lets out a contented breath, relaxing fully into your touch.
“You scared me you know,” You confess quietly, feeling the blush return to your cheeks.
“Did I?”
“I didn’t think you were going to get up, honestly.”
He smiles, taking away from the seriousness of what you are discussing. “You don’t have to worry about me doll.”

You beg to differ, resisting the urge to scoff as you opt to holding off that conversation till later. You aren’t ready for him to know how much you already care for him, despite only knowing him a few short weeks. The information Steve let slip earlier on adding to it, your chest aching as you thought about the nurturing little Bucky was denied. You’re so focused on the task of lightly scratching your nails over his scalp that when he starts to talk you jump a little.
“You’re much better company than Steve is.”
“Am I?”
”Yeah, you’re better at snuggling as well.” 
“You know Steve told the guy out there that I’m your girlfriend?”
“Well, I’d kind of like to think you already are.”
“Oh really? You sure are cocky aren’t you?”
“Well doll, you wouldn’t have just watched me get beat to a pulp if you weren’t sure about me.” 

You’re about to vocalize your agreement with that statement when a commotion outside draws your attention. It sounds like someone has forced their way into the room despite the many shouts for him to stop. You tense.
“Where is he?!” The man calls out, sounding both angry and dangerous. “Barnes!” You feel Bucky go rigid as the man rounds the corner, stopping short when he sees you both locked in an embrace. “Well isn’t this just so sweet.”

You aren’t surprised when Bucky retracts his arm from around your waist, sitting himself up straight as he hardens his expression. He doesn’t look away from where Sam Wilson is fuming but he addresses you softly.
“Y/n, why don’t you go find Steve alright?”
You know he’s only asking so you aren’t in the middle of the confrontation in case Sam tries anything, but you don’t move either way, not wanting to leave the two of them alone..
“Yeah babe, why don’t you go find him” Sam mocks, clearly enjoying himself.
“What do you want Wilson?”
Sam rolls his jaw threateningly, taking a step closer to Bucky as he crosses his arms over his chest.
“I just wanted to make it clear that you didn’t win that fight out there.”
“No,” Bucky retorts stubbornly. “You just got disqualified. Thanks for that illegal hit by the way.”
“What can I say? I really don’t like you Barnes, I saw the opportunity and I took it.”

Your heart is beating rapidly inside your chest, threatening to break through if Sam so much as takes another step towards Bucky.
“Well I sure hope it was worth it,” Bucky laughs, smirking up at the man.
“Oh it was,” Wilson laughs and the sound turns your stomach.

You aren’t sure whether or not he’d start another fight right here or not but you’re not willing to wait and find out. Even in Bucky’s current condition you know he has too much pride to back down. Your protective instinct kicks in as you stand up, wedging yourself between Sam and Bucky.
“You need to leave,” You demand harshly. Wilson cocks an eyebrow, looking you up and down.
“That’s adorable babe, you really think you could stop me?”
“I wouldn’t mess with her,” Bucky warns from behind you, an intimidating edge to his voice.

Wilson looks between you both, rolling his jaw once last time before walking away. As soon as he’s out of the room you slump back to the bench, unaware of how much tension you’d been holding up to this point. Bucky wraps an arm over your shoulder, tucking you into his side.
“I can’t believe you just did that,” Bucky admits. “You just scared the crap out of me.” 
“He won’t hurt you while I’m around babe,” You chuckle, tapping the end of his nose with your finger tip. 

Bucky smirks, pulling you closer to his body before attaching his lips to yours, startling you for a few seconds before you start kissing him back fervently, your hands gripping his shoulders. 

It only lasts a few seconds before you’re both pulling back, your chest heaving a little, your cheeks no doubt flushed. 
“That was nice.” 
“Probably would have been better if I could feel my face.” 
“Well maybe we just need to try it again.” 

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Keep on Living (chapter 3) Lin Manuel x Reader

Part 3 is finally here and features a Very Angry Lin as requested, thanks to everyone for reading my very first Lin fic.  Part 4 will be up super soon!

Part 1 | Part 2| Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Summary: Your boyfriend is an abusive asshole and you’ve been trying to hide it from Lin and everyone else. After turning up to the Richard Rogers where you work with a black eye and bruised wrists you tell Pippa that you’ve been mugged, but you get the feeling that Lin seems to know what really happened. Lin gets over-protective and you end up feeling really confused. On a night out with with the girls you drunkenly admit to Pippa that you think Lin is cute, and Jasmine records a video messaged standing up to your unknown attacker.

(I’m an abuse survivor myself. Not all abuse is the same, and so this fic is not meant to be a universal experience.

To anyone that may be experiencing abuse then my inbox is always open and I will always believe you. Tell a friend or a relative if you are able to. And there are many support lines depending on your town/state/country, talking to someone helps. Stay safe.)

Warnings - I’m adding a trigger warning for some mentions of emotional and physical abuse.

Word count - 2226


When you turn your phone on that morning it practically explodes in a flurry of messages.

Jasmine: Hey girl, I heard you called in sick today. Are you still really hungover?

Pippa: Are you ok? I heard you’re sick. Don’t worry, nobody has mentioned the video. Hope you feel better soon xxx

Lin: Apparently you aren’t coming in today so I don’t get to see you? AWFUL! Feel better, we all miss you. I hope you’re ok X

Lin: Dr Miranda prescribes hot sweet tea, a blanket fort, and The Little Mermaid. Take care of yourself please xxx

Lin: If you need anything let me know. I’m gonna be near your apartment today and I can bring round supplies.

Lin: Hey I’m on your block, do you need anything?

Lin: Are you ok? I don’t think you’re ok.

You throw your phone down on the bed. It’s the first time you’ve switched it on in 48 hours since you called Alex and told him you weren’t well enough to come to work. You’re honestly amazed that you still have friends with how anti-social you are being at the moment, but you haven’t been able to face anyone.

You’re surprised that none of Lin’s messages comment on the video Jasmine put on twitter a few nights ago. A video of you drunkenly admitting he was cute, but you’re thankful that he’s choosing to ignore that. Or maybe he never even saw the full video since Pippa took it down straight away.

You head into the theater that morning, grateful that the bruising on your face from last week is now fading. You draw less attention as you walk down the halls now. Lying about a fake mugging had made you feel so uneasy and you were relieved that you could make it to the office you shared with Alex without having to stop and talk about it.

“Hey Y/N , we didn’t expect to see you today!” Alex called cheerfully as you headed into the office. Lin was sitting on the beat up sofa, his laptop in front of him. He jumped up from the sofa, seeming surprised by your presence.

“You’re alive!” He grinned coming over to meet you. He hesitated for second, and there was a moment of awkwardness before he smiled and pulled you into a hug. “We missed you” He said, giving you a squeeze and you held your breath.

“Yeah, I can see!” You said dumping your bag down on the desk and eyeing the pile of paperwork awaiting your attention. “Aww Alex, you shouldn’t have!”

“Oops, yeah sorry about that.” Alex said as he quickly cleared another pile of papers from your chair for you to sit on. “We’ve got 8 new chorus members starting rehearsals on Monday and so the paperwork is sorta piling up.”

“Nah it’s fine” You shrugged, “I’m honestly just so happy to be back, I was getting cabin fever cooped up at home, it was driving me crazy.”

“Oh so that’s why you were ignoring my messages then?” Lin teased.

“Oh, god I’m sorry, I had my phone switched off, I was too sick to focus on a screen.” You were so used to lying now, you were surprised at how naturally it came to you.

“I dropped round a couple of times to see you. Mark said you didn’t want any visitors but I thought I’d keep trying.” Lin’s eyes darkened slightly and he looked at you as though he was trying to figure something out.

“Oh sorry, um yeah, I guess I must have been really out of it. I’m sorry” You once again found yourself unable to make eye contact with him as you deflected his concern. “You didn’t miss much much tho, just a sweatier sicklier me drowning in a sea of tissues and cough syrup, you dodged a bullet there.” You grinned weakly.

Lin’s eyes softened as he accepted your lie and he clapped his hands, snapping you out of the awkwardness.

“Well! Since you’ve been ignoring me, Me and Lac have been hatching a plan for Ham 4 Ham today. You in?”

Alex chuckled to himself “Don’t say yes to anything until he’s told you his plans.” He gathered his folders from his desk and headed out, leaving you alone with an over excited Lin.

“Ignore him.” Lin grinned, “You’re gonna love this. Or maybe you’ll hate this, I don’t know.”

You rolled your eyes and prepared for the worst. Your afternoons were often filled with vetting Lin’s ideas for new Ham4Ham shows. Some of which were brilliant, some of which were not, and thankfully between you and Alex, you could try and steer Lin in the right direction.

“Ok, so how well do you know Backstreet Boys?”

You laughed so hard you actually snorted. You held your hand up to your mouth, still laughing. “I’m sorry, that was NOT what I was expecting you to say at all”

Lin raised his eyebrows in mock indignation. “ I would NEVER joke about the Backstreet Boys” he exclaimed.

Lin went on to explain his idea for staging a performance of Backstreet’s Back complete with choreography for this afternoon’s Ham4Ham.

“Look, if you need me to show you the moves then all you had to do is ask” you laughed

“Ha! You know I love the fact that you spent all of senior year practicing Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation in your bedroom, I’m not doubting your skills, but we had a run through yesterday and I think we’re gonna be ok.” He chided while biting his lip.

The fact that he’d remembered your high school Janet Jackson obsession made you beam. It was something you’d geekily admitted on your very first day in rehearsals with him. Why? Because being around Lin brought out embarrassing admissions of your geeky obsessions, and he never mocked. His eyes had grown big and his face lit up in excitement and and he’d waved his arms in the air exclaiming “Me too!”. And from that moment onwards you knew you were in the right place. The fact that he’d remembered this little detail strangely gave you butterflies and you smiled to yourself.

You held your hands up “Ok ok, so you don’t need my dancing skills then.”

“No but we do need some accompaniment” Lin smiled.

“Fine!” You said, secretly happy to have something more fun to work on than the piles of paperwork Alex had left for you.

“I’ll get the melodica, hey give me a hand will you?”

You gestured up to a crate on the top of the bookshelves in your office marked ‘Ham4Ham gear.’ The crate was full of toy musical instruments, a set of megaphones, props, and some bits of costumes. It had become more of a lost and found box of novelty items which Lin and Alex added to weekly, as each Ham4Ham got more adventurous and silly.

You pulled over a chair to stand on which wobbled. Lin grabbed the chair to hold it in place as you climbed up.


The chair immediately swayed and Lin put his other hand out holding your waist to stop you falling off. You gasped, not expecting his hands, you flinched slightly and wondered if Lin had noticed.

“You ok?”

“Yeah,thanks. Sorry this chair is a piece of shit” you laughed nervously. You noticed his hand remained on your waist. Your skin tingled and you swallowed nervously.

You stretched out your arm trying to grab the crate which was just out of reach when Lin yelled “Fuck!”.

Lin’s hands had disappeared from your waist and you looked down at him, his eyes were wild, and he stepped back from the chair. He was staring at you. Staring at your waist. You looked down and noticed your shirt had ridden up above your stomach as you’d reached up. You quickly pulled down your shirt and stepped down from the chair. It was too late. He’d seen it.

“Fuck!” Lin said, this time in a whisper.

You looked at the floor. You couldn’t look at him. No, no, no. Not now. 

“Show me.” Lin said, breathlessly. He was still staring at your waist.

“Lin, please, I can’t.” You shook your head in a panic.

He looked up at you, his eyebrows furrowed and his mouth tensed. “Show me” He commanded.

You gulped, it’s like you had forgotten how to breathe. His eyes never left yours and there was nothing left for you to do but show him.

Slowly you reached down, grabbing the corner of your shirt, nervously pulling it up to reveal your stomach and looking away. Lin gasped, closing his eyes and shaking his head.

Your stomach was blue and purple. An enormous bruise covered your belly, your waist and stretched round to your back. The bruise on your face from the previous week had faded, this was brand new, shiny, and dark.

You forced yourself to look at Lin who was still studying your skin in shock, you felt naked and exposed and you pulled your shirt down. Lin still stared at your waist through your clothes, unable to look away. Wispy strands of hair had fallen loose from his pontytail and hung in his eyes, you noticed his arms were locked by his side, his hands gripped tightly into fists.

“It wasn’t a mugging was it?” He said quietly

You shook your head, tears in your eyes and you tried to hold yourself together. You’d been trying not to fall apart all week, but you could feel yourself on the verge of unravelling.

“Who did this?” Lin asked, his mouth open in shock, his eyes set in anger, He already knew.

“I can’t.. Please I can’t do this now.”

“Who did this?” He asked again, his face darkened like thunder.

You couldn’t speak. You could barely breathe. You reached out to hold the chair to steady yourself.

“It was Mark wasn’t it?” Lin’s voice cracked.

You swallowed hard and closed your eyes. You nodded your head and a tear slipped down your cheek.

“Fuck.” Lin whispered.

“Lin I’m sorry, I couldn’t.. I didn’t know how to tell anyone. I’m sorry…”

Lin cut you off, he started shaking his head, pushing back his hair into his messy ponytail with both hands. His eyes were wild and he began muttering under his breath, violently spitting out a rapid mixture of English and Spanish, the hatred and anger flashing across his face.

“Fuck. Fucking motherfucker! No I’m gonna kill him…Hijo de puta…Mark es un maldito cabron…I fucking knew it!…Voy a matarlo… Hijo de la gran puta… Es una mierda!”

“Lin, please!” You begged, biting back tears and trying not to lose it.

Your voice brought him back and he stopped to look at you. He saw the panic in your face and the tears you’d tried so hard to keep in now falling freely down your cheeks and he took a breath.

“I’m sorry” He said shaking his head, his eyes softened realizing how scared you looked. “I’m sorry.”

He wrapped his arms around you, placing his hand gently on the back of your head and you finally allowed yourself to fall apart. Your face pressed into his shoulder and you sobbed, and you felt like you wouldn’t stop. He stroked your hair, holding you together.

“It’s ok, it’s ok, que sepas que estoy aquí “ he said in a soft soothing voice. It was a while before you could breathe. You steadied yourself and pulled away, embarrassed by the damp patch you’d left on his hoodie. You reached out for the chair to sit down while Lin grabbed you a box of tissues from the desk.

“You knew didn’t you?” You asked after a deep breath.

Lin puffed his cheeks and sighed while shaking his head.

“I don’t know… I thought I knew. I mean, I didn’t want to believe it. I just knew something was wrong. I knew there was more to the mugging but I didn’t know what, and I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that something wasn’t right.”

“He told me nobody would believe me if I tried to tell anyone what he’d done. He said I deserved it. He said…” Your voice broke, you weren’t ready to go into detail yet.

Lin knelt down in front of you, placing one hand over yours, and tucking a stray strand of hair behind your ears as he spoke.

“You did not deserve this. I believe you.” He spoke slowly and gently. There was still a rage behind his eyes, but his voice was calm and soothing. You stared blankly at him. You didn’t have words. You smiled faintly and nodded.

“All this because of that stupid video” You muttered.

Lin looked at you puzzled.

“Jasmine uploaded this dumb video of us from the other night. We were drunk. In the video she basically recorded this big fuck you message to whoever attacked me. Mark said we were laughing at him, that we humiliated him and…”

You trailed off, leaving out the part where Mark had also seen you drunkenly admit on camera that you thought Lin was cute. How he’d called you a slut and a whore that evening, how he’d told you this was your punishment.

Lin begain muttering under his breath in Spanish again “…Hijo de puta” His face hardened and he shook his head, clutching your hand tighter.

“You did not deserve this.” He repeated, his voice firm and his eyes darkened.

You nodded silently and he gently traced small circles with his thumb across your hands.

You sniffed and wiped your eyes, breathing deep and trying to focus.

“Alex is gonna be back soon, I’ve got to get it together.”

You stood up and flattened down your hair. You needed to slip back into the role of someone who has their shit together. Even if it was just for a day.

“Y/N I don’t think you should be at work, this is too much.”

“No this is exactly what I need right now, I need to keep busy, I need to work, I need to not think about this for a day.”

Lin sighed, scraping back more strands of hair from his face. “Ok. But we haven’t finished talking about this yet, and you aren’t going home tonight.”

Panic flashed in your eyes. “If I don’t go home tonight he’ll know something is wrong. He’ll kill me! I think he’ll actually kill me.” Your voice sounded small, you barely recognized yourself.

“No.” He said with a resigned look in his eyes. “You’re coming home with me tonight. You are safe. He’s not coming near you again. I promise.”


Part 4 is coming soon here! and then I’m gonna write some smut, I swear!

Imagine Chris falling in-love with you all over again.

A/N: Epilogue! This is best if you listen to Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Perfect’ first 'cause I was inspired by that. Anyway, we’ve finally arrived at the end of the series. (I don’t know if I’ll write more, but this seems like a good place to end.) I’m so excited to go on holiday, but I’m terribly sad to leave you guys. Fear not, I might just whip out my keyboard at the airport if some inspiration strikes me. I love you all so much! 😘 You can read the previous parts here: ('Charlotte Rose’ - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B) and ('Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts’; 'Baby Fever’; 'Memory Lane’; and 'Little Ones’ - Masterlist) Enjoy and I’ll see y'all soon. X

Chris was right about the movie, 'Charlotte Rose’, taking home Oscars. It took home so many Oscars that it nearly cleaned out the categories; it won “Best Original Score’, 'Best Actress’, 'Best Sound Editing’, 'Best Original Screenplay’, 'Best Director’, and 'Best Picture’. You and Chris spent the night in Los Angeles celebrating like there was no tomorrow, earning praises all round for the work the two of you did as a couple. Articles flew and circulated the web: "Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N takes home six Oscars, it just goes to show that they’re as good as co-workers as they are a couple!”, “Power couple, Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N, dominates The Academy Awards!”, “Production companies will be fighting to work with Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N after they return from their hiatus.”

The movie was filmed and produced two years after your daughter was born, as you both wanted some time to care for your preemie baby. It was incredibly well-received around the world, so much so that you and Chris ended up doing press despite being the faces behind the scenes. As it turned out, the press and the fans were more interested in the work the two of you did rather than the actors and actresses you hired. You were lucky, however, to have both of your children be at the age where they could travel with you while you toured the world. It was a pretty great three months out of Boston, but eventually it was time to go home.

It was nice to be back in your home after months of staying in hotels, you could tell your kids were excited to get home too. Even now, as you spent a lazy Sunday in Boston with your family watching Disney movies, it was different to how you’d spend a lazy Sunday in Los Angeles watching Disney movies with your family, despite having a second house there. Boston was home now, the place Chris had bought before he met you- the place that you’d both turned into a home after getting married- was home now.

As Chris dried and put away the dishes, you were snuggled up with your kids on the couch. He looked over and smiled; there wasn’t a sight more pure that he could bestow upon himself. You looked up and smiled when you saw him smiling at the three of you, you beckoned him over with your head. He chuckled and left the job unfinished because you didn’t need to ask twice; that was an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“Daddy!” Charlie pulled away from you and held out her arms when she saw her dad walking over; Chris smiled and scooped her into his arms. You chuckled and shuffled, pulling Jack closer to you as you made a spot for your husband. The girl was definitely his girl, whereas the boy was yours. “You smell nice,” she giggled when she buried her face into the crook of his neck.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” he chuckled, rubbing her back. It was clear she was getting tired, it wouldn’t be long until she fell asleep in his arms. Jack was halfway there too, fighting his heavy eyelids as he rested in your comforting arms. “You smell lovely too,” he told her as he pressed a kiss into her soft locks.

“Mama,” Jack whispered and you looked down at him. “I know we had pancakes for breakfast today,” he yawned and you chuckled, “but can we have pancakes for breakfast tomorrow too?” You nodded and kissed the top of his head as Chris wrapped an arm around you; you leaned into him and smiled when you felt him kiss your head.

“Think you can meet me in the backyard after I put the kids to bed?” Chris whispered into your ear and you turned to him with narrowed eyes. “Yes?” He mouthed and nodded his head, prompting a nod from you. “Awesome,” he smiled then turned his attention back on Charlie. “Sweetheart,” he spoke gently, “do you want me to put you to bed?”

“Mm hm,” she nodded her little head, rubbing her eyes.

“Alright,” Chris smiled and rose to his feet, lifting her with him. “Jack, you ready for bed too, bud?” Jack nodded; he kissed your cheek then pulled away from you, taking the hand his dad was holding out. “C'mon, Dodge.” He called and Dodger followed. “Backyard, fifteen minutes tops.” He mouthed over his shoulder as he took the kids upstairs to tuck them in for the night.

You, on the other hand, decided to spend the next fifteen minutes cleaning up the mess from your cozy movie marathon while waiting for Chris to return. It took him ten minutes which meant your kids were really worn out, otherwise it would’ve been at least half an hour. When he returned, you were finishing the dish job he’d left unfinished. He leaned against the fridge, smiling at you with a smile that drew laughter.

“What?” You smacked him with the dish rag.

“Nothing,” he shook his head, smiling. “I’m just admiring how beautiful you look.”

“Beautiful?” You chuckled softly as he took your hand, leading you towards the backyard; he’d prepared a special something for the both of you, some down time as a couple after spending the whole day as parents. “I’m a mess.”

“Darling, you look perfect tonight,” he whispered underneath his breath, but you heard it. You smiled and leaned in, tenderly giving his jawline a sweet kiss. “I figured we could go on that date we talked about in the hospital. I know we’re not old and gray yet, but-” he paused to push the curtains apart, opening the sliding doors. “This is as good a night as any to catch up on some alone time.”

“Chris,” you smiled as you took in the sight in front of you.

Your husband had laid out a blanket on the grass with candles and rose petals surround it. His iPod was plugged into a docking station and the song, 'Make You Feel My Love’ by Adele- the song that was playing at your wedding when you had your first dance- was playing. You turned to him and mirrored his dorky grin, shaking your head in disbelief. He leaned forward and your eyes closed as he pressed his lips against your forehead. After ten years of being with him, you still couldn’t believe how lucky you were.

“Shall we?” He held out a hand and you took it, letting him lead you into a barefoot waltz on the soft grass. “You know what, Y/N?” He whispered after a while. “I’d do anything to have this moment last forever. Just being here with you, dancing in the dark with you- it’s unadulterated bliss.” He pulled back to look you in the eyes, “you’ve given me unadulterated bliss. That’s something I never thought I’d achieve, but here I am with the perfect wife, the perfect kids. I have the perfect life,” his eyes glistened as he smiled, “because of you.”

“None of this would have happened if you didn’t find me first, Chris,” you smiled, feeling your own eyes well. “You are the reason we have all of this, you are the one who has given me unadulterated bliss. Without you, I wouldn’t be here. Without you, we wouldn’t have Jack and Charlie. Without you, my life wouldn’t mean as much as it does today. You are the love of my life- the light that dims all the dark. I have the perfect life because of you, Chris, not the other way around,” you told him.

“Let’s just agree to disagree,” he chuckled and dipped his head, kissing you.

Adele’s 'Make You Feel My Love’ faded out and Ed Sheeran’s 'Perfect started playing. You both chuckled as you broke the kiss; the memory of how you told him the song was the perfect depiction of your entire life together came flooding back.

I found a love for me 

Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead

“We really just leapt into this relationship, didn’t we?” You chuckled when you thought back to how you met and how quickly things progressed after the first meeting. “It was like the universe suddenly decided it was time for us to stop fooling around with other people, just threw us into the deep end and left us to save each other.”

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet 

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

“Aren’t you glad though?” Chris smiled when you nodded. “If I could just go back in time and just- grab Chris and shove him in your direction. Just have him find you years and years earlier, I would. I would just slap some sense into him, tell him to go find you instead of wasting his time with girls who clearly aren’t right for him.”

“I’d do the same with Y/N,” you nodded. “I’d drag her across oceans if it meant I could spend more time with you. Not that I needed to, considering we grew up hours away from each other.” You both chuckled. “God, what were we thinking? How could we have just missed each other? I mean- the life we could’ve had, the pain we could’ve avoided.”

“I guess we didn’t know we had someone so perfect waiting for us.”

'Cause we were just kids when we fell in love 

Not knowing what it was 

I will not give you up this time 

But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own 

And in your eyes you’re holding mine

“The first time I saw you, Y/N,” Chris chuckled softly. “I thought my heart was going to jump out of my throat. I was so nervous that I let the opportunity to speak to you- the love of my life- escape. If you didn’t drop that coaster- if Kevin wasn’t your father’s friend, I’d never would’ve met you and it would’ve eaten me up alive.”

“And I feel like a complete idiot ignoring my vicinity,” you laughed. “If I had just stopped obsessing with my writing for a second, take my eyes off my damn Gummi Bears- I would’ve noticed Captain America across the room and gone up to you.”

“Yeah,” he nodded, smiling. “But I’m really glad you didn’t though, that was part of your charm. Your passion was what captured me, your insanity-” he chuckled when you playfully slapped his arm. “You were like a breath of fresh air after years under water.”

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms 

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song 

When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath 

But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight

“And you still are,” Chris told you, tucking a loose piece of hair behind your ear. “Every time I see you, it’s like I’m being saved all over again.” You felt your heart ache at his sincerity. “No matter how bad my day gets, there won’t be something you can’t do to make me feel better.”

“Chris,” you pulled your hand out of his for a brief second, brushing the tear that had escaped. “Stop,” you chuckled softly as he did, kissing your forehead. “You’re making me cry and I don’t want to cry during such a beautiful moment. Ed Sheeran’s really not helping,” you referred to the song and he laughed.

Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know 

She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home 

I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets 

To carry love, to carry children of our own

“This could be our anthem, you know that right?” Chris chuckled at how perfect the song 'Perfect’ was; it practically described your whole relationship in four minutes and twenty-three seconds. “If he’d just come out with this song a few years earlier, I’d have it playing at our wedding. It would definitely draw tears, I mean- just listening to it now, it’s making my heart ache.”

“Aw,” you chuckled. “I know, right? The best part of listening to it now though, it’s actually true. We’ve accomplished our dream of working together, you’ve accomplished yours of winning that Oscar you so thoroughly deserve.” He smiled when you brushed his cheek with the back of your hand. “We’re married, we’ve got a house, we’ve got our kids. Our life is complete, Chris,” you smiled and he mirrored it. “Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got lots more to do but- I’m pretty satisfied with what we have now.”

We are still kids, but we’re so in love 

Fighting against all odds 

I know we’ll be alright this time

“Yeah,” Chris nodded, smiling. “I’m with you there.”

Darling, just hold my hand 

Be my girl, I’ll be your man 

I see my future in your eyes

“I have you as my present and my future,” you smiled. “That’s more than good enough for me, more than I can ask for in this lifetime.” He pulled you closer to him and you rested your head against his chest, gently swaying in the dark and listening to the song as you reflected on your ten years together.

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms 

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song 

When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful 

I don’t deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark, with you between my arms 

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song

Chris pulled back and you looked up to meet his gaze, he smiled and you smiled back. “I am so utterly, irretrievably, and irrevocably in-love with you.” You pulled your hand out of his and wrapped both arms around his neck, taking a step closer as if you could getting any closer to him.

I have faith in what I see 

Now I know I have met an angel in person 

And she looks perfect, I don’t deserve this 

You look perfect tonight

“I love you, Chris Evans,” you whispered; your lips inches away from his.

“I love you too, Y/N Y/L/N.” His breath warm against your face. “Well,” he chuckled softly, “I should really say Evans, shouldn’t I?” You bit back your smile; you’d kept your last name for professional reasons. “It’s not like you’re going anywhere romantically, or professionally, now that we’ve proven we make such a great team.”

“I wasn’t going anywhere before that anyway,” you chuckled.

“Yeah,” he smiled and started to lean in, “I definitely don’t deserve this.”

“Neither do I,” you smiled and pressed your lips against his.

Tags: @widowsfics @m-a-t-91 @xoxomioxoxo @imaginesofdreams @ateliefloresdaprimavera @katiew1973 @winter-tospring @shamvictoria11 @caitsymichelle13 @michellekeehlmello @chrisevans-imagines @letterstomyself21 @soymikael @faye22 @always-an-evans-addict @sammyrenae68 @brobrobreja @elizabeth-matsuoka @thegirlwiththeimpala @camerica96 @all-of-the-above11 @captainamerica-ce @whenyourealizethisisntagoodname @yourtropegirl @smoothdogsgirl @createdbytinyaddiction @siofrataylor @dreamingintheimpalawithdean (Thank you all for following me on the wonderful adventure. Hope you enjoyed it! X)

The Serpent Or Me - Part 1 (Bughead/Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader)

Jughead has never cared about fitting in, as long as he has Betty and the gang he knows he has his place in Riverdale. However, Southside High has brought him an odd comfort and new friends very easily. The serpents have taken him under their wing, one in particular y/n has started to show him how things work in the gang. Jughead starts to grow a fondness for y/n that feels uneasy, he’s stuck between two worlds. Where or who should he choose?

Characters/Pairings: Jughead x Betty, Serpent!Reader.

Warnings: Kissing.

Word Count: 2140.

Notes: Firstly I’m sorry this is out later than planned, I’ve been teasing this piece for way too long. Secondly I stuggled a bit getting into Jughead’s POV style. I think this just gives me an excuse to rewatch the season again and pick up on his narration style. Finally if you have any suggestions on where you think this should go let me know, I have the next 2 parts planned but I am intrigued to see where you think it will go. Collabing is my fave! Anyway, enjoy.

Originally posted by littelmix

Jughead’s POV

Southside High was certainly rough around the edges. Riverdale was a beauty in comparison.

The metal detectors were new to me, I’d never been searched to go to class before. It was a sign of the times, I guess. Just another new thing to get used to. I headed to my locker, headphones on and eyes to the ground. I was still the new kid after all. I took out my math textbook and a copy of ‘Of Mice And Men’ for English, luckily I’d read it at Riverdale so I wouldn’t be unprepared. I checked my phone, killing time before first period. Betty had already text me twice, despite us being on the phone only twenty minutes before.

Betty: Riverdale feels weird without you Jug. I miss you :( xx

Betty: I can’t wait to see you again. Friday can’t come quick enough xx

Me: I miss you too Bets. Being the new kid is strange. Friday is going to get me through though. Can’t wait to see you x x

At Riverdale, I may have been the outcast but I had Betty Cooper by side. Betty was the strongest person I had ever known, I knew if anyone could handle this distance it was her. I had moved here to keep her safe, I just hoped she wouldn’t get herself into trouble. Considering the current state of affairs that was the town of Riverdale however, trouble could be anywhere we turned.

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Smooth - Johnny [6] (M)

•Suggestion: Virgin reader x Johnny

A/N: Omg guys it’s finally here, the last chapter of Smooth! Ahhhhh I’m sorry it took so long. I needed a little break to try to make this last chapter gooood. I hope you guys like it. I’m actually like rlly sad that it’s over ;-; mehh

-Admin Kay

PS OMG ALSO THANKS FOR 5K!!! 🎉You guys are the best 💕

Pt 1   Pt 2   Pt 3   Pt 4   Pt 5

Chapter 6 - I Love You

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Rating R

(sexual content, slight language)

Word Count: 3,352

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[OP-ED] Why do K-Netz love Somi but not Samuel?


Often compared due to their young age, experience and biracial backgrounds, Jeon Somi from Produce 101 Season 1 and Kim Samuel from Produce 101 Season 2 had ultimately very different fates on the show.

However, if we really think about it, these two contestants actually have a lot of differences which set them apart and also speak volumes about South Korean society. 

Keep reading to see my thoughts on this and feel free to share your own thoughts in the comments below.

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A Technician’s Crush

Request: “i see that requests are open. when you get a chance can you write a matt the radar technician imagine? something where the reader always helps him fix things, offers to let him join her at lunch, etc and he thinks she’s being fake as hell until one day the commander overhears a bunch of storm troopers trash talking matt and the reader defends him?”

Pairing: Kylo Ren (Matt the Radar Technician) x Reader

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: Implied smut

Originally posted by nbcsnl

You watched the blonde from afar, admiring the way he would pause to push his glasses up every few minutes. He had been fussing with one of the electricity compartments in the hallway, tools splayed out in front of him as he attempted to find the right one for the job. The look on his face was one of pure horror; he had no idea what he was doing. It must’ve been his first day or something, since he had that wild ‘deer in the headlights’ sort of look to him.

You pushed off the wall you had been leaning on, eating a quick snack. You discarded the apple core in your hand before bringing yourself to the mechanic.

“Need some help?” You asked with an amused smile tweaking the corners of your lips. The man looked up, startled. He had a big frame, covered by the thick uniform of a radar technician. You squinted at his name tag. “Are you sure you’re in the right place Matt?”

“Of course I am.” He retorted defensively, turning his flushed face back to his tools. You slid to your knees, picking up a wrench and handing it to him. In the process of taking it he left a black oil smudge on your palm. “Sorry.” He muttered, grabbing your hand and pulling a rag from his pocket. He wiped at your hand, but it only transferred the black further into the lines on your skin. You giggled, the sound making Matt prop up slightly.

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Running into your ex, Harry (AU)

Or when neither of you can remember why you broke up anyway, and it’s just dinner right?

Sundays are your favorite day. Sundays are meant for cozy snuggles, farmers markets, coffee shops and used bookstores. This particular Sunday you woke with a smile, already looking forward to the soothing sips of a hot coffee and smells of the old worn pages of books.

Today is one of the first days in months you feel a lasting feeling of happiness. Pushing up and towards the bathroom, you can’t help the little pep in your step.

Groaning as you catch a glance of yourself in the mirror, you shimmy your baggy pajamas off your legs and head towards the shower. As the water flows over your skin, your brain begins to wake up and plan the morning to come.

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What’s the story? Well, Gil Brodie Appreciation Week is coming soon to a galaxy near you so get ready to celebrate our favourite tech officer and engineer!

When: July 3-July 9

How: Create and share all of your Gil Brodie content- art, fic, playlists, aesthetics, edits, gifs, manips, renders, metas- if it’s got Gil, we want to see it!

Where: Post your content using the #gilbrodieweek tag and everything will be rounded up to this blog hopefully! Make sure to use the event tag within your first 5 tags in order for tumblr to track it! You can also submit directly to this blog if you so wish!

At the end of the week a masterpost will be made of all the content made for the week. If it’s been a day or two and your post still hasn’t made it’s way onto this blog, send a message and I’ll see if I can track it down.

Ground Rules:

  • For the sake of all of our sanity, let’s keep the Discourse™ at the door, and we can leave Jill with it just to not open old wounds, please
  • No discussion of Gil engaging in romantic or sexual activities with women or femmes
  • No whitewashing
  • Be respectful and considerate

Some ideas for inspiration:

  • What was Gil doing during the Nexus Uprising? How did he react? What was he feeling?
  • What did Gil do in the Milky Way? All we really know is that he ended up with a job despite living on the street as a kid and did cool enough stuff to attract Vetra’s attention- but what?
  • Andromeda’s a big place- what are his plans and aspirations going forward?
  • There’s a lot of time stuck on the Tempest where we don’t get to see what Gil’s doing, so what are his relationships like with the crew? What antics does he get up to? 
  • Ryder’s got a lot of unknowns attached to them- what are Gil’s first impressions?
  • How is he dealing with his insomnia? Does Lexi know about it?

Have fun with Reyes this week and hope to see some great content in the next!

Special thanks to @life-is-no-sugarlicking for letting me use one of her many amazing screenshots for this banner!

college boyfriend!minhyuk;

Originally posted by wonhontology

  • man have ya’ll ever met a human puppy cause this!! ^^^ is it
  • for the boyfriend!minhyuk request~
  • literally everything screams boyfriend to me about minhyuk
  • try and tell me he wouldn’t be the sweetest thing since peach cobbler (i sound so texan when i say that)
  • okay, okay, okay, so minhyuk, this angel is an RA

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Re: unrequited loves and apologies

Originally posted by taehyungjimin

+ “What does s/he have that I don’t?”
+ “I blame you for giving me unrealistic standards for men.”

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Angst
Words: 779
Requested by: @cupcake7592

written for my 600+ Followers Drabbles Event

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anonymous asked:

could I get something of McCree or Hanzo comforting their depressed s/o (who has self image issues?) ive been having trouble with my self image issues lately

Of course, you can have both, I’m sorry for the delay in this and I hope this helps in any way. I hope you can resolve the issues you’re having soon, all the best to you, lovely :)


You were sitting on your bed in you and McCree’s bedroom, staring into the mirror with pursed lips. You just couldn’t see past your insecurities, no matter how hard you tried. It didn’t help that everywhere you looked there seemed to be a mirror, it made it harder and harder to occupy your mind elsewhere.

You got up and purposefully strode toward the mirror and turned it round so it faced the other way, doing the same to all the others before returning to your position on the bed, arms and legs crossed. You breathed a sigh of relief and fell back, closing your eyes in the hopes of finally finding some peace.

“Evenin’ darlin’,” the familiar southern drawl made you smile and grimace all at the same time. While you loved your cowboy he was an observant fellow and was bound to say something about the mirrors.

“What’ve you done to the mirr’rs doll?” he asked instantly, and you could hear his brows knitted together in worry.

“Nothing.” You murmured, hoping he would move on and knowing deep down he wouldn’t. His footsteps became closer until the bed sank beside you. You turned your head slightly and opened an eye to see McCree lying on his side, gazing into your eyes.

“What’s up?” his voice was lower this time, caring and sweet and you felt the urge to spill your thoughts into his head to share them, have someone to understand. But you couldn’t find the words. Instead, you turned onto your side and stared right back at him. His head tilted to the side and he bit his lip.

“You’re so amazing, Y/N,” he whispered breathily, “So drop dead gorgeous with a personality that shines even brighter than my belt buckle.” You allowed him a small chuckle at that and his face lit up. 

“Thank you, but…” you began but he held his hand up to stop you.

“You’re amazing.” he finished for you and for now, you decided to concede and just nodded, wriggling over into his open arms, nestling against his chest. He held you close for hours, whispering all the compliments under the sun into your ear. You knew you’d have to talk about it at some point but surprisingly, you still felt a little better afterwards.


You sat on the roof and watched the people walking past, imagining their stories; where they were going, where they’d been. Hanzo did this often, though you knew his mind was always elsewhere when he did so, as was yours at present. You were having a bad day, Jack having been on your back for some missing paperwork, a tough mission and to top it all off, your confidence was slipping.

You’d never felt confident in yourself, in your own skin. It wasn’t something that felt natural to you and sometimes you just couldn’t stand to look in a mirror. Today was one of those days. Which meant you had to avoid Hanzo, however much it pained you.

He just did not understand.

He would often compliment your looks or just you in general, usually eliciting a wince from you. Somehow he couldn’t get into his head how you could have insecurities despite his own multitude of them. In his eyes, you were and forever would be perfect which, whilst being the main thing to get you up in the morning, was also hard to deal with on days like these.

“Y/N?” You heard the familiar voice and cursed under your breath, whenever you thought about him he seemed to miraculously appear. You were beginning to wonder if he had some sort of mind-reading abilities.

He came and stood beside you, without another word and you simply nodded toward him. Your relationship wasn’t based on a constant need for idle chitchat. All words were carefully thought out, utterly heartfelt and always necessary otherwise nothing was said at all.

“Bad day?” He asked quietly and again you just nodded. He snaked his arm around your waist and squeezed lightly, causing you to rest your head on his shoulder with a light sigh.

“Tell me when you are ready,” he concluded, “For now, we can just stay here.”

You could almost feel tears coming to your eyes at his complete understanding of the situation and with relief that he wasn’t currently going to push the matter. You leaned into him more and whispered.

“I love you, Hanzo.”

“I love you too, my beautiful flower.”

The blush on your cheeks got you a rare smile from Hanzo as he pressed a kiss to your temple and you were finally content in his arms, safe from all your demons.