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“Out on the verge of the rest of our lives tonight
Top of the world and we’re dressed to the nines tonight
Edge of the earth and we’re touching the sky tonight
Out on the verge of the rest of our lives…

This was my submission for the "Made With Pride” event on Deviantart. My entry on top with the yellow filter and the original transparent picture on the bottom. 

♥♥Happy Pride Month!!♥♥   

Aliens on fandoms

Hey idk about you guys, but I love the whole “what if humans were the weird ones” thing. And, I was just thinking, how weird might it seem to aliens that we have fandoms. The rest of the world tends to think we are like a cult, how would aliens react?

Crew member 1: what is the human Emilia doing? She seems upset.

Crew member 2: she hasn’t slept in 30 quaznarts, well above the recommended awake period for humans. She has been crying because “____ died”

Crew member 1: who is this ___? A family member perhaps?

Crew member 2: I couldn’t make out what she was saying, something like “he can’t be dead” and “my OTP..”

Crew member 1: really? When I saw her last she was rocking in the corner muttering about a “hiatus”

Crew member 2: whatever it is she seems to be mourning. We should leave her be for a while and see if she is better tomorrow.

/The next day/

Crew member 1: I saw human Emilia! She seems much better.

Crew member 2: I don’t know what you saw…

Crew member 1: why? She seemed normal to me.

Crew member 2: you didn’t see her “photo shopping” a human head onto a waste unit…

All things considered, they think their human is defective.

YOu know what makes me proud? 

Yongguk fighting through his panic disorder and depression to be a strong leader for his boys, working his booty off being an incredibly leader and father figure to his boys through their darkest hours and stepping up when they needed him the most. 

Himchan stepping up and taking care of B.A.P while Bbang was out, despite getting lack of lines and respect from some fans still hold his beautiful head up and never is down on himself and stays strong 

Daehyun writing and composing his own songs and being able to perform them on stage and getting the chance to act after talking about wanting to get into acting for years. 

Youngjae writing and composing his own songs and getting able to perform them on stage, Being an energetic fluff ball and just aboslutly the most beautiful and greatest man always.

Jongup writing and composing his own songs and being able to perform them on stage, growing into the group as one of the shyer members but still getting all the support in the world by fans, how he’s talked about not being confident in writing music but ended up being the first member to have a solo on one of B.A.Ps albums 

Junhong writing and composing his own songs and performing them on stage, making the choreography for B.A.P along side with Jongup, going into B.A.P at such a young age but still being mature and thoughtful to his hyungs, going through so much with B.A.P at such a young age and being strong through it all 

B.A.P being an incredibly hard working humble group that have gone through a slave contract and year and a half haitus and coming back stronger than ever, dropping songs that fit in every spectrum of genres, B.A.P working their asses off to getting where they are now through dedication and love for their fans and getting 100% support from all of us while returning it all to us with all the amazing one of a kind content they give us. 

We’re a p spoiled fandom  having stanning the strongest idols in kpop and I’m just so fucking proud of them ;;

Kara’s sad smile:

Do you know what’s so beautiful about this, even while saying goodbye our insecure Mon-El says “I promise I’m going to be the man that you thought I could be.” Kara realises that even when he’s leaving, maybe forever, he doesn’t believe that he’s the man she deserves and Mel is such a phenomenal actress to nail that smile perfectly. It’s equal parts:

  • You have no idea how wrong you are Mon-El
  • I wish I could tell him otherwise
  • I wish I had the time to tell him otherwise
  • I might never get to tell him
  • You were an amazing boyfriend you idiot 

It’s just so beautiful when she tells him this right before he leaves :)


Sherlock fandom productivity on AO3 since series 4

With the flurry around the surprises in the new series, some of us longtime Sherlock fans might have the impression that everything is going up in flames. The tides of tumblr are hard to read, but a clearer view might be offered by looking at what the fandom is doing on AO3, our favourite archive. 

Above is a plot reporting the number of new and returning creators posting Sherlock works per month, since 2011. This and more plots below the cut show that Series 4 really energized the fandom, in particular fanwork creators that have been around for a few years. 

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Robbery Gone Wrong

This here is for the lovely @miss-ingno who encouraged me to start writing again and gave me this idea. I hope you like it, dear. <3

“Get your asses on the floor! Now!” A woman’s voice sounded from behind, the sound of a gunshot ringing through the building. Gavin immediately flinched, crouching down onto the ground. He could feel the pounding of his heart pick up as his eyes jerked around the area in an attempt to make sense of what was going on.

He was by no means a stranger to robberies. He’s lived in Los Santos long enough to know that no one was ever safe from getting mugged in this town. But being under the protection of the reputation of the Golden Boy and the Fake AH Crew for so long had made him feel like he was above all of this.

Apparently not.

“Take anything valuable and put it in the bag!” Another voice shouted. There were soft murmurs as the other civilians started to panic. They searched through their pockets and put all they had in the bag that was being passed around. “You.” A gun was pressed to the small of his back. He could feel goosebumps rise along his arms the same time his breath hitched in surprise. “Take all your valuables and put them in the bag.” The same man ordered once more. Gavin patted at his pockets, taking out his keys and wallet and placing them in the sack that was offered to him along with every piece of jewelry he had on him. It was also at that moment that he realized he was completely and utterly unarmed. Not even a knife hidden on him. And none of his boys anywhere near him to come to his rescue.

“Shit on me.” He muttered under his breath. The gun pressed harder into his back, pushing him onto his knees on the ground. Slight trembles were beginning to rock through his body at the knowledge that he was completely vulnerable. He wasn’t good at hand-to-hand combat. Hell, he wasn’t even very good with knives- despite Ryan’s multiple attempts at teaching him how to fight and throw them.

Gavin was a hacker. He sat behind a screen all day. It wasn’t very often that he was actually out in the field. If the FAHC’s needed extra muscle, all they had to do was offer the job to any of the B Team. Or they could simply hire a regular mercenary if the others didn’t want to do it. He watched cameras, got into security systems, and gathered as much information that he could. He wasn’t stealthy enough to do infiltration jobs, and was lucky enough to be able to negotiate. But even then he wasn’t one to fight. There was always another member behind him, playing bodyguard. And thankfully he was usually smooth enough to avoid any unnecessary conflict with whoever they were meeting with.

It was now, with a gun up against him and three others being waved around the room, that he truly felt useless. His tongue failed to work properly so there was no point in even trying to muster up his Golden Boy persona. How could he talk his way out of this if he couldn’t even speak? He had no weapons. He couldn’t throw a punch the right way without hurting himself. There was absolutely no way for him to defend himself and he couldn’t help but feel more and more helpless.

He desperately yearned for Michael to be there. His boi. His best friend. His protector. He wouldn’t feel so scared if the fiery man was there with him. Michael would know what to do. He’d be able to take the gun away from any one of these pricks and kill all of them within seconds.

Unlike Gavin.

Who would probably just hurt an innocent with his shitty aim and even shittier reflexes.

His vision swam as something hit the side of his head before something warm started to slide down his cheek. “I said get the fuck up!” The same voice from before growled. Gavin obeyed immediately, swaying slightly when the room spun. A large hand gripped around his arm and pushed him towards the corner where the others were cowering. He stumbled towards them and felt his knees give out just as he reached the group. Somebody’s fingers danced over his skin worriedly but he was too stunned to take much of it in.

The next thing he registered was the familiar sounds of the police sirens getting closer.

He needed to get out of here before they got there.

Even without his getup, they were sure to recognize a member of the Fake AH Crew that have eluded them thus far. “Shit. You got everything, B?” One of the robbers called towards the back room where Gavin knew the vault was.

“I can’t get it open! They’ve got some funky ass shit system locking it!”

“Fuck! Come on! We gotta go!”

And just like that the four minor criminals were leaving. But they must have still gotten away with quite a bit if they had someone who was able to hack into the bank accounts of those whose wallets were stolen. Including his own. Well fuck. Looks like he’ll have to take care of that later.

Tires screeched to a halt outside the building and there was a lot of shouting. The civilians all started to move at once and it jerked Gavin out of his daze. He jumped up and ran to the tellers, looking for a familiar face. “Erase the tapes.” He ordered to their inside man before making his way to the back door. His head was pounding and blood was starting to drip down from off of his face as he ran. He took a series of turns into the back alleys to ensure nobody followed and none of the police saw him. He slowed to a walk after a few blocks, making his way back towards the penthouse. With a quick thought, he veered to the right towards the nearest store. He stopped in to ‘look around’ as he slipped some bandages into his shirt pocket. He slipped into the bathroom and started to clean himself off.

The wound wasn’t too bad. His skin had simply split where presumably the butt of the gun had connected with his temple. He pressed against it tenderly and winced. He left the store before applying the band-aid. Then he continued his journey to base on foot once more.

“Oh hey Gav. What took you so long?” Jeremy asked as the door shut. Gavin simply shrugged his shoulders.

“Sorry. I got held up at the bank.” He said nonchalantly.