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So I hit 2000 followers!!!! I was going to do one at 1000 but then I forgot and then I was going to do one at 1500 followers but said fuck it 2000 is where it’s at. Sorry for the quality of this also, for some reason tumblr doesn’t let me tag people so I have to do this on my phone. But thank you all for following me! I honestly can’t believe I hit 2000 from shit posting and making terrible gifs!

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Remember how I said I was going to a 50sstuck meet??

Welllllll here are some pics that were taken, and bruh, I had a blast hanging with my peeps up north.

Being jane was super awesome too and I felt pretty cute in my dress and makeup uvu

(Read the tags bc friends)

i know this video is old but !!

mikey and luke’s voices in this video ?? yes ?? fucking kill me !!!

and then mikey’s backup vocals in the second verse !!! jfc he’s hsixjsisb

and cal’s vocals in general ?? yes bb fuck me up i love you

and ash bein cute and really getting into the song throughout the entire video?? yes you’re an angel

anonymous asked:

Could you start tagging if it's official art from owari no seraph? You post so much great, and I think I saw a post with official art way back. I understand if it's a hassle, but it would be really awesome if you would :D (if you do have a tag of it that I missed, could you maybe link to a taglist? I'm sorry to bother you!) Alternatively, got any fun picures of Mika and Yuu in alternative outfits? // A cosplayer wanting to look at all their outfits :'D

I do tag my Owari no seraph official art as “official art” haha although I think there’s official art from other fandoms as well in that tag, but not near as many.

As for your question about the outfits, there’s the 

High school au 

The valentine’s day clothes (ons bb, w/ aprons, sharing chocolate casual clothes)

Mika in that amazing black suit from ons bb

New year’s ons bb clothes

Halloween costumes (also from ons bb and official art)

Christmas event

Those are the ones I can remember, but there’s probably many more out there.

anonymous asked:

Okay, so I promise I searched your blog before asking this. I had heard about jj calling the mind reading part of the interrogation with rey "vicious mind rape." So I looked up the source and turned out to be a second hand source --the wife of the guy who was gifted a viewing of TFA because he was dying of cancer. Apparently the man kept zoning out and falling asleep b/c of medicine and he perceived the interrogation as a rape scene. His wife did not agree and apologized (bc the drugs) 1/2

So my answer to you is going to be kind of short. Really terse, and kind of angry. And I’m not angry at you (so don’t misunderstand this), but at the situation on this site at large. I have very little patience for people shoving this sort of thing in my face, time and time again - especially when I’ve already addressed the subject in varying ways (yes, I have). I have even less patience for people trying to poison fandom with their toxicity (when they are utterly meaningless to the fandom at large). I have ZERO patience for people who haven’t suffered from abuse telling abuse survivors what they can and cannot like. When you combine all these factors together, it’s a dangerous brew. It’s dangerous because I fought too hard and too long to have my own voice heard, and I will viciously defend that voice to the death.

And normally I ignore them, these antis (as you call them). Normally I let these people scream at the stars that they’re important, because everyone needs a dream to believe in, and wow. Wow, how empty your lives must be, that you have nothing better to do with your time then hate on a fictional ship that literally no one else cares about. Ohtze don’t play with that. I go after bigger prey; bigger fish in the ocean, who are infinitely more dangerous than you. But if you needle me enough, I will eventually bite back. And you don’t want me biting back, because when you finally, finally get my attention fixated on you, it is a horrible place to be in. I tend to go nuclear.

I’m not going to address the abuse angle too much, except to say that women usually know what rape is more then men. I’m sorry, but that’s the cold, harsh truth of it. And if a woman (see: the wife) says something’s not rape, but you still believe a dying man and another man who has a ton of power (see: JJ) over HER - then wow. WOW. Once again, people are believing a man over a woman when she tries to speak the truth about rape, whether its towards herself or another woman. Congratulations, antis: you just recreated the absolutely traumatic, real-life power imbalance that women go through when they’ve been sexually assaulted and they try to report it. The absolutely enraging, mind-wrecking dynamic where everyone believes anything else other than you. When they believe a DYING man over you. Congratulations: you have just become as problematic as the rape apologists that you rail against. You hypocrites. Take your savior complex elsewhere.

I’m not going to go into my own personal experiences with violence, because I shouldn’t have to drag my own trauma out into the open to justify a ship. That’s the exact opposite of what you want to do with survivors of any sort, and once again, the hypocrisy in this stance – that you must bare your wounds to the world in order to make it okay for you to make up your OWN mind on what YOU like – is revolting. Because isn’t tumblr supposed to be about protecting survivors? Aren’t they supposed to be a haven for the oppressed, the traumatized, the marginalized? A “safe space” for people to recover in? Or is only the oppressed, the traumatized, and the marginalized that YOU approve of? The ones that further your own personal savior narrative? But here: a refresher for people on abuse (and my personal experience with violence). Here: an explanation on the in-canon context of how Kylo treats Rey, and why its not abuse. Here: Death and the Maiden, AGAIN, explaining all of this in DETAIL. And you people that are lurking my blog waiting for me to mess up should read the whole thing: you should read the END, where I say that the the subtext between Kylo and Rey is very, very important. That they actually shouldn’t be together, because if they do - if Rey loses her agency, and the subtext isn’t addressed - then it becomes abusive. You should do your homework, because I have no tolerance for this. And I know you’re lurking. I see you. Ohtze sees everything.

As someone who’s got some skeletons in their closet - and as a woman - the interrogation scene did not translate to rape to me. If it had, I would have ended up leaving the theater/puking my guts out. The interrogation scene did not translate into rape for a lot of people. And if JJ says in an interview (retroactively, might I add), that this was rape? How like a MAN it is, to say you can’t be a woman AND a hero if you haven’t been raped. How misogynistic and cliché it is, to say that a woman MUST be violated in order for you to empathize with her; that she had to be raped in order to further a MAN’s narrative (see: Kylo’s). You hear that antis? I’m calling you out on your hypocritical, problematic behavior again.

As I said in Death and the Maiden, there’s intent (what you plan to put into your work) and there’s the reception to that intent – what people glean from it. You have no control over the latter. None. Once you put something out there, once its published, and a huge swath of the viewing audience takes something one way (see: not rape), you can’t retroactively go back and say “no, I meant THIS.” That’s not how the consumption of media WORKS. So if JJ intended otherwise, then it’s his fault. His failing as a director and a screenwriter. But it’s out of his hands now, so this is a moot point.

Congratulations. You have officially gotten me agitated. I am now going back to blogging about dinosaurs and pictures of BB-8, because Ohtze’s blog should be a happy place full of sunshine and rainbows and gifs of Adam Driver. I refuse to let bottom feeders infest my fandom.