will be in my heart forever

My feels about the finale:

-tried not to cry the whole time✔

-laughed at the awkward jacson and lydia scene✔

-laughed when jacson told stydia about ethan✔

-was pissed because lack of stydia✔

-was pissed when everybody turned to stone✔

-screamed because of void stiles/nogitsune✔

-screamed “THAT’S MY BABY” when scott managed to not open his eyes✔

-screamed when stiles came in and saved the situation✔

-got so fucking pissed when monroe got away,again✔

-broke down in tears when gabe said “it hurts” like 10 times✔

-started crying even harder when theo took his pain✔

-emotionally died because of that little stydia moment✔

-fell off my chair because scalia bitches✔

-died at the end scene because it made me feel like they are going to continue the show idk why✔

-is dead and already misses teen wolf✔




“Change! change! change!?” story event, 100DP, Byron’s/Xeno’s story

@kseifert @passengersaraht @spyrothetimelord @acrispyapple translated first part of the story.  I so love this story  。.:☆*:・’(*⌒―⌒*))) Byron is so wonderful, love him so much  ( ˘⌣˘)♡(˘⌣˘ )

Part 1 (loose translation)


After we heard the story about the candy, Nico and I went to Byron. He was staying in Wysteria to participate in a joint meeting between the two countries.

Nico: “King Byron…!”
Dee: “Excuse me”

Byron, who was reading documents in the room, raised his face and turned towards us.

Byron: “What is it?”

Dee: “King Byron, I think Louis gave you some candy.. did you ate it?”

Byron: “Yes… it had a strange flavor.”

(…oh, we were late…)

Nico: “Are you feeling okay?”

Byron: “I’m fine… was there a problem with the candy?”

Dee: “Actually…”

When I told Byron that the candy he received changes the personality, Byron opened slightly his eyes.

Byron: “In Wysteria the strange candy is popular.”

Nico: “But, King Byron is the same as usual.”

Byron: “Yes. I don’t feel that my personality has changed.” (pic 2)

His reactions did not change from his usual self, I’m relieved. (He seems alright… If Byron is fine, I think I should leave before I get in the way of his official duties)

Dee: “I want to apologize for disturbing you so sudden. Well then, we’ll…”

Byron: “Dee, wait” 

Dee: “Yes, what is it?”

Byron walks over to me, and lifts the ribbon that was decorating the front of my dress.

Byron: “It was loosened.”

Dee: “Ah, I can do it myself…”

Byron: “It’s okay, I’ll do it.”

Before waiting for my response, Byron fixed neatly the ribbon.

Dee: “Thank you.”

Byron: “It’s nothing.” (pic 3)

Byron smiled, and at that time a small sound was heard….(ah…) My tummy made a faint sound. (by the way, I forgot to eat lunch..) I felt embarrassed that Byron heard it. I dropped my gaze, Byron gently stroke my hair.

Byron: “If you wish, let’s prepare snacks for you.”

Dee: “What…?”

Byron: “Since I wanted to take a break anyway.”

(Just now… it seemed that Byron said he wants to prepare snacks…) I thought I was mistaken, but it wasn’t just me, Nico looked surprised too.

Nico: “King Byron, you want to prepare snacks? If you ask the chef, he will prepare them immediately.”

Nico looked at me surprised, Byron had a gentle expression.

Byron: “When it concerns Dee, I want to do it myself. Now, for some reason, I think so.” (pic 4)

(..ah…though I’m feeling very happy… Byron seems somehow different than usual…) I exchanged glances with Nico, not knowing what to say, Byron headed for the door.

Byron: “Dee, what do you want to eat?” (pic 5)
――…after a few minutes

(Byron…wow…) The sandwiches brought in front of me were just as good as the ones the chef makes.

Dee: “King Byron, you really made these…?”

Byron: “Yes. I made them while listening to Nico’s advices.”

Nico: “I tasted them, I was amazed how delicious they are.”

Byron: “It should suit your taste.”

Dee: “…thank you.”

Even without eating, I know it’s delicious. Still…Nico poured the tea with experienced movements, Byron skillfully cut the sandwiches with the knife, I was feeling nervous somehow.

Dee: “Um.. is there anything I can help with?”

(Although, earlier, they didn’t let me help with preparing the snacks. I can’t just stand there, not doing anything) As I was standing up from the chair, Byron placed a hand on my shoulder.

Byron: “You should take it easy.”

Nico: “That’s right Dee, Since King Byron is saying that, it’s okay, don’t worry about it.”

Dee: “But, I feel bad…”

Byron: “This is what I want to do. No need to worry about it.”

When speaking so… I can’t say anything more. Byron took the hand off my shoulder, and with a fork carried to my mouth a bite size slice of sandwich.

Dee: “King Byron…?”

Byron: “You don’t want it?” (pic 6)

(Maybe I should eat it as it is..?) As the slice of sandwich touched my lips I opened my mouth.

Dee: “… itadakimasu.”

Embarrassed, feeling my cheeks getting hot, I opened slightly my mouth, and the taste of bacon and melted cheese spread softly on my tongue.

Dee: “…ohh… it’s delicious.”

Byron: “Is that so.”

I gave a big smile, and Byron’s expression softened.

Nico: “Dee, have some tea.”

Dee: “Thank you.”

Byron: “Dee, how about another bite.” (pic 7)

A tea cup was placed before me,  and once more, a slice of sandwich is offered, but, again I have a shacking feeling, I’m not used to this.  With Nico yes,… but with Byron I feel uneasy, since he is not himself..) While feeling confused, another piece of sandwich was offered, and at that time..

Albert: “What are the three of you doing?” (pic 8)

Dee: “…!”

Albert suddenly appeared in the doorway, looking surprised. That we made snacks… absolutely we can’t tell Albert about it.

Nico: “Albert can’t you see?”

Albert: “What?”

Nico: “Since it’s a lovers’ moment, don’t ask unnecessary things.”

Albert: “You brat, why did you joined the lovers’ moment?” (pic 9)

Nico: “For various reasons.”

(Nico, are you maybe trying to deceit Albert?) I showed my gratitude to Nico, who was nonchalantly winking at me.) 

Nico: “Albert, it is unusual for you to come to the dining hall at this time.”

Albert: “I asked the maids and they told me His Majesty is here.”

Byron: “You have business with me?”

Albert: “Yes, King Byron, you need to check this urgent documents…”

Byron: “All right. I am sorry, will be away for a few moments..“

Byron left us and headed towards Albert. During that time, Nico whispered in a small voice only I could hear.

Nico: “Without a doubt, King Byron was affected by the candy.”

Dee: “That’s right… it seems so.”

Nico; “Yes.  King Byron’s personality has changed, his Majesty wants to pamper Dee more than usual.”

Dee: “If that’s so… what shall we do? We cannot let King Byron do this anymore.” (if other will see  him, they will surely react the same way as Albert…)

Dee: “I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to stay away from him until the effect of the candy is over.”

Nico: “But, Dee, you have a date with King Byron tomorrow, right?”

Dee: “Yes..”

Tomorrow, after a long time, we both have a free day, and promised to go out in town.

Nico: “I heard from Al, that King Byron is also looking forward to it.”

Nico: “There’s no need to stay away.”

Dee: “But.. if King Byron will be with me, he will act different than usual, won’t the people around think that’s strange…?”

Nico: “It will be alright. Since Dee is King Byron’s sweetheart. If King Byron will take care of you more than usual, people will think that’s natural.”

Dee: “Is that so…?”

Nico: “Yes.

(for sure, Nico has plenty to say about it…)

Nico: “It is a rare opportunity, why don’t you take advantage of it?”

(to take advantage of it..) Before I could say I can’t do that, Nico clapped his hands.

Nico: “… Great, I thought of something good.”

Dee: “Something good?”

Nico: “That is a secret!”

As Nico gave a mischievous smile, Byron came back.

Nico: “King Byron, can I tell you something?”

Byron: “…? yes” (pic 10)


Byron is so sweet, always!!  (≧◡≦) ♡ (want to pamper him too  (//ω//)) *forever in Byron’s arms* (/^-^(^ ^*)/ ♡

The End of an Era

With tonight’s series finale, I close a chapter in my life.  I’ve been watching this show since it first aired in 2011.  Through many amazing shows like Game of Thrones and The Americans, this show has pushed to my top and will forever remain there.  It’s pulled at my heartstrings and sent me through whirlwinds of emotions.  I can’t thank Jeff Davis for this creation enough, and Tyler Posey and the cast for bringing it to life.  This has made a mark on me that will forever be an open wound with its absence.

Thank you. <3

third times the charm … right?
for shippy aftermath, look beyond

the reason he never took it

was because he’d never be able to let go


minhyuk ♡ bongsoon

↳ fell in love (at first sight) → became friends → dated → got engaged → got married → became parents