will be forever disappointed if they ignore him

Happy (A Boyf Riends One-Shot)

Notes: I spent FOREVER on this. And I know it’s very clunky at parts. But I hope you enjoy this.


Michael always thought that you should be happy with yourself and who you are. Who cared what other people thought? As long as you, yourself, was happy. Why the hell did it matter?

Which he knew that this kind of out-look on life wasn’t shared by his best friend. But Michael understood. It’s easy to see what others think and ignore yourself. That didn’t mean that Michael didn’t try to change that.

So what? They were losers. Weren’t well liked, weren’t popular. To Michael he was just happy to be himself and to have Jeremy. Jeremy was the best person in the world. Michael knew that the day that Jeremy defended him all those years ago.

Michael could always be himself around Jeremy. That he could tell Jeremy anything. Jeremy didn’t care that Michael was living by himself, that he was gay, or that he was Filipino. So in turn, Michael accepted himself.

But when Jeremy fell out of the formula, Michael didn’t expect that the equation would break completely.

Jeremy got what he wanted, his own formula, the squib. Jeremy had gotten what he wanted. And Michael couldn’t lie with the fact that he was glad that Jeremy was happy.

Jeremy was better off without him? So be it. Michael could live with that. Michael could live with being the loser. But as the days went on. He would periodically check his phones for texts. Weeks, he would somehow show up to his house after school before turning back. Months of him just trying to TALK TO-

So, it turns out being the loser wasn’t as great without someone being one with you. Michael always considered himself lucky to have a friend as cool as Jeremy. But it looked like that luck ran out for him.

It always seemed to do that.

Now, Michael doing research wasn’t because he thought Jeremy would come back to him. Well, mostly. He knew Jeremy was changing himself. To be chill. And those moments when Jeremy looked like a single bit like himself, there would be a second of shock. Then Jeremy would be sitting straighter, voice lowering, and barely have his eyes open. Not giving a care about the world around him.

He also began to notice Jeremy not eating as much as he used to. Sure, Michael was barely at lunch or the rest of the day anymore (spending it at 7/11 rather than sitting next to a lab partner who ignored you sounded a lot better). But was it possible for Jeremy to get any skinner than he was?

So it started with just asking once, curiously, cautiously, on a server. But then it grew, the stories, the news articles. It was all there. No more bullshitting. Michael didn’t care anymore about having his best friend back. He just wanted him ALIVE AND-

Well, it never seems to work that way. Sneaking to the party? Easy. But talking to Jeremy again was the hardest thing he had to do. And no preparation could’ve helped him with what happened.

“Get out of my way.”

“Or what?”

“Move out of my way. Loser.”


With a capital L.

A title.

He was no longer Michael, no longer His Favorite Person, no longer Player One.


Michael used to always think you should be happy with yourself. But what was even the point if not even your best friend liked you anymore?

He wished that he burned along with the house.

He wished that the firefighters hadn’t find him.

He wished that Jeremy would’ve came to see if he was even alright.

If Michael died, maybe someone would give a damn.

But Michael didn’t die, but he tried. The burns covered his arms, they didn’t even look natural anymore. It didn’t really matter though, his arms were already ugly enough before.

But he was surprised to see Rich at the hospital the day that Michael was allowed to go home. Rich was a mess. He looked around nervously, his body tensing several times a minute, despite being in a full cast. Michael could see all the pain in his eyes, his face.

Michael then remembered his Mountain Dew Red, the one he had brought with him to the party. For Jeremy. Still in his pocket.

He remembered walking in, Rich looking at him with panic in his eyes. Michael took off the cap.

“Rich, I know it’s hard for you right now. But I NEED you to swallow this.” Michael said. Rich looked at the bottle, and nodded frantically.

Michael slowly poured the soda into Rich’s mouth. He knew he needed more based on how long he had his Squip. Drinking half the bottle, before his head snapping down. Michael almost freaking out when Rich let out a huge yell. He backed away as nurses came to check on him, taking this as his opportunity to leave.

Michael hoped Jeremy wouldn’t end up like that.

Michael didn’t care for the medicine they gave him. Let his arms rot. It’s nothing compared to what he feels already. It didn’t really matter anyway.

It turns out that no one knew that it was him who was left in the house that night. More people were focused on Rich and about him not being drunk when he set the place on fire. Really, Michael didn’t give them a reason to notice. He showed up to school that next Monday morning, big red hoodie covering his new burns. Jeremy didn’t spare him even a look. Michael didn’t know if he was relieved or disappointed.

But somehow despite his ignorance to his medicine, they already healed within two weeks. Well, healed to be scars a color paling to his skin that he knew would be there forever. But as he stared at his horrid limbs, he saw the almost ruined pacman tattoo. He was surprised to even see it intact. But faded, and holes in the yellow face.

Michael knew that Jeremy always wore those long sleeves to cover his half. Who knows, he might’ve gotten it removed by now. Michael wouldn’t be surprised. It was all just pointless now. The tattoo, the video games, their friendship, his silly little-

No. It was all worthless. Worthless to Jeremy. Worthless to him. So worthless… y'know? Michael was tired of looking at it, his arms were damaged enough anyway. While he was at it, needed to burn some stuff too.

But Michael didn’t expect to see Jeremy’s dad. He didn’t know how he knew but he just, he had to get rid of it, rid of all of it. Rid of all the memories, the emotions, the feelings. He had to get rid of-


God, Michael just knew that he loved that boy more he could ever love himself. He had to get up, get his pants on. He knew that maybe Jeremy would never feel the same. But Michael had to support him.

Michael kept one new bottle of Mountain Dew Red with him. Even as he walked into the auditorium, sitting in the front row. Michael wasn’t looking forward to him trying to talk to Jeremy again after the show. But he was excited to see Jeremy in the show. He bet Jeremy would be great. This was pretty good for a school play.

Too good.


Before Michael had time to think about what he was doing, he got out of his seat and ran to one of the doors that led backstage. He couldn’t help but shout to his appearance, was he high? Maybe. But Jeremy’s face and hearing his own name on Jeremy’s lips. Made Michael the happiest he had been in months.

But Michael didn’t expect Jeremy to run after him. He thought he was gonna get one of Jeremy’s special hugs that Michael hadn’t had in so long and-

“Look out!” He heard Jeremy yell. He snapped out of his thoughts as he moved to see that Jeremy was trying to push him.

“Dude! What the hell?” Michael questioned.

“It’s my Squip dude!” Michael didn’t know how happy hearing the word ‘dude’ could make him.

“What do you want me to do?” Michael asked.

“Get me to drink it! Force it!” Jeremy yelled coming closer. His walk, however, was powerful unlike Jeremy. The way Jeremy’s body held himself scared Michael to taking a step back. But Jeremy grabbed his arm. Michael winced, almost dropping the bottle, pain shooting up him as Jeremy’s hand held him in tight grip.

“Michael? What’s wro-” but suddenly Jeremy’s face stopped. It was his face, but Jeremy wasn’t there. This face was confident, sneaky, and not anyone Michael had seen before.

“So, it was you. I had my suspicions, but best friend killing himself over a fight? A little cliche if you ask me.” The voice, it wasn’t Jeremy’s. Michael almost had tears coming out from the pain he was in.

“Y-you bastard.” Michael muttered.

“Imma cut you a deal. If you drop that bottle, I’ll give you what you want. Everything you wish for.” The voice said.

“W-wish?” Michael asked.

“Ah, Michael, Michael. Don’t think I didn’t notice. I may have had Jeremy blocking you, but I could see it. You love him.” Michael didn’t say anything, he needed to focus.

“I can give him to you.” Focus. Pull away, you need to save him-

“Michael.” Suddenly, everything was frozen. It was his voice. In that tone that Jeremy used when he talked about-

“Michael.” His face, so relaxed. So happy to be here. With him. The grip on his arm loosing. Another hand coming up to his face.

“Mikey, I…” That nickname, he hadn’t used it since they were kids! He didn’t know that he missed it so much!-

“I love you.” God. I was like everything Michael hoped for. Wanted. Dreamed.

“Jer…” Michael didn’t notice the many tears streaming down his face.

“Put the bottle down Michael… lets go get stoned in your basement!” He smiled, his grin… it was… off. It wasn’t as big. His eyes, almost too green and not enough blue. His hand on his cheek not having the slightest of shakiness.

This. Wasn’t Jeremy.

And it broke Michael’s heart in more ways than one.

“Mikey…?” It sounded so confused and worried…

Michael brought his hand to Jeremy’s. Held it, trying to memorize the feeling. It warmth. “I’m so sorry Jer-Bear… God, you almost lost me.”


But before anyone knew it, Michael twisted the cap off took Jeremy by the neck and put the bottle to his lips. Michael stared forcefully into Jeremy’s eyes.

“Jeremy! If you can hear me!! Swallow it!!!” He felt Jeremy’s hands take his arm again. Squeezing it tightly as Michael let out a yell of pain.

“Jer!! C'mon!! I know you are in there! Snap out of it!!!!” Jeremy’s eyes for that slight second flickered blue as he heard Jeremy swallow, then going limp.

Taking the bottle from his lips. Both of them collapsing, Jeremy on top of Michael. Then, Jeremy shooting straight up, and like many other students letting off a scream. All Michael do was hold Jeremy close before the ambulance came to get him.

The couple of days that Jeremy was in the hospital, Michael didn’t want to see him. All the guilt. God, he almost let everyone get Squipped because of his silly little crush.

God, he didn’t deserve to live.

But his legs carried him to his room anyway. To see him. He wanted to hold that hand again. But he couldn’t. Jeremy, Squiped or not, had a better life without him. But the one day that Jeremy woke up, Michael couldn’t resist coming over.

“Dude, what happened?” Jeremy asked.

What happened indeed, Michael needed to skip that part. “Oh man, it was genius! They were communicating with each other - they were linked! Which means… when you consider the kind of high frequency sonic disturbance needed to wipe a system that powerful…”

“Michael. My head still hurts.” Oh. Maybe not that much detail.

“Right, ah… turns out we didn’t have to destroy every Squip. Just the one. And the rest… boom boom boom!” Michael said imitating explosions. Hoping to make Jeremy at least smile.

Jeremy didn’t, he looked at Michael with a confused look that made Michael question if he was remembering what happened.

“I don’t get it. After everything I did…” Michael’s hand immediately went to his arm to rub it softly. He could still feel each scar through his sweater. “You were still there for me. Why?”

Because I love you.

“I can’t take all the credit.” Michael forced himself to say. “Your dad can be shockingly persuasive.”

“My dad?”

Michael was glad to see Jeremy’s dad wearing pants. Having a serious discussion with his son until…

“… Who is this Christine person?”

Right. Christine.

The one, Jeremy, he…


“H-hey Jer? M-Mr. Heere? I g-gotta go.”

“What? Where?” Jeremy asked, surprised.

Michael took a deep breath, and gave a smile. “I’ll see you later Jer.” And walked out before anyone could stop him.

Michael was surprised on how easily the school could fix itself. How just a week later, it was like nothing ever happened. Sometimes Michael wished he could do that.

And he could, he had to. This is Jeremy’s first day back. Just be Michael Mell.

“Michael!” He turned to see him, Jeremy wearing his favorite sweater and shirt. It made Michael very happy inside.

“Jeremy! My man, how you feeling?” Michael asked. The way that Jeremy’s face lit up, Michael knew he must’ve been doing something right.

And he was.

They were friends again. And it was like nothing changed. Well, almost. Jeremy still liked to hangout with the cool kids. Which was fine, Jeremy was not on the bottom anymore. Michael was happy about that. But he couldn’t deny that he was much happier with the fact that Jeremy mostly just spent time with him. Like when they decided to play video games almost every day after school.

“And I think Brooke and Chole are thing? I don’t really know.” Jeremy did like to talk about the cool kids. Michael didn’t really mind… but he just didn’t know what to say about it.

“Then… um… go ask if they are dating? Or ask Jake and Rich? I don’t know what to tell you dude.” Michael said.

“I guess you are right. But, I don’t wanna be rude.” Jeremy being nervous was a welcoming sight for Michael. He was glad that he was back to normal.

“C'mon dude, they’re your friends. I’m sure they’ll understand.” Michael said putting a hand on Jeremy’s shoulder in comfort. Jeremy smiled his small smile that made Michael’s heart beat slightly faster.

“Hey, there having this celebration that Rich is finally getting out of the hospital. Wanna come?” Jeremy asked.

Michael pulled his arm back, and turned to pick up a controller. “I don’t know Jer, I not really friends with them.” He shrugged.

“Rich likes you. He… said that you helped him.” Jeremy said.

“Oh…” Michael remembered the memory coming back. “Yeah, it was the least I could do. I had a bottle on me and-”

“Why were you at the hospital?” Jeremy asked, he seemed nervous to ask. As if this was something he was meaning to ask before.

“I… was just…” Michael tried to find some excuse.

“Michael…” Jeremy said.

It was almost like when he said it when-

“Was what the Squip said true?” Michael froze. The controller going ridged in his hands.

“Y-you remember that?” He asked.

“Michael.” No, he couldn’t get distracted, he had to…

“J-jer, I was j-just there. I helped him out. E-end of story.”

“Mikey…” Michael felt himself freeze again.

“D-don’t use t-that name against me J-jer. D-don’t.” Michael said as he put the controller down with shaky hands. He then stood up from the bean bag.

“I’ll g-go get s-some food ok?”

“Michael, no.” Suddenly Jeremy stood up and grabbed his arm. It wasn’t tight, but Michael still let out a hiss mixed of the slight pain and surprise.

“Michael? What happened? What aren’t you telling me?!” Jeremy said.

“Jeremy, it’s not your problem. It’s just my stupid-” but before Michael could say more, Jeremy lifted the sleeve of his hoodie and-

“Oh god.” He only lifted it to his elbow. But you could clearly see the damage.

The scars from the fire and the scars from his pocket knife that he kept now in his room. Jeremy gently held his arm.

“Please tell me that this… is the worse of it.” Jeremy pleaded. God he was so innocent. Taking his left arm, no. That was the one that didn’t have…

Michael’s tears then leaked out. Man, was he that weak? To hurt himself just because his best friend called him a… a…

“You remember… they mentioned someone being in the house… after the…”

“Michael, you didn’t-”

Michael looked to the floor.

“Michael, tell me the Squip was lying! Y-you were locked in there! Y-you weren’t t-trying to…”

Michael swallowed.

“Oh god Michael.”

“I’m sorry.”

“What the hell do you have to sorry for!?” Jeremy looked into Michael’s eyes. Tears spilling out, if only Michael had just-

“God damn it, this is all my fault!” Jeremy said, looking to his arm.

“Jeremy, it was my-”

“Let me see the rest of them.”

Michael held a breath, but knew he couldn’t deny the request.

Michael took his arm away from Jeremy, to zip down his red hoodie to reveal only a black tank top. Taking off his hoodie.

Now Michael couldn’t deny his slightly muscled arms. But that didn’t matter, they were destroyed with the pale scars that now decorated his body. And the darker scars that more towards his wrist. He held them out to his best friend for 12 years. He looked to the ground, nor bearing with the look that Jeremy probably had on his face.

Michael felt Jeremy’s warm hands caress his right arm. He knew that he wouldn’t find what he was looking for. All that was left would be the bits of yellow of what pacman used to be.

He the warmth disappear but could feel Jeremy walk between his arms until Michael could see Jeremy’s shoes only a couple inches from his. He then felt a warm hand on his cheek. He brought his eyes to Jeremy’s face as Jeremy’s other hand grabbed his hand.

Michael still had tears streaming down his cheeks to his neck, but Jeremy didn’t seem to care.

“I’m sorry.” Jeremy whispered.

“It was my mistake Jer, I did this to myself.” Michael said quietly. Bringing his other hand to where Jeremy’s was. Holding it.

“But I called you a-”

“Don’t say it. Please.”


“But, I’m sorry.” Michael said.

“What could you even be sorry for?” Jeremy asked with a hallow chuckle.

“I almost… dropped the soda Jer. I almost caused the freaking apocalypse.” Michael took a deep breath. “Just because he was saying all those things.”


“I know. I’m sorry.”

“I-I thought it was so easy-”

“Why would you ever think that?!” Michael gripped Jeremy’s hands slightly. “You calling me that, in the same voice that you use when you talk about…”


“Christine.” Jeremy was silent. “Jeremy I couldn’t handle it, I would’ve done it. Believed him. Saying that I could have you. God… I’m so selfish. You even said that you…”


“You said that you loved me.” Michael whispered. “I could’ve thrown everything away just because you said that. God Jer. I’m so pathetic.” He loosened his hold so he could pull his hand away.

“No! You’re not.” Jeremy said, gripping his hand even tighter. “I almost just let him take over me. Because he made you so happy…”

“No… it was never him. The moment I realize led it was when he smiled. It wasn’t you. And… I just couldn’t live with it.” Michael said, looking into Jeremy’s blue, so blue eyes. “I couldn’t live without you.”

Jeremy didn’t say anything as he stared back at him. But before Michael could say anything else. Jeremy pushes likely to his toes to reach his lips.

Michael was surprised, but closed his eyes to enjoy the sweet moment.

But a moment became more as Jeremy moved his hands to his neck and opened his mouth slightly. Michael bringing his arms around Jeremy’s back, bringing him closer.

It was everything Michael dreamed of and more, he didn’t want to pull away just in case this was some cheap prank. It didn’t matter that his big glasses were pinching to his face, but that Jeremy was sucking on his bottom lip, letting out tiny moans, and playing with Michael’s hair.

But soon enough, Jeremy pulled away. Michael didn’t know how out-of-breath he was until it ended. Almost gasping for air. But it looked like Jeremy felt the same way.

“Michael… Mikey…” Jeremy chuckled. “I thought you hated that nickname.”

“No, it was just that other kids…”

“Hey. I get it.” He smiled, “I can’t live without you either. I’m sorry it took me forever to realize that.”

“Well, it looks like you’ll have forever to make it up to me.” Michael said, slightly pulling Jeremy closer.

“That I do.” And smashed there lips together again.

Michael wasn’t happy with himself, and it would take a long time for him to be. He cared about what people thought. But who cares? As long as Jeremy was there. Why the hell did it matter?


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Prompt:  “Am I hallucinating or did you really just smile?”

Pairing: Reader x Cisco Ramon

Word Count: 1800ish

A/N: Ok, so I haven’t written fanfiction in like, seven years and I’m not even joking o.o but Cisco Ramon is just the most precious thing and poor baby deserves some loving and appreciation. Also there’s not enough things on the internet written about this nerd and that’s basically a crime. So I saw this prompt thing on my dash, picked this line at random and decided to give it a try :)


You couldn’t believe what was happening to your home town.

Since that particle accelerator explosion your life has changed. It had to.

You weren’t directly affected like some people were. Nevertheless, you were affected. Now the people you loved were dead, killed by the impossible, and the people you have known ever since you were a child were under the constant threat of unthinkable things.

You managed to keep your adventures on the down low for about a year, making the consequences of your escapades of vengeance look like a sequence of fortunate accidents in the eyes of CCPD. But six months ago, when you finally got your hands on the group of metas who were responsible for the attack that killed your parents, things got out of hand and The Flash put you under his radar.

After two weeks or so of confrontation, you finally explained your reasons and your goals. There was some compromising on both sides, and then they made you an offer.

Even if reluctantly, you were a part of Team Flash now. But since you didn’t have any powers, specially none of that Barry’s superspeed healing thing, you had to wait until your broken foot was completely healed so you could be out on the field again.

So there you were. Stuck with desk work.

That bored you to death so when you weren’t completely silent, you were complaining.

Barry would sometimes remind you that you could stay home until you fully recovered but you couldn’t handle the feeling of being completely useless. You had to help. At least hanging at S.T.A.R. Labs gives you the chance to participate somehow.

So there you sat while Barry was out saving the day: Stuck with desk work. And stuck with Cisco.

That last bit, particularly, was the hardest part for you.

You never minded Caitlin, and Harry was just the perfect partner for any job… quiet and couldn’t give less of a damn: your kind of people. But Cisco… He was something else entirely.

You had never seen that much optimism and passion, and it threw you off. The only way you could describe him is that it was like he was this big nerdy puppy dog of a person with a need to be liked.

And you have always hated puppy dogs.

But that wasn’t what was making it hard for you. The unbearable part was that, for about a month and a half now, you started to notice that it - from his presence to his references and his jokes - didn’t bothered you that much anymore. That when you went about your day without it, it’d feel strange. You would miss it.

It was like you needed it now.

You didn’t know what the hell was happening to you. He used to annoy you so much but every now and then you’d get home after a mission thinking of how creative and incredibly clever his solutions to some of the situations you and Flash would get into actually were. His intelligence fascinated you and it wasn’t the first time you caught yourself staring in awe as he worked on some tech. Also, his borderline childish excitement about being a part of the team and helping people, that you used to find somewhat exaggerated, now would warm your heart in a way you’d forgotten was even possible after your family was taken from you.

There was also that time when he was kidnapped. You would still feel suffocated every time you remembered how scared you felt that day, when nobody could figure out where he was, and then the relief you felt when he finally came back… and the anger you felt when you found out that Barry had let Snart go.

There were feelings now that never were before.

But you didn’t understand it, so you couldn’t accept it.


You look up from your computer to see Cisco standing up before you. Now he’s waving one hand in front of your face.

“(Y/N)?! Hello!! Are you there?!”

You notice how deep in your thoughts you actually were.

“What do you want, Ramon?” You snap at him… you must keep up appearances, after all. Nothing had changed on the outside.

“Geez, calm down! I’m just heading to Big Belly Burger and wanted to know if you want me to bring something back for you… But now I don’t know if I feel like doing you any favors.” He was making that face he makes when he’s trying to start a playful conversation with you. You would always shut him off but he would never stop trying. It was visible to the whole team how hard he tried to make you like him, but that was just classic Cisco and his eternal need of being liked by everybody. Or so you chose to believe.

“I don’t need you to do me any favors.” You look back down to your computer screen pretending to completely ignore his presence, until he sighs and leaves the room. Not without you noticing the slightly disappointed look on his face.


It takes him what looks like forever to come back.

You were alone at the cortex. Caitlin has left to meet Jay for a lunch date, Barry left to work at the police station and Harry was God knows where, but then again, that was the best thing about Harry.

When Cisco arrives, you can’t avoid to look excited.

“Aw, missed me already?” He says, placing his bags on the desk as he notices by the look you were giving that you’ve been expecting him to come back.

“Well, it took you so long that I thought you were abducted by aliens or something…” You start to help him to take the food out of the paper bags, “ …but it looks like you just went home”.

He stops what he’s doing and stares at you, “And how the hell do you know that?”

“You changed your shirt.” You continue what you were doing, looking down, keeping your cool.

“And you noticed that?“ His eyes were wide open now, “I assumed my nerdy shirts looked all the same to you”

 "Nope, I really like graphic tees" You realize you were letting yourself go. It felt nice but you just couldn’t… you had to get your act together, “er… yeah, so I’m constantly wondering when you’ll show up with one that has a joke that’s actually funny.” It wasn’t your best come back but it did the trick.

“Well, at least now we have an answer to the mystery of why is (Y/N) always staring at me… I mean, I swore to Barry it was because of my majestic hair but…” He smirks and sits down next to you.

“Say what now?” You were 99% sure he was setting up a joke but you couldn’t help but sound more concerned then you should have. Had he actually caught you?

“Chill out lady, I’m messing with you… unless…” he frowns at you and stares for a while. A smug grin growing on his lips “…you HAVE been watching me, haven’t you?”

“In your dreams, Ramon. In your dreams…” you look away, hoping he hadn’t notice how nervous that whole talk has actually made you feel. He doesn’t give up the bit.

“So you’ve been watching me while I sleep? Well, that’s even creepier!” He smirks playfully at you, “I mean, how do you even get into my house?”

“Ha ha, very funny. Why don’t you just shut up and hand me those fries?”

“I thought you didn’t want anything to eat.” He tells you, grabbing your hand to stop you as you try to reach for the small paper package.

“I changed my mind…” You pull back your hand. Your eyes still on his. “Now give it to me!”

“Ok fine…”, he finally hands you the fries,  "…Stalker"

You take it and turn back to your computer. Once you made sure he wasn’t looking you allow a shy smile to be formed in your face.

“Am I hallucinating or did you really just smile?” You are caught by surprise and don’t know how to respond for a second. How did he even see that when he seemed to be so busy with his lunch?

“What? No I- I was not, I wasn’t smiling” You try to keep up with your act.

“Oh my God, you were!” The largest of grins is on his face now, “…after months of hostility it finally happened: I interacted with you and you smiled!!”

“Well, don’t flatter yourself, Ramon… It’s just that fries really make me happy.” You smirk and turn away.

“Yeah, let’s pretend that’s what’s happening here and that you aren’t actually enjoying my company” He looks away from you, returning his attention to where it was before: his cheeseburger. You notice that his smile hasn’t died yet.

“Let it go, Ramon. You joked. I laughed. No big deal”

“No big deal? It’s the biggest of the deals!” He looks at you while you’re rolling your eyes, ’‘I mean, it is to me…” He goes back to his lunch.

“If me smiling is that big of a deal for you then your life must be even more boring than what I anticipated” You look down to your fries keeping a straight face, while internally cursing yourself for feeling this pathetically excited about what you had just heard him admit.

“Well, I know that you don’t care or whatever but I never hid the fact that I think you’re pretty awesome. I mean, even without any powers in a city full of metas you still suit up and kick ass and serve justice and all that… You were kinda like a rockstar to me! I would go online and read every bit of conspiracy theory about this possible secret vigilante cleaning the streets of Central City, and then Barry found you, and then you were a part of the team and I got to work with you everyday… dude!” And there it was! That passion and excitement growing by the moment on Cisco’s face until his eyes was just sparkling, “So, since I know you’re not one to really show any sign of affection for anybody I’m taking that smile as a validation of our friendship. It took us long enough but it’s official now: You are my friend… and you like it!“

Now he’s halfway into pulling you to a hug, “Come on (Y/N)!”

“Hell no!” You try to avoid his embrace, leaning back on your chair, “Don’t push your luck, Ramon”. He completely ignores you and holds you. Big smile, eyes closed and all. His tight embrace keeping you from moving your arms, although you could escape if you wanted to, you had taken down bigger guys before.

“Let me go, Cisco”

“Not ready yet”

“It’s been five seconds of this and it’s just awkward now”

“One more second” He lets out a loud sigh before finally letting you go.

“Gosh! You’re such a sentimental dork!” You say while trying to straighten your blouse up. Smiling, but this time not minding if he sees it.

Precarious // 6

mafia!bts: park jimin
precarious: adj. dangerously insecure or unstable
Psychotic, that’s how he viewed himself. He was a precise hitman who never made a mistake, until now. Set on an all kill mission, he brings back more than just blood stains.
word count: 1057
warnings: explicit language, violence

[ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] 6

I will be updating less frequently bc school is starting again and I know i will not have time to update )): im sorry, but i am tremendously happy for all the love and support for my stories so far <33 thank you all so much !!!

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Jimin ignored you the first couple of days when you were back. He was obviously upset with you for causing such a mess. 

“You had one job.” He yelled sternly at you. He was right. You couldn’t even complete a simple task. You deserved it, and let him fume out his anger. 

Your scars were healing with the regular, proper cleaning. Jin helped you bandage them up because Jimin wouldn’t respond when you would call for him. Besides Jimin, you didn’t really talk to anyone in the mansion. 

Namjoon was almost always in his work room. He only left for food and sleep. J-Hope and Suga were busy with drug trade, so they were out most of them time. V and Jin were busy making the drugs and separating them into different packaging. Jungkook flat out hated you and avoided any alone time with you at all cost. You ended up feeling very lonely and isolated. 

You didn’t fit in and even if you tried to, you would screw things up. Empty days led to a vast exploration of thoughts. You often would think about your brother and your mother. Thoughts of Yugyeom and where he ended up would sporadically arise. Questions to why you were still even alive would always pop up. 

You wondered everyday why Jimin or anyone else hasn’t gotten rid of you yet. You were an extra waste of space. You contributed nothing to the team all the while eating their food and using their necessities. Things wouldn’t change around the house and it was an easy task to kill you. You just never understood what went on in their heads.

Jimin needed to be mad at you. You were unable to complete the given task, so you should be punished for it. However, ignoring you only made him want to talk to you more. There was a constant itch to speak to you. He wished to talk to you forever, to hear your voice.

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You Brought Him?

Characters: Dean x Reader, Jake (OC)
Words: ~2,259
Warnings: Smut, Death, Cursing.
Prompt: “You brought him?”
Summary: Fluffy smut. This is my submission for @roxy-davenport ‘s SPN Halloween Writing Challenge where my prompt was “You brought him?” Reader is going to her friend’s Halloween party; Dean ends up saving her life. 
A/N: Happy Halloween! This was supposed to be kinda scary but it isn’t at all so I’m sorry lol but it is pretty fluffy so.
Tags: @fangirl1802 @jared-padaloveme @disneychic8 @impalaimagining @ellen-reincarnated1967 @fernandasvaldi @tmccarney @atc74 @supernatural-jackles

Originally posted by queenofhelldarlin

Your friend’s Halloween party was in a week and you still hadn’t decided what you were going to wear and who you would bring as your date. You were sitting on the couch, looking for something to watch when Vikings came on.

“Lagertha’s pretty awesome… Maybe I’ll go as her. Now I just need someone to go with.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey, your writing is amazing Bless you and your blog Can you write Dazai, Atsushi, Akutagawa and Chuuya's reactions about their s/o having a big dog (german shepherd f.e.) as a pet, please? And the s/o really loves her dog 🐶

Dazai Osamu

  • He hates dogs omfg he’s a real ass.  Since it’s his so’s dog, he’ll try to stay civil but he’ll tease it when his s/o’s not looking
  • He’d also complain constantly about the hair and dog smell and ask why he isn’t a good enough companion. 
  • If he got cockblocked by the dog, he ends up pushing the dog out of the door and putting it in the living room before it can ruin the mood he’s TRYING to set.
  • He can’t sleep in the same room with that terror, it probably snores and drools on the covers, and he’l refuse to sleep with it in the bed until his s/o says that he can go sleep on the couch in which case he whines and moves as far from the dogs as possible in his little dog-free corner of the bed.

Nakajima Atsushi

  • Sushi’s a cat person but he won’t mind his s/o’s dog. He’ll actually get along well with it for the most part.
  • He enjoys going for walks with the dog once he gets used to the harsh pulling. The first time he took it for a walk, he ended up sprinting after it because the leash got yanked out of his hand.
  • He’ll be the certified dog sitter whenever his so asks, but mostly because he can’t disappoint his s/o.
  • One time he was walking the dog with Dazai and Dazai had to hold the leash while Sushi tied his shoe or smth and Dazai just lets the leash fall like “whoops its lost forever,” and Atsushi has to chase it down all over again

Akutagawa Ryuunosuke

  • Another goddam dog hater over here. 
  • He tries to ignore it completely, the only problem is it probably loves him to bits.
  • He’ll take a nap on the couch only to wake up with an extra 100 lbs that wasn’t on his chest before and unfortunately for him, it’s not his s/o.
  • The dog breath is what kills him the most but it doesn’t help that he wears black clothes all the time and has to invest in a hair roller.
  • You can’t tell me he wouldn’t try to scare it away with rashamon if it slobbered all over him.

Nakahara Chuuya

  • He would probably grow to love his s/o’s dog tbh.
  • He’d take the dog on walks a lot when he goes for runs or just has to go to the store.
  • At least once, he’s cuddled up to the dog when he thought it was his s/o in the middle of the night. He wakes up to sloppy dog kisses and a numb arm that it fell asleep on.
  • He uses his gravity manipulation to play fetch with the dog. He’ll also use it to move it off him or if he needs to put it in the car to go to the vet.
  • If he sees Dazai while he’s walking the dog, he’ll look really smug when Dazai cringes at it.

anonymous asked:

15 ladrien?

Hope We Don’t Get Caught Kiss - Ladrien

This was so much fun to write! I kind of went in the direction of “I hope you don’t get us caught while I tease you” trope, but it’s kind of along the lines of hope we don’t get caught. Hope you enjoy!

“Adrien…” Her voice was barely more than a sigh against his neck, but it still sent shivers racing down his spine.

“Please,” he whispered into the soft skin of her jaw. “Say my name again.”

“Adrien,” she murmured, nudging his cheek and turning to catch his lips in another deep kiss. His lips were already tingling with the aftermath of her first, bruising kiss, but Adrien couldn’t complain. How could he? He was being kissed by Ladybug.

She brushed a thumb over his cheekbone, gently parting his lips with her tongue and delicately tasting him. He melted into her, resting his hands on her hips. Ladybug’s head was swimming, drunk on the sight, smell, and sensation of Adrien all around her. She sank in closer, the warmth radiating from him nearly searing her through her thin suit.

She dragged her fingers over his scalp, eagerly swallowing his soft moans as she tugged him closer. His response to her still amazed her. The way she could reduce him to a blushing, begging mess was beyond empowering. It was intoxicating.

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good boy, bad boy; jongyu college/stripper!au; 7000 words

“Hey, you’re Kibum Kim, right?”


“Sorry?” “I go by Key, I haven’t used my full name since freshmen year. You would know that if you paid any attention to the visual arts, which incidentally I have dedicated my life to.” Jonghyun’s best friend, roommate and soul sister examined his nails. “A simple Google search would have told you as much.”

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anonymous asked:

I don't understand how your fics are so popular. It's frustrating because none of them are realistic at all. If you think that you can cover bland writing with humor then you're wrong because it only points out that your stories have no realism.

Okay, anon, I wrote something specifically for you. I hope this will redeem my writing in your eyes, because how shameful it feels to disappoint you, oh great anon. Hopefully, this shows that I can write realistically….


The summer sun peeks in through the cheap blinds of his apartment window, adding yet another reason as to why he wasn’t a morning person. Muttered curses dance across his pillow as he tries to lure himself back into his stress free dream world. But, it is no use. He is already awake, and fuck if his body is going to answer his silent demands. 

“Good morning, babe.” Levi’s eyes shoot open at the sound of his boyfriend’s voice. Vivid and bright as the little bastard’s eyes, the sound reminds Levi of nails on a chalkboard, because no one should be this happy in the morning. He clenches at his chest with an open palm, not quite believing his eyes.

“Eren, what are you doing?” Standing proudly in front of him is the boy in question, dressed in a fluffy chicken suit, because this is obviously normal sleeping attire for the bright-eyed brat. But, wait. It isn’t a chicken suit that is catching his eye… it is an actual chicken. How had Levi not realized that he had been dating a fowl for the past eight months? Is this the real life? Or, is this just some shitty attempt at a Queen song cameo? ‘Both.’ Levi thinks before he grabs his avian boyfriend by the wings to head out for the morning. 

But, before he can take another step, Eren is suddenly ripped out of his arms by machine gun wielding monkeys, because why the fuck not. Panicked bawking is spilling from his boyfriend’s beak as the monkeys begin to open fire. This must have something to do with that botched secret mission to the city zoo, Levi is sure of it. However, he is not given long to decide as his body becomes riddled with bullet holes. But, this doesn’t hinder him, because humans are scientifically built to take twenty rounds to the chest, right?

“Take your stinkin’ paws off him, you damn, dirty apes!” Because, in his spare time Levi is quite the movie junkie, and he relishes in being able to recite lines of dialogue to his enemies. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake and the sky opens up. A giant hand extends from the heavens as the man upstairs begins to crush the monkeys under a powerful fist. Levi is frozen with shock, because he’s probably just as confused as you are. Suddenly, a figure begins to emit from the rumble. A figure with bright, green eyes. A pair of arms abruptly wrap around Levi as the boy begins to smother him with the hug.

“Levi, you did it! The power of true love broke the spell! I’m human again!” And, Levi is only a little disappointed, due to the fact that his chicken companion was growing on him. But, nothing good can last forever, and soon, the man upstairs decides it’s time for an impromptu Armageddon.“No! You can’t leave us down here! We will die!” Eren pleads to the deity. But, it’s a little known fact that the power above is sort of an asshole, so he ignores Eren’s request.

“Fuck you, Mr. Higher Power!” Levi screams into the sky.

To which the deity promptly replies, “Your momma.”

“Wait, Levi! I still have my wings, and I can fly us out of here!” Typically, chickens can’t fly, but with the help of bullshit storytelling, they can. So, Eren carries Levi up and away to Mars, which decided to develop a human friendly atmosphere for the power of true love and buttsex.

The End.

volleyboys demigod headcanons

Okay prepare for my half-blood headcanons literally no one asked for. You’ll have to hear me out on some but I promise I have reasons for all of them

Daichi: let’s start with a less controversial one, I see Daichi as a son of Zeus. First of all he’s a leader. He’s dutiful, stubborn, charismatic but also has quite a temper when you ignore what he says.

Suga: he could belong to several gods but I decided on Demeter. Like her he possesses motherly instincts and is nurturing, hospitable but our angel can be very stern and passive-aggressive too. Don’t cross him, he might not actually fight or kill you but you’ll probably feel his anger and disappointment forever

Hinata: ah. Here we have the first unusual hc. Ares. Yup, you read that correctly. Sweet sunshine child Hinata son of the god of war. But that’s not all that Ares is, he’s passionate, enthusiastic and stubborn, along with proud and strong. Sound like someone you know? And let’s not even pretend Hinata can’t be scary. Remember when he creeped Kageyama out when they first met? You know ‘the stare’. And I believe Hinata is proud of how far he’s come, proud that his tireless training pays off, he knows his abilities.

Kageyama: He’s a son of Apollo. God of the sun and the arts. Kageyama obviously didn’t inherit Apollo’s latent narcissism or love for music and his sunny personality BUT like Apollo Kageyama is observant. He might be a doofus most of the time but on the court he’s observant and creative. He’s a strategist and follows reason. In the past he has also been known to be arrogant, the ‘King of the court’ but he’s slowly changing and showing more of his open, kind side.

Tsukishima: he’s a perfect son of Hades. Intelligent, bitter, cunning and prefers solitude (or does he?…). Tsukki is a very private person and rarely ever opens up to anyone, his only close friend is Yamaguchi whom he had known for years. Though the two never would have met if it weren’t for the fact that Tsukki is protective too. As much as he acts like he doesn’t care he does, that’s why he saved Yamaguchi from those bullies. He knows it was the right thing to do.

Yamaguchi: I’d say Poseidon is his godly parent. His most obvious traits are loyalty and devotion. He’s the only close friend Tsukishima has, as I mentioned before, and if we’re honest they wouldn’t be if Tadashi had not always stood by his side. He’s grateful to Tsukki and loyal because he understands him in a way that maybe not even Kei himself does. If you’ve read the manga you know that Yamaguchi doesn’t just watch and admire Tsukishima passively he actually gives him shit and straightens him up when he’s out of line. I believe behind all the insecurities and fears Yamaguchi would actually make a very good leader someday.

Nishinoya: pretty sure that he’d be a son of Hermes. He’s easy-going, clever, playful, extroverted and cunning. Rationality and down-to-earth-ness aren’t his strong suit but all in all he makes a goodexample. Little wayward son OvO

Asahi: Hephaestus. You know, insecure, gentle giant, introverted, he’s very concentrated on the court, sometimes even too much and he gets nervous. Asahi is ingenious and resilient.

Kenma: Son of Athena. He’s probably the player with the most sense for his surroundings, he’s intelligent and logical. What makes him brilliant on the court is his understanding of his team mates and opponents and tactical thinking. Once you get past the layers of awkward, anxieties and mild dislike Kenma is very kind and values his friends (those he grants his trust should be very grateful for this). Tough one should never forget that Kenma is also a little shit and will take vengeance if you piss him off.

Kuroo: you’re probably expecting someone like Apollo or Hermes, but I’d say Kuroo is a lot like Hera. If we ignore camp half blood rules and say that she had demigod children Kuroo would be one of them. He is very loyal, patient and loving, he cares for his team, especially Kenma, this can even go in the direction of overprotectiveness, a feature he shares with Hera. I think he’s getting better at stepping back and letting people find their own way, though he’s always on the side lines if you need him. You know, he’s always that kind. Kuroo strikes me as someone you seeks perfection and stability in his life. He’s in college prep classes and on the court he’s smart too. All in all I’d say he’s a people person.

Iwaizumi: again we have to bend the rules a bit to make this possible but let’s say Artemis didn’t swear an oath to stay a virgin forever and allowed men to join her hunters, it would be a damn well fit. Hajime embodies reason, athleticism and camaraderie, he’s protective over his loved ones and if you hurt them he’s going to stomp you into the ground and never forgive you. I also believe that he values harmony, maybe that’s why Oikawa can irritate him easily but we all know that his roughness is only a font.

Oikawa: this one is probably more obvious, his godly parent is Aphrodite. Before you start judging me hear me out. It’s true that Oikawa is beautiful but he’s also charming, charismatic and passionate. He can read people and use his looks to charm them into doing his will. He could probably work on his benevolence though… one of Aphrodite’s attributes is also vanity but I’m not sure that Oikawa is vain. He sure knows he’s handsome but I don’t think it’s that essential to him.

sorry if your fave is not in this list but those were the ones that came to my mind OuO

She's to young -Nate maloley

this was a request by vacccinates
Hope you enjoy 💜

“MOM .. DAD” Mine and Nates 17 year old daughter yelled
“Kitchen” I yelled back

Kaylee came running downstairs like a killer was chasing after her.

“Mom so this boy from my class invited me to go to the movies with him! can I go?”

Nates head instantly shot up, “Sure sweets I don’t see a problem with it?” Nate have me the eyes and I knew I was in for it, “why don’t you go upstairs and finish your homework before dinner” “okay” she said running back upstairs. Nate didn’t even turn around to look at me he just stood there on his phone, ignoring me. “Nate you can’t keep her away from boys forever” “I can until she’s 18” he spat back “Nate I don’t like this attitude, she’s going on her date, and there’s nothing wrong with it” i said giving him attitude. He sighed because he was mad and went upstairs to our room.

I finished dinner then we all sat down to eat. “So Kay who is this boy?” nate said “He’s a really nice boy in my French class.” She said nervously “I don’t know how I feel about this kay” nate said disappointed. I looked up at him and I gave him the annoyed eyes “Dad please I already told him I was able to go” she said upset. “No kay I don’t think I want you going.” Kaylee got up and ran to her room. “I can’t believe you Nate” “Y/n she’s to young, you weren’t dating boys at 17” “no nate I was dating them at 15 because you asked me out” I said getting up and going to her room.

“Kay” I said knocking on the door, I walked in and she was laying on her bed crying. “Dad doesn’t trust me” she said crying “He does kay, he just doesn’t trust the boys, let me talk to him, but your still going on your date, regardless of what he says” her face lit up and she got up and hugged me “thank you thank you thank you mom”

I walked downstairs and nate was sitting at the table with his phone. I came up took the phone out of his hand and straddled his waist. “Nate I think you need to let her go on her date” I said running my hands through his hair “y/n it’s not just the fact that I don’t want her to go, it’s just that I know how teenage boys think and I don’t want anything happening to her” he said looking upset “nate she’s your daughter, she’s more than capable to protect herself.” he smiled at me then kissed me “this is why I love you” he then said

he called Kaylee down told her she could go and we went to bed.

~~~the next day~~~

Kaylees date was at the door and nate came running downstairs. He shook the boys hand and then we sat down to get to know him. “So what’s your name boy?” Nate said “Chris” he said nervously “Well Chris what are you guys gonna go see?” “American Sniper, Kaylee has been talking about seeing all week” Nate instantly smiled “Well chris take care of my daughter tonight, and be home by 11”

Chris nodded his head then they left “I feel like a dad who just lost his little girl” “Nate she’ll be okay, let her be a teenage while she has it” He hugged me smiled then kissed me.

Disappointment - Cameron Dallas (Requested)

Hey guys! This was an imagine for dreamergirl2727 :) thank you guys so much for all the requests, I love writing them, so feel free to leave more☺️ Thank you for being so amazing, I’m already almost at 300 followers😱Onto the imagine… Cameron had just left for a meeting, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go out for a smoke. I’ve never told Cameron about it. It was something I definitely wasn’t proud of, and I knew he wouldn’t be either. I hated hiding it from him, but I felt like it just had to be done. I pulled on my vans and stepped outside as I lit the cigarette. This had all started from a friend, telling me to try it at least once. I felt like it calmed me down in a way, and unfortunately I became addicted. Not extremely, I didn’t go through 3 packs a day or anything, it was mainly when I was feeling stressed out. “Y/N?” I heard a familiar voice ask. I felt like my heart stopped, but obviously it didn’t since I was still alive. I saw Cameron walking over to me, his eyebrows furrowed. I tossed the cigarette into the bush beside me, trying to be subtle. “What are you doing home?” I asked quickly. “Turns out my meeting was cancelled…” he said trailing off. I looked down at my feet, awkwardly waiting for him to say something. “Please tell me you weren’t doing what I think you were doing,” he said calmly, but seriously. I swallowed the lump in m throat, but felt like no words could come out of my mouth. “Seriously, Y/N?” he asked. I still couldn’t find words. “What the hell. You do realize that you’re slowly killing yourself?!” he said, his voice raising slightly. “I’m sorry,” I whispered. “And you’ve been hiding it from me. I can’t believe you,” he said as he shook his head and turned around, getting back in his car and driving away. I walked back inside and sat on the couch as I burst out into tears, struggling to catch my breath through my sobs. I might have lost Cameron forever because of my stupid mistakes. *** I heard the front door open. Was Cameron home? I ignored it and rolled over to face the opposite direction of the door, shutting my eyes. I heard the door lightly squeak and footsteps entered the room. “Baby?” I hear Cameron ask. I ignored him. “I know you’re still awake,” he mumbled. “What do you want Cameron? Haven’t i fucking disappointed you enough?” I said harshly, not turning to face him. “Y/N, no it’s not like that,” he said. “Well based on what you said to me earlier, it’s exactly like that,” I said. He lightly put his arms under my body and picked me up, setting my down next to him. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I over reacted, I shouldn’t have been like that towards you. It was just a lot to take in at that moment,” he explained. “It’s okay, I understand,” I mumbled. “No, I shouldn’t have acted the way that I did,” he repeated. “It’s okay Cameron, you shouldn’t be the one apologizing. I’m sorry I never told you, I’m just so ashamed of it,” I said. He nodded. “But I threw out the rest, I’m not going to buy any more. I thought you might leave if I don’t stop,” I explained. “I could never, but the thought of losing you to something like that kills me,” he said. “I know, but I’m gonna quit,” I said. “Thank you, it’s good for you,” he said. I nodded in agreement. “Have you been crying?” he asked as he looked at my face. I probably had tear stains down my cheeks and puffy red eyes. “No,” I lied. “I’m sorry. I never want to make you cry, I’m supposed to make you smile and laugh,” he said. “You do, it wasn’t because of you, it was more because of myself,” I said. “I’m sorry, I love you,” he said. “I love you too,” I smiled as I kissed him. It wasn’t very long, but it held so much passion and forgiveness. “And don’t, for a second, think I’m disappointed in you. I’ll never be disappointed in you, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” he said. I grinned widely. “You’re my whole world,” I smiled as I kissed him again.

Hello (1) - Stiles Stilinski imagine

Plot: Cheesily based off of “Hello” by Adele which can be found here or here

[A/n]: The ending is the best part of the story. Overall, this imagine sucks :)))

It had been approximately three years since you left Beacon Hills to live with your brother, Jackson, in London. That makes it a total of three years since you left the love of your life, Stiles Stilinski. There was hardly ever a day that went by that you didn’t think of Stiles. Over the years, you’d fought hard to resist calling him and apologizing over and over again even though it was mostly his fault, but ately, it almost seemed almost impossible with how much he was calling you.

Since your brother had headed back to the States to look for a house for the two of you in Beacon Hills, you figured he had run into Stiles and given him your new number so that he could call you. That was the only logical reason as to why he had started blowing up your phone and how he got your number.

You sighed as you walked into the kitchen which is where your house phone was. The little green light on it continuously flashed, signaling that there were messages to be heard. You knew that some of them, for a fact, were almost weeks old. You pressed one of the rectangular buttons and moved along to fix your cereal.

“Hey, [Y/n],” it was Jackson, “I was just calling to tell you I’m coming home a little earlier than expected. I dunno—maybe just two or three days earlier.” You heard a bit of shuffling and laughing in the background. “Mom and Dad said hi, by the way.”

You could here the smile in his voice which made you smile too; he had been missing home since he left, and you could tell he was glad to be back.

“Well that’s all I wanted to tell you. Oh wait! I ran into Stilinski again today. He told me he’d been calling you but you haven’t been answering. I just told him you probably weren’t at home.” You could hear him let out a disappointed sigh. “You know you can’t ignore him forever, right? What are you going to do when you get back to Beacon Hills and he along with everybody else is waiting for us?” A silent pause took “I guess…I guess I’ll talk to you later. Love you, bye.”

A beep sounded through the entire flat. You continued to dig through the cabinets in search of your favorite cereal and another message started.

“Hey, [Y/n]. It’s…It’s me, Stiles. I was calling to see how you were doing, I guess. I ran into Jackson, he told me you were doing…better. I—uh—I guess that all. Just…call me back when you get this message.”

Fourteen beeps and thirteen messages from Stiles later, you had finally reached the last one

“Hey, [Y/n], it’s me…Stiles,” he sounded falsely happy. “Well, you probably around knew that since this is my—what—thousandth time calling you. I-I just—” you could hear his voice crack. You set down your spoon in your nearly empty plastic bowl, “I’m sorry. I know you probably hate me for everything that happened, and-and I don’t blame you. I just want you to know that—”

You cut him off with the press of a button. Your thumb practically smashing into the ‘end’ button.

At the moment, you couldn’t care less about the rest of Stiles’ message. Yeah, you did hate him. You had valid reasons to after all the awful things he had said to you in a not-so-minor fight the two of you had.

You didn’t want him thinking that just because you were moving back to Beacon Hills that you were going to waltz right into his arms and forget everything that had happened. You didn’t want him to think that a couple of over-dramatic phone calls were going to fix anything between the both of you no matter how bad you wanted it to.

You spent the rest of the day lounging around and doing absolutely nothing despite needing to pack some stuff up in your room. To be honest, Stiles’ message had you wondering about literally everything. You were too distracted by him and your previous relationship to actually do anything, as cliché as it sounded.

It was a little after six when the house phone rang again. Naturally, you went to answer it. You grabbed the phone and almost pressed the big green button on it, but you paused when you realized how familiar the number looked. It was the number Stiles had been calling you from.

You hesitated on what to do, thinking over your older brother’s words from earlier. You couldn’t exactly hide from Stiles forever. Your better side overrode the one that wanted to ignore Stiles for all eternity, and before you knew it, you had answered the call.

There was a moment of silence—which was more so heavy breathing—before Stiles spoke up.



He didn’t have to turn to know the implication of her question. She was the only one capable of such depth, such knowledge of him, with so few words exchanged. He appreciated that about her. It made things simple between them, easy and unassuming. He could show parts of him without trying. She would accept the revelations with a smile.

She settled beside him, her eyes following the same path as his. Mountainous ridges extended in the distance, blotting out sections of twinkling stars that hung against a midnight sky. The moon lit the landscape, casting everything in its eery white hue.

They should both be asleep— he knew that. The rest of the camp had been snoozing for hours already; his uncle, Piandao, Sokka, Suki. The only one missing was Aang.

“You’re afraid for him.” He formed a statement, rather than inquire of her emotions.

The obvious tension flickered behind her azure eyes, the truth becoming known before she could deny it.  

“No. He’ll be there. He’ll defeat Ozai.”

He let her lie, because he knew her. Always so strong and full of hope— to give up now, on the cusp of their final battle, on the eve of the war’s end, that would be childish, right?

The funny thing was, they were all just children.

Fourteen, going on fifteen. Sixteen, going on seventeen.

Just kids.

He let his thoughts dissipate and glanced at her in his peripheral vision.  “Is it our fight, then?”

“Taking out Azula?” She shook her head vehemently, an almost smug pride clouding over the dazed fear.  “Hardly. Though, I’d be much more confident if you’d come to bed.”

“I could say the same to you.”

She laughed at that, a joyous sound echoing off the surrounding rocks, bubbling up in him like the nearby creek. For the moment, she looked happy, at peace. It was something he never thought he could bring, being the Fire Prince— tomorrow, he’d be the Fire Lord.

The mirth ebbed away.

“You worry too much, Kat.” His eyes wandered over her face. “It’s something we have in common.”

Another smile decorated her lips, but this time, it was smaller. The last year’s weight descended on her in an instant, sending weariness through her bones and fatigue to her heart.

He caught her as she slumped against him. His arm slipped around her waist, tugging her into his side, and her head fell to his shoulder. A heavy sigh left them both.

And for what felt like all time— gods above, he wished it were eternity— they sat in a comfortable silence, their thoughts drifting together and apart. She held him. He held her. The night stood still.

But like all things, the stillness was meant to break.

“Katara,” He pulled away just enough to see her, to see that azure glistening with the low hung moon, “have— have you ever known someone, who— when you’re with them, you feel whole?”

Her brows knit together, a question of his intent on her tongue. Or perhaps it was a dismissal. They were at war, the world was at its end, everything was splintering.

He pushed on before she could let a word loose. “And— and when you look at them, you say to yourself ‘It’d be so easy to fall for you.’”

He watched her eyes, as they were the gateway to her thoughts. So much passed through them: a dash of hope, a whisper of confusion, a hint of denial. Ever present, however, was her expression of quiet agreement, that he wasn’t alone in the way he felt.

“Tomorrow,” she said, bowing her head to rest upon him once more.

He couldn’t ignore the twinge of disappointment, but he understood. For them, the answer would forever be tomorrow. Today, things were uncertain, with only a handful of facts set it stone. If they won, he’d be the equivalent of a king, a mess of a nation at his feet. He couldn’t drag her into such things. If they lost— well, there was no point to these musings.

He turned, pressing his lips to her temple. “Tomorrow. We’ll always have tomorrow.”

Olicity Flash Fic #9: Sleepless Nights

Um, I think I’m over two months behind with these right now, but there’s no time like the present to get back at it! This is for smoakandarrow’s Olicity Flash Fic challenge.

Prompt: Sleepless Nights.

Oliver opened the door to the lair and paused, waiting. A deep silence greeted him, and with it a sense of cold, empty loneliness. He frowned but took the inevitable step further anyway, resigning himself to the fact that the lair was vacant and empty. His jaw clenched, shoulders stiffening as he steeled himself for the night ahead. He had always hated being alone.

But then he heard it – the rapid clicking of keys, a sound that somehow flooded his body with instant warmth and comfort. In an odd way, it had come to mean home. In truth, it wasn’t so much the sound as the images it evoked, and Oliver moved quietly down the steps until he could see her, her long blond hair clutched in its tight ponytail, her head downcast as she studied her screens. His frown relaxed and he released a breath he had been holding for far too long, only now fully accepting that he was not alone.

Oliver hurried down the steps, not bothering to be quiet, covering his earlier uncertainty with an air of practised concentration. Felicity turned to watch him, eyes lighting in a smile, and he wondered if she would stand up to greet him. She used to do that, before, crossing the floor to meet him when he had had a particularly bad night, or when she had been especially worried. She had always touched him then, a palm on his arm or even on his face, an apparently essential affirmation that he was back, safe and well. But that was before Slade, and before their date, the night when their relationship had changed forever. Besides, tonight had been a good night and Felicity seemed relaxed and calm, happy to let her eyes convince her that all was well. Oliver swallowed his disappointment and crossed to hang up his bow, feeling oddly bereft when she turned her attention from him and back to her work.

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