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AU where Vader spends even more time torturing rebel mooks, and so REALLY misses Leia getting away, and Leia makes it all the way to Tatooine with R2D2.

  • Obi-Wan having to decided what to tell them. Does he tell them the truth? Does he tell them a partial truth (they are twins but says nothing about Vader)? Does he lie? He probably lies.
  • Leia being all “Anakin Skywalker is your father??? Anakin Skywalker, the clone wars general???” and Luke’s hero worship of his dad grows 20x.
  • Leia being there when Owen and Beru get murdered, and Luke, likewise, being there when Alderaan gets destroyed for Leia.
  • Princess Leia Organa and Old Ben Kenobi interacting, because canon robbed us of that.
  • Obi-Wan seeing Leia and thinking “oh good she’s like Padme” then spends two minutes with her and going “oH NO SHE’S LIKE ANAKIN”

Friendly reminder that Regulus Black became a Death Eater at age 16 when he was still at Hogwarts, and so probably didn’t do anything as a Death Eater and just wanted the Dark Mark to prove something to himself and to others (particularly his parents). Friendly reminder that two years later, when Regulus Black was given what was probably his first real mission as a Death Eater, he was so disgusted with what he was asked to do that he turned against Lord Voldemort himself and tried to destroy one of his Horcruxes. Friendly reminder that Regulus Black was only 18 when he sacrificed himself to bring down the Dark Lord. Friendly reminder that Kreacher and Regulus had only each other and only ever fought in each other’s name.

i am so about the fake ah crew being just like. incredibly nonchalant/cavalier/offhand about their violence because it allows for moments of hilarity that mirror ones we see in their let’s plays:

  • “don’t you think we should try, you know, getting through this without murdering everybody?” jeremy asks before he knows better.
    michael snaps his fingers. “oh, shit, you’re right! i forgot something.”
    shut the hell up.”
  • gavin standing up on a crowded bus and announcing like a tour guide, “and on your right, you’ll see the tallest building in los santos. also on your right, you’ll see the exit. which you’ll want to be taking. because we’re stealing this bus. for god’s sake– leave, you lot, on your left you’ll see a massive wall of bodies if you don’t get the bloody hell off the bus.”
    “and directly in front of you, you’ll see the biggest donut in los santos.”
    “michael, you’re pointing at me.”
    “i know what i said.”
  • geoff is yelling at ryan over the phone demanding to know where he is and then yelling more when he finds out ryan’s off doing hitman jobs independently.
    eventually ryan’s just like, “would you just relax and let me kill for money?!”
  • jack stops a hostage from pulling a gun during a heist and tsks. “oh, honey. your next of kin is going to be so embarrassed for you when the paramedics tell her how you died.”
  • ray’s on a sniping job and the guy he’s about to kill is standing in front of a window; the sun comes out and suddenly bathes him in this angelic halo of light. 
    ryan’s watching for shits and giggles. “that looks like divine intervention if i’ve ever seen it. that’s some symbolism right there.”
    ray rolls his eyes. “screw you, symbolism,” he says, and pops off the shot.
  • gavin’s playing with a new shotgun during a heist and is amazed/grossed out to discover that it can blow limbs/heads/etc off of bodies if shot with care.
    geoff comes in when he hears all the noise and is sort of like “what the fuck, gavin” in general.
    gavin waves away the interruption impatiently. “oi, i’m operating,” he says, punctuating it by blowing the leg off a corpse. 
    “amputation!” ryan says, delighted, when he walks in.
    gavin beams. “yeah, exactly!”
    (”you guys are fucking gross and i’m going home.”)
  • michael’s gunning down cops when his gun malfunctions.
    “performance issues,” jeremy comments, mock-sympathetic.
    “oh, what, you know from experience?” and then they’re just bickering about erectile dysfunction, heedless of the officers in various stages of injury/death around them 
  • geoff is holding some people hostage in a bank; a dude in the corner is murmuring oh my god, oh my god, oh my god
    and geoff grins at jack. “y’know, if the whole ‘life of crime’ shtick doesn’t work out, i think i have a career as a pastor.”
    “yeah. for some reason, people get awfully fuckin’ religious when they’re around me.”

You know how some actors look like they’re trying to maintain a pretty face even for emotional scenes? I love that Bob doesn’t do that. He doesn’t hold back at all. No man, he’s gonna show you a man grieving and it’s not going be pretty or romanticized; it’s going to be loud and ugly and raw and intimately real. You’re going to feel almost uncomfortable, like this is a private moment of agony that you’re intruding on. It’s going to rip your heart out of your chest and you’re going to let it because it’s Bob Morley and that man’s performance is always riveting.