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i love all your artwork, but initially i followed your blog purely for the kirkmall art (honestly just all the dragon age artwork in general). you havent drawn any of that in a while. i was wondering if there was a chance of you returning to it, or if you had lost interest. im going to keep following irregardless, but itd be nice to see some more!

Thank you! Also no worries i haven’t lost interest, I’m just painfully lazy and easily distracted 

kirkmall au

Lights, camera... wait, what?

We start off the classic “bad guy is caught” scene just like every other – an officer (clearly voiced by Casey Kasem, like every other such character) pulls up to the gang at a weirdly-convenient time.

As much I appreciate the extra detail of the headlights shining on everyone, the way the light begins and how it reflects on the officer is a bit odd… eh, it’s not too weird, I’ll give ’em the benefit of the dou–

GAH! Speaking of weird, what’s up with the bad guy’s face? Why does he look like an evil Elvis? 

And… wait, why’s the light suddenly shining from the right side onto him? That’s the opposite of how it was before.

Huh… the questionable light on the officer hasn’t changed, it’s still coming from the same side… what was that all about? 

Let’s see what the rest of the gang looks like, they were being completely blinded from the front befor–


Now it’s only slightly bright… and the light is coming from behind them?

What’s the deal with this car’s magical powers of headlight teleportation? Was it the real villain all along?!


Predatorshipping Week Day 5: Shelter 

“Huh, we’re that couple.”

I drew a small part from @apvrrish‘s fic time out of mind because it just made me… so happy, among lots of other emotions and you should definitely check it out and all of their other fics because they’re all so good… :’)

Monster!Robbie can’t fly, but he can sorta-kinda hover a little with those wings. Which he pretty much never does, because that’s just tiring. He’d much rather chill and eat whatever surgary things he can find.

With those hands and feet he’s pretty good at manipulating small objects, and he’ll sometimes look through people’s garbage to find old broken things he later makes little sculptures with. This monster loves creating things!

…and then something special on the bedside table. The very first picture he’d ever taken with his reverse-engineered camera. It was a picture of him and Grillby, long before I came around, but I couldn’t stop staring. It was actually a picture of him. Him and Grillby both looked so young, and the diner decor in the background was different than what it was now. The picture was at least a hundred years old. They really looked happy. - Sans Journal, Entry 38.

*~Thank You~*

So this is extremely late but…

I would just like to say thank you for everyone who participated and helped me plan out my event.

I had been planning that event for around 4 months before it began and I had no idea what I was doing and came close to cancelling it several times.
But I had a lot of support from not only my friends in this community, but others as well.
Others who I don’t really know/have rarely talked to came to me and helped me and supported me with this event and I can’t possibly thank each of you enough.
All of your supportive and nice comments about my event made me so happy and I felt truly supported in this community.

I also want to thank to everyone who participated.
A whole lot more people participated than I expected, I was expecting at max around maybe 15 but pretty much a good chunk of this community came to my event. I am very grateful and I hope that you all had a good time interacting with others.
I constantly saw a bunch of asks and various interactions with each other happening and it warmed my heart to see so many people coming out of their shells and socializing with others. <3
Plus I even saw some blogs who just joined the community participate in my event, which brought a huge smile to my face because I remembered when I first joined the community I also joined an event (The PokeBlogBall) and it brought back many happy memories from when I first joined this lovely community.

I would also like to thank those who didn’t join my event and had to awkwardly suffer with a shitton of winterball stuff flooding your dash. Thank ya’ll for dealing with it lol

As for myself, I sadly couldn’t participate in my event that much due to the fact that I was dealing with a stomach flu, visiting my mother in the hospital/going to her surgeries and also applying for several jobs.
So I apologize greatly to those asks I didn’t get to answer, it hurts me that I didn’t get to interact with most of you wonderful people but life got in the way too much for me.
But at least through the sidelines, I got to see others socialize, do plot and overall just have a great time.

I will hopefully be finishing up my little plot and interaction that I have soon. I’m just applying for jobs constantly and I am now fighting a cold so please bear with me lol.

But long story short. Just thank you all so much…. for everything.