will be buying



so far this friday:
  • it was agonisingly, absurdly cold at the ice rink this morning
    • my lutz is still a disaster zone
    • both of my routines leave me wheezing with my hands on my knees like a ninety-year-old who just tried to climb a mountain, even though they are literally less than two minutes in length. THROWING YOUR BODY AROUND THE ICE IS TIRING, WHO KNEW.
  • cramps. augh. such cramps. fuck off, uterus.
  • my mother read my most recent short story and said LOVELY THINGS ABOUT IT :))))
    • “I can’t get the first line out of my brain” my mum is the best
  • I bought…a townhouse.
    • look I know my usual impulse buys are along the line of ‘cute jacket’
    • but
    • BUT
    • townhouse!!
  • I watched galaxy quest for the first time in my 30-year-old geek existence last night, and my life has been forever changed for the better and I can’t stop remembering lines today and making embarrassing snorting sounds.

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“See some may come Some may go But I’ll follow you wherever, You’re nourishment to my soul”

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icypoof  asked:

When I had a hamster she seemed to really like yogurt treats! Have you tried feeding Tia anything like that? :3

Oh yes, I know which ones you mean and have those! I even have them extra small so you can feed them to dwarf hamsters. Tequila, my Roborowski hamster, loves those, but Tia ignores them. She ignores everything except sunflower seeds and mealworms… I only had luck with banana chips so far. I even made treats myself with fresh raspberries… still no luck. But thank you for your suggestion ^u^

Don’t you ever have a strong suspicion journalists invent stories, or even commit crimes, because they’ve been sitting on a very good title for years and they’re desperate to use it?