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Hey your pretty bio art is always on my dash and making my day so I was wondering if you ever get in the mood would you try Augustus Sinclair cause he's one if my faves with Delta and I'd love to see him in your art style 👀💕

you know, I was super skeptical of this guy throughout the entire game, and as it turns out he was pretty legit. My apologies Sinclair! youre pretty cool <3

I’m aware that Ragnor was an extremely minor character and basically his whole point in the show was to die and make it more difficult for Clary to save her mother and also spur Magnus into deciding to go after Alec but I just…it just makes me really sad that almost the only time Ragnor is ever talked about is in relation to Magnus. How Magnus feels. How Magnus got hurt. And of course he did. Ragnor was in all likelihood Magnus’ oldest friend, and he was certainly one of his closest friends (still believe the memory of a loved one he gave the memory demon was Ragnor and/or Raphael and/or Catarina) and he died right in front of Magnus. He died in Magnus’ arms. Of course Magnus got hurt by that.

But Ragnor died. Ragnor died. He got hurt. He died as a result of protecting a Shadowhunter. As a result of aiding another Shadowhunter. He died in his own home, helping people who more often than not look down on him simply for being a Downworlder. But he knew which Shadowhunters were worth saving and was able to separate them from the actions of other Shadowhunters (and the same can’t be said for most Shadowhunters with Downworlders), and it got him killed. He deserves so much more credit and appreciation and acknowledgment than just ‘oh no Magnus is hurt’.

Because @missgillette knows how to tempt me and I’m a sucker for LADS in cute outfits //crias (Yes Jeremy will make an appearance at some point)