will be back september 5th

(Credit to @noorastudy for the graphic)

So as the photo mentions above, this is a series of posts I will be posting for Back to School! I start school on the 5th of September, and so with around 1 week to go, I thought of posting a set of posts to get me back into the school mood.

These posts may include tips that I haven’t yet tried and will try once school starts, hopefully they help you out too!

In school:
As soon as your teacher gives you any homework/assignments, WRITE.IT.DOWN. Trust me, chances are you’ll forget it later on.

On the way home: Check your to-do list/planner/bujo and break bigger tasks into small sub-tasks. Choose one/multiple task/s on the basis of:

  - Will you procrastinate on it later on? If yes, DO IT NOW.
  - Will you be able to finish it before you have your snack/lunch? If yes, do it.

At home:
- As soon as you reach, check your to-do list/planner/bujo and take out the required books/other supplies you may need for all your tasks for the day and keep it on your desk/wherever you study. This will be beneficial for later as you have less reasons to procrastinate (the books are right next to you)
- Get started with your task/s you chose to do in the previous step and finish it.
- Have a snack/lunch (in my case). This is where you can check your phone and other social media sites.
- Rest for a little while. If you feel sleepy, take a nap. If naps make you feel even more tired, either go for a quick shower or simply get started with a simple task.
- Set a certain time to finish all your homework/assignments/studies for the day, and then reward yourself by watching your favorite TV show or YouTube videos, scrolling on Tumblr, reading a book, whatever you like. Avoid doing these activities during your study break, so once your done, you will feel like you deserved that reward.

Some videos on the same topic that may help you out:
1. How To Be Productive After School - STUDY TIPS - by WaysToStudy
2. How To Be Productive After School // study tips + - by @studywithinspo3. How To Be Productive After School + 5 STUDY TIPS! - by Ways To Grow

And that’s it. This is of course, easier said than done, and you’re receiving advice from someone who has spent days just sitting in one place, procrastinating and sleeping really early, feeling exhausted, without even doing much. 

For the first few days of school, try not to be too hard on yourself. You’ll probably be tired and that’s fine. Rest for 1-2 days (if you really feel like you have to) and then hustle harder with full force. If you don’t feel that tired, then hustle harder from day 1! Check out the hashtag #glimmerBTS to see all the posts in this series.

Tomorrow’s topic: How I organize my tasks + other task management systems

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I was in a bad car accident on Saturday. Family called work to tell them, they ask if I'd be in the next day. Say I definitely won't be and probably won't on Tuesday either. Today is Tuesday. I was at the doctor for follow up, they called and texted. I thought my family had been more clear with them. I can't go back til after September 5th. Hopefully I don't get more frantic calls while recovering from a concussion =.=

Chapter Sixty-Two

Emmy sat down silently beside Zara, hands gently pressed to her bump, and she listened to the conversation surrounding her. She was at Buckingham Palace, where Elizabeth was hosting a meal to celebrate Beatrice’s birthday the day before. Beatrice was sat beside her grandmother, smiling and remembering to laugh while at the same time looking half asleep. Emmy knew why – she’d heard that Beatrice had at a raucous night at Boujis the night before, and she was sure that Elizabeth would not approve of her married granddaughter acting like a single woman.

“So, how’s Harry?” someone asked. Emmy, who’d been lost in her thoughts, started back to the present to see Peter smiling across the table at her.

“He’s…okay,” she said, nodding. “I think he’s loving Brazil. Every time I speak to him he’s got to go give out some medals or something.”

“Bet he loves that. Mister Important,” Mike said, grinning. “Watching the beach volleyball.”

Peter snickered. “He always did like volleyball.”

“I think he described it as ‘the less clothes, the better’, am I right?”

Emmy finally realised what they were saying, and her eyes widened slightly in horror. Had she really just let Harry fly across the world on his own, where lots of perfect female athletes were waiting for him?!

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Time square NYC screens start showing The Ellen DeGeneres Show Premier Advertisement for the new season 😍😍Ellen Show will be back Tuesday, September 5th 🕺😍 🎊🎉🎈
#theellenshow #ellendegeneres #ellen #season15 #ellenshow #nyc #timesquare (at Times Square, New York City)

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Meet the JSE community

1. Erin, 15, USA

2.Can’t draw so doing a picture instead

3. Writing has been a hobby of mine for a couple years because of my art teacher

4.My dream job was always to become a computer programmer or an author

5.I’m not a typical person to carry a bag but when I do it’s usually just my phone and a note book

6. To describe my personality I would say a book worm and kind

7.I found Jack’s channel back when he played Outlast 1 (September 5th, 2013)

8. My first would always be Anti, second is Schneeplestein and last has to be Jackiboy Man

9. My favorite series are Night in the Woods and The Last Guardian

10. I see myself as an active member of the community through Theories and Fan fiction!

@no-strings-puppet lol you knew half of this but decided to give the full thing!


(Well it’s December guys and you know that what means. Selfie dump from selfies over the year and talking about it. It’s gonna get kinda text heavy because I’ve had kind of a shit year, and each of these photos represents either an important event or period of time. Time to get sad but also gay! 

These photos are in chronological order, and under the cut I’ll be explaining them. They all have the dates they were posted as descriptions. My face tag is #ax to the face if you want to go seek out the original posts! (Warning for emotional abuse ment. and suicidal ideation ment. under cut)

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Cillian Murphy and Stephen Rea
Ray D'Arcy Show 5th July
Cillian Murphy and Stephen Rea

Interview on the Ray D'Arcy show this morning — Cillian and Ray D'Arcy. Lots of laughs about working together in Ballyturk, reading reviews, sharing a dressing room, the ukelele and more.

Cillian does mention “Pesky Blunders” somewhere in there and that it’s coming back sometime in September or October. :)

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Im so confused about all this school business, i go back to school September 5th

yeah I used to go back to school on september 15 or so!

some countries/states start earlier I guess

900+ Followers

I hit it yesterday but I didn’t want to overshadow yesterday’s holiday so here we go with it today :)

Let’s give a shout out to my biggest fans, shall we?

@ashleychinrock @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki @lizhart1701 @adriellej

I wanted to thank you, all of you, for being so sweet to me all the time.

For reading my stuff, reblogging my stuff, commenting on my posts, supporting me, both in writing and all the struggles I face, sending me asks and sweet messages.

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There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you <3

Also, I wanted to thank people who promo’d me ( @a-girl-who-loves-disney , @anotherwinchesterfangirl and @deandoesthingstome ). Pretty thanks, you, guys <3

How will I be celebrating, you might ask. With moodboards, I’d say :)

Credits to the idea go to those cupcakes: @zeppelininanimpala and @muffincastiel

Rules to get a personal, name-inspired, moodboard:

  • must be following me 
  • must reblog this post
  • must send me an ask (not a message) with their name and (optional) some things about yourself e.g. your favourite color, hobbies, etc.

Rules to get a character moodboard:

  • must be following me
  • must reblog this post
  • must send me an ask with a character (for example Dean) or a version of the character (for example Soulless!Sam)

Fandoms I’ll make a moodboard for: SPN, Teen Wolf, Grey’s Anatomy, Agents of Shield, (some Marvel if you ask nicely), the Vampire Diaries, the Originals, the Walking Dead. As for the Arrow, the Flash, the 100, Agent Carter and the Shadowhunters only the main characters (not the background ones.)

You can ask if I’m going to make a moodboard for certain fandom, I didn’t mention all of my fandoms :)


Attention: Only one moodboard per person!

A little disclaimer: I’m leaving for holidays on Sunday and I’ll try to complete all of those by then BUT I’m a busy person and I might not be able to. If there will be any asks left on Sunday, you’ll get your moodboards after I get back from the vacation, meaning the 5th of September at best.

Under the cut I’m tagging some *clears her throat* a whole lot of people who I love and/or look up to. Thank you for being here for me. 

(Also, for the signal boost. But shh.)

Thank you so incredibly much <3

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A guide on when there could be low activity in your roleplay

This is a basic guide for when there could be low activity for your roleplay due to finals or public holidays etc. So make sure you are aware of these things for different countries too.

I’m getting this information from my personal experience, online and friends from USA and Australia.

Edit - Thanks to followers, other people are giving me their term dates and when exams happen.

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