will be a great game


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Another Press preview clip!!!

More of that symphony imagery, and some great footage of when Suga gets swapped into the game!


My Papyrus cosplay from Undertale! Every time I do my jaw gag (physically moving the jaw from the head to make it look like I’m talking) I can only think of Seán’s voice for Pap xD I hope you like this!

so far as a jedi knight i have

  • fought against a planet’s apparently native species, who obviously have some sort of civilization of their own and don’t like the jedi showing up and taking over their homeworld
    • (well, they’ve been there 20,000 years, anyway, which is a long ass time. technically the je’daii were there first? and the flesh raiders are mutant rakata invaders? but then the jedi ditched tython and they refer to the flesh raiders as natives now)
  • had the option to call an alien ugly just for being a kel dor
  • had the option to make fun of an alien’s accent
  • got a dark side point for adopting a sister
    • (presumably it’s a romance if you’ve got a male jedi but they won’t let me do that!)


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I just finished the game, after more than 60 hours of game. And I love it. I don't understand all the hate the game receive, the story is great, the characters are very good. Jaal was better than I thought, everyone was good. Sure there had been a few glitches but I've seen worse in good games that didn't receive hate for it. It has its default but damn it's good. And it sets off a great beginning for a trilogy.

It has its default but damn it’s good

That’s my feeling right now. What do you think about replayability?

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Which Uncharted game are we talking about because as much as I love the 1st game, the second one is pretty great

Literally any and all of them
Im playing 4 right now and hhhhgg
Its giving me more hamilton feels by the minute


In conceptualizing the systems and setting for Major Miners, I pulled inspiration from a great many things. I already mentioned Spiral Knights; other major influences are Shantae, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Super Smash Bros, and a great many other games in the action platforming genre (and I have a few Metroidvanias wishlisted on Steam for research purposes). Physical comedy and cheesecake would be my mainstays, continuing to place me in that uncomfortable zone between cute and sexy.

@kallie6891 yeah - i think I’ll do something similar with Sirius. The fact that I’m having do much trouble means that I’m probably going to end up with a new fanfiction OT3; but a hinge OT3 with Sirius in the middle and with the men respectful but cool to each other. 😙 is it any wonder I’m having trouble picking in the game!!! They’re both so great!

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Baby Shower

We had our baby shower last weekend, it was cool to have the whole family together. Yes, even her mom that I still don't fuck with like that, and mines as well. We had a great time laughing listen to music and playing games. It might be worth have them over again. I was super glad my big brother and little sister came it was a highlight for me. 

Sorry, we have been inactive I just been working and GK been trying to keep her stress down. My grandma came back to help Gavina since I been working more. 

The Quad Squad Coming Soon- Three Princesses and One Prince. 

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Been loving Andromeda so much! It has issues, as ALL things do, but I really think it's a great game. I LOVE the crew. Do you have a favorite character?

Sara Ryder is my favorite character lol. Which is exactly what I wanted. I enjoy games so much more when the character you play as has as much personality as the world around them. She’s just so funny and good hearted and badass - I adore her. 

Farewell Club Penguin

It isn’t really surprising that Club Penguin is going to shut down because the game has been out since 2005 but…

It still sadden my heart that my childhood game, the game that I’ve played everyday in my elementary years is going to end today 

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Like, I had SO MANY good times playing it, that I still remember to this day, made me truly entertained 

My first ever Mascot I met was Aunt Arctic on the CP Award Event at March 2010 

Becoming a Ninja, Fire Ninja, Water Ninja, and Snow Ninja 

Throwing an igloo party

Role plays 

The STAGE before it got turn into a mall

Freaking Mascot trackers back in the day where everyone helps each other to find a mascot like Rookie or Rockhopper 

The Hydra boss battle in EPF 

Rainy Day 

Trying to tip the Ice Berg

and many more that enjoy but not nearly as good the times I had when I was a kid.

Thank you Club Penguin, it has been a truly a great experience playing this game in my elementary school. As long I remember this game, it will never be forgotten. Waddle On.