will bake

Did I ever tell you guys that technically I’m not allowed to eat cosmic brownies?  When I was in high school, having a late growth spurt, I was eating A LOT… even more than usual lol, and that was when my ma taught me how to really cook more than little simple things.  She just couldn’t keep up with how hungry I was!  But anyways, one time she had just gone shopping and bought this 12 pack box of cosmic brownies (my favorite after school snack), and while I was supposed to be putting the groceries away, I ate all twelve of them.  She was kind of annoyed because that box cost $4 and I inhaled them in 90 seconds, so she said I couldn’t have any more cosmic brownies.  But because she was annoyed, she completely forgot she even said it… but I (obviously) never forgot.  Fast forward to today, I stopped by to visit her during my lunch hour, and I noticed a box of them in the cupboard.  I was 👀 af because they’re really tasty, so she offered them to me, and when I reminded her why I couldn’t have them, she laughed and told me I was a treasure.