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AMT Automag III

Semi-automatic pistol chambered in .30 Carbine, the Automag III was produced for a very short time before AMT dropped the line and eventually went bankrupt. Although it has a silhouette similar to 1911, it has no back strap safety and a different slide mounted safety. Many owners have noted that this pistol is obnoxiously loud. In spite the novelty of having a .30 Carbine pistol, they are also known for being somewhat unreliable and require a little work to get running sometimes. (GRH)


The acoustics of shooting in a valley the AMT Automag III in .30 Carbine sound like a Stormtrooper’s blaster.

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i agree that colonialism fucked up many cultures n forced them into assimilation but those things shouldn't automagically take away critical thinking or ignoring ecology. it sucks that some indigenous ppl have to resort to killing certain animals for food but our ecosystem needs to be sustainable for all beings on this planet to live. theres no ideology behind that its just how ecology works. id be ok w cultures killing certain species as long as its done in an environmentally sustainable way.

god this message has a lot to unpack

there’s literally a huge problem in the north american arctic with the massive overpopulation of seals. the anti-seal hunting campaign literally has nothing to do with ecological balance or sustainability - a lot of it lies in the white perception that indigenous hunting practices are inherently ‘savage’ and ‘cruel’. seals are cute and white people don’t want them to be killed - but apparently the white slaughterhouses full of suffering, struggling cows and chickens and pigs are fine

also not all indigenous peoples “resort to killing certain animals for food”. lots of our peoples kill animals because certain animal skins/sinews are required to make our traditional goods like drums, moccasins, clothing, etc.. some of us kill animals for food because it’s a part of our culture, not because we’re “forced to”. some of us really like moose meat. like.

like… killing animals is something indigenous people did long before white people got here and told us to stop?

also the phrase ‘id be ok w cultures killing certain species as long as its done in an environmentally sustainable way’ REALLY does not sit well with me. it’s not up to you to give indigenous people the thumbs up to engage in our own culture? the implication that indigenous peoples need to get their own traditions approved by their white colonizers is really really gross

your message has a lot of colonialist undertones and i hope you can see why

You’ve asked us for real instant messaging, and now it’s on its way. This means things like threaded conversations – yes!

Check out your dashboard for a little smiley balloon icon (if you’re using the app, be sure that you’ve updated to the latest version first). Click it to send a message to anyone. Your recipient will automagically get the messaging feature, along with your witty and uplifting message.

Not seeing the new icon? Have no fear, messaging will launch for everybody after a few weeks, giving us time to work out the kinks.

Once you have messaging, you’ll notice that fan mail has changed a bit. Old fan mail conversations can keep kicking, but you’ll need to use messaging for initiating outgoing gems.

Let us know if you run into anything unusual along the way. We’re here to help.

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Arcadia Machine & Tool (AMT) AutoMag - .44 AMP

The AutoMag, quite the imposing gun. The AutoMag pistol was originally designed by Max Gera and sold by the Auto Magnum Corporation, headed by CEO Harry Sanford. The original company, AMC lasted a whole 2 years, and from there came a slew of other companies set up by Sanford in an attempt to make this gun.  These included TDE, OMC, Thomas Oil Company, Hi-Standard and AMT. 

In the long run, AMT was the only one who made a lot of guns, them and AMC. The reason for all of these different companies was two fold. One was the AutoMag was a mess of a gun, the original Gera design was made out of chrome-moly steel and Sanford had it changed to Stainless Steel, keeping with AMT’s standard. This made the gun unreliable. Sanford was also selling these guns for a ridiculously low price, around $170-200 dollars in 1970′s money. This got so bad that it was noted that every gun would cost the company $1000 a pop.

The reason from Sanford for such a price undercut was that making them really cheap would increase sales and make the company look like it was very successful for outside investors. To say this killed the company was an understatement, as in 1982 the AutoMag was dead, with around 9,000 made. They were all chambered a line of proprietary calibers, including .44 AMP, effectively a .30-06 cartridge cut in half making a rimless version of .44 Magnum. There was also .41 JMP and .30, .25 and .20 LMP. The ammo isn’t entirely dead, as Cor-Bon makes .44 AMP.

The AutoMag name was then reused by AMT for the AMT Automag pistols, sharing no real similarity to the original besides name. In 2015 however, a company bought the rights to produce this gun and all the design documents and is working on making new production AMT AutoMags as well as improving the design.

“Well, this is the .44 Magnum Auto Mag, and it holds a 300 grain cartridge - And if properly used, it can remove the fingerprints.”

Fun fact: The AMT AutoMag from Sudden Impact was actually made from the spare parts that designer Max Gera had in his home. Very fittingly, the serial numbers for the 2 guns made for the film were “Clint1″ and “Clint2″

anonymous asked:

Wait, I don't get it. How are lesbians only being attracted to other women with vaginas in any way the same thing as men only being attracted to women of a certain weight or race?

It’s not about lesbians “only being attracted to other women with vaginas”. It never has been.

In the first place, let’s be clear: we are talking about some lesbians, specifically cis lesbians who are not open to dating trans lesbians.

The fact that we can’t have this conversation without agreeing to frame the lesbian identity in a way that excludes trans women and some cis women and trying to change that framing get us accused of “policing the lesbian identity” is one of the major red flags that no one who talks about this is actually interested in a conversation.

And that goes for you, too. I’m tempted to say that if you would like a sincere answer, you should come back with a sincere question.

But the fact is that it’s more valuable to publicly push back against this disingenuous approach than it would be to try to reach you personally, so I’m going to forge ahead.

As I said, it’s not about those cis lesbians “only being attracted to other women with vaginas”.

Because some trans women have vaginas.

So it’s “I’m only attracted to certain kinds of women with certain kinds of vaginas.”

And even then, it’s not about that.

Follow the chain of “certains” long enough, and what it comes down to is the assertion “I am attracted to cis women, not to trans women.”

“Vaginas” is the explanation for this phenomenon. Radical feminist lesbians would normally bristle at the idea that being attracted to a woman means being attracted to vaginas because reducing women to their parts is what patriarchy wants us to do. But as I said: once trans women are involved, everything goes out the window.

Now, how is “I am attracted to cis women, not to trans women” similar* to people who claim to only be attracted to certain races?


It relies on the idea that all members of a group are visually identifiable by a single feature or set of features, that all members of a group are visually identical in some way. 

When trans women aren’t on the horizon, radical feminists love to say “There’s no one way that women look. There’s no one way that women act. There’s no one way to be a woman.”

They’re talking about cis women, obviously. So let’s spell it out: there’s no one way that cis women look. There’s no one way that cis women act. There’s no one way to be a cis women.

And if that’s true, there’s no one thing for a cis lesbian to be attracted to in cis women. And no one thing for a cis lesbian to be unattracted to in trans women.

Let’s be honest: if cis people really could automagically tell who is trans and not be attracted to them, this wouldn’t be an issue. They wouldn’t be trying to keep us out of queer dating spaces, causing trans panic rape scares whenever we talk about being lesbians or dating lesbians, et cetera.

The assertion “I’m not attracted to trans people” is made to explain their violent reactions over the fear that they will find themselves attracted to a person and then learn that she is trans.

Now, you’ll probably circle back to vaginas and say that they’re the feature that cis women have that cis lesbians are attracted to. But what I said about not one way to be a woman applies to vaginas, too. Not all vaginas look the same. Not all vaginas act the same. Not all vaginas react the same.

Everything that gets thrown out as a characteristic of “real vaginas” (cis women’s vaginas/vulvas) applies to every cis woman’s vagina and vulva. Not every vagina successfully self-lubricates or has a lot of elasticity. Not every vagina is a passageway to a uterus or a fertile womb. Not every vagina–even on a dyadic cis body–is there without the work of surgical reconstruction.

Staking these things out as the qualities that trans-excluding cis lesbians are attracted to in women is 1) gross and reductive in a classically misogynistic way and 2) simply not true.  

Any way you shake it, any way you slice it, “I’m not attracted to trans women” is based on the idea that cis women are ONE way and trans women are ONE way. 

It is therefore an idea that is rooted in prejudice and preconceived notions.

Countdown to someone saying that I’m demanding [cis] lesbians must have sex with trans women in 3… 2… but again, the idea that personal preferences, personal attraction, and personal sexual activity do NOT occur in a vacuum but can come from oppressive systems and lead back to oppressive system is an idea that gets discussed every day, including by radical feminists, so it’s really disingenuous to act like it’s a brand new idea when trans women are involved.

You can date who you want. You can have sex with who you want. You can choose not to date or have sex with whoever you want. You don’t ever have to be aware of how your personal preferences interact with oppressive structures. No one can make you do this, much less change them.

What trans women want is an end to the policing of the lesbian identity and lesbian spaces by people who think their personal preferences should define the identity for all.

Here’s my ideal world:

trans lesbians: I’m a lesbian.

cis lesbians: I’m a lesbian.

Here’s where we are now.

trans lesbians: I’m a lesbian.


The big change I’m looking for is for that to not happen any more.

*You said “the same thing as”, which is setting the bar pretty high… something I’m sure you did on purpose. A stab wound is not the same thing as a bullet wound, but they’re both wounds. No matter how concerned you may be with bullet wounds, you wouldn’t stand outside the emergency room trying to stop people with stab wounds from coming in because they’re “not the same thing as” bullet wounds.

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Stream uptime: ~5.5 hours

Video here if you missed it

We can close the in-game terminals by clicking the small X icon in the top right now.

Changes to the way the weapon format is set up. The player’s arms can now be hidden on demand so that weapons that are particularly bulky or skinny don’t behave in weird ways with the player’s various arm animations.

You now start the game unarmed. Your UI will update automagically with the appropriate new pieces when you find your first weapon.

The dialog is now a neutral gray color instead of the previous hot pink. Gray seems more comfortable for dialog box bordering.

Created a bunch of helper functions for determining player control states to make it a little bit easier to filter inputs in the future when I finish redoing all of the listeners to support controllers.

Ceil, the green rabbit following the player around, now has jumping and falling animations that sync up with the player’s movement.

Fixed a bug where the muzzle flash for a weapon would point downward while crouching.

Tiny change to muzzle flash for rocket launcher to remove a pixel from the bottom corner of an animation on the spritesheet where two anims overlapped.

Loading a saved game now correctly instantiates your health, ammunition, position, control mode, your arsenal, and any unlocked abilities.

Minor changes to the player’s face sprites. Not sure if I’m going to keep the wide-eyed glowing versions or not. Here’s some before-and-afters:

Neutral expression:

Sad expression:

Dialog choices now correctly display the character portrait for each response.

Fixed a bug where jumping against contiguous wall sections would occasionally grant you an extra jump.

Fixed a bug where holding down the jump button would cause doublejump to execute instantly.

Made rocket jumping slightly more floaty. Feels good.

Rocket ammo is limited now, and the player can now pick up additional rocket ammo dropped by enemies.

I got the job that I interviewed for on Thursday! So, my schedule might change a bit. We’ll see what happens.

Cheers everyone


AMT Automag III

One of the few semi-automatic pistols chambered in .30 Carbine. The Automag III looks like a longslide 1911, which it is slightly based on, but it isn’t a 1911. From what owner’s have said, they’re very loud pistols but not 100% reliable and may require some work to get to function. This may be due to the stainless steel issues AMT was known for. (GRH)

inoneearandouttheother  asked:

Howdy! I'm young and I have a pretty good retail job at a home improvement warehouse that cannot be named. I have a 401(k) where they match the 3% contribution I give in my paycheck. I diversified with some money in a mutual fund set to mature when I retire, a higher risk fund, bonds and some common stock. What else can I do now (at 21) to ensure a bright and early retirement future?

If you want to retire early, you will need to open a brokerage account in addition to your 401(k). You cannot withdraw the money from your 401(k) until you are 59.5 years old without incurring a 10% penalty in addition to full income taxes on that money. Which would essentially mean giving up almost half of every dollar you withdraw early.

So, step 1: open a brokerage account. You can put money in and take money out of brokerage accounts whenever you want, as often as you want, with no penalties. A brokerage account allows you to invest like your retirement account but keeps that money under your control rather than locking it up. Why have a retirement account at all? Well, most are tax-advantaged, so it makes sense to max those first usually.

Step 2: figure out your number. Most people calculate the number they need to retire (early or not) by using some multiple of their current salary. Let’s say your current salary is $40,000 - traditional wisdom says you’ll need at least 25x’s that to retire, or $1,000,000. That’s a very quick and easy shortcut to the question “how much do I need to retire”. (you use 25x’s because history tells us you should be able to withdraw 4% annually and not deplete your principal during an average retirement)

Now, while that’s a good shortcut number, it’s not necessarily the best number. Instead, I would focus on how much you SPEND every year, not how much you make. If you only need to spend $2,000/month to cover expenses and have some fun money, or $24,000 annually, you don’t need to save $1,000,000 before retiring, you only need to save $600,000 (assuming the same 4% withdrawal) - way less than our shortcut provided.

Or maybe you’re making $40k a year, but spending $45k (going into debt every year to cover all of your expenses). If that’s the case, you need $1,125,000 to retire - more than our shortcut provided.

Hopefully that illustrates why it’s more important to focus on spending, not earning, when calculating your retirement number.

Step 3: research various investments. Know what you’re getting into. Know the pros and cons of every investment you buy. Each person invests differently, and for the most part, that’s okay, as long as you understand the risks and rewards and then shape your plan around those risks and rewards.

Me personally? I favor income-producing assets over equity assets. I like investments that pay me a dividend or royalty check every month/quarter vs a stock price that rises. I understand that over a longer period, on average, my income-producing investments will appreciate at a slower rate when compared to equity assets. But I also understand that over a longer period, on average, my income-producing assets will have less volatility. That helps me to not panic sell, that helps me to sleep better at night, and so I’ve traded a little bit of reward for a little bit of lower risk. That’s how I shaped my plan.

My plan won’t work for everyone. Someone else may want to be all equities and think I’m silly receiving dividends every month. They may not blink at 10% gains and 10% drops in the same week. You should do what makes sense for you and your plan.

There have been numerous studies done that show it doesn’t really matter too much what you invest in, so long as you are diversified, don’t panic sell, and stay invested. The vast majority of wildly different portfolios will usually end up in about the same place over a couple decades as long as you buy and hold. Period.

If you’re not sure what to invest in, but want to get your money into the market now (the old saying is “time in the market is better than timing the market”), then just buy a target date mutual fund from Vanguard. This is a great investment. The lowest fees anywhere. You are instantly diversified with thousands of US and global stocks and bonds. Every year Vanguard rebalances the mix for you automagically and over time they move you from mostly equities to mostly bonds, so your target date fund gets less risky as you get older. It’s the single best placeholder - and for a lot of people will be the only investment they ever need - while you do more research on other investment options.

Finally, step 4: If you plan on retiring super early (in your 30s or 40s), I highly recommend you set up some alternate sources of income. This is usually called passive income, though it’s rarely truly passive. This can come from a hobby (making and selling things on etsy or ebay), a royalty (designers and musicians make money every month from work they did in the past), a part-time gig (“job” sounds not-retired, so let’s use gig) that you love doing and happen to get paid for, etc. The 4% safe withdrawal rate is usually only applied to traditional retirements, those lasting about 20-30 years max. If you want to retire at the age of 30 or 40, one would hope you plan on living longer than 20-30 years and therefor you need to make your money last longer.

Having some sort of (even really small) income to supplement your investments will help a lot. For example, if you can rent out a spare room in your house, or cut lawns if you like being outside, or work at the library if you like being inside, etc making just $300/month, that’s the same as having an additional $72,000 invested in a fund paying a 5% dividend. When you think of small income drips in that way, you can see how powerful even “gig”ing a few hours a week can be.

Hope that helps. Please let me know if you want any more information on any of the above. Walls of text don’t go over well on tumblr, and believe it or not, this is the short version of all this. So ask away!


iAi Automag IV

Seldom seen handgun since the company was very short lived. iAi was formerly AMT, known famously for their Hardballer Longslide 1911. Their Automag pistols were offered in many different calibers and sizes, the one in the photos being chambered in .45 Winchester Magnum. It has a very crude, almost unfinished appearance on the slide. For the most part they tend to be more collector pieces since they are considered somewhat unreliable. (GRH)

How to use high-res images in text posts

Tumblr automagically shrinks any images you upload in text posts to 500px and replaces images from other websites with an ugly grey icon, but here’s a workaround that will let you post images of any size!

  1. Go to your dashboard and open a new photo post.

  2. Select the photo you would like to post.

  3. Upload the photo as a private post.

  4. Click on the photo once the post finishes uploading and then right-click and copy the image URL.

  5. Open a new text post or reblog a post and switch from rich text formatting to HTML (the far right button on your format bar). Use the following HTML code wherever you need your image:

    <img src="PASTE IMAGE URL HERE"/>

  6. Click Post and you’re finished! The images should show up as native Tumblr image thumbnails.

You can always delete the original photo posts once you’ve finished with them.

All images in this tutorial were uploaded in the same way. Let me know if you have any problems with this method!


My new site - nothing there yet.

.com and .net are both being held by some squatter.

It’ll be a day or two until anything happens. The domain name has to be registered and all of that. Then I have to set up wordpress. Maybe it’s easier than it used to be. I hope. I will keep this tumblr site up, and hopefully I can work some miracles and post here automagically via WP.