will ask for another bc aye

i was going to share a cool post but tumblr is censoring me so i have to use //
in 8th grade our teacher had to run some errands but our class was the adv. math class that consisted of 10 nerds who had never seen misbehavior in their lives so the teacher said “you guys arent going to do anything bad” and she left us and we sat there doing playb uzz quizzes bc why not and we all took the “we can guess if youre strai//ght or g//ay” and i got stra//ight and someone asked and i said “well im not saying what i got but its wrong” and this guy goes “well i guess you got gay then” and im like “what makes you say that?” and he goes “you dont seem like,,,, it” and another girl says “i have a les//bia//n aunt and i know the stereotypes” and she proceeded to literally describe me and myself and 2 other kids lost our shi//t holding in like, laughter at this “coincidence”
and like every kid who was there either knew i was ga//y and didnt give two sh//its or was coming to the conclusion but refused to accept it and listen, those 10 minutes before the teacher came back represent my entire life