will arnett is just

So the moon was trying to kill me for some reason and after flying around and terrorizing me for a while she straight up just transfigured into Will Arnett with long hair. I threw a chair at him (we were in the street I don’t know where the fuck the chair came from) and then I ran back to my house….which had lockers in the kitchen? They were red. Anyway, guess who my new roommate is? Will Arnett, but now he’s blond. So I run to my neighbor’s place but I have to act like I’m not running away from him, and I get there and my neighbor is like “better watch out for that guy he kills people” but then Will Arnett comes over and he’s like “it’s okay” and I’m like “so you don’t want to kill me?” And he’s like “no just other people” and then he rips off my neighbor’s wig? And that’s the story of how I became Will Arnett/ the moon’s roommate.

The Verdict: The Lego Batman Movie

So, I’ve waited for this movie a very long time, since its announcement, despite the minor hiccups *cough* thebabsxbatsthingwhichwasntbadliketkjdidthanksdirector *cough*

(If you got the Prince reference, I love you.)

I just wanted to say, finally, Thank you DC. I know it’s quite the best BatJokes fanservice ever. But you actually finally acknowledged us. Them:
BATJOKES. I practically disturbed audiences in my local cinema with my fangirl squealing at every moment they had. But I will never regret them. At all. I CRAVE FOR EVERY MOMENT. I WILL DEFINITELY WATCH IT ALL OVER AGAIN. THANK YOU, THANK YOU DC!

To Chris Mckay, the director, I believed in him, and he delivered well. Much love to you sir.

To Will Arnett and Zack Galifianakis, you both just brought BatJokes alive on an animated film, and your voices are just beautiful, thank you for lending them to this beloved characters.

To TLBM Writers, I’m totally in love with what you had written.

I love you all. I just love this movie. I just loved every bit of it.

And thank you for adding few of my loves in the this film, like:
(Which will go under the cut to avoid spoilers for my BATJOKES FAM.)|

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“It’s over when I say it’s over!” Max snapped, grabbing Becki’s arms tightly. “And it’s not over.”

“Max - let me go - you’re hurting me.”

“I’m not hurting you. But I easily can!” He grabbed her throat and lifted her above the ground. “Why don’t you people understand, I’m better than all of you.”

“Hello Arsehole.”

He dropped Becki to the ground and turned to look at the owner of the voice.

It’s impossible for me to enjoy anything with Will Arnett in it because looks wise he always reminded me of my ex. So every time I see Will Arnett in anything a tiny part of me just gets irrationally pissed off. Like fuck you and your stupid handsome face Will Arnett , even though I know Will Arnett has never hurt me personally my head just goes there.