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This has been in my head for like a week. I like to think that Stan is ridiculously susceptible to genuine compliments, especially ones from his brother.

By the end of the first act, Steve couldn’t help but grin. He was looking forward to watching Bucky showcase his talents as the lead swan. It was a role that Steve was positive T’Challa had created with only Bucky in mind. The swans moved in T’Challa’s choreography with a fierce strength that Bucky’s lean, muscled frame encapsulated perfectly with his flexibility on full display.

If You Fall, That’s Ok (The ground will catch you) a new Swan Lake, Ballet AU fic collaboration between @mystrana and myself. Updates every Tuesday and Friday!


GD road trip AU | Alex is feeling stressed out after a busy month at the DEO, so Astra takes her on a road trip. Prompted (and prodded :P) by @foxx-queen.

So, I’ve heard it floating around that a lot of people think Laserblast & Professor Venomous are the same person… There’s still a lot of questions in the air, but it kinda fits…. plus, I’m enjoying this idea maybe too much hah ha xP Villain/hero relationships at their most basic are such a mess, now just imagine throwing romance in there lol

So, I started thinking about if Venomous IS the evil, purple-ified version of Laserblast…. & my thoughts fell on Carol & Venomous & how it would be if they met after all this time & WHAT IF THEY STILL WERE ALL CUTESY WITH ANOTHER?? I ranted a bit to @tralfamador-ian & NOW MY BRAIN IS STUCK HERE IN THE GUTTER PLEASE SEND HELP!! x0

Another edit for my singer au!

if you’ve ever considered becoming a vegetarian/vegan but you’re afraid you won’t get enough protein, don’t be!

here’s a video about animal protein vs plant protein

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i hope this helps! also i lov u 

somtimes I remeber there’s an actual diesel ninja princess in the legend of zelda video game series and the world is slightly better

If You Fall, That's Ok (The Ground Will Catch You) - Hopeless--Geek (wuzzy90), Mystrana - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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Steve knows there’s nothing wrong with a career as a corps dancer, especially in the highly regarded Marvel Ballet. But when a series of events result in a chance to dance the lead role of the prince in T'Challa’s choreography of Swan Lake, Steve’s not about to turn down the amazing opportunity.

There’s just a few problems: he’s not exactly as tall as most principal dancers. He’s only got a week to learn the entire part.

And he’s got a huge crush on the lead swan - one Bucky Barnes, who Steve’ll be dancing up close and personal with for the next week. It’s enough to make his legs forget how to work.


A collaboration by me and @hopeless–geek​! 

You guys. Hope and I have worked endlessly to bring this lovely little (I say little but it’s actually 40k+ words so…) ballet AU to you. Please enjoy! New chapters posting every Tuesday and Friday. 

Many thanks to our ballet beta @vix-spes

here’s a fact: throughout high school (and later college) rick was often spotted wearing shane’s hoodies, to the point that they were more the pair’s shared hoodies than an individual’s. they usually swallowed rick, though, thanks to his being smaller than shane for a good portion of their lives (and also because shane preferred bigger jackets like that)

bonus: rick was commonly referred to as shane’s girlfriend due to the sheer amount of times he stole shane’s hoodies