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okay. i’ve tried hard to think of a way to get the white muns to actually listen, which is probably impossible, but i’ve tried. i know that white people’s reaction to being called racist is to be defensive and lie to themselves and rage against the people who dared call them racist. i’m saying this as a white person who used to do all that. 

so, to the white muns who reacted to last night’s “””drama””” by making it about themselves instead of the community that was attacked:

even though people (especially poc) have every damn right to call you racist (which you were being), let me phrase this in a different way:

you were selfish.

a community was attacked, and you responded by making it about yourself. by talking about “racism against white people” or “not all white people” or “i’m white and i’m not racist”. the minute anything even remotely uncomfortable happened in your field of vision, instead of coming to your poc friends aid, you talked in tags and vagueposts. you talked about how “as a white person not all white people are bad” when that was never the point. 

you made it about you. 

basically, as a house caught on fire, you decided to dump buckets of water on yourself instead, doing nothing but making you look like an idiot and helping no one around you. that is why people are mad at you. that is why people unfollow you and block you and don’t trust you anymore.

because they know that when the next fire comes (and it will be against the poc community because it always has and always will), you aren’t going to try and save them. when they needed you, you tried to save yourself when you were never remotely at risk of catching on fire.

and they have every damn right to hate you for that. 


Because these boys share their birthdays in the same month, I drew ‘em both!

Why you gotta bring the fact that noorhelm is a white couple into your anti-noorhelm argument all the time?

“Julie loves this plain white couple” and “all the weird white girls obsessed with noorhelm” and “William is just a privileged white boy”

Like that’s completely irrelevant and unnecessary and I’m over it. I’ve accepted that for some reason there will always be people who are too stubborn in the fact that they refuse to believe people ship noorhelm because of their development, and because William has proved himself (arbitrarily might I add) time and time again so just get over it and stop bringing race into this. The show is almost over and it’s seriously so sad when all the antis (who are mainly evak stans) just complain and complain about William and noorhelm, like just cherish your ship while you still have it - just like all the noorhelm stans are doing. WE are starting no drama, only just defending ourselves and our ship from antis and yet how ‘awful’ William is/was is always a topic of discussion.

So please just continue dragging noorhelm with the same 3 arguments because literally no one cares anymore and half the fandom is waiting for this show to be over so we don’t have to deal with all of this bullshit anymore


Did Syaoran just kick a stone snake in the face and break it? No wait, there are two of them. Did he just kick two stone snakes in the face and break both of them in a single kick?

It’s gotta run in the family, right? Kurogane will be so proud. 

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Well, he makes a good point. 

What is he gonna do? Use magic




Also I love the fact that

1)      Syaoran is both ready and immediately willing to break the law to get the feather

2)      And like. LIBRARY laws.

3)      From SYAORAN.

4)      And Mokona actually goes through the effort of explain the deception to Sakura JUST IN CASE SHE DIDN’T GET IT. And I don’t know if this means Sakura is just so pure she wouldn’t realise it was a lie (which is true) or Mokona is just ridiculously proud of Syaoran for succumbing to her brand of chaos (which is also true).

5)      Also is that Kaede?

I’m so moved right now by the The Boyfriend Experience update! This is by far my favourite YOI fic written by @victorsporosya and the update is so freaking beautiful!

Like, how did you do that, girl? Everything felt just so right and I couldn’t stop grinning while reading it!

Go read it if you haven’t get and get tissues…LOTS OF TISSUES!