will anyway

can we stop pretending that doctors treat everyone equally and that they don’t have prejudices towards poc, lesbians/gays/bisexuals, trans people, fat people, people of a certain religion, poor people/people on benefits etc and that it actually stops people from getting a diagnosis and/or treatment. stop acting like people with chronic pain, mental illness or other medical issues can just “go see a doctor” and get all the help and diagnosis’s that they need. 

I know everyone loves the idea of taako’s last name being taaco but hear me out: when they apply to join the IPRE, taako and lup need last names, but they don’t know what name they want to take for themselves. They both finally decide to take the name of the most important person in their life.

And so we have lup taako and taako lup.

But when someone asks taako what his last name is post-stolen century, he blanks. All he knows is it was the name of the most important person in his life. He says taaco.

(Also, the moment lucretia hears taako refer to himself as taako taaco is the moment she realizes just how much she has stolen from him)

so many people are finally seeing that lance can be an amazing leader that the team really needs at the moment like he’s literally saving the team’s ass by being able to make quick decisions and directing them properly. and lbr, if the team just listened to him for once, they’d stop getting in those tight situations.


Even Lance doesn’t completely understand his own existence lol

Taking a break from the angst to bring you the fluff!! I love this silly AU