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BTS as brothers

hii ;3 I hope that my request won’t be hard since it’s one of your first on this blog :) what kind of big brothers would bts be? (if you have members limit then please just Jungkookie and J-hope) thank you and fighting! :D

J-Hope: I get the feeling J-Hope would be really cute but annoying as a brother. He would always be in your business, asking who you are talking to, how well you are doing in school, and any news on your love life. He would probably tease you a little too, but always with the intent of making you laugh. He would do cute, silly things just to see you smile, because seeing you upset physically pains him.

Jungkook: I think you’d be really close to him, he might be a little clueless in boy matters as opposed to the other guys, because he is still very young himself, but he would always be there for support, just like you’d be there for him whenever he had a tough day. You’d probably both be very competitive, and would bicker over silly things, and only then he would take advantage of being the eldest, telling you he must be right because he is older than you, which would probably frustrate you to no end, but you’d quickly make up, and go back to enjoying your spare time together.

V: Oh God, I think V would be the most interesting to have as an older brother. He would probably be a lot crazier than J-Hope as a brother, teasing you all the time over silly things, and poking fun at you, but you’d both be so attached! You’d be the dynamic duo, always up to mischief; pulling pranks and taking selcas together, cuddling, and talking about everything. He would do anything for you, he would take the blame for something you had done, to get you out of trouble, and get into fights and arguments if someone had hurt you, both physically and emotionally. You’d have this love-hate relationship, where you’d want to pull his hair one moment, then hug him tightly and never let go the next. He would be your best friend.

Jin: Jin would probably be the over-protective kind of brother, always making sure you are okay, you are eating well, and you are dressed appropriately for the weather. He’d be the type to want to know your friends, and to text you whenever you are out to ensure your safe return home (tbh he’d probably suggest driving you ‘cause he wouldn’t trust your friends completely). He’d be so sweet and so perfect though! He’d protect you from everything he can, and in return, you’d tell him absolutely everything about you, and trust him with all your secrets. He’d be extremely supportive and proud of you no matter what you chose to do in life, but he would scold you if he thought you were taking a wrong or dangerous path.

Jimin: I think Jimin would be kind of an annoying brother, always teasing you, poking you, sneaking into your room to try to get a glimpse of your diary, but would definitely be cuddly too. He would purposefully annoy you, just to get a reaction from you, but would make sure to comfort you immediately if he thought he had taken it too far. He would be a great brother though, always there for you, always making you laugh, and comforting when you had problems. He would always want to do fun stuff with you whenever he has free time, you’ll probably never have a dull moment in your life if this guy is your sibling.

RapMon: I get the impression he would be a protective brother too. He would probably embarrass you in front of the guys you like, just a little, and just for fun, because in all honesty, he would never approve of anyone you ever brought back home. He’d be very caring, and understanding though, always there when you need him, even though he is incredibly busy all the time. You’d definitely look up to him, and this would probably be what keeps pushing him forwards whenever he is feeling blue, he needs to be strong for his little sister, because there is nothing that feels better than seeing the admiration in your eyes whenever you see him perform.

Suga: I think Suga would be the most chill out of the guys. He would be an amazing brother, very calm, very relaxed, he wouldn’t necessarily get involved in your business, but he would still tease you a little from time to time, because that’s what brothers do. You’d definitely admire him, not just for his talents, but as a person, and although he might not tell you, he is incredibly proud of you, and he secretly brags about how amazing you are to the rest of the guys. He’d show them pictures he has taken of you, telling them how beautiful you are, and show off the food you make for him, but then refuse to share it with the rest. He would make you feel safe, and you’d be perfectly comfortable sitting together in complete silence, just quietly enjoying each other’s company. But I warn you, if anyone ever breaks your heart, let God have mercy on their soul.

GAAAH this was my first piece of writing for this blog. I hope it wasn’t too long :/

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You realize that your whole blog makes you look like a spoiled upset idiot who is salty that people like k culture. You sound like a 12 year old crying about it, it's pathetic. Don't embarrass yourself by replying to this because I will not come back to you blog to ever see it so it. Take advice and realized that ANYONE CAN SITUATE THEMSELVES INTO ANY CULTURE. People have been doing it for CENTURIES. It may start with the music, the food, the people, etc. It's not a crime, you are too insecure

what the fuck is k culture

- admin p


“people have been doing it for centuries” yeah it was called colonialism and i hate to break it to you but it wasn’t great

-admin a

Title: (Insert hilarious food based pun here)

It’s only gone and happened. They’ve let me loose on this thing. Which in my mind can only mean one thing… I haven’t done enough damage in Fridgecam to warrant a full-on social media blackout. Yet. To be honest I’m loving that we’re able to do these blogs and the thought that perhaps 6 or 7 of you may even read it is an added bonus.

I’m relatively new to Tumblr. My first experience of it was last year when Jamie forwarded me a link to a blog he’d been sent via twitter. I scrolled down the page and soon found my picture sat innocuously below a gif of two consenting adults being very friendly to each other… In 256 colours, on a loop. This was it; I’d made it!!

Once I’d finished showing my mum, I browsed around (having left the page) and realised that actually, Tumblr was a microcosm of sometimes brilliant, sometimes hilarious and sometimes mostly weird products of what happens when you give creative free reign to us lot who live on the internet.

The fact is we are all in a really cool place right now. To have the ability to be creative in whatever it is we enjoy and then being able to share that with people from all over the globe is a real privilege. From videos, to photos, to illustrations, webpages, music, whatever… the chance to do what it is you love and have that seen by other people who also love it is more possible than ever.

We at sorted are testament to the fact that any old goofbags can have the same combined interest and get it seen by hundreds of thousands of people across the world should illustrate to anyone that it is possible. That’s why we always bang on about getting you involved. Whether it’s in comment of the week, #eyecandysorted photos, video comments, Google + hangouts, jingle writing for Fridgecams, tweets, gifs, ridiculous blog posts, we want you on board.

If you’ve never done any of the above now is the time to start. Let’s make the coolest place for food on the internet right here!


Life tip: Eat brownies for dinner. Deep, dark, malty, fudgy, ever-so-subtly spiced chocolate stout beer brownies, anyone? My adaptation of The Kitchy Kitchen’s phenom beer brownie recipe from her even more phenom new cookbook is here for the making. 

Read more, and get the recipe here.

Hey yo friendly reminder out there to all the awesome cool peeps i may or may not follow.

If you are running a blog and consistently posting cool things then you are cool, but remember to take care of yourself!

Drink water. Eat a refreshing snack food. Order an awesome pizza with like a bazillion toppings. Take a break from blogging to check your email or pet your cat/dog/hamster/feed your fish. 

When you post things and people demand more because they like your content? That’s great and all but–

Don’t ever sweat it! 

You’re posting things because you want to. YOU are taking time out of YOUR very important day to share things with other people. And that makes you cool, but you should never feel pressured to continuously blog, no matter what anyone says, especially if you start to feel burnt out on stuff from the pressure. 

If a personal project has run its course and you can’t work on it anymore, move onto the next best thing– or just take a good old fashioned break! Go for a walk. Smell a flower or two. Skype that old friend you meant to skype yesterday. Talk about butts. Nice butts. 

You are doing your best and you are doing it for your own enjoyment. You are cool. 

But don’t make yourself worry about posting things!

You come first.

And you are the best. 

Be good to yourselves please and thank you !!! !!!!!!

Obviously I don’t give a shit about what people blog about if they’re not harassing anyone, but I will never, ever understand the appeal of food blogging.

Who wants to look at pictures of delicious food all the time without actually eating it? Personally, it just makes me hungry, and annoyed that I can’t have the food I see in the picture. It’s completely unsatisfying and I don’t know how anyone can get anything out of it.

5 Minutes with Troye Sivan, October 2, 2014

Words by Matt Huxley for Moustache Magazine

LOOK I’m not gonna lie; I may or may not have eaten a tub of ice cream in celebration when I got this interview opportunity. #thinspiration. But in my defense – it was totally warranted. Troye Sivan is pretty bloody amazing and inspirational. When you have millions of people hanging on your every word, rewatching your videos countless times and being “thirsty” for you (which a disturbing amount of people on Tumblr are) it’s generally assumed that you have “made” it. For Troye, this level of success was a long time coming. Years of YouTube videos later, he is following his dreams and recently released the chart topping EP TRXYE, which spawned the worldwide number 1 Happy Little Pill. We had a fantastic chat about music, twerking, if my questions are dumb and of course YouTube. Bloody enjoy it.

MM: Hey Troye, how are you?

Hiiiii, I’m goood! how are you? (I’m just now realising this is a written interview and you can’t respond. Awkward)

Now you’re essentially the first widely known celebrity I’ve had on 5 Minutes With (you’re welcome) and Happy Little Pill is topping charts the world over, you must be so proud, did you ever expect this level of success?

Why thank you very much! Thanks for having me. I absolutely didn’t – it’s the kind of thing you secretly hope for, but never expect. I’m so happy 

Now of course (and rightly so) all your YouTube friends have been throwing their weight behind your project and promoting it, which has been amazing, do you think the EP TRXYE would have been as successful if they hadn’t been as supportive?

Not at all. I’m a lucky, lucky boy to have such amazingly kind and supportive friends, and I think their support contributed massively to the online buzz around the EP.

Now I’m gonna ask the tough questions in this interview, other than your bestie Tyler Oakley (hey Tyler :p), which youtuber are you closest with?

Wooooof, that’s tough!! I would die for Zoella, so there’s that I guess.

What song currently get’s you twerking? Can you even twerk?

I unfortunately cannot, but if a song did, it would be Hey Mami by Sylvan Esso. I can feel my hips twitching at the thought of it.

Has it been difficult to juggle your youtube channel with all the extra promotion and publicity you’ve had to do with TRXYE?

Yeah, it’s been pretty tough. I’m in the process of trying to plan better so I can keep up my consistency on YouTube, though. It’s so important to me to keep that line of communication open.

Run me through a typical day in your life?

WELL, these days, iI probably wake up in a hotel, reply to emails, head off to maybe a meeting or two, go into the studio, go to dinner with a friend, and then head back to the hotel to sleep and do more emails.

How do you stay so thin? I’m jealous.

I have no idea! It’s not really intentional, just kind of happens..I eat a normal amount of most foods, and an obscene amount of others (nutella by the tablespoon is my favourite cuisine).

What would you say to anyone out there looking to start a youtube channel or blog?

Just do it. The hardest video you’ll ever make is your first.

What’s the dumbest thing a fan has ever asked you? Fingers crossed it isn’t in this interview…

ONE TIME SOMEONE ASKED ME THE DUMBEST THING A FAN HAS EVER ASKED ME. HOW DUMB? Totally kidding, I have some pretty intellectual fans so i can’t say i can think of something off the top of my head.

So what’s next for Troye Sivan? Can we expect a full length album? Even a song with Miranda Sings?

More music! Hopefully an album soooon. Duet with Miranda is on it’s way on the full length.

Obviously you’re in the US and UK a lot now, being the two main Youtube hubs, has it been difficult to adjust to not being home in Perth as often?

It’s been a bit weird to adjust to – I miss my family a lot when I travel, but I have good friends in the UK and US that make it a lot easier. There’s worse things in the world, and I just remind myself that when I feel a bit homesick. I’m very, very lucky.

Ok so I’m now going to do an amended version of our rapid fire series. I’m going to list a youtuber’s name and you just say the first thing that comes into your head…. Get ready….

Tyler Oakley: FRIEND

Connor Franta: FRIEND ALSO



Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter): MUM


Joey Graceffa: KEN DOLL MAN


Gigi Gorgeous: QUEEN

Natalie Tran (Community Channel): QUEEN OF YOUTUBE



Thanks for your time Troye!

Anytime! Thankyou!

Make sure you check out Troye’s soundcloud which has just been updated with some amazing new remixes of Happy Little Pill. You will love.

Buy TRXYE on iTunes here.