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toy-mango submitted:

Oh boi, oh boi, the beryl squad is finally here.

They do all have partners in which i wont draw since i have over 40 heckin gem by noW (if anyone wants to draw them a partner go ahead just know white has one that I’ve already drawn)

Aquamarine is childish and she can be a thorn in everyone’s side often.
Emerald is bitchy and sarcastic, her favorite thing to do is make everyone mad.
Morganite is a beAN, she loves everything and will hug inanimate objects.
Golden Beryl wants to run a lot and you can’t stop her.
Heliodor is tired of constantly cleaning up everyone’s shit
White Beryl/Goshenite is the “leader” of the beryl squad and shes p chill but ends up punching Black Beryl often.
Bixbite just wants to be strong and will play fight with everyone.
Raspberry Beryl is generally confused all the time she doesn’t even know why.
Maxixe is sad all the time and he will cry often, no one knows what to do with him.
Black Beryl is angry 24/7 and only knows how to yell at people, the other beryls throw him into space when important gems are around.

Oh yeah they all have water wings too.


anonymous asked:

What about shance, your choice of platonic or not, where lance collapses from exhaustion or fever on a mission, and shiro feeling guilty for not noticing sooner?

Opted for shance because I’m trash, leave me here to die. 

“Lance, please keep up,” Shiro hisses over his shoulder. “We have a long walk ahead of us but it shouldn’t be much further now.”

Lance huffs. He was stupid to think that Shiro would go easy on him just because they were together. But Shiro never has–he goes just as hard on him as he does the others during their training sessions, pushes him as he always does while they’re sparring, and nags almost more than his mother if they both end up being awake too late. Lance just wants a breather, or water, or a nap, but Shiro’s hand pressed in his own only proceeds to tug him forward as they trudge through knee-deep sludge.

This planet is disgusting. It’s so hot even their suits don’t seem to have the capability to cool him down fast enough, and the sweat rolling down the neck of Lance’s bodysuit makes him cringe. They’re trying to find a supposedly-abandoned base to get a family heirloom and power source belonging to the people, but the more Lance walks, the less he wants to. Everything is warm and uncomfortable, and he just wants to go back to the castleship.

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