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Jesus Christ I would love to request so much fluff from you because your my favorite writer ever, but I'll start whit cuddling headcanons for mtmte brainstorm, perceptor and nightbeat (i love the nerds)

Aaaa thank you!! 

Brainstorm MTMTE

He loves cuddling with you, even if it’s awkward with the size difference. He prefers using his mass-displaced form to cuddle, but that’s still a bit rough so he’s willing to use his holoform too

Once he’s switched to his holoform, one of his favorite things to do is go completely limp in your arms and make you carry him to the bed.
“Aww come on I carry you around all the time, my legs aren’t working it’s time you carried me” 

If you haven’t already dropped him (he’ll lay on the floor until you move him, he’s that stubborn) and make it to the bed, then he’s a giant cuddle bug. He likes to be the big spoon, but he doesn’t mind being the little spoon either. It’s also worth noting that if he falls asleep as the big spoon, he’ll end up wrapping his arms and legs around you until he wakes up (good luck getting up if you get too hot or have to pee). Also he snores be ready for that 

Perceptor MTMTE

He rarely initiates cuddles, but he does enjoy them. He might be slightly irritated if you try to cuddle during work hours, but after that he’s more than happy to indulge you. He’s a bit stiff (especially in his holorform) at first, but once he relaxes he’s actually quite nice to curl up with 

He never wants to be the little spoon though, you don’t really know why. If you ask him up front he’ll agree to it, but you know he prefers being the big spoon 

He doesn’t snore or click in his sleep, so you don’t mind when he falls asleep with his head in the crook of your neck. He does, however, occasionally talk in his sleep. It’s usually incoherent mumbles, but one time you tried asking him a question and his reply was a muffled ‘love you too’. He denies that it happened, but he knows he probably did say that 

Nightbeat MTMTE

He’s fine with cuddling pretty much anywhere, as long the two of you are alone. He reeaally prefers using his mass-displaced form though, even if it’s kinda hard to lay against he’ll be stubborn about it. “You can just strap some pillows around yourself!” “Then I’m cuddling pillows, not you!” 

There have been many times during cuddle sessions where he’ll bolt up right and start babbling about a possible solution to something you didn’t know. He always talks like you know exactly what he’s talking about, and only really explains it later. Kind of a mood killer but you’re used to it 

When he’s fully focused on actually laying with you, he actually prefers being the little spoon. He likes the warm, safe feeling of having his s/o wrapped around him. He’ll never say that out loud (at least directly), but he thinks about it. If he falls asleep though, be prepared because he talks in his sleep all the time. He laughed when you brought it up the next morning, simply shrugging and saying he forgot to mention that bit 

Sex with Chris would include

-Him practically worshiping every inch of you

-Him whispering the dirtiest of things into your ear

-Hella Teasing

-Could be rough as fuck

-Could be sweet as fuck

-Calling you babe or baby

-”Fucking beg for it ,slut.”


-Dom AF (Don’t get me started)

-would always make sure he wasn’t hurting you.

-Occasional spanks

-”mmm fuck,baby”

-Hair pulling

-Major Hickeys (From the both of you)

-Hella fluffy cuddles afterwords

I am in need…