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Starved pt 3

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Chapter Notes: This one will be heavy angst, guys, and probably pretty upsetting, but it is the dark night before the dawn, I promise. I will do my best to have Chapter 4 up as quickly as possible, too. <3 

CW: Yelling, anger, graphic descriptions of panic attacks, self-loathing, self-deprecating thoughts, depression, crying, swearing

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The doll worked.

The others were still being weirdly affectionate with him–still giving him the occasional little touches that made his chest ache and set his skin on fire–but the doll soothed them. When he crawled into bed and snuggled into its embrace, the ache eased. Not all the way, but…well, that was always going to be true. He’d grown to accept that there would probably never be a perfect substitute for a real hug, but as far as he was concerned, this was close enough. 

And besides, he’d never have to know the difference.

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I got this idea from Kay’s post (https://a-blog-just-for-sanders.tumblr.com/post/166017484539/remmythepegasis-randomslasher)

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And HUGE thanks to Izzy for translating this AND for writing the ending. I’m lame in endings… So all of credit for last paragraph goes to Izzy - @beholdagay!

A comforting silence hung around in the common room of the Mindscape. Roman changed the batteries in the remote and proceeded to channel surf.  Either to check if they work, or just out of boredom. Logan sat in his armchair solving crosswords. Patton, on the other hand, sat on the couch grinning widely at the funny and/or adorable animal videos he was watching on the laptop, situated on his lap. Virgil sat comfortably on the floor leaning against Patton’s legs. He sat with headphones on his head, typing on his phone, every once in a while being called by Morality who wanted to show him ANOTHER video of a cat falling into the bathtub. Logan glanced at them over his crossword book, thinking about how close those two have gotten lately. Not that that’s something abnormal, Patton is known for breaking down the walls people have put around themselves. He, himself, was one of those instances where the moral side had to break him out of his metaphorical shell, although it didn’t take as long as it did with Anxiety. So technically this sight wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. They just sat really close to each other, so close they could physically touch. Normal occurrence, but nonetheless Logan couldn’t stop thinking about how it was HIM Patton usually came to with ‘adorable puppies & kitties’. He considered moving to the couch and leaning against Patton, or, at least, sitting close enough to bump knees every once in a while. He stopped those thoughts immediately.

He grimaced from irritation and tried to concentrate on his crossword. The same thoughts haunted him for the rest of the day. At first, for the longest time, he tried to convince himself that his interest in Morality was the result of an ordinary fondness, the healthy requirement for human contact and the need to correct his absurdly inaccurate statements. Which, for some reason, the others found amusing. Lately though, he finally came to the conclusion that there’s no use in lying to yourself. He was educated in psychology well enough to come to a conclusion himself. He was simply crushing on Morality. His awareness of this fact however, didn’t improve his mood. In fact, it frustrated him to no ends. He never asked for any feelings, especially romantic ones, and yet here he was; a merry and warm man was enough to disrupt his peace. His only solace was the crossword book which managed to, for the time being, take his mind off of the whole feeling shenanigans. The crossword, for example, did a great job distracting him from the jealousy he suddenly discovered in himself.

A while later, Roman turned off the tv and dramatically threw the remote after finding ads on every.single.channel.

“I’M SO BORED!”, he shouted out hysterically.

“How can you call yourself ‘Creativity’ when you can’t even find yourself an occupation, Princey?”,  Virgil teased without lifting his eyes up from his phone.

“I have millions of ideas! There’s just so many of them that none
actually sound good enough, you dark bonbon!”

“Now calm down, Roman. We could all play a game together, right? What do you think, Logan?” Patton turned his attention to Logan, who in turn put down his book.

“I’ll gladly play something. Do you have any opposition to Scrabble?” Logan offered, standing up. Patton clapped his hands, while Virgil mumbled some unintelligible reply. Roman decided that that was adequate and started clearing up the table for the board game and set up the seats.
Logan headed to his room, only to return instantly with the Scrabble box. He sat down on the couch beside Patton deliberately forcing Virgil to move.
They quickly set up the game, Roman volunteered himself to count the points. Short words like “Shawl”, “Love”, “Cat” and “Car” quickly appeared on the board as a warm-up.
Logan stared at his letters thoughtfully.

“You turn, Teach”, Patton nudged him lightly. Logan glanced over at him and after considering it carefully, sent a crooked smile at Patton and formed the word, “heart”.

“Awww, Logan! That’s so sweet!” Morality commented grabbing his arm. Logan turned red and calmly took Patton’s hand off his arm, but he didn’t let it go. He held their intertwined hands under the table, away from the wandering eyes. Morality seemed startled but he didn’t speak up or take away his hand, only throwing Logan a curious glance. He decided to use his round to exchange his letters, giggling to himself and sighing loudly with glee at what he got.
Virgil lazily placed down 1 letter to form “in”.

“They’re supposed to be full words, you Dark Prince” Roman protested, jabbing him in the chest with his finger.

“I thought you were the prince. You giving up that title to me?” Anxiety replied, pushing away Roman’s hand.

“Actually the utilization of prepositions is sanctioned. The rules of the game have no remonstrations against it.” Logic explained, slowly caressing Morality’s knuckles with his finger, moving closer. He saw Patton blush out of the corner of his eye. Virgil threw Roman a victorious stare, while Roman reluctantly gave him the point. He himself formed the word “tunnel”, which immediately caught Logan’s attention. He leisurely placed down the letters to form “infatuated” and glanced at Morality, who brightened up with glee. This caused Logic a great amount of pride, satisfaction and hope…. He was brutally interrupted at the sight of “winfatuated”, as Patton added in 1 letter.

“You know very well that that word doesn’t exist!” Logan exclaimed louder than he intended.

“But it’s funny! “Win”, you understand? You have the most points and you WIN. Earlier you formed “heart”, and before that “love”. You must really LOVE this game, Logan!”

“That’s a good one, Patton!” Prince laughed out, giving him a point.

“You can’t possibly count that! Erase that, Prince!” Virgil decided, reaching out for the notebook.

“I don’t intend to. You got your point for laziness! Patton has the right to a point for creativity!” Roman lifted the notebook out of Anxiety’s reach.

“At least my word actually exists, you heard Logan. Give it to me! There is no such word, it can’t count!”

“Well of course it can! I’m the one giving the points! Stop it or we-!”
Virgil leaned out too far while trying to grab the notebook, they both landed on the floor. This, however, didn’t stop their tussle.
Logan, frustrated, snorted and leaned back against the backrest of the couch. He tried to loosen the grip on his hand but an amused Patton wouldn’t let him. Roman and Virgil were still occupied so, using this opportunity, Patton leaned over and pecked Logan on the lips.

“You won” he stated and giggled when he saw the blissfulness in Logan’s eyes, masked by a lack of understanding.

Patton gently placed his hand on Logan’s cheek and leaned in again. He pecked his lips and held them there, prompting Logan to kiss him back. Slowly their lips moved against each other, soft lips against chapped ones. They held on until the need for oxygen forced them to lean back. They stared into each other’s eyes, Logan’s filled with wonder and Patton’s full of adoration and… love. And Logan finally understood.

Okay, how many sessions Doumeki fucked Yashiro that night in ch.25?

From my own assumption based on the spoiler, i’d say it at least thrice.

1. When they did it the first time with Doumeki still had his pants on.

2. When they did it, still with missionary position (in front) but only doumeki had his pants off.

3. When they did it doggy style (from behind), and doumeki’s pants off.

I’m actually not really sure tho, so I need to see more and in order but if it’s true then HOLY SHIT!!

Plus I cant count how many times Yashiro has climaxed that day alone. The rimming scene in the car, then the rimming and handjob Doumeki gave as a foreplay, then the multiple sexual intercourse with Doumeki..


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Ahhh! Im so glad to see a castlevania imagine ask open already!!! I have fallen hard for Alucard and Trevor! Could i request nsfw headcanons for Trevor and Alucard with a fem s/o? Thank you in advance!

Haha I’m not exclusively Castlevania though, please keep that in mind followers. I can write for a variety of fandoms, you just gotta send them to me! XD

I’ll try to keep this general though- it’s a bit brief and I’m fairly sure I just repeated myself a bunch of times if you combine the NSFW material I’ve written about these two in other posts.

I hope you don’t mind Anon D:


  • Do you have breasts? Because Trevor loves Breasts. He loves them. He will want to kiss them. Each side. Both. Mark them. Sleep on them.
  • He will kiss you, everywhere. Often without warning.
  • I’ve mentioned this before but I must mention it again for Emphasis: It is an 8th Wonder of the World how every time you have sex with him, somehow, someway, you guys always end up on the floor at the end.
  • “Why does this keep happening?” “I’m not sure love, but I can’t move my legs.”
  • It will 12/10 feel weird if he gives you oral because that beard when freshly trimmed feels like sandpaper
  • He’s great with his hands though!
  • Very grabby. Doesn’t like to pull hair but loves to get a palmful of butt. Like so much of it.
  • Not super keen on having you top him, prefers to be the one calling the sex position shots, but has appreciated some chair shenanigans with you on his lap <3 Fav position is doggy, because butts and that clappin’ noise
  • Has spanked you on more than one occasion and while it can be fun every now and again if he abuses it you must punch him in the mouth
  • “Gotcha. Don’t leave a handprint on the left cheek- *punched again* or the right.”
  • Whenever you’re basking in the Afterglow and you feel all happy and full of endorphins you may want to try and say something mushy, and 80% of the time he will be doing this fake snoring noise just to bother you “You’re the worst Belmont.”
  • “Not the first to call me that, love.”
  • Do not bring food to bed you are inviting a savage into your home (this will always end in disaster trust me on this)
  • Strangely enough isn’t keen on doing it in the bath or around water.
  • Does however, love doing it outside. Preferably in an alleyway so he can look straight on at an onlooker and be like, “Does this dick appeal to you, mate?” and tbh you pretty much never let him bone with you outside ever again
  • Drunken Sex is not what you want from him. He doesn’t vomit on you or on the bed, but he has more than enough times gotten started and then fallen asleep between your legs.
  • “I’m Trevor Fucking Belmont, and I can fuck Y/N whenever I want— zzzzzzzz” “Jesus Christ, Trevor.”


  • It’s already hard enough to win his heart over. Can you imagine how hard it is to get him out of his clothes?
  • Actually easier than you think. Once you get to the part where physical affection is acceptable to him, he’ll actually very much so enjoy kissing. You taste sweet to him.
  • Eye contact. Always. He’s not looking at you like prey. He’s admiring you for your kindness, and in your understanding
  • Be gentle with him, be considerate. And sex with Alucard becomes the definition of Making Love.
  • He loves to glide his hands up you and around you. He’ll often use his thumbs to brush on your nipples, or send cooling breaths down your skin. It’s in good jest though, because he wants to see you smile. It’s really important for him to see you smile (full ones, like when your eyes smile too), since that’s the most important thing to him
  • He doesn’t always speak, but he’ll really appreciate it if you do most of the talking between you. “Adrian this feels amazing” “Adrian I love you so much” like yes keep talking Y/N
  • Does he have a voice kink? He has a voice kink.
  • Certain noises that you’re able to make really turns him on. Like a shuddering, meek breath? Or a soft whimper of his name? A++++++++ Material
  • He will always brush your hair from your face if it gets in the way. If you do the same to him he will virtually melt into a puddle of soft dhampir goo.
  • He’s at first reluctant to let you take part in much foreplay for him (ie you doing things to him) but with time he’ll open up to it. He never regrets it afterwards, especially if you have the right touch with him
  • Positions wise things start out in missionary and its variations for the most part, but he really comes to enjoy having you on top, especially riding while facing him.
  • Will not like doing things in public: Bedroom only.
  • Foreplay though is fair game >:3c

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Designs from the stream

Woops, I am really busy lately with exams and college in general, so I completely forgot to upload these…. sorry c’:

Snowy is a punky bird who wants to start a band :0

Doggo!! I love his pants <3 He will tear you apart if he sees you >:C

Local deer kills everyone. Local human flees from local dear.

(Dang, he’s ugly x’D)

Doggy <3 Frisk approves, despite his sharp teeth :P

annnnddd this is not a design, but I cannot do a stream and not draw Onion Sans xD

That was all, I will try to update the character design master post later!! :’D

EXO love words (K) <3

How will EXO’s love words be ? Sink in to their sweetness with this imagine …


Shopping with Suho …

Suho : (hands you his credit card )

You : Thanks … But you dont have to …

Suho : Use it but treasure it , just like my heart …(kisses your hand)


Chanyeol :( Laughs )

You : Why do you always laugh ><

Chanyeol : Because of you

You : Is there anything on my face ? (0o0)

Chanyeol : My heart is full of joy when you are here …

(looks into your eyes *o*)


Holding hands with Baekhyun , walking on the street

You : Baekhyun , you didn’t put on eyeliner today …

Baekhyun : Yes … do you like it ?

You : Well , I like you anyway , you look a lot gentle this way

Baekhyun : When you are by my side , my heart shines , I 

                   don’t need eyeliner to make myself shine 

(swings your holding hands cutely)


D.O : O-O

You : Dodo … What is it 

D.O : O.O

You : Heyyyyy 

D.O : (OoO) Saranghaeyo ~ (pecks on your cheek)


Playing together with Kai and his doggies

You : Your doggies are soooo cute <3

Kai : I am very cute too <3

You : I love them so much

Kai : I love you so much too

You : Want to be with them forever 

Kai : I want to be with you forever too ><

You : Their fur are so kawaii ><

Kai :  (took off his shirt)


You : Sehun , I love your hair colors

Sehun : yehet 

You : Why do u always change them …

Sehun : because everytime i see you , my who heart is 

              full of different colors of yours 

(hugs you tightly and kisses your forehead ) 


Are you touched ? Wahhhh~ sweetness over the top 

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Technically, Dobby still is a puppy! Large breed dogs are still puppies according to vets for 24-36 months. He may still need to be on dog food formulated for puppies. Totes ask his doggy doctor about it! <3

Like I said, he will always be a puppy, no matter how big or old he gets