will and dalton are 2 funny

                                                     Conclusion of ComicCon Germany:
Brett Dalton is too beautiful to exist and he’s literally the nicest person ever. He was goofing around with kids at the PhotoOp, he kicked down like 2 glasses of water and resisted the urge to kick the third at the Panel only to then be like “That’s what Hydra does. Kick glasses of water, apologize later.” and “Hail Hydrate” and people were laughing and he couldn’t believe people found it funny, he TALKED TO SYLVIA AT THE PANEL WITH HIS BABY VOICE AND IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. And when he talked about Until dawn he was like ‘You kinda have to do everyone scene 4 times with different answer. You go a crazy after a while. Ask my wife.’ and Melissa just nodded and there was like a dramatic pause before he went. “Okay, don’t ask her.” and it was hilarious.

He also got my drawing of IronWard at his table and loved it and was like ‘There’s stuff on Etsy that’s sold for money that’s not as awesome as this’ and asked if I study art and I was like ‘nah just a hobby’ and he was like ‘This is amazing omg’ and I died a little and I got a pun. I didn’t know whether I should give it to him or not, but since there was someone who gave him a drawing that he was supposed to give CLARK, I was like ‘k, I gotta’. I’m so glad I did. And the staff was literally like ‘Please don’t talk too much and keep it short’. But he was really taking his time for everyone and it was beautiful.

The AoS panel was also a mix of Marc and Brett praising each other, puns, Brett talking to Sylvia and announcing her as S4 villain with her cuteness that can kill and Brett throwing shade for dying in Aos. It was perfect. 10/10 would touch his sweaty back again.

And he so beautiful. Like?? He’s fucking beautiful. 


Photo set II: Fan and event photos of Alex and Michael Peña promoting War on Everyone at the Deauville American Film Festival (September 8, 2016, France).


1. “I warn you, my interview of Alexander Skarsgård for @BelaRuche is away. Very far.”

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