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Jay Z photographed in the studio with production duo The Neptunes in February 2010. Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams would contribute “Gotta Have It” to Hov and Kanye West’s 2011 Watch the Throne collaboration album.

Not many know that a young Chad Hugo played saxophone on Jay’s 1997 single “The City is Mine.” Teddy Riley, the track’s producer, was the first person to introduce Hov to The Neptunes, which as we know now would result in many, many hit tracks.

evi-writes  asked:

Hola, por aquí Evi. Me encantaría traerles un bonito rostro masculino y por eso quisiera reservar a Chad Michael Murray, ¿puede ser? ♡

¡Evi! que linda sorpresa este mensaje, más que felices de que regreses preciosa, en serio que si, ya sabes que este es tu hogar rolero y nos encanta la idea de tenerte de regreso bonita. Chad Michael Murray queda reservado para ti entonces tienes 0 segundos para enviar la audición jaja mentira, tienes 48 hrs para enviar la audición.


well first off i’m a salty bitch because ryan and chad didn’t end up together in high school musical 2 (2007) after the iconic “i don’t dance” performance while they did however sing and dance, which includes the double meaning phrase “i’ll show you how i swing”; as well as their obvious clothing swap and sharing a meal together after the game, so jot that down

If you ever think you’re too picky just remember that once I was talking to a guy and asked for a movie recommendation and I don’t even remember what movie he said but he described it as “lighthearted but fun” and I was like…, ‘lighthearted’ and 'fun’ are synonyms Chad something can’t be lighthearted BUT fun it can be lighthearted AND fun so anyways now I don’t talk to him anymore

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Well, too bad, bitch. Girls are brainless sheep sometimes, and they have shit taste in guys. If they stop being idiots, then maybe I'd be more lenient. But until they start appreciating my efforts to appreciate them, then I will not go easy on them at all. There is no excuse for not seeing through the bullshit that is society's beauty standards for men.

How about instead of blaming everyone else for the fact that nobody’s rushing to have a piece of you stuck inside them, you take a serious look at the things you say and do. Your attitude is what turns people away. If I were a girl and I met a guy spewing this stuff, I’d run in the opposite direction as soon as possible.

Stop complaining about how “all the girls run off to Chad Thundercock instead of a nice guy like me”. A girl isn’t a brainless sheep because she isn’t interested in a creep like yourself, and her taste isn’t shit if she isn’t interested in you. You’re such an entitled child, oh my god.

Ditch the god complex. Your attitude is giving me a headache.

-Mod Sega