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Creating Likeable Characters

Sometimes it’s difficult to make your characters likeable as they are tested and are pushed to further and further lengths. Sometimes they have to make hard decisions, and sometimes the pressure gets to them and they mess up, hurt another character or an innocent bystander. How can you keep them likeable throughout the whole plotline?

- Keep their motivations pure.
It almost always comes back to the heart – if their heart is pure, and that’s established early-on, the audience is more likely to root for them.

- Give them flaws – make them human.
Not every character has to have some huge problem, like an addiction or a traumatic past or a disability – if your entire cast does, it’s no problem, but it’s not necessary. But every character has to have some flaw(s), whether it’s cheating at card games because he can’t stand to lose or being too-closed minded or closing off when she gets too emotional. If your character doesn’t have a flaw, they start to come off as too perfect, too angelic, pretentious.

- Give them permission to mess up.
This ties in with flaws – if your character is inclined to make a bad decision at any point in the plot, don’t steer him away from it because “oh no he’s my protagonist and he must be Good and Whole and Pure and All-Knowing”. Let him walk into that ambush despite the sick feeling in his stomach and get half his army killed; let her rush into a confrontation with a bully and get into a fight with another girl who has a switchblade. Let your characters mess up – it shows that they’re human.

- But if your character messes up, let them own up to it eventually.
The general who killed half his army by ignoring the unease in the back of his mind might cry over their makeshift graves long after the rest of the platoon is asleep; the girl sitting in the infirmary might feel remorse for knocking her opponent’s block off. Or your characters might argue and might be stubborn and might not apologize for weeks. But let them apologize eventually. This goes back to the heart, and what the character knows is right.

- Relationships with other characters are vital.
That’s not to say a loner character can’t be likeable – but the audience’s perception of a loner character is determined by the thoughts/words of other characters. Characters all color each other and define parts of each other, just like people do to each other in real life. If your character is a jerk to other characters and other characters don’t like him (especially if the characters who dislike him are likeable), the audience won’t like him either. The character’s image depends not just on himself, but on his supporting cast.

Hope this helps! - @authors-haven

How to Stop Apologizing

1. Know when it is a good time to be sorry. It’s appropriate to say something when someone has received bad news, or you’ve really made life difficult for someone else. However, a lot of the time an apology is not required. Learn to know the difference between the two occasions.

2. Notice who you tend to apologize to. Are there certain people who undermine your confidence, or who leave you feeling as if you’re always wrong? In those situations, you’re allowing someone else to act as if they’re more important than you.

3. Try to notice when you’re starting to apologize. Habits are often hard to recognize. They’re usually automatic, and we’re only semi-conscious of patterns we fall into, and things we tend to say. For example, do you repeatedly find yourself saying sorry for someone else’s mistakes? Do you tend to just say sorry to stop an argument?

4. Try and look for the roots, or the need, you’re covering up. For example, perhaps an authority figure (parent, teacher, older sibling, coach) used to get angry if you didn’t “just shut up” or take the blame. Alternatively, you may feel you can’t really share the way you feel – so you just apologize and repress your true emotions.

5. Related to the above, consider how your drive to apologize to others is likely to affect you much further down the road. For example it is likely that you’re building up a heap of grievances, or you may pull back from getting close to those you love.

6. Decide to establish and enforce your boundaries, and to say “no” to others – without also saying “sorry”!

The Aries rising will always give you courage and the ability to get things started.

The Taurus rising keeps you grounded and a part of you will always enjoy the good things in life.

The Gemini rising makes it so you always leave an impression and you have some degree of people skills.

The Cancer rising can grace you with a good memory, gives off emotional sex-appeal, and keeps you in-tune with your roots.       

The Leo rising gives you the ability to entertain and lead and a part of you always lives for the limelight.     

The Virgo rising has that attention to detail, is clever, and always resourceful.  

The Libra rising graces you with a degree of charm, can add an artistic aspect to your personality, and makes you stand out to the opposite sex.

The Scorpio rising always has a part of them that is mysterious, defines their interests clearly, and is always questioning others.                             

That Sagittarius rising will always keep you progressing and moving forward, you actually find it hard to look back.

The Capricorn rising is practical and serious but overflowing with wit and amusement. They balance old and young characteristics.

The Aquarius rising lives in the future, speaks their mind, and always appears independent.

The Pisces rising gives you the gift of perception and intuition to a degree and brings other people into both a false or real sense of security.


Today is a very special day to me! It happens to be my birthday! I love you guys all so much and appreciate all the love and support that is always thrown my way! Without you guys I would be nothing.

Today I would also like to celebrate #28DaysOfBlackCosplay‬ with me. As a black cosplayer in the community I face the troubles others face as well. Not feeling good enough, not feeling talented enough, not able to express myself or my love for certain characters as much as I’d like all due to the hindrance of my skin, but with recent years I feel like I’ve come to love and appreciate my roots! With each new cosplay I can see a clear improvement.I am able to look beyond my skin and fight off all the negativity and shade. I’ve made so many lasting bonds and friendships through the cosplay community as a whole and I simply cannot thank you guys enough! If you have a passion I say always strive for it! Work hard and try your best and success will always be around the corner! Dont let skin color, gender, race, or anything hinder you from cosplay who you want to when you want to! Lets keep creating beautiful art together!

Please post some other cool cosplayer that you know and love! I would love to see their cosplay pages!


Masaki x Happy

What does “Happy” mean to you?
What kind of time makes me happy? I think it’s when I’m healthy… If you’re not healthy, you can’t be happy right? Catching a cold or getting injured… I always think, “I might never recover from this.” But the happiness I feel when I DO recover *lol* Like, “Thank goodness!” sort of feeling. Especially since I am the type that always think I might never recover and this is the end *lol* I think it’s hard to find happiness that you can see with your naked eyes. It’s all about trying to find happiness in the smallest things in our everyday lives, no?

Masaki’s Happy Shot

1. This was last year during Koushien. High school baseball always makes me happy. Of course, for the teams, it’s not all happy endings but…I want to root for everyone. Not only is it very fun to watch, but the curry that they sell at the stadium is so good too. It all comes in one big package of “happy” (ness).

2. I’ve been to Ise Jingu twice in my life. The first time was during the shooting of “Yokoso Wagaya e.” I went with the director and producer. And when the drama ended, we went again. When I went the first time, it was really early in the morning. No one was there. The second time was past noon so there were a lot of people… but both times had it’s own perks.

3. This is Arashi! This is a selfie I took with my own phone *lol* It was during Hawaii Blast which means…2014 huh. It was when we were all on a cruise. I switched the camera so I could take a selfie and then everyone suddenly came in *lol* Everyone’s so good. Isn’t is amazing how well everyone fit in?

Arashi x Happiness (3/5)

I’ve got to say, I don’t remember the last time I rooted for a character as hard as I rooted for Steve Harrington.  Like yeah I get it, he was your bog-standard white fuckboi and his character could totally have been an absolute douchebag and left poor Nancy brokenhearted and… I dunno… ended up being eaten by the demogorgon or something, but I just KNEW.  I flippin KNEW there was more to him than that.  I KNEW he had it in him to be brave and noble, and to finally stand up for himself - against his friends - and do what he believed was right.  

Steve didn’t just change his actions, but he tried to make amends for his mistakes.  Not just by apologising, but by doing practical things to show he was sorry.  He didn’t graffiti the cinema, but he helped clean it up.  He didn’t do it so Nancy would be impressed and forgive him.  Nancy didn’t even know about it.  He bought Jonathan a new camera, but he got Nancy to give it to him because he knew it would mean more to Jonathan if it came from Nancy.  His actions of remorse were completely devoid of ego.  He just wanted to make things right.  

And I’m not being funny, but if a demogorgon had almost killed you and you’d been given the opportunity to run for your life BUT INSTEAD YOU DECIDE TO RUN BACK IN, HEADLONG INTO DANGER, TO SAVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND AND THE GUY YOU *AT THIS POINT* STILL BELIEVE SHE CHEATED ON YOU WITH - you cannot be, in any way shape or form, a spineless cowardly asswipe.

I’m sorry but Steve Harrington bloody deserves everything and I am SO fucking proud of him.  I could go on forever.  But I won’t.  

whatever it is, whatever hard edges there are, i hope it gets softer. i hope you can find it within yourself to forgive the mistakes you’ve made. i hope your days feel like they did when you were younger. when it was easier to wake up in the mornings. when you didn’t know what grief was yet. when the birds reminded you of miracle.  there’s someone out there in the world who is rooting you on. you’re gonna do incredible things. no matter the failures. no matter the darkness. there will always be light. always. 

angelcandices Guys! Goodluck in paris beautiful ladies! So sad to be missing this show! No doubt it will be magical💫So hard for me to disappoint the people that always root for me, I wish I was there making you all proud. ☺️ Girls, enjoy the moments together, cant wait to see the show and Can’t wait for vsfs2017! 💙

i. pick your head up. look at the ceiling instead of the floor, the sky instead of the ground, flowers instead of their roots, the things that have grown instead of the things that keep wilting into the dirt.

ii. spit the water out of your lungs. stop drowning in the hurt you can’t stop swallowing. you can. you can stop running back to the things that hurt you. you can follow a new path. i know it’s scary but it’s worth it. it is always better to be pieces glued together than pieces you keep breaking into.

iii. pick up a pen instead of a razor. talk to your animals and your friends. cry. cry so hard you think you’ll never stop, then stop. breathe. realize you have control over your actions. you can do anything you set your mind to. really.

iv. it hurts so badly now because in the end, you will be better for it. i know it. sometimes things have to get worse before they get better, but they will get better. remember this.

—  how to get over it

Sometimes I miss the woods and streams and bleak stone landscape of the winding canyon behind my childhood home so fiercely its as if I can feel the roots of those trees I knew by name twisting in my gut. I was always convinced my canyon was a magic one; that if I looked far enough, listened hard enough, sat still long enough…it would reveal itself to me. And in retrospect I think it did. Not in the form of faeries or special powers or anything like what I expected at 9 years old, but just in the quiet sense that I spent such a large portion of my childhood trying to communicate with a place, memorizing every cracked stone and leafless tree, that its as if I swallowed that canyon into my soul.  It’s where I go when the world is too loud or when I feel I’m getting too far away from myself; I simply return to the canyon inside me, and I’m home.

anonymous asked:

can i ask how u found urself? lately i feel like i have lost my entire life to trauma and illness.. and still am. idk how to break free. compare it to a flower with bad roots, if you will. i really want to feel free but idk its hard tbh. i always feel like i have to be everything.. but even if i be everything.. how will i ever know that that's me? hope this makes sense...

i don’t think i found myself yet at all…i’ll be able to say “i found myself” when i live the life i truly want but not like i am right now

i have bad trauma too so i also lost so much to it. Idk what to tell you because i haven’t broken free either. 

all i can say is to pursue your deepest interests and do only what you love and hopefully on that path you’ll discover who you really are.

Dear witches of color,

I see you. I see you connecting with your roots. I see you learning about your ancestry, before the colonizers came. I see you spending hours and weeks; all of your free time to studying.

I see you’re hard work, your doubt, that loneliness. I see the determination and joy, I see that feeling of belonging when you find other witches like yourselves. I see the anger at white witches stealing what they didn’t work for.

I see, and I am proud of you and for you. I hope your path is clear as can be, and I hope you’re safe always on it.

anonymous asked:

it would be so easy to fall in love w you

This is so sweet to hear! However, I know I’m hard to love. I have so many deep-rooted self-conscious issues, compiled on top of my chronic health problems. Not a good mix. I assume guys just see it as too much baggage before things get serious and have a “Yikes!” moment. I’ve worked on it as much as I can for now but it’s always in the way. I understand it’s tiring for someone else to try and always find genuine words of affirmation and encouragement. I just need to know I’m good enough, then I’ll blossom right before your eyes and let you know every part of me. It’s hard to be open when you feel like every time you walk away from a person less and less yourself. I’ve given away too much and want it back so I can give it to someone else. But that’s life… I’m currently trying to tell myself I’m worthy of someone’s genuine love and affection. I know your message wasn’t intended to bring forth this response. Thank you for the sweet thought. 😊

aliceanelizabeth  asked:

I'm finally starting to sort out a way to come out to my parents. I'm excited and also scared but the therapy is helping me to devise a plan and be able to do it. If all goes right I could be myself in front of them in hopefully a few months (sorry I'm excited and nervous)

Whoop! That’s great news! Progress is always good, even though some of those steps are super hard to take. You can do it, I’m rooting for you! :D

anonymous asked:

To the anon having a rough night: Hey cutie, I believe in you. Please keep fighting, you are worth so much even if you can't see it right now. Even when the night is dark, the sun will always rise again, please make sure your there to see the colors of the sunrise. I know it's hard, but you are so beautiful and strong and I love you so much, I know you can do it. We're all rooting for you! Stay alive fren |-/ - ruby anon


pennsylvaniapretty  asked:

Hi Carly, I was wondering if you ever have times that you feel down about yourself? I have been really hard on myself in the past few weeks about my weight, or my hair, or my appearance in general. What advice can you give to anyone that struggles with low self esteem?

I think everyone suffers from this from time to time!

I always try to flip the conversation in my head. (Easier said than done, I know! But still worth trying.) Whenever I have a bad thought, I try to say something positive, almost always something rooted in gratitude. So… if I start thinking that I wish my legs were a different size, I change the internal conversation to, “I’m so grateful that I have two strong legs.” etc. It helps to put things in perspective and to get into a better mindset.


I love this plant so much, it’s so easy to grow, and to care for, she has been always health. But now her leaves began to turn yellow and look dead. I’m worried about her. Can u help?

She’s rotting at the bottom (the brown bent part) - you can try to cut the plant into two. look for a healthy part of the stem where it’s green and hard, cut it off there, let it rest for a few days and then put it back in the soil. You should also pull the old stem and roots out of the pot just to check if there’s root mealybugs (white fuzzy bugs) and throw it away so it doesn’t affect the new growing babies ! The soil/pot looks a little old, you might want to repot with fresh soil cos sometimes when the plant has been in the same pot too long and all the roots are stuck inside, it might rot. There’s so many little babies 💕 They all look happy and healthy !

anonymous asked:

The only good thing about this entire storyline is Chas. I LOVED how protecting of Aaron she was today. I know she can sometimes swing to the overcompensating side because of his childhood, but she did great.

Chas Dingle is one of those characters that you can’t help but root for because she never ever professes to be anything she’s not. She’s brash, loud, unapologetic, a bit of a flirt, makes tons of mistakes but has an enormous heart and where Aaron is concerned she has made terrible mis steps but always tried very hard to be better and, to me, she has achieved that. Last year, her relationship with Aaron was hands down my favourite on the show so I agree :)