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One Line Prompts

1. “Trees were always where I felt the safest.”
2. “You did that.”
3. “My mouth is a gift that I was blessed with.”
4. “They did it!”
5. “The law can’t stop me!”
6. “Can you just stop and listen to the garbage that is coming out of your mouth?”
7. “Look, I know we hate each other, but can you not?”
8. “Wow, I never expected that.”
9. “I spilt all the tea!”
10. “Will you ever stop?”

nerdyholler  asked:

Ryder/Jaal: 19. “You’re beautiful/handsome, and I’m not the only one that thinks that.” Your pick on who is getting the compliment.

Note: As always, thanks for the prompt! I enjoy writing these two ~ <3

Summary: After overhearing angaran women speak of their attraction to Jaal, Sara Ariadne begins having feelings of inadequacy regarding her relationship with the Resistance lieutenant.  

Sara tapped her fingers to the rhythm of the song she was listening to, though she wasn’t paying much attention to it. With a sigh, she kept staring at the terminal screen, her current report half-finished. It seemed her mind was set on distracting her with the conversation she overheard earlier from a group of gossiping angaran ladies. Well, not gossiping, but sharing their admiration for Jaal. Or rather, their obvious attraction to him…and what a waste it was that he’d fallen for an ‘alien’. Sara was only thankful she had been wearing her hoodie over her head, hiding the embarrassment in her features when she hurried away earlier.

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Poetry book update

Already finished 5 poems about my forever OTP ‘Shikaino’ 💕
Now onto some beautiful ‘Ichiruki’ and a dash of some angsty 'sasusaku’ poems coming up!
I will be posting one poem each from the respective OTPs after finishing the book. 👏
Thank you guys for reblogging, sharing and supporting my blog! I hope you all like what I am working hard on! Keep you all in touch! Follow me for more updates and awkward humor! 🌸🌸🌸


A subtle reminder that Rob is the father in real life [for added effect]

  • Harry: What's your last name?
  • Draco: Um...Malfoy, the same as it's always been.
  • Harry: *getting down on one knee* Maybe it's time it changed.
  • Draco: Fuck you I'm keeping my last name

(Diego) I’m very glad I had the chance to go through this journey with Felicity, because this is something new for both of us. You know, the size of this film can be very scary. And I was very lucky to have her next to me. Always there to grab my hand and go like: “Oh my god. Here we are. Let’s make sure we stick together.”

Baze Malbus sits at a bar, drinking his favourite tea. He has lost sight of Chirrut a while ago, but as a fight breaks out behind him, he wonders no more.

He doesn’t turn around yet. Chirrut can hold his own against a dozen and more opponents, and the patrons of the bar are intoxicated enough not to pose a problem.

With a sigh he raises his cup for the last bit of beverage, but it never makes it to his mouth. A small blaster bolt comes out of nowhere, smashing the cup to pieces in his hand.

Baze came here to drink chav tea and to kick ass if necessary. And now he is all out of chav tea.


So if at times I seem overprotective of the system that we’ve built, if I worry that the resentments of others might disrupt it, I have good reason.

#what elementary did with it’s 100th episode was a testament to the kind of show is #to the kind of show #the kind of holmes adaptation - it has tried to be from the start #what they chose to do with their milestone episode is the epitome of all the ways it stands in stark contrast to any other adaptation #any other show not just any other sherlock adaptation but any other crime procedural would have pulled out the big guns #and dealt their lead/s a huge case and packed it full of guest stars or notable minor characters #for sherlock stories specifically no one could begrudge you for assuming moriarty would play a key role #but that has never been what drives elementary #the 100th episode offered all it’s emotional significance to what has always been the core of the show #that sherlock is better because of the people he surrounds himself with #that there is no true reward in playing the lone genius cut off from society/humanity #and his partnership with joan is the finest exemplar of that #yes the bit with marcus in the opening was nice #and gregson’s little speech at the end pulled at my heart strings #both because of it narrative significance and the subtext of it being written for the cast and crew’s dedication to the show bts #but it always comes back to this #one holmes #one watson #the single fact that elementary is fundamentally about sherlock valuing human connections and interpersonal relationships #over solving the puzzle #will forever set it apart from any other sherlock adaptation #and that might be a criticism for some #but it will forever be one of the key reasons that i cherish and adore it


#watchfuturama meme [7/10 scenes]: Fry and Leela’s first (actual) kiss

“Then I am the most important person in the universe.”