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Hi!! This is my Harry Potter characters drawings series!! I love Harry Potter!! It’s my favorite book saga!! 😄😄😄 I hope you like it!

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your tags on that dane dehaan fancast post are SO RELATABLE I FEEL YOU

!!! honestly !!! I really feel Dane Dehann as Draco. One of my favorite dualities in Draco is the way that he embodies both masculinity and femininity? I feel like he’s encouraged socially to be hyper-masculine in terms of violence, stoicism, and dominance? But his descriptions have always struck me as very feminine or delicate, and I think his dramatic flair can also be interpreted as a bit feminine or effeminate? And I love that canonically he kind of falls apart in terms of failing to fulfill the terms of masculine dominance that he is expected to live up to, specifically in regards to his failure to kill Dumbledore & his emotional breakdown in 6th year where that hyper-masculine shell kinda crumbles?? And I think that Dane can embody that so well??? That like vaguely threatening femininity, and masculine posturing in order to mask extreme emotion. 

look at my gentle malfoy child

look at my aggressive malfoy child

One of my favorite types of Harry Potter aus will always be the “What if [your favorite character] got Sorted into a different House?”

Because while I don’t necessarily believe that a different House would really change who a character is as a person, it would still be a distinct environmental shift that would probably bring out entirely different qualities.

So here’s one I had lately – and pack your bags, because when I go on rambling insane thought vacations they’re never brief ones – sharing on the off-chance that hey it might amuse a handful of people. Because why not.

What if Lucius Malfoy ended up in a different House at Hogwarts?

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Every time I think about Snape and the Marauders and Dumbledore, I always get sad or pissed off. And I love Dumbledore, that is never going to change. Never. However, even though Snape isn’t my favorite character I feel so bad for the horrible bullying he went through. And I feel bad about Dumbledore too like..why didn’t he do more? Why isn’t he doing anything? He’s not the only one, other teachers are accountable too. But it breaks my heart, I don’t hate Dumbledore, never will hate him. But when I think about things like the Prank I have never felt more disappointed in him. This isn’t an invitation to go ahead and bash him, anti Dumbledore peeps! I just wish he had helped more, thinking about it always makes my heart hurt, and disappointed in Dumbledore, even though he’s not the only one. I don’t want to feel that way, because it sucks. And it hurts. I of course will never forget the wonderful things he’s done and my love for him, but I’ve never been able to overlook or completely forgive him for this.


Here is the story of Severus Snape in chronological order. It is sad and beautiful and shows the bravery of this character and the brilliance of the story.

Honestly, it’s actually weird watching this, some of my favorite characters are definitely villains in this. We are all heroes of our story, indded. 

People who hate Snape can just STFU.

Mycroft Dies in 5x1

I know no one wants to think Mycroft will die - he’s my favorite character - but I’m positive he’s going to:

a) He’s the Protector character, and Protectors always die. Think of Dumbledore or Kenobi. The hero has to defeat the villain on his own at the end, so the protector can’t be around to bail them out if things get bad. Sherlock has to deal with Jim himself, and if Mycroft’s around, Mycroft’s going to do it. Sherlock’s got to lose the safety net. But it’s not just the Jim-storyline in which Mycroft is Sherlock’s guardian: it’s also the Johnlock-storyline. Mycroft has always told Sherlock “Caring is not an advantage,” and Sherlock has always tried to live up that. When Sherlock and John get together, Mycroft can’t be around saying “It’s okay that you’re indulging in sentiment, Sherlock.” Sherlock has to decide that for himself. He has to internalize his own “parent” figure.

b) Mycroft will need to redeem himself for being under Jim’s thumb since TGG, and there’s no time for a redemption arc. Mycroft is a Good Guy; he gets to be redeemed since he was only ever trying to protect Sherlock. The audience has to be able forgive him, but a full and realistic redemption arc for Mycroft would take over the rest of the show. It would make the Sherlock-and-Mycroft relationship more important than the Sherlock-and-John relationship, and that’s never going to happen. Mofftisson can short-cut that by having Mycroft die heroically to save Sherlock. I don’t understand why people say things like “I don’t think Mycroft is under Jim’s thumb; he’s not a villain” or “Mycroft won’t die; he’s not a villain.” No one said he was a villain. He’s one of the Good Guys, placed in a very difficult situation through no real fault of his own, but he’ll suffer for it. He loves Sherlock a ridiculous amount; that’s why he’s in this bad situation. Good Guys die, too, particularly in fairly adult stories like Sherlock.

c) There’s no real point to him once we/Sherlock finds out he’s under Jim’s thumb. Mycroft’s usefulness as a character comes from his power: that he is the British government. But once it comes out that he’s been under Jim’s thumb the whole time, he won’t look very powerful anymore. The point of the character is gone. If they don’t kill him after we find out he’s under Jim’s thumb, he’ll just sort of fizzle out, which I don’t think Mofftisson would do to a character they love as much as Mycroft.

d) Mycroft dying would definitely advance Johnlock. Sherlock concentrates on what he feels is his one value - the work - and so John thinks Sherlock has no feelings. Then, when Sherlock tries to open up, John can’t let himself believe that Sherlock is how he desperately wants him to be and so shuts Sherlock down (like in THoB). That means Sherlock is all the more sure his only value is the work, so he hides more and more feelings, which makes John think he doesn’t have any. The Three Garridebs in the season four finale is going to break that cycle, but that doesn’t necessarily establish a new pattern right away; it gives them the opportunity to reevaluate what they thought they knew about each other and start a new pattern. Now that cycle has a lot of issues on both sides, but the original problem was that Sherlock feels his only value is the work. This idea has to come from his childhood - Mycroft and Redbeard aka The Other One’s death - and Mycroft dying gives Sherlock an opportunity to revisit it: Sherlock is constantly trying to be good/clever enough that Mycroft will finally like him, but Mycroft already adores him. If Mycroft can convince Sherlock that Mycroft doesn’t think Sherlock’s only value is the work and has never thought that, that gives Sherlock the opportunity to think “Maybe other people don’t just value me for that, either.” So in 4x3, The Three Garridebs breaks the cycle, and in 5x1, Mycroft’s death starts a new cycle: one where Sherlock thinks John might like him for reasons besides his “utility” and John thinks Sherlock does “feel things like that” - Sherlock will be devestated when Mycroft dies, and John will see that.

e) It’s already been foreshadowed by the red stripe parallel in TSoT (which I’m talkin gabout more below).

f) Sherlock and Mycroft need to talk, and the only way that’s going to happen is if one of them is dying. Sherlock doesn’t think Mycroft cares about him:

MYCROFT: You always were so stupid. Such a disappointment.
YOUNG SHERLOCK (angrily): I’m not stupid.
MYCROFT (sternly): You’re a very stupid little boy … Mummy and Daddy are very cross …

Mycroft loves Sherlock so much it’s ridiculous, but Sherlock isn’t willing to hear it:

MYCROFT (without turning round): Also, your loss would break my heart.
SHERLOCK: What the hell am I supposed to say to that?!

Mycroft can’t even say this to Sherlock’s face because he knows Sherlock’s just going to laugh at him. Obviously there’s something that Sherlock perceives that Mycroft has done to him and Mycroft feels terribly guilty about it: “The Other One” dying, which is Redbeard. They’ve got to talk about this for Sherlock to be able to move forward, but I really don’t think they will unless it’s life-and-death. Sherlock just will not believe it. It’s a lot like the way John refuses to see that Sherlock cares about him. If The Other One died and Sherlock blames himself and now Mycroft is dying and Sherlock blames himself, they’re going to end up talking about it.

The only argument I’ve heard against Mycroft dying is that Mofftisson love him too much, but I’d say a) I think Mycroft will still be around in Sherlock’s Mind Palace so it’s not like he’ll be gone, b) I’m confident I’m right about the timeline of Mycroft dying (at the end of 5x1), so there are only two more episodes, and c) Mofftisson do love Mycroft - enough to have him do something big and important and emotional. This is going to be a huge scene. It’s going to be heartbreaking. Killing Mycroft is by far the most dramatic thing they can do with him. It’s by far the most memorable thing they can do with him.

Let’s talk a little about the timeline. I just said I’m confident about Mycroft’s death being at the end of 5x1. Here’s why:

Mycroft’s death will be an episode that Jim is actively involved in because obviously Jim is going to be the one to arrange it. So that means it won’t be the middle episodes, leaving us with 4x1, 4x3, 5x1, and 5x3. It can’t be 4x3 because that’s going to be all about Mary, and it seems extremely unlikely that Mofftisson would kill off two major characters in one episode: both Mary and Mycroft. It can’t be 5x3 because a) that would be a really depressing way to end the series and majorly detract from the Johnlock happy ending, and b) 5x3 is going to be busy enough, with getting rid of Jim and resolving Johnlock; we don’t have time to deal with Mycroft, too. It can’t be 4x1 because that’s way to early; we haven’t had enough build up for Mycroft’s death yet, and most people don’t have any idea that it’s even possible that he’s selling Sherlock out to Jim. There are a lot of other things that have to be dealt with in season four before we could get to Mycroft. So that only leaves 5x1.

And 5x1 makes sense: a) it’s close enough to the end that Mycroft will still be around for almost everything, b) it’s not so close to the end that it detracts from the happy ending, and c) in terms of the narrative arc of a story this size, 4x3 and 5x1 will be the grimmest episodes.

So I was thinking about the manner of Mycroft’s death: shooting, explosion, poison, etc. It has to be something that leaves Mycroft able to talk to Sherlock for a few minutes after it happens so they can talk about Redbeard aka The Other One’s death and that Mycroft doesn’t blame Sherlock for it (read the link, seriously). At this point, Jim isn’t going to have any major people left besides Janine, so that rules out snipers for the manner of Mycroft’s death. Mycroft spent this whole time getting rid of the snipers. It can’t be that Mycroft dies because someone that he trusted actually turned out to be working for Jim: Mycroft dying because he trusted people would only strengthen “Caring is not an advantage,” not negate it.

And then I thought of the red stripe parallel:

It’s always bothered me a little because Bainbridge and Sholto almost died, but Mycroft is actually going to die, so that’s not an exact parallel. But then I was thinking: what if the parallel isn’t dying; it’s the manner of the death.

I’m not saying Mycroft’s getting a delayed-action stabbing because that was all very symbolic and not really appropriate to this. I mean a more general parallel: stabbed/killed using a knife. Jim doesn’t like to get his hands dirty, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he could throw knives. That’s still killing from a distance, which Jim is all about. And Mycroft has been under Jim’s thumb this whole time; however unwillingly, he’s been sort of working for Jim. And at the end of it, Jim – quite literally – stabs him in the back. After all, Mycroft does check his abdomen:

I think Jim is going to “attempt” to kill Sherlock - he in no way wants Sherlock to die or thinks Sherlock will die - because he knows that Mycroft will “take the bullet” (knife) for Sherlock. Jim’s basically playing chicken with Sherlock’s life, but of course Jim is going to win; Mycroft is Sherlock’s brother. This level of manipulation is 100% Jim’s style, and a great final “fuck you” to Mycroft. Jim loves to manipulate huge risks (like he did in HLV). He’s saying to Mycroft: “You’re so much under my thumb I can decide that you kill yourself.”

Anyway, this is all part of the rest of 5x1.