will also made him wear the hat

A Tale of English VA’s and Yuri on Ice

A girl, with subscriptions that allow her both, watches in tandem the sub and dub of Yuri!!! on Ice. On a cold Monday night, the episode featuring this ridiculous man airs in English. 

ie Christophe Giacometti. 

This girl has been excited for this moment, and isn’t disappointed. It’s not what she heard in her head, but he delights her nonetheless. That bit even managed the exact same amount of cringe as the Japanese without being too much (you know the scene to which I refer).

But alas, her voice actor geekery has failed her. Who is this man who’s so awesomely given her favorite side character a second voice to enjoy (this one in her native tongue)? 

“Can it be…him? No, that can’t be right. He’s playing Celestino. Perhaps it’s?….No no no, not deep enough. Oh how utterly vexing!”

And in her dismay, she sends a missive out to the world, a digital message in a bottle, hoping her song of devotion will reach the right set of ears. 

But lo, plagued by sleeplessness, she tosses and turns with these ideas. And goodly so, for she’s awake to receive the reply. 

And thus she rejoices, for not only is the mystery solved, but said actor is one of her favorites and has marked upon this day her gratitude. 

In short:

The English voice of Vegeta, Piccolo, Shenron, Alex Louis Armstrong, AllMight, Garterbelt, Kitz Woerman, Batou (in Arise), Ritsu Kasanoda (OHSHC), and Eflman Straus among many many other badass dudes….is this guy in Yuri on Ice.

The world is a magical place. 

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;v; Hi good night, could you please do MC making clothes for the RFA members ;; <3

ayyy this is so cute 


  • MC made him a scarf, hat and mittens for winter 
  • He loved it so much
  • he wore them all the time 
  • some times even inside 
  • “You don’t have to wear that inside, Yoosung” 
  • “It’s cold!” 
  • sure 
  • He was gonna end up wearing them out 
  • because still in spring and summer he was still wearing them 
  • MC had to get him to stop because it was too hot then 
  • he just wanted to wear something that MC made with pride. 
  • he also wants to make something for MC 
  • so he tries to make a scarf since he read that isn’t hard 
  • It doesn’t turn out good 
  • MC still wears it 


  • MC had mentioned they can make clothes to him before 
  • But he lowkey forgot until MC gave him a jacket that they made! 
  • He was so happy with it 
  • Like Yoosung he will probably wear it too much 
  • He will show it off with so much pride 
  • in interviews when he gets asked about it 
  • “Zen, Who are you wearing’” 
  • “MC~” 
  • after that a lot of fans want to buy clothes from MC 
  • they could make a business out of this tbh 
  • but MC keeps making clothes mostly for Zen 
  • that makes it even more special 


  • She was so surprised when MC made her a dress 
  • it was so pretty 
  • MC is so talented tbh
  • She tries on the dress as soon as MC gives it to her 
  • she’s so pretty 
  • She mostly wears it on special occasions 
  • and date nights 
  • she was never much for dresses but she loves this one so much 
  • MC ends up making a bunch of different outfits for Jaehee and her closet is just full of  clothes that MC made 


  • Jumin had actually asked MC to make a vest for him 
  • He really wanted to wear something MC made 
  • and MC was so excited to make something for him 
  • but 
  • They made two vests 
  • one really formal and nice, Would go with his best suit 
  • and one really bright with a lot of colorful patterns all over and patches. 
  • They were gonna give Jumin the colorful one as a joke 
  • and then give him the actual vest 
  • so when the time came 
  • and they gave him the colorful one 
  • he looked at it for a moment 
  • “Thank you, MC. I love it” 
  • He seemed genuinely happy with it 
  • so MC got too nervous to tell him that one was a joke 
  • he actually wears it 
  • to work and everything
  • no one comments that it looks ridiculous 
  • MC eventually gives him the real vest too 
  • and he wears that too 
  • but he also still wears the colorful one from time to time 


  • he got a hole on his jacket 
  • he was pretty upset about it 
  • but MC fixed it and it looked just as good 
  • Seven was pretty amazed at MC’s skill 
  • MC told him that they could make clothes for him if he wanted 
  • of course he wanted that!!! 
  • Seven liked to model clothing MC made 
  • but in ridiculous poses 
  • MC made a lot of matching dresses for them 
  • They took a lot of pictures when they dressed like that together 
  • it was their Christmas card to the rest of the RFA 
  • MC also made some sweaters, shirts, suits and more for him. 
  • He wore everything
  • once he actually tried to wear everything at once 

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Youuuu asked for it.

Regular old Dadster:

  • loves his kids a lot
  • rambling at the dinner table about work and forgetting to ask about their days
  • sad that he can’t spend more time with his boys, work is a lot
  • bedtime stories. all the bedtime stories
  • also tucking them in
  • excellent at baking, bad at cooking
  • papyrus gets whatever he wants because he’s THE BABY and Dadster’s a sucker for puppy skeleton eyes
  • carries around pictures of his kids
  • shows off everything his kids do
  • bad at remembering to do stuff for birthdays and holidays
  • bad at picking out gifts
  • fridge art
  • hangs up pictures his kids draw him in his office, room and on his person
  • will wear that ridiculous hat papyrus made him proudly
  • horrible sense of taste (why he’s bad at cooking)

Dadster trying to connect his kids to his new s/o (because that’s what the original ask was)

  • very nervous
  • if its early in the relationship, there is a very real chance that if Sans doesn’t like you you’re gone
  • if you are mean to his kids, you’re gone
  • warns you about sans pranks
  • doesn’t warn you about papyrus’s spaghetti (because he personally thinks it’s great)
  • Papyrus will def call you ‘mom’ to some degree, and Gaster will melt
  • sans will call you mom when he wants to bug you and/or get something from you
  • why is he calling you mom he’s a grown adult
  • family dinners are great
Puppy HC: Fluffy

Swapfell Papyrus is Puppy, by the way. It’s a nickname @living-with-the-skelebros and I came up with for the sweet pup. <3
Imagine him loving fluffy things. Like, to the point where his entire room is just made of fluffy belongings. He even wears the fluffiest stuff he can get his hands on.
His jacket is super fluffy in the hood, but it also has a fluffy lining on the inside. And sometimes he doesn’t wear a shirt under the jacket so he can feel the fluff on his bones. His jeans aren’t fluffy, but he does own fluffy pajamas, fuzzy socks, fuzzy slippers, a fluffy eye mask for sleeping, and a fluffy night hat. He also has fluffy ear muffs, winter hat, snow boots with fuzz inside them, a bigger and fluffier coat, and fluffy gloves.
And his room is actually, surprisingly, not orange or burnt orange. It’s almost entirely white, because all his first fluffy things came in the color of white. So he just stuck with the theme. So he’s got a fluffy bean bag chair that sits across his room from his bed. His bed actually isn’t there. He doesn’t have one. He opted to get rid of his bed so he could lay down like 10 fluffy blankets on the ground and just engulf himself in fluff when he went to sleep. He has a fluffy (it’s less fluffy than his blankets) rug under the blankets, and he stores his growing collection of fuzzy socks and slippers.
He has a couple fuzzy stuffed animals that he keeps, almost entirely because they’re fluffy and give him comfort.
He also burns candles in his room 24/7, so his room always has this sweet apple cinnamon scent to it. And since he smells like maple syrup, the combination kind of mixes and turns into a caramel apple scent.
I should totally draw out my vision of his room. I even see these big see-through drapes he has over a little reading nook beside his bed.

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i made the bad choice of going through briana's instagram comments and people are claiming she's "trying to be louis" or "trying to win him back" bc she wore a fuckin adiddas hat.

Larries: You can’t wear Adidas, get Adidas out of your mouth, stop trying to be Louis!

Also larries: Louis only wears Adidas bc he has to due to Contracts ™, he would rather be bathed in YSL and Gucci head to toe


Gif source:  Wade

Imagine Deadpool holding your newborn for the first time.

——— Request for anon ———

You look over at him, far too exhausted to comment on the ridiculous hat he was wearing because it made him ‘look like a DILF’ as you watch him cradle the tiny bundle that was your child in his arms. You hum in contentment from both the adorable sight and also the drugs they had pumped into your system.

“I guess we got lucky that the whole fucked up skin thing isn’t hereditary,” Wade whispers, running a rough finger over the smooth and plump skin of the baby’s cheek. “Poor kid woulda’ been doomed from the start.” He glances up towards you, “Do ya’ think we’ll have to worry about the baby going all The Incredibles Jack-Jack at a certain point?”

“Wade,” you sigh, “let’s hope not.”

I also failed to tell him we were wearing the same thing…

Why is it every time I dream about Jack complimenting me, he reblogs my stuff?






Anyone else wonder if Mabel knitted the sweater Ford wears?  It might not have been specifically for him but maybe it was handy so he started wearing it…  Or maybe she made it for Stan and he gave it to him like “Oh you need a shirt that isn’t torn and stained with…  who knows what…  Well Mabel made this but it er… doesn’t fit.  Yeah.  You can wear it.  It’s more your style anyway.”  Or maybe she did make it specifically for him which case… sigh…  feels…  And I’m a dork… Who makes things and notices when characters can too then wonders what else they made/make… ;)  Also I need to art again sometime because I want a drawing of Stan hand sewing the letters onto the kids’ hats for their fishing trip.

So, fun fact!  Feanor may have been the one to create the Palantir, the Seeing Stones that occasionally show up in LOTR.

Now, the thing you need to know about Feanor is that he hated Morgoth more than anyone has hated anything ever, like, he HATED that dick so much it’s a wonder he didn’t spontaneously burst into flames any time someone so much as mentioned his name.

Also, Sauron is a servant of Morgoth.  Sauron’s really, really bad news for Middle-Earth and the battles fought against him are nothing to sneeze at, by any means, but Sauron is not the ultimate big bad–Morgoth is, which is the one Feanor wants to rip his fucking face off and probably wear it as a hat or something.  But they’re pretty inseparable, so Sauron is deeply associated with Morgoth.

That said, keeping that background in mind, made this scene about a thousand times greater to me:

Gandalf covers up the Palantir (the Seeing Stones that Feanor may have been the one to make) because it’s implied that Sauron may be using them and I just.

Imagined Feanor's face at the realization that Sauron, lifelong servant of fucking Morgoth, was using his inventions.  I’m pretty sure he would have LIT THE WORLD ON FIRE THROUGH SHEER FORCE OF RAGE that Morgoth was stealing MORE SHIT FROM HIM and then I could not stop laughing because I am a terrible person who loves Feanor maybe a lot.

Fuck Traffic || Closed


“No! No come on!” Bucky shouted, the angry sounds falling away to a defeated whine as he slapped his hands on the steering wheel of his car. He was gonna be late for a meeting he really shouldn’t be late for. The people who called him to the meeting even made him wear his dress uniform- hat, gloves, saber and all. They also made him bring the food. Doughnut holes, coffee, soda you know the usual breakfast meeting fair.

He slammed his hand on the horn a second before letting himself relax into the leather of his seat with a huff. This would not go over well with his CO.

Skipping breakfast was a shit idea too. The smell of those damn doughnut holes was driving him insane. Maybe he could just eat a couple and they wouldn’t notice. So, brushing the saber and gloves aside Bucky grabbed the box and brought it to his lap, opening it up and stuffing one in his face.

He glanced around to make sure no one was looking at him as he was eating almost all the doughnut holes. But then he saw that cute redhead in the Prius next door looking at her phone. May as well be nice and share. So he rolled the window down and picked up a doughnut hole, tossing it at her window to get her attention.

Headcanon that Gir somehow picks up the craft of knitting and actually is very good at it. So many sweaters, hats, and scarves are made. He cries if Zim doesn’t wear what he makes and nine times out of ten Zim will wear it to shut him up.

Gir has also offered said sweaters and scarves to Dib. So eventually comes the day Zim and Dib are wearing the same sweater. Because how the kids at skool are they are quickly comments about them matching because they are dating.

some joly headcanons for you:

  • joly dresses like a very trendy fifth grader with outer space backpacks and animal print polo shirts and weird socks and this makes him courfeyrac’s favorite (as much as courfeyrac could have a favorite considering its courfeyrac)
  • joly is the shortest (also why he’s courfeyrac’s favorite) but he quite likes it because it means he gets to be carried everywhere he if whines hard enough or feigns his leg is acting up again (sometimes it is and he genuinely needs a piggyback ride but he’s not above abusing this power)
  • joly has three different canes: a fancier one that’s sleek and black and with a silver raven’s head for the top (it makes him feel like poe so he likes it, wears it with a top hat when he feels fancy); a daily one made of a nice dark wood (scratched by now of course), riddled with grantaire and jehan’s doodlings, with a hollow on the inside (weed and candy) and a changing topper (he has an octopus, giant eyeball, and saturn); and another daily one, metal and sturdy and slightly boring except for the cat head topper.
  • joly is excellent at cooking because he is a medical professional and he does everything precisely. This mean it takes forever for joly to make cookies or bloody marys or literally anything, but its always worth it because whatever he makes is delicious. (this annoys grantaire to know end who cooks like an artist, all messy countertops and flash and random measurements but bossuet is grateful because honestly surprises arent the best in his life anyway)
  • joly manages to find bandaids of the weirdest designs, like seriously where do you even find a robot riding a dinosaur in space bandaids?? sometimes joly gets blank ones and lets grantaire and jehan and bahorel and courfeyrac decorate them however they want (courfeyrac was suspended from this for a short while since he was putting glitter on all of them and bossuet nearly got an infection from it)
  • joly’s hair is impossibly neat and impossibly straight except for a few tufts at the front that stick in weird directions if he doesnt constantly comb them
  • sometimes people at the hospital think joly’s a little kid playing dress up and sometimes they treat him that way but joly loves his job so much and he’s so good at it
  • joly used to work at the hospital on rotation in the kid’s ward but he took a job at a small pediatrician office instead so he could get to know the kids better and watch them grow up and get to joke with them. the office is in a refitted house and all the exam rooms have a different theme and joly is a favorite because he’s so great at talking with little kids and gets genuinely excited about the same things as them
  • joly seriously loves disney and pixar movies and goes to the premieres with bossuet and courfeyrac and grantaire whenever he can
  • joly loves museums so much, and the foundation of his and combeferre’s relationship is based off going to history and science museums together and spending hours there talking until the security guard tells them its closing.
  • joly likes art too but he doesnt always get it but he makes sure to go with grantaire every month (bossuet doesnt do museums much, just to be safe, but he meets up with them in the cafe and listens to everything they saw)
  • joly eats toast with jam and half a fruit every single morning without fail. he’s a morning person and its unfathomable the way he can just spring up and be perfectly awake and content like that
  • joly loves cats. so much. he loves animals in general and if you take joly to the zoo he’s going to be so so excited, but joly is a cat magnet, they just seem to find him wherever he is. and he always talks to them
  • sometimes joly doesnt have much time to read so he has jehan or chetta or bossuet or grantaire read something out loud to him but he usually falls asleep after a few minutes
  • joly is notorious for falling asleep after a few minutes of anything
  • joly’s favorite part of the day is dawn, when the moon is still up and the sun isnt visible yet but everything’s all pastel and grey and lavender and just about to burst into gold, and its all quiet and melancholy and still and its just joly and his toast and fruit and the neighbor’s cat
  • joly loves drinking. he loves it when its him and bossuet and grantaire all crowded together at one of the tiny round tables of their favorite wine cafe, just like old times when they all first met, sharing two bottles between them and listening to grantaire ramble or bossuet tell jokes or joly switching between philsophy and whatever happened that day at work. it makes him feel grounded and safe and warm all over because he just loves them so much
  • joly is an excellent tenor, a fact he’s always sure to share at any opportunity. (the barbershop quartet is a real thing that happens sometimes, if you get chetta drunk enough and grantaire happy enough)
  • the only artistic ability joly possesses is the ability to draw a wickedly detailed skeleton
  • joly gets migraines a lot, invariably, some of them are bearable but some of them leave him lying in bed trying not to move or think or exist because it hurts so bad. combeferre thinks its a vertigo thing, but its all very unconfirmed
  • joly edits webmd articles to be more accurate
  • its not that joly googles symptoms and is a hypochondriac, its just that he’s a really really good doctor and he knows about even the most rare and obscure diseases or ailments you can get, incredibly specific stuff even combeferre’s never heard of. (often he’ll just ramble off a really long latin-sounding word and say that’s what you have when really it just means you have a cold but joly likes to fuck with people sometimes)
  • joly (and bossuet and chetta) is really, really good at sex. he’s proud.
  • joly doesnt really listen to much music and he owns just one cd and its of jazz.

Coffeeshop AUs are all well and good, but I could bear to see more conventioneer/artist’s alley AUs. Doctor Who for example:

  • Barbara and Ian got tickets to the con because Susan was talking about it at school, but once they got there, they realised they had no idea what they were in for.
  • Susan also dragged along her grandfather, who was less than pleased.
  • Vicki is carrying around a big stuffed monster as part of her cosplay and won’t stop cuddling it.
  • Stephen and Dodo got roped into karaoke at the last minute to make up the numbers.
  • Two and Jamie did a couples cosplay and get stopped for a fanservicey photo every five minutes.
  • Two has a booth where he sells various handmade hats. He seems to be wearing a different one every time you see him.
  • Three made a really intense, detailed, working cosplay with special effects and mechanical parts but once they get it to the con they need to fix it several times over.
  • Lethbridge-Stewart tries to organise a photoshoot, but the other cosplayers are all late or lost, he has to send Benton and Yates to chase them down, and it’s generally chaos.
  • Benton is coming in from a coffee run, carrying more drinks than he should be able to because he could not turn down anyone who asked 
  • Romana brought eight cosplays for a three day con and changes multiple times a day.
  • Four cannot keep track of where Romana actually is.
  • Sarah Jane only came to film an amature documentary on conventions, but three and four sort of abduct her into participation.
  • Five and his kids have packed one cosplay each and wear it the entire weekend.
  • Five has crammed more people into their hotel room than hotel regulations allows, they are nervous that they might be found out when the staff delivers extra pillows.
  • With only two beds in the room, Tegan and Nyssa share one. Adric wonders if this is just becauses of the tight quarters or something else, aloud,  until the Doctor hits him with a pillow and tells him to just go the fuck to sleep.
  • Kamelion drew the short straw and sleeps in the closet.
  • Turlough slept in the bathtub on the first night, but moved to the floor between the beds after he dreamed that the bath knobs started talking to him.
  • Adric ate all of the ramen and powerbars he brought for the con on the first day and keeps begging five to take him to a restaurant after the AA closes.
  • Tegan just wanted to go to one particular panel, but it keeps getting moved.
  • Six and Peri were planning to do a couple’s cosplay, but they brought a hefty dose of con drama with them. The only thing worse than being on their floor while they’re fighting in their room is being on their floor when they’re making up from the fight.
  • Frobisher has the best cosplays you’ve ever seen and while most people are pretty sure he’s rooming with six and Peri, he doesn’t came back to the hotel room or appear to need sleep.
  • Ace brings a new person back to her hotel room with her at every con. The relationships are brief, but they are intense and adorable.
  • Eight is on the lolita panel. They don’t know why, but neither do they question it.
  • Charley exclusively cosplays male characters.
  • Someone asked the Warlock to watch their artist’s alley table and hasn’t been seen since. They wait patiently, because he said that they would stay until they come back.
  • Torchwood are all crammed into one hotel room. They are collectively the reason “Yaoi Paddles” have been banned at this con.
  • Rose agreed to do half of a couples cosplay with nine, but discovers to her dismay that ten also dressed as the other character and for some reason people take way more pictures of her with ten than with nine.
  • Ten is one of those guys with a good cosplay who refuses to wear a wig or even style their hair differently.
  • Amy got an artist’s alley table to sell her cute little sculpty figures of various characters, but the precon rush was so overwhelming for her, she’s practically dead on her feet. Rory offers her a blanket and watches over her table while she takes a nap behind it.
  • Eleven is not cosplaying anything, but everyone thinks they are. They keep buying new hats from two.
  • Eleven thinks that he has his own hotel room, but the hotel doesn’t, so he crashes on the Paternoster Gang’s floor. Strax offered to share his bed, since Mrs. and Mrs. Flint were in the other one, but eleven refused.
  • Twelve brought a cosplay, wears it on Friday, but wears his pyjamas all day saturday and thinks that’s good enough. He has a table in the Artist’s Alley where he sells CDs of his music.
  • Clara doesn’t cosplay but wears really cute outfits, spends more time than she wants to smoothing out twelve’s con drama.
  • Danny is on a one-man crusade for more kid-friendly con activities and generally is the opposite of Torchwood.
  • The Paternoster Gang always win the cosplay contests. It’s a matter of pride.
  • Ashtildr is at every panel and never appears to need sleep. How does she do it.

To help you feel better after the awful AU I posted earlier (I’m truly sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking) I want you to imagine Thorin knitting, because it’s quite a lovely thing to imagine.

Since Bilbo was not overly fond of the jewelry Thorin made for him Thorin decided to find another way to present Bilbo with handmade tokens of his love and appreciation (he looked pleadingly at Dori until he taught him how to knit).

Knitting is also very relaxing *nods*

And a few years down the line Thorin is an expert knitter, but Bilbo still has the wonky hat and the twisted scarf and what was supposed to be a shirt tucked away in a drawer, because Thorin made them for him and he will treasure them always (just not wear them because somehow the shirt had three sleeves).


Last night I noticed that my brother looks a lot like a young Childermass. He let me dress him up in period clothes and take photos of him, and here we are!

The outfit is basically all the clothes we could find that looked vaguely Georgian. They should be darker in colour really, but it’s what we had! We debated whether a 13-year-old Childermass would have started smoking yet, and we decided that he definitely would have.

Also, he wouldn’t have learned Belasis’s Scorpus yet, but we decided to put it in anyway because it looks cool.

I have also made the decision that the hat he’s wearing here is the same top hat Childermass still wears.

Photos actually taken in Yorkshire.