will also made him wear the hat

100 Reasons To Love Choi Seungcheol
  1. dimples so deep that you could swim in them 
  2. the mole on the right side of his face that’s above his mouth and by his nose (this is really specific but it’s a cute mole okay)
  3. he only has one ear pierced. I think it’s his left ear that is his only pierced ear. 
  4. has pajamas that match his blanket
  5. the fact that he auditioned as a singer but became a rapper
  6. his predebut bushy black hair
  7. looong eyelashes, they’re so pretty and nice, why can’t I have eyelashes those good
  8. raised twelve dorks on his shoulders
  9. when he had fake tattoos and basically ruined the whole fandom
  10. his bombass eyeliner, props to the make up artist
  11. his very cute droopy eyes, this might be why a lot of people say he looks tired, they’re just a little droopy but it’s okay
  12. his big toothy grin that basically takes up half of his face and it’s really cute
  13. a triple threat man: can sing, dance, aand rap. what can’t he do
  14. he can’t wink. if you watch him, he struggles with it sometimes
  15. loves sports so much that he originally wanted to be a PE teacher
  16. offered to cut wood on OFD and screamed while he did it
  17. let his members throw all the kimchi they had into the pot and just watched on OFD
  18. is very very competitive
  19. when he played with his ear during his birthday vlive
  20. screams a lot
  21. like a lot
  22. this boy screams in any situation
  23. the vlive he did with mingyu and wonwoo was just him screaming half the time
  24. when he snuggled up into jihoon during one of their predebut episodes
  25. when he did the shoulder dance during his ‘Good Morning’ cover with Jihoon
  26. he doesn’t like rollercoasters
  27. very touchy, he can be found multiple times hugging another member or just clinging to them
  28. very cute and embarrassing dad dances
  29. his cute hip dance during their Christmas vlive
  30. when he broke the stage with his butt because soonyoung tried to put him down
  31. during the Very Nice dance when he’s doing his solo part and he gives that heavenly smile after saying his line
  32. suggest the idea of the caratland bracelets as a gift to carats
  33. his selfies
  34. he literally takes great selfies. does he even have a bad side
  35. nice butt
  36. when he was suppose to wake up early on OFD Japan but instead slept in which caused them to be late
  37. the fact that so many members go to him whenever they need to get something off of their chest
  38. looks great in dad hats (probably has a collection of them)
  39. when he tried to learn guitar from Jihoon predebut
  40. when he fell to the ground laughing during one of the Burning Karaokes because he didn’t harmonize with Seungkwan properly
  41. his parted hair
  42. when he wears flower crowns and cute lil headbands
  43. he likes mystery novels and is reading books Wonwoo recommended
  44. when he did the piggy bank with Joshua on Weekly Idol
  45. buys the members food without a thought
  46. but also made Wonwoo pay for a game of pool by escaping outside first
  47. is in love with dogs
  48. the gif of him hugging the golden retriever and it basically looks like he never wants to let go even though his hair and the dog’s fur was blowing everywhere
  49. when the small dog during backstage of a performance went under Seungcheol’s hand to be pet by him
  50. when he said ‘Achuu~~’ as a guess to the song Jihoon would sing to his s/o
  51. when he does a pouty face where his lips are pushed out a bit with his cheeks cutely puffing out
  52. he sleeps with music playing and has Jeonghan turn it off for him
  53. when Seungkwan woke him up on the first 17 project episode and he wasn’t wearing a shirt
  54. the fact that he slept with a little teddy bear by his pillow in that episode
  55. he said he sleeps with the others more than he sleeps on his own bed
  56. his top notch aegyo
  57. S.coups wants to eat a macaron~~~
  58. tried to eat a lemon and his whole face did a cringe
  59. his thiiighs
  60. really cute ears that stick out cutely
  61. a real pro at DDR
  62. have you seen the video, everyone gets shook behind him when he plays
  63. his low voice tone
  64. when he basically growls into the mic during parts of his raps
  65. when he gets so into performing that he throws his whole body into the song and jams like there’s no tomorrow
  66. his signature peace sign pose
  67. when he nonsense screamed while entering the studio
  68. his alcohol tolerance is 6 beers
  69. has a heart like a girl’s according to Jihoon
  70. when he’s doing introduction and says ‘say the name’
  71. when he gets embarrassed and basically looks like he’s dying
  72. when he did the dance to Pick Me
  73. when his hair was blonde/red/brown/basically any color and once again killed the fandom
  74. when he dropped his egg yolk and looked like it was the end of the world and that life was no longer worth living
  75. the fact that he still picked up the egg yolk and ate it
  76. during the comeback showcase performance of laughter when he burst into a big smile
  77. his eye smiles when his eyes become small and all you see are his long eyelashes
  78. on where is my friend’s hometown, when he was cutely jamming out to music in the car
  79. when the MC’s of weekly idol pronounced his name wrong and he did a brief look at his name tag before laughing really big
  80. when he kept getting the dance wrong during random play dance and he looked like a very confused doggy
  81. he can hold two matches on his eyelashes (man get you a man that has eyelashes as strong as cheol’s)
  82. when he gets cold he shivers cutely and goes to his manager
  83. the time he almost died because he almost kissed wonwoo
  84. but he didn’t mind playing the pocky game with jihoon predebut
  85. the predebut video when they did a practice room cover of Nuest’s Hello and seungcheol just struts up the camera
  86. when he yelled at jihoon to move during the Hello dance
  87. his cheeky smile when Hansol was exposing him of taking his stuff
  88. #Gyeongsang_Accent
  89. his singing voice is low and soothing
  90. a cute fan of ballads
  91. he’s always thanking carats, always telling them to be healthy and even more
  92. he cried because he couldn’t visit his grandmother because of training
  93. he wanted to be able to do more to contribute to Seventeen like Jihoon and Soonyoung so Seungcheol pushed himself more into producing
  94. when everything was getting tense on OFD Japan, Seungcheol stepped in and called a meeting to clear the tension
  95. attended P101’s final episode to watch his friends despite having just taken out his wisdom teeth and being tired
  96. on the last episode of their first OFD, he helped set up photos and decoration for the rest of the boys and even wrote a heartfelt letter to them
  97. said that when the rings were taken away during 17 project he was thinking of the other boys and how they were doing
  98. despite going through group changes he’s never once complained and continued to train, using it as a change to grow instead of as a sign of failure
  99. he carries a large amount of stress on his shoulders as the leader of the group and seriously needs to be appreciated for his hard work
  100. “Carats should be the ones more loved than we are”
pittsburgh penguins ranked in order of how much they hate me
  1. evgeni malkin: posts pictures of himself on social media, knowing that i will see them and cry. grows patchy playoff beards that i am somehow attracted to. fights all the time. snipes filthy goals. takes,,, so many penalties. clearly wants me dead.
  2. sidney crosby: every time he giggle-honks it is a personal attack on my well-being and i am 98% sure he knows it. also continues to wear The Hat despite knowing that i love his post-game curls.
  3. kris letang: has a v cute son and a v pretty wife and doesn’t ever bring them over to my house ???? v v rude, tanger. obviously hates me a great deal.
  4. patric hornqvist: gives me heart palpations whenever he’s shirtless. which is always.
  5. brian dumoulin: deliberately made me fall in love with him before revealing himself as a frat boy who doesn’t know what indy music is in some bizarre plot to end me. 
  6. phil kessel: hasn’t given me his sister’s phone number, so clearly doesn’t want me to be happy.
  7. carl hagelin: has prettier hair than me. knows he has prettier hair than me. chooses to flaunt the fact that he has prettier hair than me. clearly a lot of hatred there.
  8. trevor daley: has yet to teach me his skin care routine or secrets for looking Like That.
  9. chris kunitz: is 37 years old and still looks so Good that it can only be an attempt to end my life.
  10. olli maatta: a literal ray of sunshine who wants to burn me alive from the inside out with the power of his smile.
  11. justin schultz: has a sinister plot to make me attracted to men with missing teeth and beards.
  12. matt cullen: is Team Dad but refuses to adopt me.
  13. nick bonino: posts pictures of maisie and jake together with the understanding that i will see these pictures and pass out. obviously wishes me harm.
  14. conor sheary: knows that i die a little every time he gets injured. still has the audacity to allow himself to be injured.
  15. jake guentzel: hasn’t proposed to me yet???????? obviously hates me at least a little.
  16. bryan rust: hasn’t responded to any of my long, extensive, hand-written love letters. clearly dislikes me.
  17. matt murray: has a Large Dog named beckham that he will post about but will not bring to my home so i can pet???? wtf matt.
  18. marc-andre fleury: loves me, supports me, wants me to be happy.

Here goes nearly 3k words of single daddy!Bucky/kindergarten teacher!reader headcanons just because me and @pimpdaddysebastian​ love corny shit. <3

Tag list: @tasting-writers-block​, @nadtandy​, @yoinkpeter​, @ipaintmelodies - I’m still understanding how this works but if any of you don’t want to tagged anymore, hmu with an ask! ;)

A few years in into being an official member of the Avengers, Bucky thinks he’s got everything figured out.

After the accords fiasco and his homecoming, Bucky seems to think that joining the Avengers is the only way he can redeem himself for the harm he’s caused with HYDRA and so he falls just right into the team with his skills, being assigned to special and specific missions by Steve and Natasha.

Since Romania, many things has changed for him – now he’s back in America with his best-friend by his side, a new arm that doesn’t feel like a dirty reminder of his past and a mind to call his own thanks to T’Challa and the wakandan doctors. He’s no longer considered a fugitive, he doesn’t have to worry about looking for his back anymore and he’s glad about having a proper roof upon his head for a change. 

Bucky thinks he’s got everything figured out until he’s assigned to a mission in Germany. 

The gruesome memories of his past hits him hard as he enters the shady lab, originally meant to experiment on humans and mutants but now looking recently abandoned at the word of the Avengers arrival. And even though the atmosphere is way too familiar for his own comfort, Bucky is set and focused to finish the mission. 

That is, until the hears the soft cries of a baby coming from one of the cells. 

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Have you ever been in a situation where you had to play soccer mom? Not one where Steve played your soccer son

well, last week i kicked the heads off of about fifteen robots, and then used them as projectiles to hit other robots with. does that count as soccer? afterwards i yelled at steve for taking his helmet off dramatically in the middle of a fight. he got a concussion. again.

its not there to prevent hat hair steven, its so you DONT DIE. which is also my job, and i can use all the help i can get. 

maybe we should get him a pair of sunglasses or something, so he has something he can remove at a dramatic point mid-combat without actually losing safety equipment. sometimes i think the star-spangled show actually made his tendency towards the dramatic even worse. 

Ok so a small addition to the Colorblinf Flug thing I wrote:

Flug’s been colorblind for about a year before he gets the goggles. And hes forgotten how bright somethngs were, like the chemicals he uses, or just how white the lab really is.

But he also forgot how bright all of his friends were.

He forgot just how much neon Demencia wore, and it makes him smile to see how much her outfit really matches her bright attitude. He forgot how calming the blue fur of 505 can be just to look at, and he’s so greatful to be able to see that again.

And then there’s Black Hat.

The man always wears so much black and grey, so it’s not like seeing him in only black and white changed much for Flug. But there were those colors that made him unique. The bright crimsion of his dress shirt, the whites on his shoes.

And definatly the teeth. The neon green teeth. He forgot how much they really glowed when you saw their color.

But there was one thought that Flug had the first time he saw Black Hat with color again.

“I already liked you in black and white, but seeing all the colors on you again? It makes you looks even better than you did before.”

He never voiced this, but he was happy to have the colors back in his sights, if only to see the green flash of a smile on Black Hat’s face, even if it was small.

He had missed that.

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Request? Yes? Walter LIVED and goes on to become a gardener or some generic shit because MY CHILD DID NOT DESERVE HIS FATE And because he would make an adorable gardener let's be honest

oh my gosh the thought of him as a gardener literally kills me?

Originally posted by gargoyles42

  • This goddamn synthetic insists on wearing this silly looking sun hat. Like, this thing is so big and overpowers him, and it makes you laugh every time you see it, but Walter still wears it despite your teasing about it. He honestly sees nothing wrong with it.
    • It’s also made out of a really scratchy material, which obviously doesn’t bother Walter, but just thinking about it makes you want to set it on fire.
      • It does make him easy to spot if he’s out planting something or checking in on how crops are growing.
      • I want him to give his plants and flowers names. Like, silly names. 
        • “This is Gina, my hibiscus. She’s 3 months old, quite big for her age, actually.”
          • Totally pets his plants if he notices they’re not doing so well. Gives them the closest thing to love as he can possibly process. PROBABLY TELLS THEM STORIES or lets them listen to music because there’s proof that music can improve plant life.
          • Give me Walter, who is proud of his plants because even though he’s a Synthetic and has no soul or actual life within him, he still created something breathing and alive and he takes some sort of pleasure/pride in that fact. He’d deny it, of course. 
            • He convinces himself that what he’s feeling isn’t actual emotion and is just a triggering response because he knows that’s how humans would react in such situations.
  • You notice things about him that are minuscule and wonder on occasions, his legitimacy because you have to remind yourself that he isn’t a human.
    • You can see, feel and touch his skin. Smooth as if he were human, warm as if he were human, but under was nothing like your body. No blood rushing through his veins, no organs, no real heart. 
    • If his eyes catch the sunlight just right, they seem to brighten. 
    • He had different smiles for different occasions, and though you know it’s Walter imitating them from a database of expressions, you can see a large human element behind his android facade.
    • His uncanny ability to make ‘jokes’ or ‘jabs’ at people without actually processing. Walter has wit, when he wants.
      • If you ever perform services on him, he’ll try to make the atmosphere less stuffy with jokes that seem to make it even more stuffy. “I can always give you a hand.” Is one of his favorites if the maintenance is required on his hands.
        You laugh, tossing your head back at the severity of the pun and tell him, “You should stick to research. Your jokes aren’t that great.”
        “Noted.” Walter says gently, watching you with careful eyes.
  • You never notice the way he looks at you, or the way he seems to diligently protect you.
    • You know the Walter model is built to serve and figure that these are attributes to his programming, but they’re not.
      • Walter will freely glance and gaze at you as he pleases, wondering exactly what emotion he’s concocting while looking at you.
        • Obviously, it’s nothing but a fake feeling but something about it feels so right.
          • Has a knack for pretending as if he wasn’t staring right at you and was actually studying the room.
  • Walter has a personality all his own, though he digresses that even though he can impersonate actions and emotions on the surface because he was programmed that way, genuinely feeling them does not come naturally to him, so having an authentic personality would be impossible.
    • This is something you would argue with him about if your reasons were indeed legitimate. You knew better though. Walter was created much like the David model, but with less distinctive traits and more of a submissive intake in life. Walter could not be taught emotions and could not willingly and freely create them much like David did, thus making him less like a human, resulting in humans feeling more comfortable around Walter. 
  • Walter absolutely has a thing for hats. 
    • You can pry this headcanon out of my cold dead hands.
      • He probably has a ton of hats, for different occasions. Sun hats, winter hats, lounging hats, baseball caps, etc.
        • H A T S.

i cant believe im writing for a robot wow amaze. Reblogs and likes are appreciated. If you liked them, stay tuned for some more Walter, and maybe some David later on! Thank you guys :)

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hello! I really love your art and it really inspires me!! Could you please draw your version of Septiceye Sam? Thank you so much!!

Happy my art inspires you dude, also I haven’t drawn septiceye sam as a human a lot, so here’s a beta version design I made up now (he’s also wearing Jack’s hat) lol I kinda love him lol Did I make a good Septiceye Sam design?

Reasons why the Jughead 2015 comic series is better than Riverdale

  • Jughead is canon aroace
  • His friendship with Sabrina is 600 percent pure and wholesome
  • Hiram Lodge gives his daughter a lesson in meme economics
  • Veronica only refers to Jughead as Forsythe
  • Jughead goes on one date and that’s because he thought Sabrina wearing a burger costume was actually a giant talking burger
  • Jughead has a bonding bro moment with Reggie and it’s also 600 percent pure and wholesome
  • Reggie is a closeted Adele fan
  • For an art class project Jughead makes a statue of himself made entirely out of fast food and calls it Grubhead
  • He and the rest of the gang play a Mario Kart-style online game together and whoever wins the race gets to wear his hat and the losers have to do everything they say
  • Jughead, Betty, Archie, and Kevin meet genderbent versions of themselves in a town called Sunnyside 
  • His hat is still a whoopee cap
  • He accidentally made his friends a meme and everyone hated him for it
  • There are hilarious footnotes at the bottom of every page
  • Salem - yes, the cat - is bisexual

I know I’m missing a lot so feel free to add

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Is it bad that I totally ship Katie and Rocky? Also You're doing a great job with the animation!!

not at all lol, theyre gonna be total girlfriends in the future! They just became friends in the film but theyre gonna be really close later on <3

Jared Kleinman headcannons (Clothes Shopping)

A/N: I’m not sure these fit the request

-You dragged him to the mall at like 8 am because you didn’t want to be surrounded by people

- He was not happy about it and you let you know that

- “You’re honestly the most annoying person ever”

- “Shhh, Jar., you know you love me. If you didn’t, you would have jumped out the window.”

- “I still might”

- When you actually go to the mall, he insisted you get a milkshake to apologise for bringing him so early

- When you were sitting down, you explained why you brought him there

- “We’re seniors now! We gotta look stylish and shit. We rule the school, we gotta look like we do at least.”

- “We don’t rule over anything, but I’ll indulge”

- You first took a stop at Forever 21 which was just like stepping into a tumblr aesthetic blog

- You looked around for some nice high waisted shorts as Jared trailed behind you

- “But why do they have to be highwaisted?”

- “I don’t wanna have a muffin top, Jared”

- “But I have a muffin top everyday, we could be muffin twins. You always say my muffin top is cute”

- “Because it is!”

- He did the lil hug from behind thing, “Anything you do is cute.”


- “Whatever, you loser”, you said using a half assed insult to mask your feelings-

- You tried on a sunflowers dress and Jared said ZOOWEEMAMA which made you blush cuz you knew he meant it as a high compliment

- Then y’all made your way to Hot Topic

- “Maybe we’ll see Murphy here!”

- “Jared don’t be an ass”

- He gasped, “If I’m not an ass, then what am I?”

- But at Hot Topic, he kept on wearing the accessories

- “Babe, do I look good in this Louise hat?”

- “Jared! Take that off! The person who put that on before you could have had lice.”

- He would also put on the bras and ‘try to seduce you’

- “Hey, how about we get outta here and I’ll show you what’s under this?”

- Some random employee would catch him and yell, “Sir! Take that off right now!”

- He’d get you kicked out by repeating that and putting on the underwear also

- It was hilarious though

- Then you guys left the mall and went to Kohls

- Jared found a shirt he really liked with a portrait of Batman painted on Starry Night

- You found a nice shirt with your Harry Potter house crest on it (EVEN IF YOU’RE HUFFLEPUFF OR RAVENCLAW BECAUSE ALL OF THE HOUSES MATTER! M’KAY? M’KAY!)

- You two are comfortable with each other so you try on your shirts in the same fitting room because why not (there are places with undefined fitting rooms, fight me)

- When Jared takes off his shirt first, you just give him a hug and call him a big teddy bear

- “Get off me that’s gay”, he says with a blush

- You guys are blushy people when you compliment each other

- He does the same hug thing when you take yours off but you don’t tell him to get off

- You look in the mirror and just smile at the two of you

- You’re both cubby but it doesn’t bother you

- It used to, but since you two started dating you were always there to pick each other’s confidence up when you’re a lil down

- Jared always said it just gave more of you for him to love

- But he never admits to saying that, or any cute things for that matter

- But then he ruins the cute moment by saying something stupid

- “Wanna have sex?”

- “Jared!”

- cue his mischievous laughter

- But then you actually put the clothes on that you came to try on

- Jared wouldn’t stop complimenting how good you looked in the shirt

- You told him how the shirt he picked out for his personality

- Jared bought both of the shirts and you two went to his house to cuddle (and make out whoops)

- you didn’t leave with a lot of clothes, but you still had a blast

sanji will take over germa66 and turn it into germa77

Now the two things that immediately caught my attention were the G-77 Usopp drew and the “Next’ sign.

At the time of this chapter, it would be impossible to connect it with anything. But now looking back on it, I think this is a reference to the organisation Germa 66?

Is it really a coincidence that Usopp drew the NEXT palindromic number after 66? Also what does the ‘G’ stand for? Germa?

They also might rename the organisation to Germa-77 as a reference to Sanji as it stands on new ideology, Sanji’s ideology, Mr 7.

One of the numbers Sanji is associated is the number 7.

His first bounty was 77 million

His second bounty is 177 million

His height pre timeskip was 177cm

(He was the 7th straw hat to be sent away by Kuma and the 7th straw hat to return.bbsa
If you remember correctly when he arrived back at Saboady Zoro called him Number 7 as it was the order in which they arrived back.  I think this foreshadows sanji taking over germa66 renaming it germa77 plus on the cover image for chapter 835  sanji has the word king on it 

(edit : as pernanegra said  and how Also his childhood wearing an iron mask is very similar to the character in the movie "The Man in the Iron Mask”, which was the twin brother of the king of France, who made everyone believe he was dead. In the end, the man in the iron mask becomes the king of France with the help of the three musketeers, becoming one of the best and fair king.)

Sanji said at the start of WCI  that he wanted to give Germa another chance but he was dissapointed  so sanji could end up reforming germa under 

sanji remarks that   ironically aerial strikes are his specialty when  judge the commander of chief of germa used it   and its implied that its his specialty which can foreshadow that sanji will take over germa66

and this will fullfill what he said before if he takes over the feared evil army 


ned wearing his hat bc it gives him confidence is such an iconic moment i mean can u imagine spiderman: homecoming without that hat giving ned confidence??? 

the movie would be done. finished. a ruined masterpiece.  a once-was. 

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is it wrong to have a wallet chain? is this the next 'can't tie your shirt on your hips' kinda thing?

um first of all everyone can tie their shirts around their waists i really don’t understand why everyone made fun of him for this:

it’s super fucking hot and i wish he had kept it like that for the whole day but alas~

the thing with the wallet chain is that jensen tends to wear some incredibly… hipster dad clothes. in his downtime he dresses like a 90s grunge store thrift shopper rock star and it drives me absolutely wild for some reason. this post is me. 

most obvious example of this heart-stopping aesthetic is of course the wallet chain:

and even worse is the pharrell hat (plus a bonus wallet chain??):

the denim jacket is also a nice touch. put jensen in more worn denim jackets 2k17.

other honorable mentions: the hideous mustard pants and jensen’s collection of bracelets.

he hasn’t really experimented with shoes much yet, but i would KILL to see him in this pair that misha has:

they definitely fit his style. these plus the above denim jacket? that’s it goodbye i am down for the count, mi amigo.

anyway my ultimate wish is for ^ those shoes + pharrell hat + wallet chain + beard onstage at a panel. i have been mercilessly kinkshamed for this (aHEM MCK AYL A) but i refuse to give up hope.

(so no, the wallet chain is not a bad thing at all.)

I am fine. And thank you! Appreciate it! I’m not much of a writer, though I am trying to improve my skills, so all I have are random plot points and no real coherent story yet.

This was an idea had like a year ago(?) when I watched the first episode of the PPG reboot and basically got frustrated with how bad it was.


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Morning Surprises

Since Jason Todd birthday coming up can you do a prompt of what the batfamily does for him on that day?

If there was one thing Jason Todd asked for his birthday it was to be left alone in peace. Not have to deal with the real world. But it seemed that his one wish would not be granted today. 

He laid on his old bedroom bed he could already hear the padding of feet coming up the stairs. Jason’s eyes cast down to you clinging to his chest your hair tickling his neck. Sun seeped through a slight opening in the window’s curtains basking you both in warm rays. He knew this peaceful moment wouldn’t last any longer as he could hear the hasty whispers nearing closer. Jason shut his eyes trying to savor the calm moment. 

The bedroom door busted open followed by the most wretched and out of sync singing he has ever heard. 

Jason cracked his eyes open staring at the plain white ceiling in despair,“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Jason, happy birthday to you!” Dick and Stephanie cheered at the end. You began to stir awake due to all the noise.

“We brought you breakfast,” Tim said wearing a party hat. You sat up, cracking your eyes open at the sound of his voice.

“Isn’t it a bit too early?” Jason groaned, “come on littlewing your birthday only comes up once a year,” Dick said sitting at the edge of the bed followed by the rest going to Jason’s bed side.

Barbara handed the small tray to Jason a stack of pancakes accompanied with a cup of coffee. Even if Jason wasn’t showing or expressing it he was grateful. He had never thought he would have something like this. Waking up to his annoying family with the love of his life at his side. It felt like something he had always dreamed of something that he would never have. But it had seemed life had gifted him something good for once.

You smiled,“Happy birthday babe,” you placed a kiss on his cheek.“Congratulations you are one year older,“ Damian rolled his eyes.

“Thanks for reminding me brat,” Jason replied as he looked around the room spotting Bruce also wearing a party hat that Cass must have made him wear.

He looked at him timidly, “thank you,” Jason said, Bruce smiled in return.

by the skin of your teeth: part nine




here we go.

this is a long one and it’s pretty intense, warnings include: violence/blood, psychological manipulation, suicide ideation and baiting, derealization, self-loathing, claustrophobia, lots of swearing and Bill generally doing what Bill does. any other tags anyone needs, just let me know.

also considerably more italics and dashes than any one person should be allowed to use, but that’s a whole other issue. 

I reformatted Bill’s dialogue partway through and I think I caught everything but do let me know if I missed anything. 

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GUYS as a certified San Francisco Person ™ i can tell u that SF in the morning can get cold, like really really foggy and ass cold. so sarek, a vulcan used to hot dry temps, lived in SF (bc ambassador things!!) and so he probably dressed up in enough cold weather clothing in the mornings to look like a Vulcan Sweater Burrito. imagine.

enter Amanda Grayson, who is a badass and whom i would marry if she weren’t already married to Vulcan Burrito Man. she decides to learn how to knit, bc no boyfriend of hers will walk around SF freezing his pointed ears off. she knits him a Terrible Sweater. sarek begins to own more than one of them. 

and he WEARS THEM. maybe even to work, where his colleagues are like :O but don’t say anything bc sarek is a Big Scary Vulcan and you can’t really call a guy out for wearing something his gf, whom he worships, made him.

basically i want you all to imagine sarek walking around SF with his gf, wearing some truly awful knitted gear bc eventually she makes him hats and gloves and socks too. it’s a beautiful sight.

(also: spock wears some interesting sweaters in the first two aos movies. perhaps….amanda made them??? idk but we all know kirk digs spock’s fashion sense)

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Hey! friendship hcs for Kuroo, Akaashi and Asahi, please? :)

AN: I LOVE FRIENDSHIP HEAD CANONS you guys don’t understand. Can I make this college au ok thanks slightly nsfw!!!!! just kuroo tbh lol


  1. The type of friend to follow you home and hang out at your place without an invite. Casually kicks off his shoes, says wassup to your roommate, eats all of your shit, and plops on the futon.
  2. Would make you his wingman/woman by default, or the other way around. Loves knowing that his friend got laid because of him.
  3. Is very… open. Would ask you weird shit like, “Hey, does this look like an ingrown hair to you?” or “This is what my penis normally looks like, right?” and “What do you masturbate to? I bet it’s those drama audios, huh?”
  4. If you forgot something at home, Kuroo’s got you. A scarf because you didn’t think it was too cold out, a gym shirt, even lunch, Kuroo would run back to his apartment to get it for you (or he accidentally slept through his 8am, so he was already home).
  5. Is really good at giving advice. He’s pretty seasoned and experienced with life to be honest, and even if he hasn’t experienced your problem first hand, he always carefully plays it out in his head as if he did and would give you the best advice he could. He gives it to you without sugar coating it, either, because he wants to make sure you’re being careful and that you won’t get hurt in the end.
  6. Is a mom; he makes you soup when you’re dying at home in bed. He’s learned to switch from packaged and canned soups to actually making his own (he’s had a lot of practice).
  7. Makes fart noises when you bend over.


  1. An amazing listener. If you text him about having a terrible day, in an instant, he would ask if you want to meet up or call him so you could vent to him. He’s not the type to just listen quietly, either; he would try to respond and give you advice or make you feel better.
  2. Always remembers significant events. He remembers the day you first met, your birthday, your anniversary with your significant other, that time you drank too much at the club and made out with a stranger, you name it. He marks it on his calendar and tells you the day every year.
  3. Is the type of person to buy something small and give it to you because it made him think of you. He would probably tie it back to a memory you both shared together.
  4. Would scold you when you’re sick because you didn’t wear a hat like he told you.
  5. Would also scold you when you forgot to finish that worksheet for homework (but would still give you his to copy, anyways)
  6. Comes over to your apartment just so he can scold you about how messy it is, but then proceeds to clean it himself and then offers to bake cookies afterwards.
  7. He normally buys healthy foods for groceries, so when he comes over, he eats all of your junkfood on his cheat days.
  8. Always makes sure that you set time aside so you can go watch his games. He tries to not make it a big deal, but it’s very important to him that you’re there to watch him because he gets nervous sometimes and you’re able to calm him down easily.


  1. Also an amazing listener! If you’re having a bad day, he would be more likely than Akaashi to ask you to meet with him in person instead of talking about it over the phone.
  2. Is always very concerned about you. On cold days he asks if you have gloves, on your sick days he asks if you need medicine, on days that you’re mad he asks if you want any food. Even if you say no, he knows you’re lying, so he brings everything anyways.
  3. Always comes to you for advice. He’s just a shy guy trying to get through college, so when he’s having trouble with someone he finds cute, he comes to you for help and is very desperate about it, it’s very cute.
  4. Because you guys hang out all the time, he gets a little anxious when you’re not around. If you miss class because you’re sick, he’ll sit through lecture texting you because he misses you so much. Even when he’s at his own apartment, he’ll still be texting you often.
  5. He cherishes your birthday more than you do. He is very persistent about you spending the day with all of your friends, so he makes it a big deal. He’ll reserve a party at a restaurant, order your cake, and even gifts you something very special from the heart. He likes to hand make his gifts, so it’ll probably contain lots of pictures, ticket stubs/receipts, and other quirky things.
  6. Forces you to go grocery shopping with him because you don’t eat your vegetables.
  7. Only trusts you to cut his hair because you know how he likes to style his fringe.
Deep Space Nine RECAP: 6x13

Whoa wait. Somehow in everyone’s pitching of notable™ episodes to recap and season primers and what all else, I had not gotten that this one was


Wow okay!!

Season 6, Episode 13: ‘Far Beyond the Stars’

Captain Benjamin Sisko sits at his desk surrounded by a litter of iPads, like so many fallen leaves — like so many of his fallen comrades.

“The Cortez was a good ship!” he mourns to Major Kira. He had introduced the captain to his wife. And now, the war with the Dominion has taken them too.

Kira passes Papa Sisko at the doorway — Ben’s dad is finally visiting Deep Space 9! But it has not been the cheeriest visit, laden down as Ben has been with war and loss. Sweetly, his dad tells him that’s actually why he came: “I’ve been worried about you. The last couple of times we talked it seemed like you were carrying the weight of the entire Alpha Quadrant on your shoulders.”

Captain Atlas confides that he doesn’t know how much more he can bear. He wonders…he wonders if he should pass the weight to someone else. Let someone else make the decisions, have the glories and the losses. Have his command.

Papa Sisko assures Ben he will support him no matter what happens.

What then happens is René Auberjonois walking past the door wearing an old-fashioned suit & hat, which presumedly is not what he had in mind.

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Shirts and Science Teachers

Based on an imagine from @imaginexhobbit submitted by @hiccuplovver: Imagine the Dwarves giving you a spare shirt to sleep in and them being different sizes.

Word Count: 1632

Well, you got past the screaming in terror – it took a while, but you were proud that you hadn’t passed out like the poor unfortunate Dwarf you’d landed on. Yes, Dwarf. You had rather given up on making sense of where you were, but these small people were definitely not humans. You’d landed on one who looked a bit like the very unfortunate pictures you’d once seen of your dad – complete with bowl-cut hair and decked out in knitwear.

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