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Where's Weiss?

So there was some drunk shouting outside my window again (someone shouting ‘we forgot Emily!’) and it had me and skiretehfox discussing this and it’s really long but oh well.

Flustered Yang looks after a drunk Weiss basically.

Warnings: alcohol, blood, some violence and implied dark themes. (but also freezerburn cuddles)


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The light pollution of the industrious city allowed less of a clear view of the night sky than Yang would have been awarded with back home, yet she still admired the limited sprinkling of winking stars that were visible on the sea of black velvet.

She growled and yanked her curtain across.

This was not aiding her studying process at all.

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anonymous asked:

Sammy seems to not understand that what Dean said wasn't just demon talking. Not surprisingly, Cas does understand and even if Dean would never said something like that to Sam, Cas knows there is some truth in this and it wasn't just way to torture Sam. It's amazing how good Cas knows Dean like no one else and don't even judge him about this. He's just so caring and supporting. part 1

part 2 Some people are angry that their short talk was only about brothers but Dean needed support with this and Cas immediately gave him one. It was so touching and perfect. He could as well said ‘It’s okay, it wasn’t you, not all you but it’s okay too. You needed to say it, you deserved to say it and I’m not gonna judge you I’m gonna help you no matter what because I understand’ and it would still be the same. Fuck, I just made myself cry because Cas loves Dean so much.

Yep, you’re bang on with that.  I suspect Sam is in a fair bit of denial at the moment, because who would want to believe that the person who has taken care of them for their entire life would be capable of saying things like that?  But for sure, there was a lot of truth in what Dean said - that sort of pressure and brain washing and erasure of self over 30+ years is going to lead to a good amount of resentment.  And when those gates open, oh boy is it all going to come flooding out.  So while there was no doubt just an attempt to try and hurt Sam, it was hurting him with truth, and I don’t think Sam is quite ready to face up to that yet.  Which is not to say that it’s Sam’s fault in any way.  He is just as much a victim of their lives & upbringing as Dean is, but Dean has never had the opportunity to just get away and work through it, whereas Sam has had the chance, just once in a while, but he has that ability to step back and see things for what they are, even if he’s not in that position at the moment.  And I think being a demon has made Dean finally consciously acknowledge that things aren’t good.  This exchange:

Sam: This family is all we’ve ever had.

Dean: Then we got nothing.

kinda summed that up, for me at least.  Dean is realising that their way of living, of putting each other ahead of everything, ahead of themselves as individuals, of not respecting each other’s autonomy, of not allowing each other outside friends/relationships (shown with Benny & Amelia especially), of putting each other ahead of the entire world is just not healthy, it’s not sustainable, it’s toxic, and it’s going to kill them in every possible way.

Cas on the other hand has had a very clear view of things, at least in as much as it pertains to Sam & Dean’s relationship, and has never let himself be dominated by Dean - and Dean has never really tried to.  He realises that he need equal relationships, healthy relationships, and Cas provides that.  The one time Dean did try to order Cas around last season, it was met with a very firm “No”, and that was as far as Dean tried to push it.  Even when he was pulling the dictatorship nonsense with Sam, he immediately turned around and started talking to Cas in much more even, team terms.  It’s taken some time for Dean to finally realise that Cas never belonged on that pedestal, but now that he’s there they’re starting to communicate a little better, and the respect is clearly there at mutual levels.

And that’s what feeds into Cas’s support of Dean, because he knows that that’s what Dean needs.  He knows that Dean is dealing with the things he said and did to Sam, and even if Cas isn’t clear on all the details, he knows that while it came from a place of truth (he even clarifies “not all you”), it’s also stuff that Dean would under normal circumstances never have said or done.  There’s a big difference in how Sam & Cas treat Dean afterwards as well - we don’t see anything that was said between Sam & Dean, but Sam goes out to get food that he says he’ll “stuff in his face” himself - he’s more or less babying Dean, probably out of guilt as well as relief.  Cas on the other hand goes in, again, as a partner to Dean.  He doesn’t talk down to him, he’s completely open & truthful, even after telling Hannah that you need to lie sometimes.  He acknowledges what Dean did, but also acknowledges that it was out of Dean’s control, to a certain extent.  He lets Dean know that even though he’s leaving, there’ll be another time for them to talk.  He also knows that this isn’t finished, that the Mark of Cain is still an issue, which is something that Sam just isn’t ready to even look at. 

So yeah, the difference in the way they each reacted to Dean’s (temporary) cure is actually all sorts of telling as far as how each views him.  Sam is just overjoyed & relieved that his brother is back, and he’s not willing to look any further - not yet.  Cas is equally overjoyed, but it’s tempered with knowing that things can revert very quickly if they don’t do something, which is probably going to be his focus from now on.  He might get sidetracked by other things, but Dean, and getting Dean cured for good is very clearly, textually his primary goal.  And despite all of that, all his worry and his own knowledge that he’s fading, he still leaps straight into supporting Dean, forgiving him without question or reservation, and wanting Dean to take care of himself for a change.  It’s lovely.