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Never tired to see the real, sweet, funny ADC! LOVE HER!

anonymous asked:

Wait why is Alicia Keys garbage? Spill the beans 👀☕️🐸

She ignored calls for boycott against Israel and performed there anyways, took legal action against a Palestinian anti-Israel video that featured some of her music, and called people who fundraise for the Israeli military “inspiring”.

Idr if there was more, but that there’s enough for sure

bowlegdean  asked:

Here's some distraction: what's one of your favorite wincest headcanons??? (I hope you feel better, sweets)

I have to say that my favorite is Dean stalking Sam while he is at Stanford, and just checking in every now and then to make sure that he is okay.

But then I also like the idea of Sam putting the Ipod Dock into the Impala (when Dean went to hell) because he wanted Dean to come back and haunt him (as Dean said he would do so if he messed with baby).

There are just so many that it’s kinda hard to choose, but by far those to have been my faves.

Thank you for asking <3