will alicia

/\ So this is Alicia in next week’s preview clip. /\

/\ This is a screenshot of a part in the winter trailer where her dad is saying “Whichever one you chose, someone’s going to get hurt” (or something). Her dad is on the cast list next week. /\

/\ This is another screenshot of a part in the winter trailer. Let me brighten it up. /\

/\ Look at the top. It’s the same top in all three images./\

/\ And these three images are all from the winter trailer, at what is presumably Charlie’s and Duffy’s wedding. None of them look happy. Ethan looks worried (and seriously Ethan do you even need glasses or are you wearing contacts), Cal looks like he’s just discovered something horrible and told Alicia and Alicia looks really very shocked. /\

So… um… could the secret be revealed at Charlie’s wedding after something happens and Cal confronts Alicia? Or he doesn’t know Ethan and Alicia did anything and all he knows is Alicia cheated? Also why is he proposing to Alicia next episode and, the arguably the most important question: DOES SHE SAY YES???