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weecest celebrating Memorial Day at Bobby's with some of their high school friends (who DoNt know the winchesters are brothers, wink wonk) (~•3•)~

The small living room was filled with the laughter of teenagers, the strong scent of beer and burgers filling the small room.

“So is Bobby your dad or something” A teenager, Jack, asked.

Everyone stared at Dean Winchester, wondering if the man that had told them they could stay the night at his house while he was out, was in fact Dean’s father. None of them had met Dean’s dad, and Bobby seemed to be the fatherly type.

“Uh, no, he’s just a close friend of my dad who’s letting us stay here while my dad is out on a business trip” Dean explained, glancing over at his younger brother.

Sam was never referred to as Dean’s brother, especially around Dean’s friends. Everyone knew that Sam was Dean’s boyfriend, not his brother, which was probably for the best.

“And your Dad is fine with you having your boyfriend over?” Jack asked, completely amazed with how Dean seemed to have such a cool Dad.

Sam blushed at being called Dean’s “boyfriend”, loving the title that he could never hear when he was with Dad or any of Dad’s friends. Even if he only got to hear it from Dean’s friends every blue moon, it felt amazing.

“He’s pretty much cool with it since Sammy is practically family” Dean winked at Sam, sending butterflies into his brother’s stomach.

His cheeks only seemed to darken more as Dean’s friend made kissing sounds and some rather sexual gestures. There were also a few low moans as well, but Sam wasn’t too sure who had made those sounds.

“That’s for later” Sam blurted, his hands instantly covering his mouth as he realized what he had said.

Dean’s eyes widened as he stared at Sam, his mouth hanging open in shock. Usually it was Dean who made the sexual comments and flirtatious jokes, never Sam.

It even seemed to shock Dean’s friends because they all stopped what they were doing, and stared at Sam with shocked grins.

“Well I hope later comes soon” Dean finally broke the long silence, throwing a suggestive wink at Sam.

What a great impression Sam was making on Dean’s friends.


i thought it was impossible to get any gayer than i already am, but then i saw her beautiful face and all sudden i become more and more gayer than i’ve ever thought.

(Hopefully I don’t delete this in 10 seconds because I cringe at hearing myself sing 🙈😭)

But I promised if I ever reached 850 followers I’d sing for you guys…because I literally didn’t think I’d get that many 😂 But I finally got the balls to do this now so….here’s my first rough draft cover of If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys ☺️

I was inspired to cover this song when I stumbled upon Lauren Jauregui’s ( @ssweet-dispositionn ) X-Factor audition video again….but I’m NOWHERE near as good as her but I tried 😂 I also need to work on my belting so oops🙈

But it’s a work in progress as rough as it sounds now! ❤