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This is the official post for the Celebration of Dedication Contest. Life will be easier for all when the new website is completed, so I’ll keep a status of that above the fold. The rest of this post is long and detailed, but important, so make sure you read everything!

New Aqua Bunny website status: STILL Under Construction ¯\_(-_-)_/¯

Contest Rules Below.

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00Q Reverse Big Bang Rules

How this works:

This is a reverse of the usual Big Bang challenge.

Each artist wishing to participate creates a piece of Original Art based on the pairing 00Q (James Bond/Q) from the films, Skyfall and Spectre.

The artwork is then posted anonymously, which is to be claimed by an author. The artwork will be available a few days earlier (via email) as a preview for writers to decide which artworks they would like to write for.

Amendment 16/8/15:  Along with the picture, the artist will include a brief description, what type of partnership they want, and will list any limitations that they have for a story based on their artwork (e.g. maximum rating, unacceptable triggers, etc.)  By choosing their artwork, a writer is selecting them as a partner and needs to respect their wishes.

Claiming is done on a first come, first served basis on Google Drive (you do not need an account). The link to the claiming page will be up during the claiming period. Reply to the comment on the drawing you would like to claim. Instructions for claiming will be sent to writer participants in advance during the preview period for art.

Each writer may only claim once, multiple claims on a prompt is not allowed.

Amendment 13/10/15  Writers unable to participate in the claiming live rounds will be permitted to submit a prioritized list of requested prompts.  Pictures that were claimed in the live rounds may become available to be selected a second time during the email round.  It does not matter in which order the email requests are received and instead the pictures will be assigned based upon the writer’s prioritized list of their top three choices.  More detailed instructions will be received by the registered writers via email.

Artists, please do not post your artwork after claiming period, as the artworks will not be made public during claiming period (everyone involved will be sent an email with the prompts as preview). Please only post your artwork during the posting period scheduled in January 2018.

The writer then writes a fanfic based on the artwork. A minimum of 5,000 words is required. There is no maximum word count, but stories must be completed by the deadline on the schedule.

Artists may create more than one prompt, but only if the first prompt is finished by the date of Artist Check-In.

Artists may create more than one artwork for each prompt after claiming if they choose to.

Writers may not claim multiple prompts and may not write more than one story. Writers who are also participating as Artists, cannot claim their own work.

Kindly please take the time to read the Schedule, Posting, and the Artist and Writer Rules.

00Q Reverse Big Bang 2017-2018 Schedule:

Saturday, July 15, 2017: Artist and Writer Sign-Ups Open

Saturday, August 19, 2017: Artist Sign-Ups Close

Saturday, September 16, 2017: Artist Check-in/Early Bird Art Submissions Due

Saturday, September 30, 2017: Art Submissions Due

Sunday, October 1, 2017: Writer sign-ups close

Wednesday, October 11, 2017: Art posts go up for writers to preview

Saturday, October 14, 2017: Claims Open

Wednesday, October 18, 2017: The Big Reveal

Saturday, November 11-18, 2017: Writers Check-in

Saturday, January 13, 2018: Writer Stories Due

Saturday, January 20-27, 2018: Posting Period

Rules for Artists:

Each submission should be at least one (1) piece of new original art, and it must be completed. (You may still add to, and make changes to your work after claims, but an author should be able to use it as a prompt, as it is. You may also create Chapter breaks, PDFs, Chapter headers etc for your writer after claiming.).

Your art may NOT have been posted anywhere else previous to this challenge.

Minimum requirements: 500x500px for 2-dimensional art. 30 seconds for video submissions.

Amendment 16/8/15:  In addition to the artwork, artists should include a brief description of their idea, the acceptable type(s) of partnerships, and any limitations that they have (maximum rating, unacceptable trigger warnings, etc.) for a story based on their artwork.  Include anything that is a true “deal-breaker” for you, but realize that the more restrictions that you place, the harder it may be to find a compatible writer.

Artists may submit more than one pieces of art for this challenge only if they make the Early Bird deadline with one of them being at least 80% done. The Early Bird deadline this year will be Saturday, September 16, 2017. All art will be due Saturday, September 30, 2017.

This challenge is 00Q-centric. However, side pairings are allowed. Crossovers are discouraged, but AUs with Skyfall and Spectre characters are allowed and encouraged. If you really would like to draw a crossover, please make sure that 00Q is the main focus of the drawing, and be aware that some writers may not know about the crossover series.

Amendment 6/19/17: Artists are allowed to also sign-up as writers, and vice versa.

Rules for the Writers:

Writers must write a fic with a minimum of 5,000 words, based on the art they choose during the Art Claims. Claims will be on a first come, first served basis. Your fic must be related to the art for which it is written, and it cannot have been already posted elsewhere.

Amendment 8/16/15: When a writer chooses a piece of art, they are also choosing the artist as a partner.  Writers need to respect any limitations that the artists list and accept the model of partnership that the artists want.

Amendment 6/19/17: Rough drafts are no longer required; however, during check-in on November 11-18, 2017 a brief description of the story, as well as a report on your progress to the Mod is appreciated. This is a check-in point where you will update the Mod on whether you are confident you can make the deadline, or whether you will need a pinch-hitter writer to take over the prompt.

Amendment 6/21/17: Writers working together in partnership is allowed, as long as the writing team only works on one story for one Art Prompt. One writer of the team signs-up for the challenge then notifies the Mod about the team, including contact details for their writing partner.

A certain level of communication with your artist is expected. If you do not meet your deadlines or fail to communicate with your artist, a pinch-hitter writer will be assigned to the prompt.

Amendment 6/19/17: Writers are allowed to also sign-up as artists, and vice versa.

Volunteer Betas:

Volunteers to be Fic and Art Betas may sign up here.

Volunteer Pinch-Hitter Writers:

Are volunteer writers who would write a story for a prompt, if an assigned author would be unable to complete their project before the deadline. If you’d like to volunteer to be on the Pinch-Hitter list please sign up here.

Posting Period:

Posting period takes place during January 20-27, 2018, you may post any time during this period. You may post your work on Tumblr, AO3, Livejournal, Dreamwidth, etc, but please be sure to post a link on Tumblr and use the @00qreversebang to tag the Mod for re-blogging. If you do not have a Tumblr account, please email me and I will make a link post.

Please coordinate with your partner so that you both may post your art and fic at the same time. For fanfics, please make sure that your fic contains the artworks related to the fanfic.

All submissions will be compiled into a Collection on AO3 during the posting period.


Send in an ask, or email 00qreversebang@gmail.com if you ever need any help or have any questions.

Best, The Nut (aka Chestnut NOLA your friendly 00Q Reverse Big Bang Moderator)

anonymous asked:

Ah! Hello I don't know if you've answered an ask like this before (I didn't see one) but I'm some one who really loves clicks and metal tapping together but I also think a tangle will be really beneficial for me so are there any you recommend that are pretty cheap? I don't have much money but I could probably manage something $15 or cheaper thank you so much in advance I'm new to stim toys and getting an autistic screening soon so I'm feeling more self aware of my stims and sensory things

For $15, anon, we can get you a couple of different stim toys! If we go for the cheapest options, we can get you a few of them! There’s a few things I would definitely recommend for anyone after clicking and tapping (and good stimmy noises generally) and I’ll throw in a couple of DIYs at the end as well. This should get you started at the very least, and you can explore adding to this kit (be it by purchasing or by making things) over time. It’s surprising how quickly I went from having a couple of stim toys to having a couple of baskets of stim toys…

(I’ll also say that it’s really normal to have that self-aware stage when you’ve been diagnosed - be it professional or self - or discovered that autism is something with which you relate. My experience was that I’d spent my whole life suppressing so much about myself, and once I had a label for my difference, once I came online and found people both with the same experiences and the language for those experiences, I felt incredibly aware of this and how I moved for a long while. A year later, I’m back to not noticing how I’m rocking my knees while I type; stimming and touching has become more subconscious again, with the difference that I now reach for those baskets of toys more subconsciously and I’m so much less restrained in general sensory/texture seeking.)


The cheapest option, no matter where you are, is ebay. (I’ve got my review here and a series of links here, but there’s many more listings here, often for $2 USD and under with free international shipping. (Folks may want to note that there’s now several listings for the glow in the dark Tangles for under $2 USD, too!) Please note that there is no real consensus as to whether these are legitimate, knock-offs, prototypes or something else: some people have found theirs to be identical to Tangle Creations packaged Tangles, while others (including two of us mods) have found them to feel cheaper - lighter, crackier, creakier, not quite right in ways hard to articulate. My feeling is that they’re knock-offs (and that this is indicative in the price) but I don’t actually know this for sure (that they use an older version of the Tangle logo makes it hard to tell). For you, anon, this might be the better Tangle to source, because I can tell you from my own experience that they crack and creak a lot more than a regular Tangle Jr, and at this price you can get a couple of them.

If you want a packaged Tangle, your best bet if you’re in the USA is Amazon or Fat Brain Toys (under $5 USD, $3.99 USD flat rate shipping). If you’re in Australia, try Toyworld stores (around $6 AUD each).

Fidget Cubes

Later on today I’m going to try and make a post about the knock-off cube I found in a local dollar shop. I’ll say this right now: it is clicky. Not just that it has buttons and switches to click, but it makes a loud plastic clicking noise when you use them. (It’s so noisy that I’d wish murder on the person using it beside me in the classroom.) In your case, anon, I’d go for the cheap version not only from pricing concerns but also because of the clicking noises they make. There’s a score of various ebay listings running anywhere from $1 to $5 with free international shipping in anybody’s currency and a few more listings on where to buy on this post.

Klixx Fidgets

This is basically a length of interlocking links that click when you move them. Tremendously clicky. There’s brand-name and imitation versions available - the imitations tend to be a few dollars cheaper. You can hear one being clicked in this video post by @yellows-stim-toy-hoarde.

Available on Stimtastic for $3.50 USD. The knock-off versions are called “Snap and Click” toys and there’s a Squishy Mart listing for $0.98 USD and on Children’s Therapy Store for $1.50 USD.


This is less clicky, in terms of volume, than my fidget cube, but it’s plastic, it’s scrunchy and it’s wonderfully stimmy to just crunch in your hand. It’s also the most expensive fidget here at $9.50 USD from Stimtastic and $12.99 AUD from Sensory Oasis for Kids. I’d be inclined to leave this one for later, simply due to the expense, as you can get multiples of the other toys in your budget. They are fabulous, though!

Snake Puzzles

This is another case, anon, where the cheaper the puzzle, the clickier and creakier it is. My Smiggle puzzles are mostly silent (exceptions being the glow in the dark ones, for some reason: the plastic feels more brittle) but my K-Mart puzzles (both small and large) click and creak as you rotate the triangular sections.

This is one of those odd items where I don’t have a good non-Australian supplier to recommend. K-Mart sells the mini puzzles for $1 AUD each, which I recommend as a super cheap creaky toy (although some of the covers over the triangular pieces like to pop free). There’s several larger ones on Amazon, but none are especially cheap. I’ve seen them on Banggood for $2.18 AUD with free international shipping, which might be your best bet.

Electronic Bubble Wrap

This is less clicky and more pushy with the sound of bubble wrap, but it might work for you if you really like pressing buttons. There’s a range of ebay listings here starting from $5.33 USD with free shipping.

Light Switches

Check out this post Mod Rainbow wrote a while back about finding cheap, unwired switches on ebay. If you’re after a switch to flick/click and you need something bigger than the switch on a fidget cube, here’s an option for under $1 USD with free shipping!


- Clicky bottle/jar caps - think Snapple caps, jam jar lids, anything with a popper seal in the middle. You can reuse Snapple bottles for water or anything else so you’ve got a snap-cap bottle on you for stimming and drinking, making this pretty multifunctional!

- @diy-stims has posted this tutorial on making a DIY clicker toy: two bottle caps glued to the insides of a folded length of cardboard.

I think there’s enough here, anon, to get you started, and most of it is priced reasonably enough that you should be able to get a few different things on your budget. If anyone has any suggestions for cheap or DIY clicky toys that I’ve forgotten, please comment and I’ll add it to the post.

Good luck, anon, with both your assessment and your stimming adventures!

- Mod K.A.

anonymous asked:

(Part 1) Hello! Um, I know you translate some of Yana-sensei's blog posts that are really interesting or important, so I was wondering if you could translate one of her older ones? With YP releasing the chapters digitally and the fact some fans are upset that Prince Lordie was forced to take his translations, I wanted to bring up an important post Yana-sensei made back in 2010. ANN made an article about it, too, but I think it's important for fans to read Yana-sensei's words directly.

(Part 2) The ANN article about the post is titled “Black Butler Author Decries Illegal Videos, Downloads”. In it, they linked the source of the blog post where Yana-sensei talked about it. ANN didn’t translate the whole thing, just got straight to the heart of the matter. But given the recent situation, I think it’s really important for fans to realize how our beloved Yana-sensei really feels about illegal uploads/scanlations of a series she is working her butt off to do. We got to support her!

Hi there! I know exactly which post you are refering to and there is already a full translation of it available! I read through it and can assure you that the translation is 99% accurate =D

  • Original blog post by Yana: ( X )
  • Full English translation: ( X )

Here are some quotes:

[…] It is the same as stealing or dining and dashing.
If you illegally view or illegally download, we creators and voice actors will not be able to eat and it’s no joke, we [*creators] will starve and die.
It is no laughing matter. […]

[…] Anime and manga themselves are “works” created by humans. Anime characters are not moving of their own accord.
Many people are involved in creating the story, animators draw thousands and tens of thousands of illustrations, voice actors add the voices, and only then is life given to the character.
Manga is created in the same manner. Writers wrack their brains thinking of a story, and together with their assistants they draw one panel by one with a lot of hard work. […]

[…] Well, if I don’t have that money, does that mean I can watch for free?
The answer to that is “No.” That action, if I may quote a certain Fullmetal somebody, goes against the Law of Equivalent Exchange! If those actions continue, we will not be able to create anime or manga, no joke. Because it goes against the Law of Equivalent Exchange, of course there will be a rebound. Even if things are okay now, in the not-so-far future, the probability that it’ll become something outrageous is very high. […]

It’s really interesting and important, so please take 10 minutes of your life to click the link above and read the full translation.

All that being said, I hope that with this recent occurrence more people become aware of the fact that any scanlations (except those provided by the official copyright holders, in this case: Yen Press, Carlsen Verlag, Square Enix, etc) are generally illegal. Moreover, I’m afraid many people probably don’t know this either, but common things on tumblr like posting manga scans or Yana’s illustrations from her blog, making edits with them, quoting lines from the official manga can be considered illegal too (at least in Japan). In this sense, I could theoretically be sued by Square Enix too for cutting out panels from scans and posting them on my blog as well as for translating Yana’s blog posts without her permission. I could argue that I had no evil intentions or that I didn’t know anything about legal issues etc etc, but in the end I’m certainly not in the position to complain because it’s definitely I who violated the copyrights. Maybe we adults who knew these circumstances should have warned Prince Lordie of the risks before all this happened, but honestly, I really didn’t see that coming (and also, nobody really wants to be a party-pooper) =(
I think we should once again remember that generally speaking any unauthorized use of any kind of contents related to “Kuroshitsuji”, i.e. fanart, fanfics, analyses with quotes, scanlations, edits, etc can be considered illegal, even if they are solely for private, non-profit use, and the reason why we’re able to enjoy them nevertheless is basically because the copyright holders (Yana, Square Enix, A-1 Pictures, Yen Press, etc) are generous with us. We should be aware that they are currently turning a blind eye to the situation, but if they wanted, they could hunt us down anytime, and they have the right to do so. All of this is stated on the Square Enix official home page, people can check it themselves if they want to know the details =D http://www.square-enix.co.jp/magazine/gfantasy/

And I totally agree with you that we should support Yana by buying ‘legal’ releases! It doesn’t really make the things we do on tumblr ‘legal’, but at least it does relieve our guilty conscience and Yana gets paid for her hard work! =D

Fic: The United States of Irreversible Oblivion, pt 2

Previous parts here.

It’s hard to keep track of time, as one fallow, frozen field after another rolls past the bus window, but it feels like hours before they come to a stop. The drive probably wasn’t long enough to have left their quadrant, but it’s further than Sansa’s been since the fuel crisis, when their access to foreign oil and the Alaskan pipeline was severed. This kind of travel is only available to government employees and military convoys. Shame she couldn’t enjoy the luxury of it.

They traveled south. Thick grey clouds block the sun from view and Sansa’s sense of direction has never been great, but the air isn’t as cold, when Sansa steps down onto the pockmarked pavement. They might have gained a few degrees, but it’s still cold enough that she misses Jon’s military issue black sweater. Even if it didn’t smell like him anymore, it was the only piece of him she had.

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actualarishok  asked:

Yo so I just got MH4U and I've been strictly playing offline quests, but for the life of me I can't beat the Gore Magala. I have really mismatched armor but I can't quite figure out how to do online hunts with people. Any ideas?

Welcome new hunter! This is a long read so I hope you’re ready to sit down a little bit. There’s some helpful links, and a video, at the end!

Make complete sets of armor! When you have a matching set, it will activate skills that give you additional buffs. Tetsucabra armor is a good starting point. A full set (for blademasters) will give you a buff to your total health, and to your defense. Once you unlock Decorations in the offline mode, you can add these decorations to the open slots in your armor (Tetsu armor has two). Match the Decorations with the skills available in your armor set and you can either increase the buff (going from Defense Small up to Medium) or unlocking a buff that didn’t have enough points (Sharpening, to make the animation of sharpening your weapon take less time). Keep an eye out for Talismans that add points to the skills that match your armors!

Gore Magala is a fascinating and challenging monster for new players. Being prepared is key, as it is for any hunt. Bring your Mega Potions, as well as Potions and Honey to make more if you need to. Gore Magala brings with it a new ailment, the Frenzy Virus. When infected with Frenzy you will get a timer meter under your Hunter’s name. If it fills up you will be infected, which gives you a debuff to your defense, frenzy attacks (Gore Magala’s breath weapon) will do more damage, and takes away the ability to heal over time (the red spaces in your health bar after you are attacked). Eat a Nulberry to push back the time meter. Attack the monster as much as possible when you get that ailment, once you have done enough damage you will get a positive buff that will increase the Affinity of your weapon (your Critical Hit range). When Gore Magala becomes enraged and its bright purple horns are up, try to focus your attacks on its head to knock it out of this state. A good place to stay when fighting Gore Magala is by the back legs, or generally along the side of the body.

As with fighting any monster, practice makes perfect! Pay attention to the monster’s movements and learn the signs of an oncoming attack.

Since I’ve gone on long enough I will post a video at the end to explain Online gameplay. I hope you found this post helpful. Good luck and good hunts!


Bonus additional resources for your browsing: