will swan

okay okay okay, so i might be a lil tipsy but hear me out lads I have THE BEST idea for a tv-show. it’ll be called “Just Friends” and every week, it will do a parody of a queerbaiting used in some other film/show - but with straight people. Watch all the straights lose their minds when in my Pitch perfect inspired episode Bella and Clive flirt while singing together in the shower, naked, and then at the end of the episode we conclude that they are just the best of friends.

And tune in the next week for my Once Upon a Time themed episode, where Emily and Reggie share custody of a kid, risk their lives for each others’ happiness and generally go around giving heart eyes and holding hands. And then at the end of the episode Emily says “Reggie you are such good platonic pal!”

so who wants in on my BEST TV-SHOW EVER, can you imagine the complete outrage over the obvious sexual chemistry from all the straights, ah it’ll be so beautiful, who wants to join me for some straightbaiting? also pls feel free to add other episode ideas below