will swan

To Supercorp from Swen/Swan Queen

So just a little word from another Wlw/ship who’s had cast and crew (as well as fandom and celebrities) invalidate their existence before.

You are valid for what you’ve seen, regardless of what anyone on the show says.
They (or the fandom adjacent to yours) can say any manner of hateful words, but that doesn’t mean you’re less valid.

You’re valid in what you’ve seen, and what you ship (acting choices go by directors, multiple takes, scriptwriters, etc the cast knew what they were doing, and might even been using you on purpose) That doesn’t make you delusional because they didn’t go forth with what they’d already built.

It doesn’t make you any less valid because they pulled a #no homo and tried to actively use what you once love against you by making it worse and worse in a ditch effort to try and get you to like something because its “better by comparison.”

You saw what you saw for a reason, and it was homophobic for them to turn around and use your own perception against you.

So, get angry.
Get rightously furious, take it back to the #lgbtfansmatter or even notify cast and crew / Cw.

But even if you don’t, you weren’t wrong for what you saw, liked or shipped.
Multiple people in a chain made it so you would see that, and then punished you for actually wanting it to be real.
If they had any respect at all, they would’ve handled it differently, but they didn’t.

Good luck guys; sending so much love and hope 💖💖💖💖💖💖


17-18 season :

SoYoun PARK        - SP : Black Swan
                                   FS : Aranjuez Mon Amour
DaBin CHOI            - SP : Papa Can You Hear Me?
                                   FS : West Side Story
JuneHyoung LEE   - SP : Eternally by Il Volo
                                    FS : Bohemian Rhapsody
JinSeo KIM              - SP : Need You Now by Chris Mann  
                                    FS : Nella Fantasia  
JunHwan CHA        - SP : What a Wonderful World  by OneRepublic 
                                    FS : The Planets 

There were plenty of great scenes that were unfortunately left out of the Twilight movies. Edward removing Bella’s garter with his teeth, winking at her, and proceeding to throw it straight at Mike Newton’s face shouldn’t have been one of them. 

This reminds me so much of the great Comic-Con debacle of 2013 with Once Upon A Time. 

Was any of you guys around for that? 

When someone in the audience asked whether Swan Queen was intentional or not, and of course Adam & Eddie answered with the now infamous “it’s unintentional” and the whole fandom rioted for days?
Any of you remembers that?

No because I’m having flashbacks so hard right now.