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one gifset per appearance → natural history museum alive 3d, london (11/12/2013)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the premiere of the Natural History Museum Alive 3D, a film by Sir David Attenborough which sees him hide away inside the museum after dark, only to find its exhibits coming to life around him. The Duchess is patron of the Natural History Museum. The couple chatted with Sir David and other guests before taking their seats with 300 other guests in the main hall, under the whip-like tail of the museum’s iconic reproduction Diplodocus skeleton “Dippy.”

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep


This is my final piece of Hannibal art, because I simply cannot get past this, nor do I ever want to.

I have loved every second of this experience, from the moment I saw it the first time, to the hysteria of this outstandingly wonderful fandom. I am so happy to be here with all of you, and I thank you all for making Hannibal a family.

When we fall - we fall, in love.



sex scenes have felt less intense than when Will and Hannibal fought the dragon like a pair of feral beasts romances have felt less intimate than when Will reached out for Hannibal laying his head on his chest being newly baptized in the blood of the dragon both breathing hard breathing in each other at last in the light of the moonlight triumphant poetry should be written about how Will hurls them both off the eroding cliff into the unrelenting sea that is their love and their passion how Hannibal giving up mastery for love allows himself to fall back unresisting and in complete surrender