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Too Cute(Derek Luh Imagine)

hey, can you make an imagine where the reader (Y/N) and Delany are best friends and Delany is trying to make the reader go on a date with Derek?

“Delany, No” I tell my best friend. She pouts at me and continues scrolling through her Instagram. “(Y/N) I don’t understand why not, Derek is smart, funny, cute and he really likes you” I loved Lany but, Derek and I were always the daily conversation. I’ll admit that I’d had a crush on Derek when me and Delany had first met, but now he wasn’t my type and I’m sure I wasn’t his. “No, Lany if I said no yesterday and the other ten thousand times you asked what do you think my answer is?” She opens her mouth to say something, but closes it when Derek enters her bedroom. “What’s up D, Hey (Y/N)” he smirks at me showing his pearly white teeth. “Hey Derek” I smile back returning his flirt.

   Derek plops down on Lany’s bed right next to me. I look over at Delany and she is pursing her lips together to keep from smiling. Why now of all times? I say to myself. “Hey Lany I think I’m gonna head home” I grab my keys from the night stand and I feel Derek’s eyes on me. I wasn’t wrong when I around he hasn’t stopped looking. “Awe, I thought you were staying the night” I narrow my eyes at her “You should stay (Y/N) me and D were gonna go out to eat” I want to stay I really do especially with Derek looking at me with those brown eyes. “Fine” i sigh in defeat there was no winning with these two “I’ll be back later, I got to go handle a few things at home” Derek gets up and follows me out “Are you really gonna come back?” he whispers in my ear and my whole body shivers. “Uh yea, I-I am” he pulls his lip through his teeth and leans in to hug me “Good”.

    I rushed home to pack me an overnight bag and all my necessities, when Delany calls me. “So how was that hug?” I giggle at her question “It wasn’t like that Lany, it was….I don’t know, nice” I hear some background noises and a door shut. “So do you like him?” her voice echos “Lany where are you?”              “I’m peeing, now back to my question” “Not like that, just as friends” she huffs into the phone “For God’s sake (Y/N)! just go out with him one time he’s not what you think” I sigh maybe she’s right, he can’t be that bad. “Fine, but how? I can’t just ask him” “Don’t worry about that leave it all to me” she laughs mischievously “Delany what are you–” she hangs up and leaves me stranded on the line

    When I make it back to Delany’s her and Derek are out front laughing at something. “What’s up guys” I say walking up “Hey (Y/N)” the two say in unison. “Come on, we have to go get ready” Delany says dragging me into the house. I pull out my tan body-con dress and some wedges. “Oooo fancy” Delany says observing my outfit. We both head into the bathroom to do our makeup when Delany starts to hold her stomach “Lany, what’s wrong?” she walks back into her bedroom and lies down on her bed. “I don’t feel good all of a sudden” I call Derek to come up the stairs and we both kneel at the bed. “D, we don’t have to go out tonight we can stay in” Derek says covering up his sister.

    “Absolutely not, don’t worry about me this will pass, just take (Y/N) and we can all hangout when you get back” Derek looks at her with confusion and then at me “(Y/N) is that okay with you?” I look down at Delany and she mouths the word yes “Yeah I guess that would be okay” Derek nods his head and leaves the room. I lean down and whisper in Delany’s ear “You are good, you know that?” she laughs and nods her head “I know, I know” I head back into the bathroom and finish getting ready.

     When I finally get my dress on i need it to be zipped up. “Lany could you?” i point at the zipper. “I can’t I’m sick….DEREK!” she yells “What?” he rushes in and he looks good, really good. “Zip up (Y/N)’s dress” he puts his hands on my hips and turns me around, and zips up my dress one of his hands never leaves my hip. “Does that feel okay?” he puts his hand on my hips again and turns me to face him. I nod my head and he smiles “You look really good Baby” my eyes get wide and he grabs my waist pulling me into him. “Ight D, you need anything while we out?” she shakes her head and pulls the covers up to her chin. “Have fun you two”

    Derek was so sweet the whole night and he never stopped telling me how beautiful I was. “What do you wanna go do after this?” he asks me handing the waiter our bill. “Umm, I don’t know, lets get some movies and ice cream to watch with Lany” he smiles “Thank you for coming out with me tonight babygirl” “Anything for you”

    When we get back to Delany’s house Derek drops the bags on the counter, turns around and starts to kiss me. “I really like you (Y/N)” Derek says between kisses. “Derek I really like you too” he sits me up on the counter and his hand search for the zipper on my dress. “How Cute, I take it the date went well” Delany smirks at us. Derek shoots her the finger and helps me down from the counter “Later” he whispers grabbing three spoons, a gallon of ice cream, and leading me out of the kitchen to the couch with Delany. She smirks at me and Derek and pops a scoop of ice cream in her mouth.

Requested Sammy AU imagine.

(Y/N) is a really famous singer and meets the OGOC at the studio becoming instant friends. Sammy and (Y/N) start developing feelings for each other. Sammy starts acting like a jerk because he thinks that Nate and (Y/N) are flirting with each other.

(Y/N): your name
(Y/L/N): your last name


I met Nate Maloley, Jack Johnson, Jack Gilinsky, John (Swazz), and Sammy Wilk not too long ago at the studio and we all became instant friends. Currently I’m hanging out with them at their house, Jack and Jack are playing some video game, and I went to the kitchen to sit for a while. I’m currently sitting in the counter working on a song for the album I am currently working on. My lyrics come from experiences, and feelings and they just seem to be flowing at the moment.

Lately Sammy has been acting like a total douche when he’s around me and I just don’t understand, because he was so sweet when we met and started hanging out, and I guess that’s where I’m getting inspiration for this song. Sammy was being so sweet and I believe I was starting to fall for him and then he started acting like a complete jerk, I just don’t understand.

“What cha doin lil’ mama?” I hear, looking up from my notebook. “Hey Nate, I’m just working on a new song for my album. Is watching them play a video game getting boring or something?” I replied. “That and I wanted to see why you left.” Nate spoke. “I don’t know, I’ve always seemed to write better when I’m in a kitchen or somewhere at like a table of some sort.” I said with a laugh. Nate just smiled.

He grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and a bag of chips from the cabinet and sat beside me. “Can I see what you'be got so far?” Nate asked leaning over. “Sorry I don’t like people seeing my work unfinished.” I replied quickly moving my notebook from his vision.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize this is where you went off too. I’ll just go.” Sammy said turning back around and leaving the kitchen. “What is.. What is your problem lately Wilkinson?” I spoke finally having enough.

“I’m sorry, have I hurt your feelings?” Sam asked harshly. “I’m just tired of your attitude. I’ve done nothing to you Sam, now what is your issue?” I asked getting angrier. I stood up and walked towards Sam, seeing Nate smirking in amusement as I walked past him.

Jack, Jack, and John have come from the living room to see what all the yelling was about. “You want to know what my problem is (Y/L/N)?” Sammy sneered getting closer to you.

“Obviously or I wouldn’t have asked Wilkinson.” I spoke sarcastically. “Fine.” He slightly shouted. He took a deep breath, ran his hands through his hair and looked back up at me.

“I’m so angry because of the way you and Nate act around each other.” He spoke. “You’re jealous of mine and Nate’s friendship?” I spoke questioningly. “No, I like you (Y/N), I really do and the way you two are around each other it’s like you’re flirting.” He sighed. I was taken back at his confession.

“Nate and I are just friends, he’s like a brother to me.” I said taking a set towards Sam. “But I do like someone.” I said with against smile. “Oh.” Sam spoke, sounding sad. “I like you Samuel. You goof.” I said with a smile. He looked up smiling brightly at me and pulled me closer, kissing me slightly.

“It’s about time.” Nate said from behind me as he got up from his chair and walked back to the living room with Jack, Jack, and John making Sammy and I laugh.

So my little brother texted me (well he borrowed my Mum’s phone to text me) to ask if I wanted to take him to a movie tonight, I said sure because, not living at home I never really see him. It turns out though, he wasn’t really that interested in Zootopia, HE JUST WANTED TO FANGIRL OVER AGENT CARTER WITH ME
The second I picked him up we started yelling at each other about how awesome it was and how excited we were about Peggy and Sousa getting together (he thinks the Peggysous ship name is hilarious) and how Wilkes is great too and we’re not sure why but we love Howard too and how bad he felt for Violet. Then he grabs my phone and is all “I want to show you this one picture of Sousa, but not while you’re driving because I know you love him and I don’t want you to swoon and crash us ” which I thought was adorable. I asked him how he found the picture and he was all “oh I googled him because it’s super cool how he fights with his crutch and I want to be able to do that.” then I got all emotional and said to him “Luke, if you grow up to be like Daniel Sousa I will be so so proud to call you my brother.” Then he nodded all solemnly and showed me that one picture of Daniel making his Here Comes The Smolder Face and we ended up seeing Kung Fu Panda 3 because Zootopia was sold out.