wilkoak  asked:

Heyyyyy i just wanted to say that i just discovered your abridged series and man, guys, you are hilarious... i love how you developed the characters xD especially yuma and astral. You two are so histericly funny, i just cant. Oh, and Tysrest's voice surely is hella sexy. Tell him that, please. Also your and other people's (?) Arc-V abrided series is already a classic among my friends. Just, geez, the humour is so neat. Love you all so much!!!

wilkoak  Awww thanks a lot! That means a WHOLE LOT LOT LOT ♥ 

We work hard on ZEXAL Abridged :)! Each new episode is a new adventure ^^b! The next episode will combine eps 10-12. because that way you guys can meet Kaito ,Haruto,Dr. Faker and Mr. Heartland much sooner! I have a stellar cast planned for them and I can’t WAIT to see how I am gonna portray those four IM SO EXCITED YOU DONT EVEN KNOW!!!! XDDDDD

And bruh Ah tell Tyrest his voice is sexy like EVERY.DAY. ahah XD! Between Astral and Shingo like its just hella fun hearing it on a regular basis for me ahah XD!

Yes! Thanks :) azzyfox and I do ArcVridged ^_^ he is Yuya and we have decided Yuma and Yuya are Abridgedaverse YGO Cousins XD And no one can tell us otherwise xD! You should compliment Azzy on Yuya cuz BRUH. He is hella cool! And he writes literally 90% of ArcVridged, I give about  the other percent XD and he edits the show too! I love working with all my friends ^_^ v I’m usually the casting director for these two and ah love my job cuz I get to spend hours with some of the most humble,talented,golden hearted people I’ve ever met. I love mah boyz QwQ and galz! <3

We promise to make the eps in 2015 brighter and better than ever :)! ♥♥♥