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Meet the Parents *Sammy Wilk Imagine*

Requested by lifeaslaurenn; sorry for the wait hope it doesn't suck! 


“Wait no I’m not ready” you said stopping your boyfriend; Sammy from getting out of his car again.


“You’re kidding me right?” Sammy looked at you and you shrugged “I’m sorry, I just don’t wanna screw this up” “You’ll be fine” “Easy for you to say you already know me” “Unfortunately” you glared at him “I’m kidding but seriously just come on” “What if they hate me?” “They won’t and even if they do it doesn’t change anything between us” he reassured you but you were still nervous.


You were meeting his parents for the first time and you were afraid you’d screw it up and say the wrong thing or give a bad first impression. You made sure you dressed appropriate nothing to revealing not that you ever did wear things like that but still.


“But that’s easy for you to say my mom loves you” It’s true; he actually met your mom by accident months ago when he was at your house when he shouldn’t have been.


“Yeah and when I met her we were breaking a rule, so can we just do this? I want them to know how amazing you are and how much daddy loves you” he leaned over and kissed your cheek “Sam don’t do that inside!” he laughed “Come on babe” he got out and you followed.


“Y/N, breathe” “Let’s just get it over with” “Wow where’d you hear that from?” “Okay you were right but can we just go before I pass out?”  He laughed then finally pulled you through the door.

Both his parents were sitting at the kitchen table; they looked at you when the door slammed shut “Mom, Dad this is Y/N my girlfriend”


His mom smiled then got up and hugged you “It’s so great to finally meet you” “Likewise” she let go of you and looked at her son “She’s beautiful” “I know” “Come on Y/N sit let’s get to know each other” You smiled and nodded “Yeah”


His mom kept asking you question trying to get to know you but his dad just kept giving you a weird look and it was creeping you out.


“You’re kidding me right now mom, baby pictures really?”  You laughed at Sammy in attempted to try and not to pay too much attention to the look his dad was giving you. 


“Yes really you were so cute” Mrs. Wilkinson pushed a photo album in front of you and you saw a bunch of baby pictures "Oh my god, babe you were so cute” he looked at you like you were crazy “What do you mean were? I’m still cute" 


"Samuel is she pregnant?” His dad finally spoke “What? No she isn’t dad” that caught you and Sammy and Mrs. Wilkinson off guard 


Did his dad just call me fat? You thought to yourself 


“What do you want from him? Money?” Clearly Mr. Wilkinson was not a fan of yours, was it not obvious that you were truly in love with his son? 


“Dad, what the hell?” “You should have stayed with Jessica” Jessica was the ex with the rich dad who would have done great things for Mr. Wilkinson’s company but things didn’t work out. 


“Well I didn’t I am with y/n I love her” Sam defended you “Are you sure? She could be playing mind tricks with you” “Okay that’s enough” Mrs. Wilkinson cut in and gave you an apologetic look. 


“I’m just saying what I see” Mr. Wilkinson shrugged


You finally got the courage to speak up “A-All due respect but I promise I’m not looking for anything from Sam or you guys I really love and care about him, I’m sorry if I seem rude or anything but I swear I’m not any of those things you think I am” “I’ll be the judge of that” he then got up and left. 


“Y/N I’m sorry about that I don’t know what his problem was” Mrs. Wilkinson apologized on behalf of her husband “It’s fine” you insisted “I like you much better than Jessica” you laughed “She’s 10 times better” Sam told his mother “You hold on to this one" "I plan too”

An hour later

“That was a disaster” you said now back in his car “No it wasn’t my mom loves you” “And your dad thinks I’m a whore” “He doesn’t” “Or he thinks I’m fat he asked if I was pregnant!” Sam laughed “Babe that doesn’t mean he thought you were fat, because you aren’t you’re perfect” “Thanks” “No come on smile, don’t let my dad get to you like this” “But he’s your dad I wanted him to like me” “He’ll come around I’ll make him because you’ll be around for a very long time”  he kissed you.


You were glad at least one of his parents liked you, but if you ever had to come back here or be around his family it would be awkward for you.


“Are you gunna stay tonight?” You asked him as you guys pulled up to your house “Yeah, don’t feel like seeing my dad right now he was extremely rude to you” “I don’t wanna come in between you and your dad” that’s the last thing you ever wanted to do “You’re not I’d just rather be with you right now” you smiled, hopefully one day his dad will see what his wife and son saw in you.