Massacre in Wilkinsburg

There was a shooting in my city and the details are so bizarre and inhuman. A woman was killed that 8 months pregnant. The victims were corralled by one shooter towards another shooter with a semi automatic weapon. This happened at a fuckin family function. A fuckin barbecue. And the wildest part is that I’m genuinely surprised at how much empathy the rest of city feels. Pittsburgh’s Black neighborhoods are largely ignored…and I’ve seen some cruel shit go down there, from kidnapping and torture to all kinds of wild shit that is mostly disregarded by the vast majority of white citizens. But this time, even the local media is taking steps portray this as a HUMAN problem and not a Black problem.

I’m floored. RIP to the victims and God bless the families smh

here have some shitty photography to make up for my rambling text post derps

I’m not actually a big fan of this :| I didn’t end up liking anything I shot today…I guess I just wasn’t feeling it :\ My photography is meh right now.

This is the old Penn Lincoln Hotel in Wilkinsburg. I really wish I could get into it!!! I think that’s where all the fun pictures would be~


PULL THE LEE-VAAAH #frankenstein #pittsburgh #wilkinsburg

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