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The warm sun hit my body. It felt good to be back. I missed my home. I grabbed my suitcase and walked over to the pick area of the airport. I called for an Uber since my car was still in New York.
I opened the door to my old apartment. Everything still looked the same. I walked in and sat down in my couch. I missed this place.
Cam and Nash were evicted from their apartment a few weeks after they left. So I didn’t have to worry about them seeing. I still hadn’t told anybody I was back.
Tonight was Jack’s and Madison engagement party and I planned to make my debut there.
I still didn’t know where they were having the party at, but I planned to find out. I called an old coworker of mine that was good friends with Jack.
“Hey Andrea” I said once she answered the phone.
“Y/n! Where have you been?! It’s been so long”
“I moved out to New York for a little while but now I’m back for good.”
“I missed you! So what’s up” Andrea asked all peppy. She was always so happy.
“Do you know we’re Jack’s engagement party is going to be held at? I want to make sure my gift arrives to the right location.” I lied. I couldn’t actually tell her my real plans. They were too devious.
“Oh okay…” She said a little worried. “It’s at Vatican Hall in Hollywood.”
“Okay thank Andrea! Love ya! I clicked before she could ask me any more questions.
I looked up the reception hall it was booked from 8:00pm to 1:00am. That had to be the time Jack’s party was being held at.
It was 6:00pm just enough time to get ready.
I took quick shower and shaved my legs.
I got out and blow dried my hair into loose beach waves. I kept my makeup simple look with matte red lips.
I put on a black tight fitting crop top and a long pencil skirt. I put on nude heels and grabbed my purse.
I stepped out of the über and thanked the driver. The reception was on Sunset Blvd. very fancy, very over the top. There was sure to be a lot of celebrities.
I went inside to find at least 50 tables spread all over the hall. Jack and Madison were seated at the center of the hall along with the groomsmen, which were the boys, and the bridesmaids, Madison friends.

"So I just want to say a little something” I said as stood up. I looked over to my left to find Madison smiling widely. “I just want to thank everybody for coming. We really appreciate it. I also want to thank all of our groomsmen and all the bridesmaids.” I paused. “And most of all I want to thank my beautiful fiancé, for actual wanting to marry me.” Everyone started clapping. Suddenly I heard someone tap their fork against their glass.
“I would like to say something” a very familiar voice said, while waving their hand up in the air. The spotlight moved towards that person.
“I just want to say I am very very happy for you. You guys make a beautiful couple. Let’s make a toast! To Jack and Madison! I wish you nothing but the best!” It was y/n. You could hear the venom in her voice. I looked over to the boys confusion was laced over their eyes.
Y/n sat back down. She was looking stunning. It was like the old y/n had gone a way and a new sexy, fearless y/n took her place.
“What is she doing here?” Madison angrily said to me.

“Hey babe I’ll be back. I’m just going to restroom.” I said to Madison as I pecked her cheek. It was around 11pm and the party was full swing.
I walked down the lonely hallway, and saw y/n walking towards the exit.
I quickly ran towards and grabbed her arm, pinning her to the wall

BARE IT ALL (Part 6) Jack Gilinsky


“Here the ice might help” Jack said handing me an ice pack.
I can’t lie, I miss him, I miss how we used to be, how happy he made.
“God I love you” Jack said holding me on top of him.
“Jack?” I asked.
“Promise you’ll always love me?”
“Y/n. I can’t imagine a world without you.”
*flashback over*
I guess once you treasure the memories more than the person you made it with, you know it’s over.
“Jack can I borrow you’re phone to call Cam?”
“Yeah here” Jack said handing me his phone.
“Hello?” Cameron answered.
“Hey Cam, it’s y/n.” I paused. “Long story short… I twisted my ankle and know I’m at Gilinsky’s house.”
“Babe I’m on set right now but don’t worry I’ll be there in 15 minute.
"Cam! No stay on set I can survive a few hours here.” I said trying to stop him from coming.
“No… I’ll be there in 30 minutes.” Cam hanged up before I could say anything else.
“Cam is coming in 30 minutes, I think I’ll wait outside” I said handing him the ice pack.
“No stay, I feel like we need to talk.”
“What do you want to talk about Jack” I rolled my eyes “you know we’re going to end up fighting”
“I just don’t like the fact that you hate me.”
“Jack how could I not!” I said. “I don’t hate you because you’re with Madison”
“Then why?”
“Because you took away the most precious thing I had on this universe” I paused. “You took away my happiness… You made me feel like I could never trust anybody again. You said you loved, I never thought you would make me so miserable.”
“Y/n I’m sorry” Jack said.
“Jack I forgive you” Jack sighed, like a thousand weights were lifted off his shoulder. “But I could never forget” I said standing up, limping to the door.
I sat down on the porch waiting for Cam.
I wished I could just forget everything… Never meeting Jack. I wouldn’t have to go through so much heart ache.
“Hey babe, ready to go?” Cam asked as he pulled up in the driveway.
I saw her stand up to the porch and walking over to Cam. It just made me feel so angry, I couldn’t explain. I wanted something from both Madison and Y/n.
I decided to call Madison.
“Madison?” I asked
“Get ready for dinner at eight I have a surprise for you.” I said before saying goodbye and hanging up on her.
I grabbed Y/n’s promise ring, and decided to get dressed.

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