(The following are things that @dollsted has said to me irl.)

-“I brought you some scissors since you like to cut people out of your life.”
-“I brought you a tree since you like to throw so much shade at people.”
-“Next time I go to the store I’ll make sure to pick up some haterade for you.”
-“I’m about thirty five seconds away from going wilin’ on your ass.”
-“Bippidy boppidy back the fuck up.”
-“You have to love my dog too because he is my precious child.”
-“What the fudgenuts.”
-“What the shit stain?!”
-“Holy Fukolie!”
-“Talk shit you better quit cuz you about to get hit you stupid nit wit.”
-“You sow!”
-“Caddywompas gump jumper.”
-“How old are you. No seriously how old are you because I will date your dad and set your bed time back.”
-“What…the actual fuck….!!!”
-“I’m quicker with comebacks than a jumping spider is to escape!”
-“Fuck the worm that ate my favorite book!”
-“I dont know if I can say this out loud but- you’re a terrible person. Terribly nice person!
-"You’re awful. Awfully good looking!”
-“I just wanna blast my eighties rock jams and NOT GIVE A FUCK!”
-“If it rains today my house is so fucked. I left all the windows open.”
-“Lets be like Macklmore and go bargain hunting.”
-“I cant choose between my fur babies so my cats and dogs are all going to be brothers and sisters and their just gonna have to deal with it. Good luck everybody else!”
-“Oh my glob.”
_“Stop yelling at me! My fists are very sensitive and if you scare them they will punch you.”
-“I dont wanna alarm you but I’m outside your window.”
-“Can someone please get my foot in the door to being a movie writer so I can put some originality all up in here. I know we’re supposed to save the planet and recycle but if its movie plots then whose saving the people?”
-“One does not simply eat pizza like a lady.”
-“Do not bring out the inner man in me.”
-“Where does one aquire such an illegal artifact?”
-“Give me my wand and owl I quit life and fuck it I’m going to find Hogwarts. It’s in Orlando.”
-“Jack Sparrow is like the brother from another mother to me.”
-“Happy birthday to me. What? Everyday is my birthday. I’m alive aren’t I?”
-“Hold my manga I’m about to go off and I don’t want to bend any pages.”
-“I signed my Starbucks name as Mrs. Bruce Wayne. Seriously? She rubbed it off.”
-“Winnie the booooo!”
-“I’m off to see the wizards.”
-“Dance maggie dance. Jump maggie jump. Put that magic spell on my slap that doggy make him free!”
-“All hands on deck because I’m about to get wrecked.”
-“Why can I never draw whats in my mind? Seriously its all shiny and sparkly with beautiful music then it comes out as the blob monster on the page.”
-“All I have in my movie collection is horror. And no one ever wants to watch that.”
-“I’m not a cuddly person.”
-“I’m like a cat I don’t like the rain unless I have a change of fur. I mean clothes.”

its only been a year since this show went off and the fandoms rip but its been years since bleach and naruto ended and the fandoms still wilin’ like a mf


Big thanks to my friend Anthony for performing this with me, and jessie wasnt singing in this one but she sang into you with us. I’m obvy the guy wearing pink pants coz u know i’m idgaf boutt hings like thaaat. anyway hope you guys enjoy this lol. dont mind my mom and gramma wilin out LOL

Story pega dos jonrones en triunfo de Rockies sobre Bravos

DENVER, Colorado, EE.UU. (AP) — Trevor Story bateó dos jonrones para imponer una marca de la Liga Nacional para torpederos novatos y los Rockies de Colorado vencieron el sábado 8-4 a los Bravos de Atlanta.

Story tuvo cuatro hits incluyendo sus jonrones 25 y 26 de la temporada para rebasar la marca de su mentor, Troy Tulowitzki, quien pegó 24 con los Rockies en 2007. Nomar Garciapaarra tiene el récord de Grandes Ligas entre los torpederos novatos al disparar 30 vuelacercas con los Medias Rojas de Boston en 1997.

Story, quien impuso marcas personales en hits y carreras producidas con cinco, está a dos cuadrangulares de la marca del equipo para un novato, impuesta por el dominicano Wilin Rosario.

Tyler Anderson (3-3) se impuso a una suspensión por lluvia de 47 minutos para terminar con seis ponches en seis entradas y los Rockies vencieron a los Bravos por novena ocasión en fila.

Story comenzó la noche con un jonrón de dos carreras en el segundo inning ante Matt Wisler (4-10) para poner a Colorado al frente 2-1. Empujó dos más con un sencillo durante una ofensiva de cinco anotaciones de los Rockies en el sexto episodio y luego se voló la barda ante el relevista Jim Johnson en la octava entrada para poner a su equipo con ventaja de cuatro.

Fue el cuarto juego de la temporada en el que Story dispara al menos dos jonrones y su primero desde el 7 de julio.

Por los Rockies, el venezolano Carlos González de 3-1 con una impulsada y dos anotadas.

Por los Bravos, el cubano Adonis García de 4-2 con una producida y una anotada. El dominicano Erick Aybar de 1-0 con una impulsada. El venezolano Ender Inciarte de 4-1.