Slightly less popular bts ship dynamics (due to popular demand), a reference.

Jihope: the ultimate bromance duo. those dudes who there’s no such thing as too far with gay chicken. wilin out together. the full body laughter duo. like to tease each other relentlessly, but somehow remain amazingly supportive and judgment free. give each other lots of advice. give each other plenty of space and mutual respect. cuddles and backrubs. unrelenting faith in one another. dancing together x1000.

Nammin: the angelic sinners duo. simultaneously the most innocent and pure, as well as being the kinkiest horny dudes in their squad at all times. using lots of excuses to touch each other. getting each other gifts. size different kings. affectionate smiles @ each other like constantly. very comfortable with one another. can’t help but laugh when they see the other one laugh.

Vhope: the accidentally went overboard duo. the extra wild™ duo. fake almost kisses and pretend make-out session that get a little too real for anyone watching. saying really gay things to each other. finds each other ridiculously attractive. cuddling together when it’s cold. stare at each other to get the others attention. accidentally sleeping in each other beds.

Taejin: the fool4u duo. idiots/nerds/goofballs x2. get each others jokes. encouraging each other even when no one else does. probably have a lot of inside jokes. dancing to cheesy/aegyo songs together. very soft and cute. giggling and smiling @ each other a lot. surprisingly comfortable/natural with skinship. acting bros duo.

Junghope: the golden duo. the meme bros. genuinely close. care about each other 10000%. trusts each other endlessly. embolden each other. skinship everywhere. making each other laugh. sharing inside jokes. staying up late at night together. the comfort zone ship (aka they make each other feel safe and comfortable.) soft yet stable relationship.

Sugamon: the collective mind duo. the easy company duo.  chill af ultra bros. bouncing ideas off of one another. holds each other in high esteem. remembers each others order preference. late nights in the office mixing music together. telepathic #samebro, through eye contact. the uncles/dads of the squad. quiet but comfortable 

imperatorkhaleesi replied to your post “once every month i think about how a lot of y’all would let curtis…”

This is why God created cranberries and penicillin, like…what am I supposed to do. NOT let him break my back?????? Not go heels to clouds????? NOT let him Busta what it is right now??????? Lol u wilin wyd tho

so you gon let him smash without him even sneaking into one of em fancier train cars to take a shower??? a bath??? to wash up in the downstairs??? get up under them fingernails and clean em????

anonymous asked:

i'm just curious. what made you change your otp from vhope?

OKAY, so, can i just take this moment to ramble about my OTP’s through the years? From the beginning of my time as an ARMY (which began at Skool Luv Affair) to now. I can’t believe i took the time to make a graphic but i did.( honestly i can’t believe  i made this thing, like kelly it’s not that serious.)

When I FIRST became ARMY, my OTP was Jihope. They were my first OTP and I was SO dedicated to Jihope. They were wilin out in the Bangtan Bombs at that point and it was just, it felt unholy NOT to ship them and i’m NOTHING if NOt HOly!

Anyways, somewhere along the way my OTP became Junghope at that time????? i??? idk how???? i just? loved the golden couple. They meant so much to me both the members individually and i loved their dynamic because it was soft and sweet and pure. I don’t know how this happened, but what a great time of my life it was.

Then, oh man then, I was a Yoonseok OTP briefly, because, let’s face it, yoonseok is next level. But I remember around this time, was when I first started noticing Vhope for what they were which was… .just? there is deadass something special about vhope and i still maintain that today. So for a long time, like, a year and some months, my OTP was a tie between Yoonseok and Vhope because aksjdfkljaskldfjkls they really invented love. (OR SO I THOUGHT)

Something happened where I fell into HELL for like, 1 month, and started considering Vmin my OTP but, that lasted like 2 weeks, now they’re technically somewhere in my top 5 and i don’t think I’ll fall back into that hell again.

okay so here’s the part. here’s the thing, the deal. Like, FOREVER AGO, Jikook became my SECOND favorite ship, and they just kind of rode the wave for EVER, just, in 2nd place. I was happy with it that way I think, for a while. (looking back at it, I’m not sure why all of my OTP’s had Hoseok in them >>) ANYWAYS, so, recently, at the beginning of this year, I embraced Jikook and….i honestly, I literally CANNOT go back from this. 

The question was why did Vhope stop being my otp, and it wasn’t because i stopped loving them any less, it was more like, i started loving other OTP’s just a little more and, i can’t properly explain why that is without writing a novel on each one of the ships. 

Which,,,,, tbh i’d be willing to do but i’m not sure anyone would be interested in me talking that much about BTS ships. Everybody probably knows by now how much i love to talk so TT i get carried away too easily.