wiliam moseley


Below the cut you will find #14 (I should have done more but I lost my psd and also my inspiration) high resolution gifs (268px x 170px) of William Moseley in his role in the movie Carrie Pilby. All these gifs where made by me so please:

  • DO NOT claim them as your own. In any way do not include these gifs in gif hunts (do not cut, crop, edit).
  • DO NOT delete the url on the left corner below.

You can, instead (by giving me credit):

  • Use these as sidebars / avatar.
  • Use these as rp purpose only.
  • If you want to use them in crackship or edits of any type that’s okay but please give credit.

If you enjoy this gif pack, like it or use it, please give a like or reblog.  ♥

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